Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 224

“Of course, that’s also the story of when you were completely my person. Until then, you are a prisoner. I’ll treat you humanely, so I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

Jean went on to say the last word.

As he said, Julian should have been regarded as a prisoner brought in after defeating the enemy. I’ve already told you a great deal of information, but I’ve never been Jin’s man.

For now, Julian did not know that it was something to be thankful for even saving his life. When asked to save the guardian dragon, he expressed his desire to stand on Jin’s side.

Julian had never imagined Joshua falling apart.

The family was all murdered, and the village where he lived disappeared without a trace. But in Hufester, no one told the story, and no group has revealed the truth.

Because it was done by Looncandel.

Even as Julian knows, Joshua was the next housekeeper of the Looncandel, and even a soloist without a rival.

Is that all?

From cloning bodies through prophets, hunting contractors, and easily suppressing and detaining their dragons.

Julian was forcibly subjugated to Joshua from the age of twelve. To him Joshua was a divine being that could never be ignored, something inexplicably feared beyond description.

But I saw hope for the first time in Qin.

Not only did he defeat Feytel, who was incarnation of himself, but also another Looncandel who killed Joshua’s clone.

Somehow he seemed to help himself to end this terrible and miserable submission.

“……I see.”

“Let’s build trust slowly. Unlike Kuzan, you don’t have enough motivation or grounds to stand up to me. Mr. Alisa?”

“Yes, Confucius.”

“Please take care of this friend. Until I’m sure it’s safe to put it up in the basement.”


We couldn’t afford to let go of those capable of mass destruction at any time if weasel. Jean was going to keep Julian in the cellar for the time being.

“Oh, and. Anytime you think of another sandwich, tell me.”

Let’s leave the basement with Kuzan.

In an instant, my head became complicated.

‘The cloning was true. Besides, the Prophet…….’

Kuzan also had a disturbed face.

“Looks like you didn’t know the existence of the Prophet.”

“I’m sorry.”

“There’s nothing to be sorry about. You go to the basement every evening from today and have dinner with Julian. And find out about Joshua’s power that Julian knows. And make a table against the information you have.”

Joshua would know that Julian is alive now. The guardian dragon of Julian, which he is holding on to, would not have changed much.

Therefore, when Joshua’s forces were removed and checked, the names from Julian had to be excluded for the time being. Otherwise Joshua would know of Julian’s betrayal, so he could not keep Sukho-ryong alive.

Recognizing the meaning, Kuzan nodded.

“I’ll make sure to organize and post it so that Julian doesn’t appear to have revealed the information.”

“Yes, you should take some rest until evening. It’s okay to go see Berry’s. The story of you two, we’ll hear it right after Veris is fully recovered.”

“Thank you.”

“And sooner or later we will consult with Lord Kashmir and choose your affiliation. You’ll probably belong to the Seven Colors, but you won’t have the privilege, so you’ll get a basic education faithfully.”



“Even if Veris will not be able to continue using mana…… I will do whatever I can to fulfill Veris’ share.”

As Kuzan and Veris have lived as a tool by the name of a hunting dog all their lives.

There was a deep-rooted perception that they could not live on if they lost their “beneficial value.” So I had no choice but to worry that Jean might abandon Veris.

Now Kuzan has decided to become a tool of Qin. Of course, Jean was not the kind who thought humans were simply tools.

“So please don’t abandon Berry’s or think it’s worthless?”

“……sorry, but yes.”

“If the negotiations go well with Bancella’s saints, we’ll give them additional treatment, even if it doesn’t go well. There are plenty of places to use Veris, so don’t worry. Anyway, I’ll be back at Lord Kashmir’s office around noon tomorrow. Gilly will choose your room.”

Let Jean turn around and move on to meet her other colleagues.

Kuzan bowed sincerely to the back.

And just in time, Quicantel, passing through the corridor, grabbed Kuzan’s back neck.

“What are you doing in the hallway? You’re about to set up an altar.”

Thanks to this, Jin, who pretended not to know Kuzan’s temple, smiled awkwardly. Kuzan went to the treatment room with Veris with an awkward face.

“Mr. Quikantel.”

“What have you got?”

“Yes, I’ll tell you.”

When we went to Kashmir’s office, colleagues gathered.

Soon after Jean explained the information she had obtained from Julian, not only Kashmir, but also Quicantel and Ratri could not hide their embarrassment.

“The art of cloning humans with human materials…… that’s a terrible story. What cookie dough, nor is it human. “

As Ratri shrugged, Quicantel shook his head.

“What kind of man is your brother? Is this Looncandel trying to curse you with a wizard, now what? Cloning? And the Prophet has the ability to fulfill his contract?”

“Oh, I’m getting goose bumps. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but it’s so dark that I can’t even think of Confucius’ blood.”

As Enya almost became the victim of “Ma Xin-suk,” the mere mention of “fulfillment of the contract” gave me goose bumps.

“Does the dragons have any idea?”


“You look like a horse.”

Quicantel and Latry answered at the same time.

“It’s not impossible if you’re a witch. Except for the fulfillment of the contract. But given that Zipple and Kinselo were trying to move the contract to the drinking room, the Wives might have a way, too.”


Seongguk Suhojeon.

In that war, in which Luncandel and Zipple were the only ones to join forces, the Ma people were defeated with devastating damage. As a result, he was not able to intervene in the taxation system because he was busy rebuilding.

“or witch Helluram. Whatever she does doesn’t seem strange. Whether it’s cloning humans or transferring contracts. I think it’s possible enough.”

“Whether it’s a horse or a Helluram. Find out how Joshua was involved and what the purpose was. But…”

a gin that blurs on the back of one’s tongue

“Really, that’s going to be difficult. It’s too dangerous to put a turquoise in. Maybe not only Joshua, but also the family.”

“There is ample possibility, Confucius. There’s a figure like that next to Joshua, and I don’t think Looncandel’s key figures are unaware of it.”

Everyone nodded.

If Looncandel had been such an incompetent family, there would have been no dispute over the supremacy of the Jiffle and the world.

“Is Looncandel pretending not to know that Joshua is with the Prophet, or is he giving full support? That’s the most important thing.”

Kashmir said in a heavy voice.

“I don’t know what the latter would think of my descendants.”

“This problem, I don’t think I should approach it recklessly until I become a jockey.”

It could have been an unbearable headwind.

It was also impossible to go to Xi’an and ask him questions. There were witnesses, but that was not enough, and I didn’t know what it would be like to ask for help in the “sequential war.”

‘Kinselo and Gipple have a lot of hidden power under the water, so can our family. Does Joshua have full support from his mother because he’s good at such a thing?’

Having been a backup jockey, I have uncovered the secrets of each giant force.

Jipple was playing all kinds of dirty tricks to be the only god, and Kinselo was doing a similar thing.

The Beacon had yet to collide directly with Jean, but under the circumstances it seemed to have legs on both sides of Zipple and Kinselo.

In the meantime, Looncandel could not have been preparing anything.

You’re welcome! I could catch up with your oldest sister as much as I could if I wanted to. But the youngest, do you know? The world you haven’t been through, what’s lurking up there.

Why does it feel like Looncandel couldn’t get past the Zipple even though he was with his father? Why, did he seem disappointed in me and didn’t kick me out? Even if you’re not satisfied with it, it’s because you know I’m the one who’s more wary of enemies in the Sword Garden.

Suddenly, Joshua’s words came to mind from the Bluebird Islands.

Zipple and Kinselo actually want the same thing.

To be the sole proprietor of the world.

‘There’s no way the house doesn’t know what I know. Joshua meant that he was the one who was most wary of Kinselo and Gipple.’

If Looncandel doesn’t deny the existence of the Prophet, it’s part of it.

Or is there something I don’t know?’

After thinking for a while, Jin looked at his colleagues as if he had made up his mind.

“Well, I don’t think it’s time to fill all the five years you’ve given us. We need to plan on returning to the family sooner.”

It was about three years before he became a backup jockey.

And there was a limit to the information that could be found out as a backup jockey. In particular, information concerning Looncandel is not even accessible.

“When will you be back?”

“I think early ’99 would be good.”

“Now it’s October 1997…… we have about a year left.”

“I need to clear up what I need to gain and build a reputation that won’t be talked about in my family. A woman who is a prophet or something will be recognized openly as a rider.”

Already, force has exceeded enough to be the flag bearer of Looncandel. Building a reputation could be carried out at any time, with as many names as desired.

However, there was not enough preparation to go back right away. Ready to fight Joshua’s “base.”

ten active black knights

And the elders, his knights, the Hupester’s nobles subordinate to him. Except for the Prophet, only the outside history was revealed.

Jean will have to fight them right after he becomes a jockey.

“I wish Murakan could get back about 50 percent of his old strength before you come back. Then I can have a good time.”

“I’ve made a big decision to meet my sister, and she’ll come back with something different.”

The time that Murakhan said he needed to find his sister was about two months.

But a month later, Jin and his colleagues were told that they were “estimated” to be related to Murakan.

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