Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 225

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Before leaving, Murakan left a piece of paper depicting his approximate route along with a letter to Gilly.

It was a piece of paper that recorded a list of regions that left a “mark” so that colleagues could come to visit when there was a problem on the journey.

The Seven Colors were checking the marks of Murakan every three days, and on November 20, 1797, they heard that a dragon and a demon had been fighting in a city called “Santel” near the Krash Mountains.

The Krasi Mountains were one of the areas marked by Murakan.

“Come on! Something’s wrong. Shortly after we confirmed that Murakan had left a mark on the Crash Mountains, there was a big fight between a python and a demon in Santel. But the beast was black, winged, and almost like a dragon.….”

“Do you mean that the demon that fought the Dragon could be Murakan?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Why? Because there was a battle right after the mark?”

“That’s true, but right now the city of Santel is going crazy. Even though the seven-color crew entered and tried to get more information, they couldn’t get in because they were all in control. The city became a sea of fire. But there’s not a single line!”

It was certainly a strange thing. Although the area near the Krashi Mountains is said to be a remote area, if there was a battle enough to control the nearby city, it would have been normal if the article came out immediately.

The Seven Colors were able to get information from locals before the city was completely blocked, but none of the outside media dealt with the case.

“It’s hard to get the information that the demon resembles a dragon. If I were two hours late, I wouldn’t have met the locals. I’m pretty sure you’re Murakan.”

Press control is the prerogative of the great powers.

Besides, it’s a dinosaur. I didn’t feel good.

“Hwasong’s press control. Confucius, it looks like Jipple’s hand is on the side.”

“……the only flower with the Zipple is Kadun, the guardian dragon of Kellyak, right?”

Enya looked anxiously at Jean and said, Ever since Jet began posting reports, colleagues were in a state of ominous foreboding.


“Yes, Mr. Quikantel.”

“Do you have any more information about the hwaryong that attacked the city? The looks and the martial arts we showed during the battle.”

“It’s only confirmed that it’s very large compared to other dragons.”


Quicantel sighs and holds his forehead.

“That’s Kadun. Jean, I think he’s been attacked. I had a short thought. I shouldn’t have let him go alone. I’m sure Jipple was after him when he first came to Beaumont.”

Quikantel’s eyes were wet with anxiety as he jumped to his feet.

Kadun was a tough opponent even in Murakan’s heyday. King of the Dragon, who is so strong that he cannot even be compared to his opponent in a state where he has lost his old power.

Quikantel was the one who knew better than anyone that Murakhan could never afford Kadun. That’s why as soon as he was convinced, he became frantic.

“Calm down, Mr. Quikantel. First of all, I’m sure Murakan didn’t die. Because as a contractor, I didn’t feel anything.”

“Damn it! If Kadun overpowered Murakhan, it’s natural he didn’t kill him. We don’t know what will happen to Soldert’s next contract if we kill him. He would have ripped off his wings and locked them up, or he would have drugged them. Besides, they want a contract for Soldierlet, so they’ll use it to find you, the contractor.”

On the day of the battle with Andrey, his words crossed Jin’s mind.

I’ll compliment you on this surprise. But you and your god will be the most important ingredients of the drinking stone…….

the most important ingredient in drinking stone

This shows what value “Solderet’s power” is worth to Jipple.

Andrei died with Buretta that day, but there were many moments when Jipple was able to get the information that “The Black Dragon is active.”

The day he left the Sword Garden and rode the Murakhan, the day he visited the Quikantel in Beimant, the day he killed the graveyard giant, the Colon site, and so on.

Even if it wasn’t the Rutero Magic Federation, it was news that could be delivered given that Jipple’s information was everywhere in the world.

‘As Quikantel said, maybe they’ve been looking for Murakan and me for a long time.’

Of course, Murakan insisted that he must move alone to meet Missha.

After all, regret did nothing to get Murakhan back. What was needed now was accurate judgment and prompt action.

“But, sir, there’s one more strange thing.”

“What is it?”

“Isn’t the Holy Land of Van Kela a neutral country? I and the rest of the crew have decided that Zipple is in control of the press, but somehow it’s VANKELA’s genitals that are blocking the city.”

Santel was not part of the Holy Land of Van Kela because it belonged to the ‘Shawl Empire’.

“The battle was fought by Kadun and Murakan, the press control is by Jipple, and the city blockade is by s*x knights?”

“Yes, the Shawl Empire is doing nothing.”

It was certainly a strange thing.

It is common for the Holy Land VANKELA to send s*x knights and healers to each affected area for urban restoration and relief, but it was rare to block the area.

It is the responsibility of the local army. Without such military power, it was common for those who control the media to take charge.

Therefore, Jean and her colleagues naturally thought Zipple would be in control.

“The attitude of kicking out the seven-color crew members who were about to get in there, and other reporters who happened to smell and run, was incredibly high-handed. Like when you’re dealing with heretics.”

“Are you saying, then, that the Holy Land is helping Zipple’s convenience?”

Van Kela was a country that had never stood on anyone’s side throughout history. It had remained neutral in Jin’s previous life.

“I’m not sure, but that’s what I and my crew decided.”

There was a moment of silence.

Without entering the Santel directly, there was no clear-cut information. Gilly put his hand on Jean’s shoulder and made eye contact.

“Lord, he’s not that easy to beat. Don’t worry too much and you’d better get going. Maybe it’s not Murakan. Maybe it’s a real winged demon.”

He said so, but Gilly’s hands, which touched his shoulder, were shaking. She was desperately suppressing her feelings so that Jean would not become more disturbed.

For Jin and Gilly, Murakan is a family beyond their peers. If someone goes wrong, he or she wants it to be him.

“Sir Kashmir. Do you have any lines on the side of Vancella that the Seven-Coloured Tide has formed?”

“There are some deities that I and Bran know personally.”

“The police, please look at the Van Kela side. What happened in Santel, and why the Holy Land is involved in Zipple’s work.”


* * *

Jean and Quikantel, and Kuzan.

It was so three people who went directly to Santel. All the way to Santel.

Not directly connected, it took a whole day to run in a shiri from the Shawl Empire.

The Santel, who came and looked at it in person, was being controlled in a tighter atmosphere than expected.

And he still looked like a bloodshot wound in a fire.



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“… …definitely, that’s Kadun’s flame. He’s the only one who can use such a dark fire.”

Quikantel stood on the cliff, looked down at the city and clenched his teeth. Inside the city, there was a scene of wizards and s*x knights holding fire.

All the people were gathered in some areas where the flames were caught.

It was a strange scene.

Bankela always put the lives of the common people first in situations such as disasters and wars. Naturally, the city was still on fire, so it was right to let the people out first.

However, s*x knights in the middle-aged are completely blocking the entrance with the entrance tightly closed.

There was nothing more to think about.

I’m blocking it because there’s something to hide. There is information that should not be leaked, and it is highly likely that there are too many witnesses.

“I don’t think Kadun’s left in the city. Then the sorcerers and genitals won’t have to turn off the lights instead. Let’s get into the city.”

Santel was a city on the plains. It was not easy to avoid the eyes of guards and genitals, but fortunately, there were some reporters who remained nearby to see if they could enter.

As soon as the party descended the cliff, they mingled among them and approached the city. It would have been enough to get into the city.

It was the side door on the left side of the city that the party chose to break through. The atmosphere was harsher than the central gate, so even the reporters were not there.

“Stay away.”

“Take off your hood and identify yourself. If you come more than two steps closer, I’ll cut you.”

The s*x knights blocking the side door said in a low voice as soon as they saw the party. In fact, as if they had cut off some reporters before the party came, there were still traces of dried blood on the dirt floor.

A scale pattern drawn on the middle age was announcing the position of the s*x knights. They were the only infamous second-class drivers in the Holy Land of Gyuri Suho Dawn, a member of the heresy referee.

It means that they are not such a quiet city or people to block.

Knights of the Gyuri Guardian Dawn….a jipple, a holy map. I’m sure you’re very concerned about this.’

But this may be the life or death of the family.

At this time, I had no intention of moving in a complicated manner, creating a cause. It was not the time to work on things that needed time, such as deceiving, buying, etc.



When Qin winked at him, Kuzan flashed and pulled out the dagger. The blade had been coated with pre-manufactured anesthetic poison.


It’s a particle!

The s*x knights could not carry on. Kuzan and Quicandel, who ran at the same time, overpowered them with a single blow.

Kuzan accurately stabbed his opponent with a dagger, and Quikantel opened the pitch with force and fed him the poison Kuzan gave him.

It was in no time that the genitals were anesthetized and hardened standing. While Quikantel and Kuzan were leaning the s*x knights against the wall, Chin swung the sword through a crack in the door and cut off the inside latch.

Three minutes at the earliest, ten minutes at the latest, will reveal that the door has been breached.

That was enough. It was only necessary to meet the locals in it and find out if the appearance of the demon exactly matches Murakan, whether he used the spirit, and how the battle against Kadun ended.


But the moment the side door was opened, the party had to face two new s*x knights. It was exactly the time to shift work.

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