Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 226

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It was fortunate that there were only two. It’s the same way you overpower him.


The moment the knight in front of him reflexively pulled out the sword, Quikantel’s fist struck him in the face first. Bam! The pitch crumpled and blood splashed, and he fainted and trembled.

Kuzan did not panic, but equally stabbed his armor joint to paralyze his opponent.

“As soon as you got here, you got rid of the four sex knights.”

“If anyone hears it, they’ll misunderstand. ID Quikantel.”

Jean said, hiding the fallen sex knights in the ditch. It looked like a dead body, but it wasn’t dead.

Fortunately, there was not a single person right inside the side door. The result was that the city’s center had already been sealed off to prevent the common people from leaving.

The three men walked silently. I had to enter the street and check the news of Murakhan as soon as possible.

A little inside the side door, there were quite a few sex knights on patrol. As Jet reported, there were no Shawl’s army, and it was all made up of only extreme and authoritative personnel, like the Gyory-Safe Dawn Society.

The reason why the Jin group sneaked into the center to avoid their eyes was because of their excellent skills, but the streets were very noisy and crowded.

Not to mention the sound of buildings burning and collapsing by the flames Kadun left behind.

The whole place was filled with grunts and cries. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh….! Those who lost their families and relatives in the battle were falling and sobbing on every road.

The bodies, which have not yet been recovered, were also easily spotted. The sex knights threw the body into the cart, covering their heartless eyes with pitches.

Most of them.

No, all the bodies were burned to death. The whole body was burned to the ground, so it was impossible to identify itself.

So far there has been no sign of the use of spirit.

“…… that’s terrible.”

“Cadoon and other hwaryons don’t care about humans. Unless you’re a special human being, it’s like a bug. While most dragons see humans as inferior creatures, they are especially so.”

But can I say that those bodies are not at all Murakan’s fault?

Suddenly, when such an idea flashed through Jin’s mind, Quikantel said something back as if he had seen it through.

“He’s not a kind of reckless slaughtering of humans, at least for my own purposes.”

Instead of answering, Jean smiled awkwardly.

The number of bodies was increasing as we entered. There were not a few scenes where the shrines surrounded and sang songs of hypocrisy, all piled up like mountains.

By estimate, the death toll was likely to be at least 5,000. In a city about the size of Santel, it was a natural disaster to describe it as an annihilation. More than half of the city’s residents are dead.

It wasn’t just the body.

Fewer injured people were also constantly groaning and screaming. Bankela’s healers, called ‘Sonja,’ stuck to them and sweated hard.

But not all saints were focused on healing.

That’s exactly why the party was feeling a strange sense of incompatibility.

“Confucian, the city atmosphere…… isn’t it a little strange?”

Jean nods her head in silence. Quikantel also looked at the saints with the same mind. They were not performing healing techniques, but saints with sermons or something.

“Now on the plains in front of the city, the pythons are still fighting with the devil. But good and gentle people, for heavenly errands have come, do not be afraid or despair…….”

“The hateful demon who killed our parents, brothers, sisters and children will soon be killed at the hands of the brazier! Let’s pray together, God watches over the brazier…….”

It was certainly a lie that fighting continued on the plains in front of the city. Jean and her colleagues have just passed through the place and entered the city.

There were only a few reporters and sex knights outside who stood in their way.

But the innocent people, crouched in front of the saint, seemed to believe the words straight away as they were.

“Let’s pray!”


There were even those who collapsed, touched by the absurd incitement of the saint.

Healing on one side, agitating on the other, blocking the city. Those from Van Kela were doing something too obvious, too obvious.

But the innocent were not fooled by the instigation of the saints.

Amid the shock and sadness of losing their families, they are being brainwashed by the “snowpiercer” unique to the saints.

Although the saints claim to be ‘sinister,’ the majority of the wizards, including Jean, knew it was a kind of Ma’an.

Sulpasul, with a corner similar to old spiritual magic, was used mainly for preaching and preaching at times like this.

The subtle yellow color in the pupil of the saint’s eyes was proof that preaching was being performed.

“Those who are dead, those who are alive, are all bound by the power of prayer, and we will not be alone! Those who fulfill their mission will have peace……!”

Surfing is of no use to the mentally strong, but the traumatized people like now could be fooled.

“The current King Seong must have strictly prohibited the use of preaching by saints, but he is using it all.”

It was Michaelan, the current king of the castle, who even announced that he would classify saints who use the sermon as heresy.

It has been used by convenience and customs, but the reason was that the preaching was clearly against the line pursued by the doctrine and the Holy Land.

“You’re a demagogue trying to overlay the massacre that Kadun committed. If Murakhan is a demon, I don’t think he was caught by Kamun.”

“That’s what I think, Quikantel. If you’re caught, there’s no reason to hit this shit.”

The mana believed to be Murakan ran away, and Kadun did not retrieve the sparks he sprayed on the city in a hurry to chase it away.

Jin and Quikantel simultaneously inferred the same situation. If caught, Kadun could have set off the flames that spread to the city and even lit up the name of the Jipple for killing the devil.

‘We need to find out why they’re helping the Zipple, even breaking King Seong’s orders.’

Judging from what has been revealed so far, Van Kela was no longer a “neutral country.”

They are even using a taboo called seolpa-sul to help the jipple. It was impossible without permission at the national level.

But right now, it was urgent to find Murakhan rather than worry about it.

“Let’s have a little conversation with the people, given the opportunity. I’m going to make sure it’s Murakhan and leave.”

It was not easy to find a chance to contact the people. There was a high possibility that it would be reported to the saint, saying that it would be meaningless to talk to the people who were in the agitation, and that it was rather suspicious.

As soon as he was about to move again, a Knight found the saint in front of the party. Then he whispered something and quickly moved somewhere.

“… …good, docile people! We just got a tip-off. It is said that a gang of wicked men broke into the city. So if you see any suspicious people, please find our errands immediately.”

The movement of sex knights on patrol has also changed. Until now, only the people who had fled the main street had been looking at the alleys and the gaps in the buildings.

He quickly left his seat and began to search again for the common people who seemed to be able to talk.

But everywhere there were sex knights, saints, or wizards to put out fires. There is not a single Yangmin who is separated from them are nowhere else can be found.

The biggest problem was the fact that the sex knights waiting in Santel were well above the numbers they had expected.

“Damn, the streets are full of sex knights. How many people are there? At this rate, hiding is a limit, Jean.”

“You’re tired, although I expected it from the moment you opened the side door.”



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Kee kee kee kee kee kee kee ki……!

From afar, I could hear the double locks on all the gates firmly closed.

The sex knights of the streets ran through the streets screaming something among themselves, and the saints were driving away with the commoners.


As soon as he passed the alley, a knight of the castle shouted when he met the party.

The flames and the bustling atmosphere all over the city have hidden the party well so far.

On the contrary, the party was also less sensual than usual. Even if the mind was revealed, the energy of hundreds of people moving nearby could not be accurately detected in this mess.

That is why he failed to turn around before he encountered Sung at the point where the alley was broken.

There were about five more sex knights behind the screaming sex knights. Just like the Gyuri Guardian Dawn, heretical judges, they quickly sounded trumpets and fired a flare to announce that they had found the target.

“Down with your weapons and kneel down!”

If there were a mix of 50 or more generals, not five, the party would have had to fight carefully.

However, the five second-class knights of the Dawn Society could not help the party. While Quikantel and Kuzan each tried to take charge and subdue it, Jin picked Sigmund.


Five of the sex knights quivered before they could camp. Since the location was exposed to the trumpets and the flare anyway, it was better to spread out the lightning and organize it quickly and move.

Ten thunderclashes were dropped in five seconds to subdue the four.

Of course Jean was thinking of overpowering all five. One man, who was not struck by lightning, calmly went through the law even though it must have been his first time experiencing the Ming sword.

This means that he is quite a talented person in terms of Jin’s standards.

But the penis was not pulling out the sword for some reason.

When the other four immediately pulled out their swords and shouted at the first sight of the losing party, only he did not take the proper action.

The moment Quikantel and Kuzan were about to jump at the penis together.

“Wait, wait!”

Suddenly, the knight raised his arms. It was an act that could not be trusted to be an article of the Gyuri Defense Dawn, which is the only extreme group within Van Kela.


“My name is Rani Salome, a second-degree engineer at the Gyuri Guardian Dawn Society. You guys, I don’t think you’re heresy.”


“You’re not heretical, are you? Please answer.”

a sudden question

But the eyes in the pitch were so serious, that Jean just nodded.

“I never pull a sword for anyone who is not heresy. And you have something to do with the black dragon that fought the crazy one. Is that right?”

Jean’s eyes grew bigger.

The knight, who identified himself as Lani, was using the expression Black Dragon, not “mammul.” Furthermore, mad hwaryong felt strong hostility toward Kadun.

Knock, knock, knock, knock!

From the back alley, I could hear the footsteps of another sex knights running. In a few seconds you’ll arrive at the alley where they’re standing.

“Follow me first. If you get caught by my colleagues, you can’t survive.”

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