Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 231

“Scream… ..sound?”

When Jean tilted her head and asked, Missha hugged Murakhan.



“And never enter the room.”

I don’t know how the alternative treatment works.….

I was curious, but I decided not to ask. She was the only one in the world that could turn back Murakhan anyway, so there was no point in worrying about it.

‘Anyway, I’m sure it’s a hell of a treatment. Cheer up, Murakhan.”

Murakhan was gently in Missha’s arms, not knowing the pain that was about to come to him.

“Please take good care of me, Miss Misha.”

“See you later.”

Knock, knock!

The sound of closing the door was unusually heavy. Jean and Shree stared at each other and blinked their eyes.

And within seconds, there was a scream right away.


The cat’s signature sharp snaps were sticking out of the tightly closed door. Chahak, kiaak! Shrie, who was surprised, scratched the door as if she wanted to open it, and the noise almost gave me goose bumps.


“Oh, Shri. It’s just Missha treating Murakhan. Don’t worry.”

“……you must have started.”

Just in time, Quikantel, who was passing the corridor, stood next to Jin and said,

I just told Shrie not to worry, but in fact I couldn’t be more relieved.

So I was going to ask Quikantel if it would be okay. She’s been talking to Missha all night, so she must have heard something more.

But Quikantel’s face was dark.

He even bit his fingernails with his arms crossed, looking like a man who did anything wrong because he was nervous.

“Mr. Quikantel?”

“Whoa, I hope he’ll hold out.”

“What are you doing?”

a rapid spread of anxiety

“Oh, didn’t Missha tell you the story?”

“What story?”

“This treatment, it’s not just bringing Murakhan back to what he really is. You don’t have to worry if that’s all. Missha is planning to restore the old power of Murakhan as well.”

Ha ha! Kiaaaah!

From beyond the door continued to be heard the shriek of Murakan. There was also a noise of something serrated, and Missha’s voice was not heard at all.

“Do you mean Murakhan could die if something goes wrong while restoring him?”

“Ah, that’s not it. Then Missha wouldn’t have gone through the treatment without telling you.”

Quikantel waved his hands.

“Then what?”

“If the surgery fails, you lose all the power you have left, even if it doesn’t affect your life.”

Jean’s eyes grew bigger.

Anger swelled at Missha Ilsoon.

It was because it occurred to me that Missha should have consulted with her or Gilly once, if it was a risky operation.

On the one hand, however, it was understandable.

“Murakan must be……you would have said you’d do the surgery, even if there was such a risk.’

From Murakhan himself, and from the people around him, his old power was beyond comparison. It was possible to tell Temer Looncandel from the “winner.”

He also said he overwhelmed all dragons in the sky, and the martial arts he saw in person when he was dealing with Feytel, who was incarnated by Julian, was a horror. To the point where the modifier “Great Black Dragon” is not lacking at all.

Murakan, who was then, was now not as strong as Quikantel or his guardian, Qin.

If they face a desperate situation when they are together, it would be Jean, not Murakan, who protects the opponent.

So there’s no way Murakan didn’t want surgery.

Not all guardian dragons in the world are stronger than contractors, but it was the universal mindset of the guardian dragons that should be at least “not lacking.”

As if reading Jin’s thoughts, Quikantel added a word.

“Misha doesn’t seem to like Murakan, but this time again, you ran to him as soon as he went wrong. You’ll do your best, so let’s just wait a few days.”

“What are your chances of success?”

“They say it’s about 50 percent.”

“It’s not very low.”

“Oh, my God, what are you talking about? It looks like the cat is screaming, is that Murakan……?”

This time, Gilly stood in front of the door as he passed the corridor.

When Quikantel explains it again, Gilly looks pale in a flash. Jean held her trembling hand.

She thought the same thing as Jean. I thought I should have told you in advance, but if it were Murakan, I would have done so.”

All three were unable to leave the corridor.

Naturally, colleagues came one by one, and each time more and more people stood in front of the hall.

“Aigo, Mr. Murakhan……! I think I’m all sick. How much trouble do you have, sir?”

“Prince, Gilly. I’m sure you’ll get through it.”

“Hold on while you eat one at a time.”

Around lunch, all the colleagues gathered in front of the hall.

Screams continued unceasingly into the night. There was also a dull sound and a burst that seemed to break.

And just before midnight, colleagues first heard a groan that was clearly human.

Ugh, Ugh!

It was a totally different sound from the cat’s crying that seemed to rip, and it was certainly Murakan’s voice.

Since then, cat calls and human screams have alternated. While being treated, Murakan is moving back and forth between humans and cats.

in the confusion of one’s colleagues

The scream died down and the door opened.

The party was able to look inside for a moment when the door was open, and it was filled with bloodstains. Black chunks of spirit were floating all over the room. Murakhan’s appearance was not confirmed.


Missha goes out into the hallway wiping the sweat on her forehead.

She looked at the colleagues in front of her, her eyes were round for a moment, then shrugged.

“What’s the funny spectacle you’re all here for? Apparently Quikantel taught you. Because I’m going to argue…….”

“I don’t think so. You know Murakhan better than we do, so you decided to operate. Is he okay?”

“For now. But I have a few more days to do this. It’s a stage where you can’t be relieved yet.”

The evil smile she showed earlier was a very tired face everywhere.

As anyone else may know, Jean, the contractor of Soldert, was aware of how much spirit she had used throughout the day.

The strong spirit that I felt when I first met him has been greatly diminished. It was the part where we could see that she was devoting herself to treatment.

“I’m tired. I need to eat and rest.”

“I’ll be ready soon, Missha. Is there anything else you’d like to eat?”

To Gilly’s question, surprisingly Missha gave this answer.

“Strawberry pie. Without it, another pie made of fresh fruit.”

The brothers and sisters were brothers and sisters.

* * *

Missha started treatment at lunch every day and finished it around midnight.

That’s how a week has passed. As time went by, people’s screams spread more frequently in the room than cats’ cries.

“Today is the last straw. I don’t know what this is about because of my half-brother.”

Missha looked at Jean and her colleagues with a hollow face.

Whether it’s over the hump or not, from today Murakhan will be a dragon again and will be able to join his colleagues.


As treatment began, more intense screams followed than ever.

But I couldn’t hear a cat crying at all. This was because the unstable transformation between humans and cats disappeared.

There was no way to know how time passed until night. Everyone was only looking at the tightly closed door, barely suppressing their anxious hearts.

Just because Murakan loses his strength won’t change the way his colleagues treat him.

But can Murakan himself bear the fact? The very question has kept the party at ease.

“It’s almost midnight, Master. Please… …I hope you’re okay.”

It was at that moment that the scream from inside stopped. At the same time, the noise of various treatment tools has died down.

The colleagues, holding their breath, waited for the door to open.


Appearing as soon as the door opened was a man with long hair that was as dark as pitch, Murakan.

He smiled as soon as he saw his colleagues.

“Long time no see, everybody.”



A voice strangely dignified, unlike before.

As soon as Jin saw Murakhan, he recalled the moment he first met him in the stormy basement. At that time, as little Jean felt, overwhelming energy was seeping in his eyes and manner.

The operation was successful.

Colleagues intuitively felt the fact before Missha even announced the results.

“Hahaha! Yes, I am Murakan!”

Suddenly Murakan burst into a mad laugh. My colleagues had no choice but to flinch and backtrack, because of the mighty energy contained in them.

Phuoc Thinh, oohhhhhhhhhhhh.…!

It was just a laugh, but there was a crack in the thick stone wall in the hallway. It was never possible for Murakan about 40 days ago.

“This is it, this is it! This is me! Hahaha, hahaha!”


Murakhan’s neck snapped. Strong enough to die for ordinary people.

Because Missha left the door and hit him hard in the back of the head.

“Is this spinning, man? Who told you to scream loudly? My eardrums almost dropped at your scream for a week.”

Murakan turned around and glanced at Missha once, then smiled again.

“Thanks anyway, you saved me. Thank you. I’ll give you a hug! Come this close.”

“Get out.”

“Yes, I’m just saying. I don’t like it either. Now, then, go back to your house. I need to have a celebration party with my friends. I’ll send you the hard work later.”

“Uh, talk more. I don’t think there’s anything visible just because I’ve gained some strength. Wake up, when you speak nicely.”

“I wasn’t going yet… Ugh! Ugh!”

Bam, bam, bam!

With Missha’s fist, Murakan’s body flew all over the hall. At first glance, her punches and kicks were at least eight-star power.

Murakan is not bleeding even though he gets all of it all. Colleagues found it hard to grasp whether to be surprised by Missha’s beating or to admire Murakan’s durability.

“Your old power has only returned about forty percent, brother. I mean, if you mess around, you can get lost.”

After being beaten about twenty times, Missha threw the Murakhan roughly and said.

“You… …you purposely only gave me 40%, right? Because if you put it back right, I’ll be stronger than you!”

“At the level of thinking. Give me five seconds. If you lie face down and show your gratitude right now, I’ll make you a cat again.”

Why would I!

At the moment when Murakan was about to shout so, Jean and Gillie caught Murakan at the same time. Then he forced her to lie down.

“Good work, Miss Misha.”

“You’ve had a hard time waiting, too. By the way, I’m pissed off, but as he said, I’m going back now.”

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