Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 223

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When I took a bite of the sandwich, Kuzan opened his mouth first instead of Julian.

“I don’t think it’s loyalty.”


“Yulian, unlike other hounds, was not a kind driven by loyalty to Joshua. He’s afraid of Joshua. To the point where your hands tremble just by hearing his voice.”

Julian clenched his teeth at Kuzan’s explanation.

“Keep your mouth shut, Kuzan……!”

“Did I say anything wrong? I followed Joshua because of my vengeance and your fear. They’re all useless now.”

“I said shut up!”

“If you want to live too, you’d better cooperate with Confucius.”

There was a twitch in Julian’s eye. Everyone can tell that he is struggling to put up with disgrace.

“Well, it’s not so embarrassing to be afraid of your master.”

Jean untied Julian’s ball.

“I’ll tell you in advance, but don’t try to get into trouble if you don’t want to know that there are quite a few people in the world that are scarier than Joshua. Now, let’s have some for now.”


The same sound came from the ships of Julian and Kuzan at the same time.

They devoured the sandwich in silence for a while. Julian looked at Jin and Alisa throughout the meal, and they were particularly conscious of Jin.

Memories of being an incarnation remain so often that they know how monstrous a human being is.

Of all things, Jin’s memory was filled with images of him overwhelming Feytel. At that time, Julian’s ego only woke up when he was in extreme trauma, so it was only natural.

It’s not loyalty, it’s fear. If I do well, I think I can bring him in.’

How to deal with a terror-stricken human being is simple.

It removes the source of fear, makes you feel more scared, or helps you to be strong enough to overcome fear on your own.

The first was difficult to implement immediately, and the third needed sincerity and time. There can’t be such affection for Julian, so Jean decided to use the second method.

“I think I’m almost done. Let’s get down to business. Julian, I’m Jean Looncandel. He’s the youngest brother of the trash you serve, and he signed a contract with Soldert. And this is the Tikan Free City, the land of me and my colleagues.”

“켁, 켁!”

Jean Looncandel.

Julian was terrified as soon as she heard the name, and the sandwich got stuck in her throat. In the Blue Bird archipelago, Jin did not hear his real name because he was fighting against Murakan.

He knew what “Jin Looncandel” meant to Joshua.

Jin naturally handed over a glass of water and continued the back story.

“It’s no wonder I’m telling you all this information. A heart that wants us to be honest and honest with each other, a warning that if you don’t, you’ll end your short life here. That’s about it. Do you understand?”


Julian didn’t nod voluntarily. Alisa, who was watching, grabbed him by the back of his neck and forced him to nod.

“Okay, I like it. The first question. Why were you all gathered in the Bluebird Islands at the time?”

Unlike Kuzan, Julian had yet to give up his lingering affection to Joshua. So he only looked at the floor, and Kuzan, who was not able to see, opened his mouth instead.

“We went to the Bluebird Islands under Joshua’s command to strengthen Julian’s power. Because Joshua felt a sense of rivalry with a character named Barmel. It was only then that I realized that Bamel was Confucius.”

“There must be a way to use Gram’s grave to strengthen the power of Feytel. Is this the information Fateel gave you by communicating with Julian?”

“No, Julian’s days are longer than ours. I’ve heard that he’s been strengthening his strength there since he was very young. Joshua taught me how to do it.”

“Was there any information related to Paytel in the classified documents? Anyway, Joshua even knew how to strengthen Feytel’s power.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t know that. You should hear the details from Julian.”

Jean looked down at Julian.

“I have a piece of news to tell you, in the Bluebird Islands. Your master is dead.”

“……Senior Joshua died?”

Julian’s nervous eyes were struck with astonishment at once.

“Yes. You used Looncandel’s suicide bomber to finish me, and you almost died with it in the aftermath. You don’t care if you’re dead or not. I’ve got a lot to ask, so I’ve taken care of you.”

There was a moment of silence.

Soon Haha, Julian with a self-motivated smile.

With what Jean had just said, Julian was instantly able to understand the whole situation.

“Why are you laughing? Oh, because you’re sure Joshua isn’t dead?”


I threw the newsletters I had brought with me with the sandwiches in front of Julian. It was a newsletter containing Joshua’s attendance at the appointment of the Shucheron driver.

“I saw with my own eyes that my whole body was burned to death by a suicide bomber. He’ll be fine the next day….I think you know something.”

Julian, who briefly checked the article and the date, made eye contact with Jean.

“Am I, after all, nothing more than Lord Joshua’s spare toy?”

“What does that mean?”

asked Jean, shining her eyes.

“It didn’t matter to me that I was able to get a contractor for Soldierlet, which I had been looking forward to.”

“I get it most of the time. Joshua tried to take your contract if he couldn’t secure me. Am I wrong?”

Julian didn’t answer and just shook his two clenched fists for a while.

As Chin inferred, he was a kind of “alternative.” Just in case you couldn’t take away Jin’s contract.

There were a few more such contractors in Joshua’s secret villas.

So in the Blue Bird Islands, Joshua did not have to take care of Julian. I thought it was a great opportunity to hold on to Jin.

However, Joshua, who was in crisis due to Garmund’s appearance, chose to self-destruct. It didn’t matter even if Julian was swept away.

For Joshua, it was more important than saving Julian’s life to drop Jin’s strength.

“How the hell is he moving the contract? I’m sure you’re using some strange and unpleasant moves, as well as being alive and active after the Blue Bird Islands. I’d like you to relieve this prick.”

“……If I tell you everything I know, can you protect me?”

Julian said as if he had made up his mind.

I didn’t ask you if you would save me, I asked you if you would protect me. Recognizing the difference, Jean nodded.

“If you give out valuable information, as much as you like.”



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“There is a woman called a prophet.”

Kuzan was a story about a total stranger.


“He is the closest aide to Sir Joshua. I’ve only met her twice, but almost every choice you make seems to reflect her breath. It is she who has informed me that there is Gram’s tomb in the Blue Bird archipelago, and that it can strengthen my strength.”

“What kind of person is he?”

“The monster who obeys Sir Joshua absolutely.”

“The monster, does that mean he’s that strong?”

“아니, 그건 잘 모르겠군. 그 여자를 괴물이라고 표현한 건, 인간이 아닌 것 같기 때문이다. 조슈아 경을 청새 군도에서 죽였다고 했지? 그건 분명 그 여자가 만든 경의 복제일 것이다.”

진이 만족스러운 듯 미소를 지었다.

처음부터 굵직한 정보가 튀어나왔고, 동료들과 함께 세운 가설은 이제 확신이 되었다.

놈이 ‘복제였다’는 사실을 직접 들으니 충격적이긴 했다.

“그 여자가 어떻게 조슈아를 복제하는지도 알고 있나?”

“아주 많은 인간이 필요하다는 것만 알고 있다.”


“It seemed like he was using Hufester’s death row. When you send them to the Prophet, a new body is made…Lord… used his body mainly in dealing with people like me. To strengthen one’s own reserve contractors and to subdue them directly when they’re on the run.”

It was the moment when Joshua suddenly found the Blue Bird Archipelago.

Joshua sent Julian to the Blue Bird Islands and was waiting nearby.

Then, when he saw a thunderstorm formed in the Blue Bird archipelago, he thought it was a runaway, not a incarnation, so he went out in person and ran into the camp.

‘Crazy man, when the contractor was in a rush, he couldn’t send the family knights, so he used cloning.’

Jean shook her head and touched her forehead.

It made me sick to think that he was doing nothing to make a clone of himself with human materials, even though he was a death-row convict.

“Whoa, he wouldn’t have used his own clone for that job. Do you know how many clones you have?”

“I don’t know that. But before, I know I lost a clone once while overpowering a runaway contractor of water.”

The story is that several people may have been cloned at once, not one.

As Julian put it, the prophet was a monster.

“We need to find out first if the prophet is human. The Prophet must have told you how to move the contractor.”

Indeed, the prophet was still in the process of gathering materials for “fulfillment of the contract,” but the fact was unknown to neither Jindo nor Julian.

Jin, who had been agonizing for a while, looked at Julian with a curious look.

“But you seem to know Joshua will take your contract if he fails to catch me. What’s the reason you couldn’t get out of him? Because I’m so afraid of him?”

“Do you think it’s possible to get out of Sir Joshua’s grasp at Hufester?”

“There’s nothing impossible. Because you’re a contractor, not an ordinary person. If you ask for a referral to the Jipple, they’ll take you with them. Then Joshua wouldn’t have been able to touch it.”

As Julian was not the official power of Looncandel, there was no justification for Joshua to retrieve if he went to Jipple.

“Is your family in custody?”

“Su Ho-ryong is in captivity. There’s no family. All were killed at Joshua’s hands. The whole town I lived in.”

And yet, you got orders from Joshua. No pride, no vengeance!

Jean didn’t bother to ask that.

It was because he knew how far away he had lived from the feeling of “fear” in his life, which was born in Looncandel and is on a roll every time.

Most humans cannot overcome fear.

But I knew it wasn’t bad, thanks to my miserable past life.

“I’ll be funny. Veris, that’s why she’s always picking on me. But Gene Looncandel, this must have been valuable information enough. Keep your word.”

“It’s not hard to protect you. There is nothing wrong with living here in Tikan land, as if dead. But I don’t think that’s what you mean.”

“That’s right, get my guardian dragon back from Joshua. Without him, there’s no point in my pathetic life.”

As if there was nothing to worry about, Jean shook her head.

“I’ll give you a chance, so take it back yourself someday.”

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