Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 236

“I didn’t know you’d recognize me, Lord Vittura.”

Jean approached Bittura and said,

“I was at a one-legged party. I’ve been wetting my neck in the corner, so you probably haven’t seen it.”

Bittura looked at the geniuses of the Golden Shield Society, who had fallen into my hands with bitter eyes.

“Most of my sex knights were in their hands. Laney, I’m not sure how grateful I am that you’re still in the meantime.”

“… …Sir Bittura. I suspected you. Please forgive me.”

When Laney bowed his head and spoke, Bittura waved his hand.

“I would have done the same. I and your father have been static for a long time. Also, didn’t I always take the lead in saying that I should be on the side of the Zipple?”

Myklan, the king of the castle, and Bithura Beltter, the chief of the Knights of the castle.

The two have been known for their long enmity, and in fact used to engage in a series of bitter arguments at every parliamentary meeting.

It was just dividing the cast to keep the political balance. Miklan played a good role in pressuring vested interests and a bad role in representing vested interests called BTO.

The confrontation between the two since Miklan became King Seong was actually a cooperation, and only they knew it.

There was a long story about him.

But Bittura didn’t think it was time to explain it to Laney in detail. It was time to talk about the current situation.

“What do you mean, soon you and Prince Jean will be reported to Zipple that you and Confucius have come to visit me. There are not many people left in the official residence that I can control entirely, and even that is being monitored.”

“Jipple thinks he’s got you now.”

Bittura nodded at Jean’s words.

“You’d think you were the first to take me in. They started planting spies in the Holy Land 20 years ago.”

Twenty years ago, it was even before Jean was born.

In his previous life, he was kicked out of the family without any authority, but Seong-guk was still in the hands of Gipple.

“The Holy Land is divided in two.”

“With the Zipple, with the opposition to the Zipple?”

“……no, I was divided into supporters of the Zipple and those of the Kinselo. King Seong’s band is from the side of Kinselo. I can’t believe it now, but Kinselo has a transformative personality.”

Laney’s eyes grew bigger. It was shocking to her that Sungkuk was reaching out to Kinselo, not to mention being eaten by the jipple.

Even Kinselo was just a third-rate terrorist group she knew couldn’t even compare with Zipple. Anyone would have a similar reaction if such a Kinselo dominated half the Holy Land.

Jean had a calm face, and Murakhan shrugged.

“Confucius is not so surprised by the name of Kinselo. And your knight.”

I’m not a knight.

He tried to answer like that, but quit.

“On the day I left the Sword Garden, I was attacked by transformers. They were extreme followers of the Zipple. Since then, we’ve tracked them down and found out that Kinselo and Gipple are one team.”

“That’s what happened. But now they’re not in one group. It was an alliance until recently, and I don’t know why, but it’s been a complete turnaround recently.”

Bittura has been watching the whole situation, pretending to be subjugated by Jipple.

There was not much we could do because no one else in power, no one else, no one else, no one else, and his people were already completely obedient to the Zipple.

Then, when the two allied groups became enemies, Bittura decided that the only chance to regain the kingdom had come. He expected that the unity that dominated the Holy Land would weaken.

But the Holy Land was also divided along with them.

a moderate following the jipple; a strong and strong following the kinselo.

“The traitors believe that the leader of the Zipple, Kellyak Zipple and Kinselo, is greater than Ayula. The head of the Kinselo didn’t see it for himself, but Kellyak had the power to feel it if he lacked faith.”

Even after the alliance was broken, they decided to remain faithful to their respective goals, sharing the Holy Land in half for the time being.

Although some loyalties, including Bittura, remain, it was infinitely small compared to the size of the traitors.

At least one of the moderates and the strong-minded is something worth fighting for if you are willing to regain the Holy Land.

While Bittura briefly explained this, the smell of the blood of the dead Golden Barrier sex knights came up.

“How long has the experiment been going on in life golem? When Rani was brought from the Eastern Temple, there was a battle with the Holy Land soldiers who became biogolms.”

Jean pulled out a piece of bio-golem heart from her bosom.

“…oh, Ahulashi. Are your sons facing such a terrible fate?”

Bittura shaking his body holding a piece of heart for a moment.

“It’s been about half a year since they experimented in the Holy Land. Every month, more than 100 people and soldiers from the Holy Land are captured in their strongholds and become experiments.”

Laney’s face is distorted.

It was driving me crazy that I didn’t know anything about this, even though I had my eyes open.

“What do you mean, it’s not your fault. It’s my and your father’s fault, and we’ve missed the time to let you know.”

“If it’s their base, you mean the Rutero Magic Federation?”

Jean, of course, predicted that the biogolem test was the work of a jipple.

“It’s not a zip. That’s what Kinselo did.”

Unlike in Colon, however, the bio-golem test against the Holy Fathers was the evil deed of Kinselo.

“Kindelo’s bio-golem experiments……?”

Kinselo is an organization that is deeply related to water. The representative battle species of Baekrang and Jeokho are following the leader of the Kinselo.

And the one that gave Jean a creepy sense of deja vu, O’er, who was blue in a piece of heart.

“Kinselo, you’re not going to restore the Ming dynasty!”

The heart of the bionic golems seen in the Holy Land was strangely similar to that of the Ming dynasty.

Murakhan, as if he had the same idea, drew his face close to a piece of heart.

‘But by what means? The brothers have completely disappeared from their lives half a thousand years ago. Nothing is said about the photocardium, and the Pluto Sword dealing with the brain organs has been completely lost…….’

Jin, who had been thinking so far, recalled an article in a newsletter.

‘Bamel,’ the article that described himself as dealing with the brain. And then members of the Kinselo, witnesses of the Pluto Sword, who survived from themselves.

Don’t tell me you saw it.

An indescribably unpleasant and ominous feeling was pressing Jean’s chest.

“Kinselo is taking the people of the Holy Land to the old Oterium.”

The main base of the Dark Wizardry and where the legacy of the Riol Jipple is asleep.

It was there that the biogolecule experiment was being carried out.

“Is the Zipple, like them, taking the people to experiment with something.

“At least not yet. The Zipple has a feeling of using our castles and the Mana in our custody, but it has not used the Holy Land’s people as an experiment.”

“It’s probably the result of the public’s awareness of public opinion when Jipple fights for the sole proprietor of Kinselo and the Holy Land. Because that’s how those hypocrites do.”

Bittura nodded in a miserable mood.

On the one hand, it was surprising. After years of observation, Jean only heard a few words of the situation and correctly cut them.

“Ha! Hey, Knight Commander. How come you didn’t ask Looncandel or any other force for help when the situation was in this state?”

When Murakan spoke as if he was frustrated, Bittura sighed.

“If you join us in this situation, will this land survive?”

It was the right choice a hundred times in Jin’s eyes.

At least Jipple and Kinselo will try to dominate under the water, but Looncandel would have taken this opportunity to wage a proper war to destroy the Holy Land and steal only the healing saints and items from the eternal warehouse.

Technically speaking, all Looncandel needed was not a “neutral country,” but a “healing capacity of saints” and some valuables.

“Well, that’s true. Kid, what do you think?”

Jean was silent for a moment with her arms folded.

“Without a great sacrifice, how to drive Zipple and Kinselo out of here at once.”

I kept thinking about it from the moment I heard that Kinselo did the “biological golem experiment,” not the Zipple.

How to get them to screw up properly.


“It’s usually a picture. Kinselo, it’s a good thing they’re not a big group yet. Lord Vittura.”

“Speak, Confucius Qin.”

“All the leaders of the Holy Land are either betrayed or loyal like you, but they are virtually powerless. Is that right?”


“But the people know nothing about it. You don’t even know that a hundred or more people a month, maybe more, are being used as an experiment.”

Gradually, the pupils of Bittura’s eyes grew bigger.

“Are you going to let the people know about it?”

“Yes, but if I tell the truth, no one will believe me, so I’ll have to bring proof. I and this friend will go to the Oterium and rescue the captured people.”

“It’s not that I haven’t thought about it either. But there are also a number of eight or nine-star wizards in Kinselo.”

“I know. Wizards of the Dark Wizardry Council under Kinselo. I’ve done a lot of research on that.”

And yet you can still bring in the people alone?

I wanted to ask, but Bittura decided to listen to it for now.

“The exiled people will be more than anything certain proof. And unfortunately, not many of the people who have been rescued from the old Oterium will be alive. Most of them are bio-golems, or they’re in the process of change.”

“Through that, you’re going to show the status quo to the people who remain in the Holy Land…….”

It would have been the best way if we could bring in the new people who were captured as subjects.

However, it was not even possible to visit the Oterium with the power of the loyal subjects.

“Yes, I think so. And all that responsibility will be directed to Jipple, not to Kinselo. I’m going to tell you that I found the people who were captured as subjects in the four towers of the Zipple.”

“At the four-horse tower of the Giffle. That’s a lie, isn’t it?”

“I don’t care if it’s a lie. If it is known in the Holy Land that the people were captured, even sacrificed in the bio-golem experiments. Gipple must explain. If you lose public support, governance will be pretty tiring.”

The new people have no idea that the present Holy Land has been handed over to the Jipple.

However, if it is revealed to the world that Jipple has “experienced” the people, he will have to work hard to stabilize the land he has already put in his hands.

At least on the surface, it was not a matter for them to pass on.

“If the Four Horsemen come forward and say something in person, I think it’s something to prove…. Looks like the ball has a plan.”

“Currently, the four-horse state of Zipple, Carl Zipple, does not exist in the magic federation as Rutero. He is now held captive in Kinselo. But Kinselo is known as a third-rate terrorist group.”

The moment when Qin was taken to the land of the Holy Land with the captured people.

Jipple had to make a choice.

Whether he admits that Kellyak’s deficit, Carl Zipple, has been caught by an unnamed third-rate terrorist group.

Either he’s framed for the biogolem experiments on behalf of Kinselo. If you choose the former, your status will be degraded, and if you choose the latter, your image will collapse.

“Let’s take Kinselo by force and Jipple by reason.”

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