Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 221

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It wasn’t difficult to meet Prince Laika. The villa where he treated Jean in the past was a place that was only open to those who had been verified or had close ties to Laika.

The gatekeepers opened the gate without saying a word.

Just in time, Prince Laika was resting at the villa. It was very fortunate for Jean, who expected to wait at least a few hours.

“Oh, who is this? Welcome, Confucius.”

Laika was escorted as soon as she met Jin’s party. It was like this to show trust in Hufester to a man named Looncandel.

“Lika, long time no see.”

“The people next to me, I think, are the ones who were looking for Confucius in East Delkie the other day.”

“It was a nuisance.”

Laika waved her hand as Kashmir bowed.

“It’s all right, no one was seriously hurt. By the way, it seems to me that you came without a break…… you seem to have a pretty emergency, Confucius.”

“Yes, I need to find someone. Very quickly.”

“Please tell me.”

“The one who distributes ferocious poison among the latest Delky mercenaries. We need to secure his safety.”

Laika brightened her eyes.

Jean looked at the eyes and expected Laika to attempt a “deal.” Just as he saved Jin’s life in the past and won the ownership of gold mines and the assignment of guardian knights.

I was willing to accept. It was worth finding Kuzan before Joshua.

I don’t care if you send me a few more guards.….’

As soon as I thought about it, Laika smiled.

“It’s not difficult. I’ll let you know. He’s someone I’ve been keeping a close eye on, so I’ve been keeping a low profile.”

Unexpectedly Laika didn’t ask Jean for anything. He even drew a map immediately.

Laika was a person who knew how to hold on to the golden rope called Jin.

“I won’t ask you what happened, Confucius. Confucius. I’ll help you anytime if you need anything. Oh, and this…… why don’t you take it just in case.”

Laika’s offer was a token of the Delky family.

There is nothing to compare to the black sword pattern of “Luncandel,” but Laika did not forget that Jin’s current status is a backup rider.

When he was in trouble in Delkie, he gave this sign to calm him down. It was very considerate.

“I’ll make it up to you.”

After a brief bow, he immediately left the villa.

‘This guy Delkie’s fighting every time he comes.’

It was the same when I came looking for the Marius. He ran his feet sweaty to save another Marius, who was killed in real time by Kuzan and Veris.

It was a small town in southern Delkie where the directions were pointing. The group boarded the gate to the south and immediately picked up a horse and ran to the small town.

* * *

the time when the Qin party had just arrived in the south and sought a horse

Others visited Prince Laika’s villa. It was the executive knights of Looncandel.

“Prince Laika, there’s someone I need to find urgently.”


“There’s been a recent spread of venom among mercenaries. There was an order from the second Runkandel to bring them back.”

“Oh, he recently put me on the wanted list. We’ll probably be in position within a day or two, so please wait.”

* * *

If the poison seller is Kuzan, it must be an emergency.

All the way, Jean had that thought. It was because he was too sloppy to expose himself for having been trained as a hound.

As if you were asking me to find you.

‘The smell of blood?’

The house that arrived along the map smelled of heavy blood from the entrance.

“……Kuzan Marius?”

The party was able to meet Kuzan as soon as they opened the door.

It was difficult to recognize at a glance, even though he did not wear any makeup, his hair was scattered and his face was full of emaciated faces.

He didn’t seem too surprised to expect Jean to come.

“You look pretty haggard. Aren’t you selling yourself some money? I didn’t know your day would come.”

Kuzan didn’t answer and just looked at Jean for a while. But Jean felt a strange sense of desperation permeated into her seemingly calm eyes.

“I guess that’s why he’s so poorly positioned, because he’s so desperate. Once transferred to a safe place to talk. Apparently, you wanted me to come before Joshua. No?”


“Where is Berry?”

“In the back room.”

As soon as I went to the room, the smell of blood was revealed at the entrance.

It was the blood that Veris spilled. She was tied to her bed, which had been causing seizures and Kuzan had taken care of.

Veris was unconscious and intermittently engrossed. Jean knew well that it was the last symptom of reflux.

If not treated immediately, Veris will die.

“It’s understandable. Were you exposing your location because there was no way to save Veris?”

Money did not cure the disease.

In particular, there were no more than five healers in the Hufester coalition who could deal with the last symptoms of mana reflux. There was no way Kuzan, who was practically wanted, could meet them.

But he couldn’t get out of Hufester and into the magic federation of Ruthe. Kuzan and Veris have dozens of passes, but they were all made by Joshua.

It was impossible to use Hufester’s mobile gate. The smuggling also could not be carried out without the help of a reliable helper.

Far from it, Veris is dying.

Kuzan had no choice but to make a choice. His last move was to expose his location and wait for Jean to come first of the two who could find him.

If Veris hadn’t been in this condition, Kuzan would have been hiding for years and waiting for a time to meet Jean.


Instead of answering, kneeling Kuzan.

“… …help me. No, just save me. I’ll do anything for you. My past mistakes will be forgiven for the rest of my life.”



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Kashmir and Alisa looked at each other as if they were surprised. They only thought Kuzan and Veris were unscrupulous villains.

Quikantel, on the other hand, continued to look cold.

“I will decide to reap after it is proved to be worth it. But I’ll talk to your friend once he’s alive.”

That’s what Jean said and looked at Verris.

‘It’s worse to look at it carefully. It would be difficult if it weren’t for the saints of Vanquela.’

Veris’s present condition was like shattered glass. The moment of first aid was long gone, and there was nothing I could do right now.

The problem was that it would not be easy to move Berry’s body.

“You’re not a wizard, I don’t know, but just a carriage will break your whole body. Even with a little shock, your bones and organs are even more damaged. It’s too late at the latest.”

Kuzan, who can’t answer and drops his head. It was a bit of a pity for Jin.

When we first met, we almost got killed by them in Delky.

If you think about it, Kuzan and Veris were only used and hurt by those involved in Looncandel, from beginning to end.

He was admitted to the Moon’s sacrifice before he could even walk properly.

He regarded Typhoon Marius as more than his mother, and did not cover anything he ordered.

After her death, Joshua became his hunting dog without even knowing that he was his real enemy, and he met Jean and learned the truth.

Taichung Marius didn’t even leave them a brief will. The only thing Tai Yun loved and worried about until the end was Luna Looncandel and Jin’s sister.

What is the result?

Veris is on the verge of death, and Kuzan is begging for his life to someone he believed to be an archrival. When Jean turned away, the only thing left for them was to be “taken care of” by Joshua.

“I’ll try to switch. But if the process involves a skirmish with Joshua’s servants, we could give up Veris. Do you understand?”

Kuzan’s eyes, nodding their heads, were red-blooded. Tears of blood seemed to flow down at any momentarily.

“Thank you.”

As soon as Jean made her decision, Alisa took off her robe.

Then he wrapped the berry tightly with a rope and fixed it with a rope to prevent it from moving. In the process, the bone in the limbs was broken a little, but it was the most appropriate way for Jean to see it now.

“When I was a special rental, I went on a mission with a magic wand. That’s how the Magic Captain told me. You’d rather tie it up like this and move it.”

Jin and Quikantel also knew it. Breaking bones under the pressure of the rope was inevitable, but it was better than sobbing and hurting organs.

Burris, covered in lobes, looked just like a corpse waiting to be incinerated. Even if he succeeded dramatically in resuscitation, he could not have been as healthy as before.

Jean was thinking of taking Veris to Tikan first. There, inviting a healer to do the primary treatment, then taking him to Van Kela and negotiating with the saints was the only way Veris could live.

“You just have to get to the South Gate. I hope your friend will hold out until then.”

“Berris and I are both wanted.”

“It doesn’t matter that there are signs from the Delkie family. We’ll have a moving record, but Joshua can’t stick his foot on the Tikan land anyway.”

As the condition was in, we couldn’t get Berry’s on horseback. The party had to walk as carefully as possible to the mobile gate, hugging the berry.

“I think I’ll need about three hours at a most rapid pace. Confucius, but there’s too much snow on the way.”

As the mobile gate was usually the central organ of the region, it naturally lay in the center leading to the largest road.

Now in broad daylight, the streets were full of people.

It wasn’t the time to wander around holding a dripping blood robe.

“The guards and the security forces can be turned over as a sign, but I’m afraid that there will be news from Joshua’s man. It’s such an unusual situation.”

There was never a chance that the party would become dangerous if it were not at the level of a guardian or an executive engineer, even if it encountered Joshua’s servants.

But during the battle, Veris will die with high probability.

As soon as I stepped out into the street, my attention was focused. As soon as I saw a blood-stained robe with people inside, there were many innocent people screaming or blocking my mouth.

The garrison and the security forces could also meet straight away. Fortunately, as soon as they saw the sign, they left with a salute, or even volunteered to escort themselves. Everyone turned it down.

“As expected, it can’t be easy to get there. Sir Kashmir, we’ve got a tail.”

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