Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 220

“Ha, maybe I should meet him.”

“The guy?”

“My sister.”

“Ah, that Misha black dragon?”

When Jean asked, Murakhan nodded.

Murakan, who described his sister as “the guy,” was frowning with arrogance as if he didn’t even want to think about it. Quikantel shook his head at the sight.

“You must have thought that you were disqualified as a guardian dragon. Well, if it wasn’t for the special inspection, Jean would be dead. You need to get a hold of yourself. Last time I asked you to visit me, you said you didn’t want to meet me.”

The reason why Murakhan wanted to meet Missha was no different.

I wanted to regain some old power, but I thought Missha might know something.

“Hey, Quikantel. Aren’t you looking down on me too much before?”

“I admit you were great a thousand years ago. It was not too much to say that he was the best of the Dragon’s. But you’re just a patient now. Your son’s childhood is gone. Please, face reality.”

“I can still pay half the old power. The kid saw it himself this time.”

“Really? The way you’re supposed to suck up Jean’s spirit for at least 10 minutes during a fight? Besides, you were inspired by Jean and then you fainted for a few days after fighting. I thought your ass died from overdoing it.”

“Can you force the incarnation of God to be lifted with ten minutes’ help from Enya?”

“I’m confident I’ll beat them all to death before that ten minutes have passed.”

“Hen! You still look so clear when you were scared of drinking on an uninhabited island…….”

“Uh, talk more. Just the head.”

Quikantel opened his eyes with a sharp look.

“Fix it, Mr. Quikantel.”

“Your guardian dragon, you really need to pull yourself together. He’s only remembering the old days, and he’s whipping away, so how many times I have to tell him to understand.”

Quikantel was genuinely worried about Murakan.

Ever since her first reunion in Beacon, Murakhan has always seemed to her to be weak enough not to be strange to die at any time.

Murakhan was not unaware of the fact either. However, she simply couldn’t accept herself, who was perceived as a “observant” to her.

I also felt a sense of crisis as Quikantel said.

Increasingly strong enemies were threatening the camp, and what he could do seemed to be shrinking.

It was particularly shocking this time that Jean had been knocked out while fighting Joshua. It was all the more so because it was right after Jin’s reign to regain his old power for a while.

“… …so, I told you I was going to find Missha. It’s a quarrel for nothing. Hoo, I’m worried. I’ve met him, and he doesn’t know how to fix my heart.”

For Murakan, the act of meeting Missha itself was a self-destruction.

It was also a nightmare. When he was a young dragon, Missha was as good as the devil of hell.

The only person Murakhan was born and feared is his sister.

Never since they entered their prime have they been as desirable as Jean and Luna, although they have never been wary of Missha.

“Do you know where your sister is?”

“No, I don’t know.”

“How are you going to meet then?”

“There are a lot of places to go. It’s a problem because there are too many. The Crash Mountains or the Northern Territories, or the lands of the old temples and the Siouxes, all kinds of wet and dark places, the finest bars dealing with Mila wine aged over 300 years…….”

“What, it just sounds like you could be anywhere in the world.”

Then Quikantel shrugged.

“You’re right, Missha has always been like that since a long time ago. I used to appear out of nowhere, always hiding my identity. But he’s amazingly good at finding things when he needs them. Are siblings?”



“Just a month away.”

“Why aren’t you coming with me?”

“You have a lot of work to do. You don’t know when Julian will wake up.”

Another week had passed since returning to Tikan, but Julian had not yet woken up. The incarnation cannot escape the force-released shock.

Also, Joshua’s side had not made any moves yet. Perhaps because of Zion’s strict order, no one came to Tikan, nor did he issue a wanted order for Julian, Kuzan and Veris.

“Yes, but.”

“Most of all, if I take you away, Missha will never meet me. They’re going to go crazy about what they’re trying to get by using a thousand-year contractor.”

Quikantel nodded.

“You’re right. And the first thing he did after he finished growing up was to take revenge on his sister.”

“Then isn’t it more dangerous to go alone? When your sister attacks you, there’s no one to stop her.”

“Don’t worry about that. He’ll probably be gone for about two months. If I don’t come back before December, then find me. It means that I was caught or beaten by Missha. I’ll write you down where you’ll make your way and leave your mark today.”

What kind of irresponsible story is that?

I wanted to argue so, but with a little exaggeration, Jin saw Murakan with such a serious look.

Moreover, Quikantel seemed very satisfied when I took a peek at it. She had long wanted Murakhan to visit Missha.

It would be a huge power if I met Missha and regained my old power, but I’m very anxious to spend it alone.’

That night, Murakhan suddenly left Tikan. He even left a piece of paper for Gilly behind Jean’s back.

(Dear Strawberry Pie.

I decided to take a long, rough road for a while. I wanted to discuss it with you, but this is a choice that I myself have to endure…….

If I’m killed by Missha, please tell her I’m asking for revenge. And my children piled up in the secret drawer beneath my bed, burned to the fire and sprinkled on the river.

I hope you don’t suffer too much while I’m away.

It feels like a miracle to wake up from a boring sleep and meet you and the boy. When you get back, like I promised you, we’ll go on a trip together.….)

Gilly grinned as he showed the inscriptions to Jean.

“Where did Murakhan go, old lord? It’s almost puberty sensitivity.”

“I did say I was going to see my sister, but I didn’t know I’d go without a word at night. You’re not in your room?”

“Yes, she said she saw it fly away a while ago.”

“Well, by the way, you two were supposed to travel? That’s what it says.”

For some reason Jean had to experience a strange feeling by asking the question.

Gilly couldn’t hold back her laughter and was rereading the passage several times.

“No! I’ve been thinking for a long time, too. I’m confused whether I made such a promise with Murakan.”

Gilly had never made such a promise with Murakan. In other words, Murakan made it up at will.

“Oh, it’s hilarious…… I’m sorry, Master. You might be upset, but I laughed too hard.”

“Oh, no, it’s okay.”

When Jean smiled awkwardly, Gilly laughed for a long time.

Quikantel, on the other hand, was looking for alcohol with a rather disturbed face, apparently worried about Murakan.

* * *

The news of Kuzan and Veris came before Julian, who had been locked up in the dungeon of the mansion, woke up.

“This time again Confucius was right. A man believed to be Kuzan Marius appeared in the kingdom of Delky.”

“Please tell me more about it.”

Jean jumped to her feet and said,

“Since the end of the ordination of the Shucheron, there has been a sudden spread of extreme poison among the mercenaries of the Delky Kingdom at a bargain price. I found out that there was a small article in the newsletter, and I rushed my crew to find out, and they said it was an unregistered venom.”

Kashmir determined that was the signal Kuzan sent to Jean.

“Of course it may not be Kuzan. An unknown viper could be doing business in a normal. But of all things, it’s the Delky Kingdom. Survivors of the Moon’s Sacrifice, the home of Marius. This is where Confucius first met them.”

After the Chengshai Islands, colleagues were still unable to make judgments about Joshua.

Although it is putting strength into the hypothesis that it was a clone, there is nothing to be sure about, so the strange anxiety is not relieved.

In the meantime, the information that could be obtained from Kuzan and Veris was simply welcome rain to their colleagues.

“I have to go right now. Please prepare the mobile gate.”

There was no need to worry. If you’re identified as another viper, you can just come back.

But it had to move as fast as it could.

“We must secure them before Joshua!”

If Jean was a must-see subject for Kuzan and Veris, Joshua was the exact opposite.

There is no way that Kuzan and Veris are unaware of Jin’s encounter in the Blue Bird archipelago, which is why their lies were discovered.

‘Joshua, I’m sure he asked this information. And he’s going to clean up the hounds that haven’t returned.’

Jean and Kashmir, Alisa, and Quikantel.

All four have decided to go to Delkie. It was a party with a view to colliding with Joshua’s forces.

Fortunately, the weather was clear enough to use the mobile gates, and the party could arrive in the Delky capital before an hour passed.

“We’ve scattered the crew, but we’ll need at least a few hours before we find a poison seller. We have to run on our feet together.”

said as he unfolded the Kashmir map. It was a map of the location and central figures of each mercenary corps by the members of the Seven Colors.

No matter how good a seven-color bird is, there was a limit to collecting information on the streets right away. A day, a few hours, no matter how short, is necessary.

Jin shook his head after thinking for a while.

“Then it’s late, Joshua will already be moving. Delky is practically the land of Looncandel…….”

Jin, who had been agonizing for a while, said something back.

“Prince Laika, I have to go see him.”

Leica, Delky’s third prince.

He was tactful in many ways when Qin first fought Kuzan, and was promised by Jin to take back all his shares in the later Delkie gold mine.

Jean was a go-getter to visit him and look for a poison seller immediately. It was the surest and quickest way to get support from any mercenary corps because they could not operate without the kingdom’s permit.

‘If Joshua had not already met Prince Laika or King Delki, we can find him first.’

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