Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 229

Quikantel decided to quit while trying to talk more about Murakhan.

Seeing Missha speak so insensitively, it occurred to me that Murakhan might not be as dangerous as I thought.

“I think it’s too old to be up to date, Miss Misha. It’s been more than 500 years since we last saw each other.”

“Didn’t you see him once in the Mila Kingdom two hundred years ago?”

“I think so, too. Anyway, it’s been quite a while. I’m, as you can see, doing fine. Thanks to him, I’m staying here with Olta’s contractor.”

said Quikantel, pointing at Jean with a wink. Missha’s gaze also turned to the camp.

“He’s a smart, tough kid. I’ve been watching him take the test at the Mitra’s big screen. I was quite surprised when I finally reached Themeer and swung the sword.”

Tikan’s colleagues also heard about it from Jin.

Missha smiled as she recalled it again. But a long sorrow was hidden in that seemingly meaningless smile.

Temer Looncandel.

‘As I felt before, there’s a similar atmosphere to the theme somewhere.’

The first baroness of Looncandel and the only one she loved.

After the loss of Themer, Missha’s life was left with nothing but mission and duty.

It was Missha’s job to deal with what she had to do and what she had to prevent as her agent, and to take care of the people she owed and their descendants.

“I didn’t know you were watching me then. I’ve had a lot of bad-looking moments because the exams were tough, and I’m embarrassed.”

“It’s all right, it was cool. It was especially impressive to see you chewing on your raw scorpion.”

“I’d like to ask you one thing.”

“How did you get here?”


“Murukan. That shit couldn’t get out of my palm. When I was a kid, I had a tracking spell hanging on his body, and he still doesn’t know it. I’m stupid.….”

“Trace…” …magic?”

“So you didn’t have to go through the royalties day by day, you were on all your journeys.”

When Murakan was young, it means “tracking magic” that has lasted at least thousands of years.

As soon as I got goosebumps, Quikantel burst into a foot laugh.

“You’re still alive, Miss Misha. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him fall for someone.”

“By the way, whoever I say, I’m sure it’s a load of crap, but I’m sure for now.”

“Haha, there can’t be such a ridiculous tracking spell.”

Jean smiled awkwardly and shrugged.

“Murukan only knows how to fight, but I can do a little more. Like this, for example.”

Missha touched the shadow of her left hand on the table with her right hand. The next moment, Jean had no choice but to open her eyes wide as if she were a child who had never seen magic before.

‘What the hell is that?’

She had ‘removed’ her left shadow with her right hand. As if you were spooning pudding.

The shadow on the left hand was not erased as much as it was taken out. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the shadow, which was round in Missha’s right hand.

It’s been a while since only Quikantel saw you.


Yuria exuded admiration. He reached out and touched it like a child, but Misha loved it for a moment, and then breathed her breath into the shadows gathered in her hand.

Shadows scattered in breath flew thousands of points toward the camp.

‘It’s like a palm-sized galaxy.’

Jean did not avoid Missha’s shadow flying to her. As soon as the shadow reached Jean, it permeated and disappeared.

Nothing had changed for Jean because the shadow had seeped into her body. The difference is that the shadow of Missha’s left arm feels a little lighter.

“Yes, there is no such magic as you say. But it’s possible with power. The presence of my shadow always makes it possible for me to locate. I buried Murakan’s shadow when he was a kid. That’s what I came after.”

Missha then naturally put down Yuria. Then I scattered my body with spirit and began to float on the heads of the party.

[And no one recognized me for coming into the mansion like this.]

It was a mysterious sight. The particles forming Missha could be concentrated or dispersed according to will, and when completely dispersed, it just felt like there was a little black powder floating around.


Young-gi, who was swimming in the air, gathered together and newly settled in the middle of Jin and Quikantel. As soon as the color returned, the figure of Missha was revealed again.

“Now, is that enough to explain?”

The moment Jean was about to nod.

“Oh, no, a warrior’s back shouldn’t look so easy.”

Just behind us came another voice just like Missha.

Turning around in a hurry, Missha was standing there, too. There is Missha standing on the side and behind. Even in his original seat, Missha’s body was sitting one more time, showing her hugging Euria again.

Quikantel was familiar with Missha’s ability, but the rest of her colleagues had been unable to open their mouths for a while. What the hell are we looking at, everyone looked that way.

In particular, Ratri faced the existence that remained as a child’s vague fear, and saw this ability, so he was about to fall asleep.

“Your guardian dragon is a coward, Yuria.”

“But she’s nice and cute.”

“I guess so. I’m good at making cookies.”

Baduk, badok, baduk…….

Three Missha ate the cookies at the same time. One by one, it’s not fantasy but real.

“Certainly, Missha is a little different from Murakan and I in the way she manages her spirit. Can I do that?’

But there was something more surprising.


“My God…”…! Prince Zhi, Prince Jean?!”


Julian, Kashmir, and Gilly looked at one place at the same time and covered their mouths. Jindo, who followed and looked at the place, had no choice but to be mesmerized for a while.

Where they were looking, another ‘Jin Looncandel’ stood.

With the same face as Jin, the same outfit, the same eyes. Even Quikantel looked at Missha and the new Jean as if he had never seen anything like this before.


The new Jean came to the front of the real Jean with a plate.

“Why don’t you try one?”

His accent and speech were exactly the same as the real one, and even his colleagues who had just watched all this were in disarray. Who’s the real Jean?

“It must be a rare experience. To face yourself without a mirror.”

Missha, who actually had a new camp, said it was not a big deal. So it was even more creepy.

“Crazy, this is……not a dragon born from a contractor or a dragon, but God himself.’

If Missha is not a ally but an enemy…….

Suddenly, when such an imagination crossed my mind, I broke out in a cold sweat on my back.


There was only one Missha holding the Uriah, and the two Missha and the camp holding the plate were scattered in spirit.

Jean and her colleagues were unable to escape the shock easily.

And Joshua……is there something with this ability?’

It reminded me of how horrible his “body cloning” was.

“You’ve never told me that the moron can do this for good, have you?”


Then Missha breathed a sigh of relief why.

“That’s a relief. If I had told you, I would have broken his head. You would have been tortured by me until you forgot all that.”


“How did you feel about seeing things that were way out of the ordinary?”

Jin looked into Missha’s serious eyes and answered,

“……it was terrible. If Jean Looncandel, who gave me cookies earlier, could be anywhere, wouldn’t I be nothing? And I don’t know how much time it takes to prove that I’m real.”

No one in the world would want himself to cross “one.” Even more so, if it’s me who doesn’t follow his own control.

I didn’t mean it, I just meant it.

But as if it were a very satisfactory answer, a smile came to Missha’s lips.

She purposely unfolded this power to shock Jean. Not to fall into temptation in the countless fights he will face in the future.

In Misha’s opinion, “Yeongi” was a dangerous force not only for humans, but also for the mortal, including dragons, watermen, horses, and gods.

a thousand-year contractor And the hope of the shadows that will surely be the last.

‘I won’t let you face the same end as Themeer. Fortunately, Murakhan seems to be leading us well so far…….’

Don’t ever be interested in this power. I will always keep an eye on you…….

The moment Missha was about to say so, Yuria grabbed her by the sleeve.

“Not the old man.”

Jindo, other colleagues also didn’t know why Yuria said such a thing.

So Jean burst into a giggle because Yuria’s serious face was cute.

“It’s been a long time since you called me uncle, Yuria. All of a sudden, you don’t do that?”

“Not at all.”

Missha was the only one contemplating the conversation.

“I’m Mr. Man.”…? Besides, I have an insight into my innermost thoughts. I expected it, but this kid, never happened to be beside Jean.’


In that word, all kinds of questions flashed through Missha’s mind.

“Solderette, why their God hasn’t said anything so far, why they don’t communicate with the contractor once, and why they don’t even speak to themselves once.”

‘Maybe Jean is Themeer’s reincarnation! That’s why it’s likely that Yuria saw the Temer in the order of day……No, maybe.”

Maybe you saw solderlet from Jean.

Az Mill, eyeball contractor. Among them, it was possible for an outstanding contractor like Yuria.

At the moment, it was a matter that could not be judged.

Missha covered her face and stroked Yuria’s head.

“Anyway, sometimes it’s not too bad to talk to people outside like this. Well, you. Did you say Gilly?”

“Yes, Miss Misha.”

“I need a few days to fix my brother, and I’d like you to pick up a room for me in the meantime.”

“I’ll pick the best room. If you need anything, please write it down.”

“Thank you. I’d like to go to my room and have a drink with Quikantel after a long time, so please give me some good drinks or some bottles. Mount Mila, friends who have been around for more than 100 years.”


“Gin, you’ll talk more tomorrow.”

Turning, Missha looked at Gilly again, as if something had come to mind.

“And you……you’d better be careful.”


“Too much for his taste. If you mess around, cut it with a single knife.”

Gilly couldn’t answer and only coughed.

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