Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 240

The flames of heavy pressure were spreading in a more fierce spirit than ever before.

‘I’m in a bad mood.’

The fact that the bionic golems in flames had been Yangmin until recently, and that the Ming royal brothers had been despised.

They’ve been displeased with Jean for some time now.

“Do you think you don’t know what you’re trying to do to buy time by using these people as a shield? Aren’t you ashamed of a sorcerer? Come on out. Joe! My desire to capture you is fading fast.”

“Stop, stop! I’ll follow you, stop for now!”

As Joe raised his cane with both hands to express his surrender, the pupils of Chukon and Susan grew.

They were desperately blocking Murakan’s attack, but the head of the company, Joe, suddenly declared his surrender.

Even Jo was the first one to provoke Murakan, saying, ‘It is the dragon of shadow.’ As he changed his attitude like he was flipping his hands, his ears were suspicious.

“Sir Cho, what the hell is this……? You’re going to surrender?”

At Susan’s question, Joe rather blamed her.

“Ha! You stuffy man, you can’t tell from the sword of the Black Dragon! Someone we can’t handle. At this rate, annihilation is only a matter of time. Surrender is the answer!”


“But what! The Lords, hurry up and declare your surrender. Before the author changes his mind!”

If you put aside dignity, pride, face, and just look at the situation.

Joe’s words were not wrong. Chukon and Susan were also keenly aware that there was no answer against those monsters.

All three felt the same after a long time since they reached the superhuman level of nine.

“Drink your crap, Lord Joe! What happened to your head? Surrender? That’s what the head of state would say? If we surrender, do you think that demon will save us? You stupid!”

Chukon turned his head and shouted.

“Sir Chukon, what did you say now?”

“What we can’t afford is the Black Dragon, not the blood. If we take him hostage, we can take him away. There’s no such thing as a guardian dragon that lets a contractor die!”

Chukon was the only one among them to meet Jean.

So when Jin first appeared, only Chukon felt a strange sense of crisis. Aside from the fact that his skills are great for his age, he had a sinister gut feeling that the situation would only go as Jin wanted, as he did then and was pushed back in the “su-fight.”

When I encountered him on an abandoned island in the Empire, I thought he was just a maggotsman. I never dreamed that Jean would be related to solderlet or black dragon.

It has seven or more stars of magic, eight or more swordsmanship, and a terrible brain and spirituality.

Even if he’s a nine-star wizard, he’s someone he doesn’t want to fight against.

‘If Lord Cho gives in now, there is no future. You must catch him and make a deal with the Black Dragon……!’

As soon as Chukon realized that Jin was a contractor, he kept thinking like that. As long as they catch that fraudulent blood, this fight is their victory.

“Sir Cho, so don’t give up and catch him!”

“Sir Chukon is right, Lord Joe. Even if he’s great, he’s a half-grown monster. If we join forces, no, Lord Joe, won’t you be able to subdue him enough alone?”

When Susan joined, Joe could not say anything for a moment out of shame.

It was because their words were all right.

What a disgrace. I couldn’t think of a simple way to get over this situation, and I just thought about leaning on the leader!’

It wasn’t because Joe was stupid.

‘As Chukon said, he’s a dangerous man. I was terrified by the spirit of that young man.’

It’s just a shameful happening that happened after being a little more faithful to instinctive fear than Chukon or Susan.

“I’ve lost my reason for a while. Yes, even if the Black Dragon flies and crawls, you’ll have no choice if you catch the contractor.”

“We’ll keep the Black Dragon as tight as we can. You won’t be able to hold on for a long time, so please grab it.”

Argh! Argh!

The screams of bio-golem, water-in and wizards covered the entire battlefield.

Because of the noise, Jean and Murakhan could not hear the voices of the nine-star wizards.

However, Jin said something had happened between them, and as a result, we could see that Joe’s attitude, which had just shown his intention to surrender, had changed again.

Joe’s cane was stained with mana.

Though hidden by his peculiar mean, cruel and light eccentric character, he was a long-time vassal of the Andrey Zipple.

“Get out of my way! You worthless scumbags!”

The remaining biogoles began to scatter on both sides following Joe’s orders.

As soon as the road opened, Tess exhaled at Joe. And Joe was performing magic that matched his title of “Cold.”


Tess’s breath-pouring trajectory, the ground below it burst, and pillars of ice shot up. Unlike the usual ice-cold magic, the ice was shining in ominous purple.


It looked like a pillar, but it was a mouth made of ice.

Another golem muzzle he made himself. The open muzzle bit the long stretch of Tess’ breath, and soon the ground cracked once more, revealing the reality of Golem.


A little smaller than Murakan. This is exactly what an elephant would look like if it had ten ivory and was made of violet ice.

What looked like an ivory was the muzzle that bit the breath of Tess. He was scolding his breath as if an animal were eating a snake, and then he was moaning with an unpleasant low voice.


It was hard to hide my absurd feelings when the golem suddenly soared from the ground. Even the sparks of Tess came out chewing on them, so even the gin has no choice but to pause for a moment.

‘What the hell is that? That’s ridiculous in the ground?’

Not only Qin but also Murakhan seemed surprised.

“Paulook, take the fire of Tess, and protect me!”

Unlike the unfinished bio golem, “Master,” which was recently started to be produced by borrowing the wisdom and memories of the leader, this golem called “Pollook” was a complete product.

fire-resistant ice golem

To make the Pollock, they searched for the white elephant in the ancient glacier, kidnapped the young horsemen, and used five phoenix hearts and wings.

It took almost 20 years to complete from the time when there was a vain dream to beat Kellyak beyond Andrey.

The masterpiece and masterpiece of the cold Joe of the Magician, so to speak. The reason why Chukon and Susan look up to Joe even though they have the same nine personalities.

As soon as Pollock appeared, the blue flames spreading on the battlefield were fading.

At the same time, Joe came up with his own idea and sang his own magic, which he named “Cold Chiller.” Sculptures of violet ice spread out on his cane instantly besieged the camp.

Hundreds of archers seemed to be aiming at the whole body.

‘It’s not that it was Andrei Zipple’s archrival, is it?’

Jean calmly posed and prepared to strike the ice.

Then I looked in the direction of Chukon and Susan so that Joe wouldn’t notice.

If Tess’s sparks don’t work, dealing with this monster alone was too much of an adventure.

In addition, Joe has been using biogolems as a shield to protect most of his mana, while Jin has been under much physical strain due to his jumping machines and summoning Tess.

‘Extreme, you didn’t name it for nothing. One defense is shocking.’

Two nine-star wizards, one of them, were famous for their defense, and even Murakan, who regained 40 percent of his strength, could not easily pierce the shield.

It was also because Murakan was unable to attack the camp with force.

‘I’ll save myself until Marmurakan clears them up. I barely know how Joe’s magic works.’

The moment I decided to have a smart fight.

[쯧쯧, you’re crazy enough to go crazy. You must have done something like this, but you scumbag.]

Murakhan shook his head with his eyes wide open. The majestic voice of the dragon was clearly heard by everyone in the battlefield.

[In front of the master of the fire department, take out the golem made by damaging the body of the phoenix?] You’ve tried to restore the Ming dynasty, and you’ve got the knack of bringing disaster…….]


Murakan stopped the attack and descended to Qin. Then he transformed himself into a human being, and then, with spirit, he spread out the shield and wrapped himself around Jean and himself.

‘That guy’s turned. I don’t think we should stop it. From now on, he’ll ignore your contract for a moment and force you to use all your power. No matter how much I care about you, I can’t stand it.’

a whispery voice


To flop.

Jean stumbled and fell on one knee. As soon as Murakan’s explanation was over, his strength was slipping out of his body.

I’m not going to spend my entire life saving you so much, but…… Oh, you’re not gonna use your life expectancy, are you? I’m not going to use it. Damn it, I’ll explain it later.’

My eyes slowly closed. The enormous drowsiness that could not be repelled was encroaching on Jean’s whole body.

Murakan pointed at my forehead irritatingly.

The next moment, when Tess began to roar, the battlefield became a blue hell.


Chunghwa was spreading at exactly the same speed as the roar.

It didn’t take 30 seconds for the remaining hundreds of bio-golems to be completely ashes and disappear, and Su-in, Middle and Low Wizards had the same ending.

With three nine-star wizards left, all members of the Dark Magic Council died.

“Hey, what the hell is this?”

Having managed to escape the fire, Joe ran to Chukon’s protective shield and looked back.

Pollock, his masterpiece was seen swallowed by the flame of Tess.

It wasn’t set on fire or engulfed in flames, it was literally “sweetened.” Just like how Pollook first chewed and swallowed Tess’ breath.

Jo, Chukon, and Susan were also forced to backtrack in surprise.

They know that Tess is one of the best phoenixes, but this was not explained by their knowledge.

Murakan, on the other hand, shook his chest when he saw it.

‘You managed to kill your temper. I was wondering if I could drag him through his lifespan and wipe out the whole area. You’re pretty reasonable, aren’t you?’

Pollock disappeared without a trace. Not a single footprint left, just blue-colored ashes and scattered somewhere.

Naturally, Tess went after the nine-star wizards as if he could not be satisfied with it alone, and Murakhan was worried that Tess would not be able to control his anger.

“Well, why don’t you go back now? Look at this, little guy fainted. You’ll be in trouble. He’ll make me suffer properly. Take a deep breath…. Hmm? Wait, what the hell is that……?”

The place where Murakhan pointed his finger was a collapsed outer wall.

A ghostly whitish, human-like figure lay over the rubble of an outer wall.

“Please check that out before you go, do you know what it is? I don’t know how I feel bad. You don’t know? You’re going? Take good care of the kid? Oh, yeah, yeah. Handsome. Trust me and go in.”

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