Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 232

“I can’t believe you’re going back. Now?”

“I’m busy unlike this asshole. I can’t wait to fix it because it’s longer than I expected.”

Missha gently pressed Murakhan’s head, lying face down, and shrugged his shoulders.

As soon as her feet touched her head, Murakan tried to stand up, putting a blood clot on her neck, but could not resist her strength.

Misha, who lightly overpowered Murakan with one foot after his old 40 percent strength returned. Feeling the power of Murakan, it was hard to even gauge how powerful Missha was.


While Murakhan struggled, Missha calmly retorted.

“Don’t be too upset. I’m busy, basically, for you.”

When Missha said she was leaving suddenly, her colleagues looked at each other. But Quikantel didn’t seem too surprised if he had already expected it.

“I’m not sad. I’m just sorry. I’m just letting you go with the help.….”

“You don’t have to. And now you have my shadow on you too, so we can meet again whenever we have time.”

Unlike Murakan, Missha had a lot to do besides protecting contractors.

Especially in the absence of solderlet as it is now, she had to carry out all the things that Solderlet had been in charge of instead.

Meanwhile, Solderlet had to be searched for his whereabouts, so there was no personal time at all. She even prepared to treat Murakan all night while drinking with Quikantel on the first day.

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Missha made eye contact with Jean for a moment.

“Not yet. Right now, growing up straight is the biggest help.”

In Missha’s eyes, who said so, was filled with joy.

“When are you going back to your family?”

“It’ll be back in 19.”

“Can’t you go back faster?”

“My father and I have promised him up to 20 years. A year earlier is a violation of orders in a way, so it’s hard to move ahead.”

“Well, that’s too bad. It would have been easier to get it after I became a jockey. We’ll be able to take the guards.”

“Where are you talking about?”

“Old Oterium.”

“Old Oterium?”

an old oterium

The former capital of the Holy Land was now home to the Dark Magistrate under Kinselo and where the magic book of the “End of the Deadly Dark Chloride,” the legacy of the Riol Jifle, was located.

“If you go there, you’ll have a book of wizards. It’s what your former Solderlet contractor, Riol Jipple, left behind.”

Among his colleagues, Jin was the only one who knew about the legacy of the Riol Jipple.

However, Jin obtained information from Solderlet about the final sentence of the extinct rock salt mine in the past. So there was no surprise that Missha, the Black Dragon of Soldierlet, knew.

“Now it’s home to the Dark Magic Council under the Kinselo.”

“I know. That’s why I thought it would be better to go find you after you became a jockey, but it’s too late after 19 years. Well, now that this guy has some strength back, he’ll be able to handle it right away.”

“Misha seems to know a lot about Kinselo.”

“I know they used to work with Jipple to sweep the contractor down with the drinking seats. And the alliance was virtually destroyed by you.”

As much as Misha’s shadow had been on Murakan, she was able to roughly infer Jean and Murakhan’s movements.

Also, Kinselo and Gipple were on her watch list in the first place. The reason why Soldierlet disappeared was because of the thought that they would be there.

“If you have information important enough to let you know about them, I’ll write to you here. Anyway, I think you’d better learn the Liol Jipple’s Wizard as soon as possible.”

“Maybe someone else is after the wizard?”

Missha nodded.

“Yes. A wizard I’ve been keeping an eye on recently is targeting the wizard. Aria Aulhart is a human girl, a man born with a pretty special destiny like you.”

As Misha’s eye-catching sorcerer, colleagues naturally thought the name of the famous Magician or Supernova would come out.

But ‘Aria Outhart’ was a name no one had ever heard of. Except for one person, Jean, who knows her.

“My teacher was already aiming for a decapitation rock at this time of year?’

Aria Aulhart.

It was one of the numerous aliases Valeria used in her previous life.

Among them, he was as dear as his real name, meaning he had the heart of a “gray owl.”

And she didn’t get the final sentence of the extinct rock salt in Jin’s previous life. Instead, he got two unfinished sentences and showed them to Jin.

“If it’s a special fate……?”

“If you are the child chosen by the Shadow, Aria is the child chosen by history. If you ever meet him, encourage him. From a large perspective, it’s your ally.”

More than that seemed cautious to say.

There was not much room for Missha to intervene, either, as Aria, or Valeria, was not a member of the shadow.

She had given Jean information about Valeria carelessly, and was wary of the possibility of variables in Valeria’s fate.

‘The teacher had made it his life’s goal to retrieve the Hysterics. Is being chosen by history related to him?’

in the midst of a flash of questions

Missha put her foot away from stepping on the Murakhan.

“Oh, no more delay. I’ll get going now. Hey, Murakan.”


Murakan stood up and glared at Missha.

However, he was not able to make a wild fight. I felt the difference in strength, but I thought I could think of a childhood nightmare if I were more mischievous.

“Think you’re blessed, Jean. Be a good help. Do you understand?”

It was true that Murakhan did less than Missha. That’s why the word ‘happy’ came out.

“Hen! I’m good on my own even if I don’t have to listen to you.”

“I can’t help it. I don’t want to look at you. Gilly.”

“Yes, Miss Misha.”

“Never make this strawberry pie for the next month. Do you understand?”

“Hoo-hoo, strawberry pie can’t hear you…….”

“Okay, Miss Misha.”

Murakhan’s face instantly faded.

“Come on, everybody, see you later.”

* * *

A week has passed since Missha left.

After regaining his strength and jumping madly happy, Murakhan sat in the corner of the garden every day and looked wistful.

Because I couldn’t eat strawberry pie. It’s not like it hasn’t happened at all that I haven’t touched a strawberry pie for more than a month, but it was terrible to be banned by others. If it’s because of Missha, it’s all the more.

“Great, really. How could a dragon do this? I feel like I’m becoming more and more of a child.”

The inferior Jean eventually received a strawberry pie.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”

Murakan, whose color turns bright as soon as Jean puts out a strawberry pie. Who can think of him as a black dragon that has existed for more than 3,000 years, a great black dragon that has regained its 40 percent power in its heyday?

The Murakan, who received a basket of strawberry pies, hugged Jean with a thrilled face.

“As expected, little boy, you’re the only one. Jjasik, it’s worth raising on your back.”

Murakan took out two strawberry pies and gave one to Jean. Parr, the trembling hands seemed to be trying to keep the right track, even though I didn’t want to share them.

“I’m done, eat up.”


Murakan, who bites a strawberry pie with his mouth wide open.

Jean watched him eat quietly for a while.

“Senior Kashmir brought me some information about Laney. They helped us, they were imprisoned, and then they were released two days ago.”

“Hmm, is that so? That’s a relief. Whoo, I hate to admit it, but……if he hadn’t helped me, I would never have been safe. Probably got caught by Kadoon and taken to Zipple’s lab. He’s pissed at me again.….”

Murakhan said this shortly after Missha returned.

I have to pay off my debt to the penitentiary.

It was an issue that I had been thinking about, but it was surprising that Murakan expressed it himself.

“Why didn’t you thank your sister for treating you?”

“You wouldn’t say that if you knew what Missha did to me as a child. It’s not a dragon, it’s a devil.”

“Anyway, Laney. You must not be very well right now.”

“You’re not feeling well?”

Somehow, it seems that people have changed dramatically since the disciplinary action was over. He drank every day like a lung, and was arrested again right after the inspection. So we’re waiting for a trial for further disciplinary action.”

In previous life’s newsletter, Rani Salome was often described as a prodigal foster daughter. According to Kashmir’s information, Rani is changing as well.

“What? Is the woman, her personality kind of like that?”

Murakan had never had a proper conversation with Rani because he fainted as soon as he met her.

“Not from what I’ve met. Gyori-Soo-Soo-Soo Women’s Congress is a place where discipline and order are more important than any other organization in the Holy Land. That’s why his penis is often expelled for minor accidents, but Laney is not being kicked out for some reason.”

“You said you were the foster daughter of King Seong, and that’s why you went that far, isn’t it?

“That’s possible. But when Laney was in the temple, King Seong was holding a ceremony of blessing against the people of the Holy Land. So to speak, he did it himself to King Seong.”

Nicknamed “Daughter Stupid King Seong,” Michaelan usually loved his daughter very much, and Laney also followed her well.

After Santel, the father and daughter began to antagonize each other.

“Is it like puberty? Um…….”

“My guess is this. Laney belatedly realized that King Seong had been on the side of the Zipple since Santel. So I felt a great sense of betrayal, and I’m confused about my identity.”

All I have to do is cover people’s eyes, preach falsehoods, disguise evil as good, and collide with power to become ugly.

Looking back on Laney’s strong religious beliefs, it was a story that could be fully established.

Murakan, who had been agonizing for a while, made eye contact with Jin.

“Whatever it is, I’ll have to see her first. Let’s try to help as much as we can. Wouldn’t it be worth my life?”

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