Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 215

All the blue energy that had just been brilliantly colored the island seemed to be lies.

Not only the brain, but also the large and small fires, strong winds, and raindrops that the brain caused were all darkened.


The two eyes of Murakan, who suddenly smiled frantically with his arms open, were filled with joy. The roaring laughter, surprisingly, caused an earthquake all over the island and turned the nearby waters violently over.

I’ve heard so much about the whole thing at the end of my voice, but……this is half the size?

Jean swallowed her admiration into her heart.

His spirit was added, and he worked together for 10 minutes. The Murakhan in front of me right now was not the fool we’ve been together.

a awe-inspiring sense of hypocrisy The modifier “great,” which he used to express himself well, seemed to be enough.

Murakan’s body was dispersed, turning into black particles.

Young-gi gathered everywhere and gathered to the place where Murakan was standing, creating the true image of the black dragon.

[Not comparable to old times, but far beyond what was expected. I’m very satisfied!]


The spread of the wings, the Murakhan, looked down at Julian.

The face of the dragon did not show clearly, but he seemed to be laughing at it was the face of the dragon.

[From now on, I’ll play with you, Feytel’s incarnation.]

[Solderet’s creation, you’ve had a rough mouth. What have you learned from your God?]

Julian, who said so, caused a brain shock again.

No, I tried to get up. For some reason, the brain power left only a tiny blue embers in the darkness of eternity and went out alone.


I tried again, suppressing my absurd mind, but the same was true. The power of Julian was not manifesting at all.

Murakan waited still for a while.

So that Julian can make enough attempts, and despair, to create a brainstorm. I’ve been in power dozens of times with my face turned red, but there was still only darkness on the island.

Julian was not the only one who lost power.

Sigmund, too, was no longer speaking. Gram’s remaining ideology is also influenced by the liberation of Yeonggi.

[Can’t do this, can’t do this…]….]

What Julian felt when Qin said the name of the half-jumped, and summoned Tess was the “fear of the past.” It means that the old shock only crouched for a while, but not a real fear.

However, Murakan, who ended his liberation from Japanese colonial rule, was different.

As for the creation that fundamentally blocks the power of God, Julian had never heard of it.

[Don’t lose your dignity. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing for a man named God to be so nervous about his power being blocked?]

said Murakan, lowering his neck to Julian. Facing Murakhan face-to-face, Julian fell on her hips as she backed away, and even turned back hurriedly and crawled on her stomach.

an incarnation, though incarnation, that cannot be trusted by God

Looking at it, Murakhan put his front toenails still.

[He said he wouldn’t die even if his whole body was shredded…]… what were the countless gods killed so far? Answer me, incarnation.]

[Cuckles] [Cuckles] Get away from me!]

[You’re out of your mind. I don’t think it’s time for that.….]


A huge claws like a tree, moving as fast as light, drew a line on Julian’s body. a swift, unbelieving blow of the dragon’s forefoot

[Argh, argh!]

Julian, whose upper body and lower body were cut off, gave out a shrieking cry. Murakhan swung his toenails a few more times, as if he had no inspiration.

A few seconds later the scream ceased.

And after another few seconds, the remains of Julian were scattered into particles and reconstructed again.


Julian groped all over me and looked up at Murakhan.

Come on, don’t do this. No matter how much I ascended in the form of incarnation. By all means, I’m a god. I promise you, if you’ll give me the name of the storm…….]

Murakan shook his head and cut off the horse.

[If it’s thunder, it’s not worth the name of the storm. And I’m sure I told you to keep your dignity. I guess it’s too late for that.]

[What do you mean, it’s not worth it. I once had dinner with your God!]

It’s the first time in my life that God himself is a god. Shame on you, bear it.]


Murakan’s claws carved Julian’s body again.

Since then, it has been a repetition of slaughter and resurrection. Murakhan literally cut Julian without rest, and Julian could not even fight back.

[Well, stop…] Stop.]

Even the camp watching was horrifying. In the darkness of eternity, I could not imagine what despair it would be to be torn and cut endlessly, irresistible.

[Bored of it’s boring.

It was long after Murakan said so in a dry tone.

Julian did not scream any more. Like a meat ball that had already been processed, he just stayed still at every resurrection.

“Murakan, is it almost time to end?”


“Is he going to die?”

[I’m not going to die. Instead, in an infinite series of pain, when you reach the foal, your incarnation is lifted. The spirit of Feytel is gone, and that Julian is to be a normal contractor again.

“Then what?”

[And then you decide. To kill or capture Julian, who is fainting from excessive incarnation. You won’t have to send it back to your brother, so you’ll have to choose between the two.]

“Of course they capture him alive and take him. Not only Julian, but also Kuzan and Veris.”

I didn’t think the three of them would have all the key information about my owner. But spitting out any meaningful information was enough.

I don’t know if the Kuzan and Veris are still alive. It seemed too much to avoid Julian’s epilepsy earlier.]


Murakhan cut Julian.

It was the same for the body to be reconstructed and resurrected, but now the blue energy that shone in Julian’s eyes was fading.

It was a sign that the incarnation would be lifted.

I’m gonna have to put a wedge in it.]

On the other hand, Murakan’s eyes began to glow black.

In an instant, the spirit spread throughout the island was absorbed into the eyes that had changed like a black pearl. The power of the fading phytel pervaded the spirit.

The island was searching for its own light.

First of all, the sky was lifted and the moonlight, the dusk of dawn, and the dark clouds were seen. The forest, trees, and rocks were in their original colors, and the graveyard of Gram, the god of thunder, was also reappeared.

Among the objects on the ground, none of them remained ‘shadow’ except for Gram’s graveyard. All were completely absorbed while the liberation of the spirit unfolded.

When Murakan turned into a human being, the devastated land was again shadowed.

“Huuu, I’ve put in some proper effort after a long time.”

Thud, thud, thud…….

The trees and stones have cracked. Soon they became the day after tomorrow and flew in the wind, below them. There was Julian’s body lying dead.

The incarnation was completely lifted.

“That won’t wake up for at least a week. Even for half a year at worst.”

As he went to check Julian’s condition, he passed in front of Gram’s grave, but Sigmund did not react again.

“As you said, you’re still alive. Check out the fate of Kuzan and Veris…….”


Murakan suddenly sits on the floor and exhales his breath.


Murakan waved at Jin, who was approaching hurriedly.

“It’s all right, it’s all right. Sickness, your body’s not keeping up.”

“Are you sure you’re all right?”

“Well, this is the end of the fire, or else it would have been a bit of a headache. When you fight God, it feels so unfair. Even if it’s not efficient, it can’t be that bad. Well, they don’t use up their strength either.”

“Well done.”

“You too. Anyway, thanks to the compass, you did a good job.”

Jean held out her hand to help him.

Several times I tried to get up with that hand, but Murakhan was as powerless as if completely exhausted.

“Oh! I can’t stand up, I think I should take a break. Get me Shrina out, I’ll sleep with a pillow for an hour.”

“Just keep sleeping. If you find Kuzan and Veris, I’ll take care of it and pick it up in Shri.”

Woo-woong, Jin took Shri out of the enemy prison.


Unfortunately, Shuri seemed busy playing with Murakan as soon as she came out. Then Murakhan licked him to see if he really looked tired.

Murakhan fainted right away.

After watching it for a while, Qin moved to find Kuzan and Veris.

‘By the way, Joshua. That bastard made me believe that I was the one who killed Tai Yun…… you’re lying to me anyway, it’s obvious. He tried to use Kuzan and Veris in a way that wouldn’t involve me.’

Precisely. Joshua had made Kuzan and Veris his faithful dog, and only tried to use them for things that did not require face-to-face contact with Jean. The moment they run into Jean, there’s a good chance they’ll find out the truth and question it.

However, when Qin came to visit the Blue Bird Islands, the plan went up in smoke.

In addition, Jin’s trip to the Cheongsae Archipelago was unfortunate in many ways for Joshua, as one of the secret forces, Julian, was in danger of being captured alive.

“Kuzan! Veris!”

Jean shouted out the names of the two. Even though the rocks, trees, and all the silver waste on the island had been swept away by spirits, they were not seen.

‘Should I go all the way to the cliff nearby?’

Jin, who judged so, was heading one by one where to start the search.


Suddenly I had to hear a familiar and distant roar from the side of the Murakhan.

It was Shree’s cry.


I didn’t feel good.

It was Shri, who had just licked Murakhan naively.

The rapidly rising anxiety choked his chest, and Jean turned back where he had come and ran at full speed toward where his colleagues were.

And when we arrived.


Jean could face an unexpected figure.

Dark black hair, sharp eyes, and lobes with ‘black sword’. Shri was staring at him with his fur up, and he nodded interestingly.

He turned his eyes to Jean, who had just arrived.

“What are you doing here?”

A man who is the eldest son and second-term son of Looncandel and is publicly referred to as the next household name.

The main culprit who cursed Jean.

It was Joshua Looncandel.

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