Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 222

“Two, no, three.”

said Kashmir, not turning his eyes. Alisa and Quikantel were also feeling the fact that they were not in line.

Kuzanman, whose whole nerve had gone to Veris, had just come to his senses.

“I can’t help it because it’s moving on the road and it’s even noticeable.”

Quikantel shook his head tiredly.

“The good news for now is that they’re not the Runkandelian knights. If it were a guardian or an executioner, it would have been a direct attack, not a tail.”

This is the land of Hufester, Looncandel. There was no reason for the Looncandel drivers to follow Jin, a backup rider.

If it were the Looncandel drivers, they would have had to send even Kuzan to Joshua, let alone save Berry’s life as soon as they met. That’s what the second-term Looncandelian had in Hufester.

It was possible not only to win by fighting but also to have about 10 guardian knights. But it was certainly burdensome to wage an all-out war with the Knights of Looncandel, not the “hunt” outside the family.

In particular, I wanted to avoid Alisa, Kashmir, and Quikantel having an “official record” of fighting Looncandel.

“That means Joshua’s hounds, or informants.”

“What should I do? Confucius.”

After a moment of thought, Jean opened her mouth.

“They must have reported to the superiors as soon as they saw us. I don’t think it’s worth reporting directly to Joshua, so there must be someone who’s sweating on their feet. It wasn’t three, it was four.”

Currently, there are three tailings.

But as Chin predicted, it was originally four. One was running frantically as soon as he found the Qin party.

Just to the south gate.

“Mr. Alisa.”

“Yes, Confucius.”

“You must go to the South Gate first. To report, we’ll have to go to the center or east where the knights are, so one of them is bound to be going to the gate.”

“I see what you mean.”

I chose Alisa on purpose. At present, no one was better at searching and tracking than her, who was a special leaseholder at the party.

“What if we find him?”

“You’re Joshua’s man. You can’t let him live. Please let me go without pain.”


Alisa didn’t move straight.

The first move and the tailings would sense something, so I had to move after Jean’s full instructions fell.

“And Kuzan.”


“I think it’s time to test your ability. Assassinate the other three.”

“Shall we put it into action when the forest road comes out?”

“No, right now. Can you do it?”

It was a busy street in broad daylight. It was only possible for an unknown senior assassin to suddenly assassinate four people here without a sound or a mask.

But Kuzan immediately nodded.

“It’s possible.”

I was inwardly surprised to hear the answer.


“Fortunately, there is a suitable poison that I have now.”

Kuzan wasn’t just dealing with the poison that melts a man into an unidentified dark water. With the ingredients, thousands of poisons could be manufactured, and among them, there was a kind specialized in “natural murder.”

“You must never draw attention.”

“Okay, I’m going to inject poison into the stand over there pretending to buy a drink. And I’ll join you again, so just keep going as if nothing happened.”

“Then what happens to them?”

“I’m going to keep an eye on what I’m missing for a moment, but I’ll keep following you when I see you buy a drink. In the meantime, I’ll keep walking without knowing the poison came in, and I’ll faint in about five minutes. And if you don’t get first aid within 10 minutes, you’ll die.”

“……what? You can do that level of assassination?”

I couldn’t hide my amazing heart this time. Even Quikantel had his eyes wide open.

“I think she’s overdoing it because of her life, and it’s gonna be okay…….”

While Quikantel was speaking, Kuzan left the line. It was because the most natural route to the beverage stand began.

The party looked at each other silently for a moment. Then Jin deliberately shouted “I’m apple flavored!” to Kuzan, and everyone shouted whatever drink they wanted.

While the owner of the stand was making four drinks, the party continued on its way and the tailors passed by Kuzan.

Kuzan just then pretended to spill his drink and sprayed poison on all three. The venom absorbed into the skin was the kind that paralyzed the nerves and eventually led to death.


“Oh, I’m sorry.”

The tailors glared at Kuzan for a moment and followed the party. Kuzan also took the new drink and rejoined the ranks.

“Have you already finished?”

“Yes, I looked at it for myself, and it looked like Joshua’s local sources. They were never outstanding, but they were faces I didn’t know. I think we can send Alisa to the gate now.”

I was going to ask if you were sure, but as Kuzan said, I decided to send Alisa first. The decision was based on the judgment that Veris’s life was at stake and that he could not have handled it properly.

Also, they could have been late after five minutes of waiting for them to fall.

“Mr. Alisa.”

Alisa nodded and handed Kashmir a rove wrapped with berry.

Then he got on the horse he was dragging straight and started running at full speed. The tailors reacted immediately to the appearance. One of the three is out again.

Exactly five minutes later.


“Hey, here! A man has fallen!”

When the tailings that followed suddenly fell on the street, there was a scream of the innocent people. They were as stiff as statues and couldn’t even move their fingers.

“It’s a neurologic poison made from a western desert spider. It doesn’t work for a six-star warrior. It’s actually a weak poison that’s diluted just by drinking water, but if you don’t know, you’re easily beaten.”

Kuzan speaking casually.

One that had moved for a separate report would be lying somewhere.

‘……good thing you got a grand slam.’

It’s okay because he has a hard liquor, but it gave me goose bumps to think that his non-resistant colleagues could be beaten like that.

‘It would be nice to have at least one acolyte in Tikan.’

There are numerous poisonous snakes in our family, along with articles, but they were only available after becoming riders.

In an instant, the streets became bustling, and the party slowly headed toward the mobile gate.

Two hours later, the party was able to reach the southern gate.

“You’re here, everybody.”

Alisa smiled at the company.

“It was as Confucius expected. One of them must have slipped through the door first. He took care of it. He buried the body roughly. Soon the security forces will find out.”

The difference between Alisa and his skills was huge and possible. If Joshua’s local intelligence were outstanding, it would have been difficult to arrive safely.

Thanks to her performance, Joshua has not yet heard from them.

The gate attendant refused to board them as soon as he saw them, but opened the door as soon as he saw the sign from the Delkie family.

“You’re from the royal family, welcome. I hope you have a comfortable trip.”

Only after the party got on board the gate could they let go of their worries.

“I’ve been feeling this for a long time, and this land seems to have people’s support for the royal family soaring in the sky.”

Quikantel shrugged.

“Since the defeat of the King in the old civil war, the Prince, who has now become a key force in Delkie, has always put forward all policies around the people. It’s bound to be very popular. Those friends were abandoned after the civil war, but…….”

said Kashmir, looking at Kuzan and Veris.

“Anyway, Kuzan Marius. Fortunately, your gambler is working.”

“……thank you.”

“No thanks, I want direct compensation. Joshua Looncandel. You can’t be with me unless you have valuable information about him. Do you understand?”

Kuzan nodded heavily.

But Jean had no intention of abandoning Kuzan. Even if he didn’t have satisfactory information, he had a lot to use.

However, I couldn’t trust Kuzan completely yet, so I was going to watch him slowly.

“Well, I’ll let your friend live, regardless of the information. Let’s hope the saints of Vanquela don’t offer difficult conditions.”

When the guide announced the opening of the mobile gate, the party was caught in the light of mana.

* * *

Upon returning, all the best healers in the Tikan clung to Veris.

an unprecedented major operation in Tikan

Kuzan has been restless, unable to leave the treatment room. Jean did not force Kuzan to spit out information about Joshua until the results of the operation were out.

It was only exactly 32 hours after the sweat-soaked healers left the treatment room.

“I was able to finish it well thanks to the help of Confucius. I need absolute rest for the time being, but I’ve treated it to a life-threatening level.”

“However, you won’t be able to use any more horsepower unless you get further treatment from Vankella’s saints.”

“Okay, you’ve all worked hard times.”


As soon as he heard that Veris was safe, Kuzan sat on the floor and burst into tears. For a while, there was a mournful cry that made even Jean solemn.

Kuzan, who continues to say thank you to Gilly while holding on to his handkerchief. It was a scene that didn’t fit with what he had done under Tai Yun and Joshua so far.

While waiting to stop crying, Enya hurriedly found the camp.

Confucius! Julian just woke up. Alisa went to the basement first.”

“Really? Gilly, do you have any sandwiches left?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Let’s go, Kuzan. If Alica starts questioning him, he’ll be in a lot of trouble, so let’s eat and talk. You must be pretty hungry, and haven’t you eaten anything for two days?”

“……was Julian here, too?”

“Uh, I brought him in after overpowering him in the Bluebird Islands. Can I tell you something more surprising?”

Jean took care of the sandwich and continued to talk.

“I killed Joshua on the spot. But he was alive and well, and he showed up at the ordination of the Kingdom of Sucheron……you and Julian, either of you should know something about the phenomenon.”

Julian had a blank face, bound in the basement.

Jean put the sandwich down in front of him and smiled.

“You’ve had a good night’s sleep, Feytel’s contractor. Whether this will be your last meal or not depends on your choice.”

“……Kuzan? Did you betray Lord Joshua?”

“You have to say Joshua betrayed you. When you became an incarnation, you almost died at Joshua’s hands. So let’s throw away our loyalty to that bastard and start.”

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