Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 214

I’ve never had such a sense before.

As if at Colon, as at the time when Talaris went on a giant sword against Cochac, every time he stretched out his signature, a sharp glow spread.

A sword full of brains was tearing through the air. The compressed air bursts into a heavy wave, followed by a layer of shock waves.

‘The sky is helping.’

If Sigmund hadn’t been awakened to Gram’s lingering thoughts, he would have been in danger.

Of course, it would have been possible to last 10 minutes without relying on Sigmund’s power. Later, however, it was impossible to prepare for the number of cases in which the incarnation of Julian was not lifted by the liberation of the spirit of Murakan.

There was also no law against other enemies from appearing after they overpowered Julian. This is Joshua’s land.


Julian, who was screaming in full swing, looked at Jin again. The fact that he just got tired of “horror” is very shameful. His forehead is crumpled.

[Clean up!]

Soon Peitel swung Hamila like a sword, and the swords of the camp surrounding him were swept away in unison.

“Come down, don’t keep floating.”

Jean was making a leap towards Julian, not missing the gap. When dealing with an archer, he had to narrow the distance unconditionally.


Julian hurriedly supported Harmila with both hands to block the inspection. But the shock wave sent Julian’s body at right angles, and Qin floated a little more in the reactionary.


As much as it was consumed during the exercise, it brought back the brain energy. Broken brain organs scattered all over the place glued to the signpost and painted the trajectory of light.

The trajectory struck Julian, who was directly struck by lightning and was stuck on the floor.


The voice of the lingering thoughts vibrated the sign. My brother, he seemed to be thrilled to be trampling on Feytel.

(Dead, die!) Hahaha, die!)

As soon as the thunderbolt was over, Jin was preparing for a follow-up hit and was not able to hear the crazy voice of the lingering thoughts.


As soon as he reached the ground, he swung his signature. Julian, who was just getting up, managed to defend himself with a clumsy attitude.

Julian was pushed aside like she was about to fall, splashing piles of stones and mud on the floor. The mud obscured the sight of the camp.

And as soon as the mud came out of its eyes, Hamila’s epilepsy pitted against the nose of the gin.

The epilepsy grazed Jean’s cheek and touched somewhere and caused a binge, and Jean again lifted Julian’s torso with a sign.


Thanks to the power of residual thought, Qin was definitely superior in strength. Julian was bouncing back and forth like a ball whenever he stopped the inspection.

Most of them have succeeded in defending themselves, but if it weren’t for the incarnation body, the bones would have been all broken in shock.

On the surface, Jean was completely overwhelmed. The actual power of Julian, the incarnation body, is higher.

Feytel was a god who was not used to fighting with the strong.

The battle itself could have been regarded as clumsy, as it always punished the beauties with lightning in the sky. For Peytel, the dance shown by the “Descendants of the Tuition Class” was a shock.

I’m completely caught up in Jean’s pace, so to speak.

Therefore, by then, Kuzan, who was running away with Veris on his back, had no choice but to be mistaken.

‘That’s a monster…. is it really the one we met in Delky?”

Kuzan did not know that Sigmund had strengthened Jin’s martial arts. Thus, in his eyes, Qin was seen as a superman, surpassing the commonly known” riders of Luncandel.”

‘If Jean Looncandel’s words are true……what the hell am I and Veris supposed to do?’

There was still a flood of lightning throughout the island as if hell had spread out. Kuzan had to survive in order to find out the truth about Tai Yun’s death.

How dare you despise me!]

As if she had no intention of being swayed further, Julian glared her eyes and pulled the bow. Jean tried to press him against pulling the demonstration.

I couldn’t rush into the sudden burst of thunder under my feet. Julian covered the entire ground with his brain to keep Qin’s movements tied.

Then a thunderstorm poured out of it. The epilepsy, which dyed the vicinity of Julian completely blue, was all Hamila’s arrows.

[I’ll let you pay…]…!]

As soon as the arrow was ready, the speaker began. A bundle of epilepsy, each containing enough power to end the island, was hitting the camp.

a four-dimensional erosion of a throw-in

Jean unfolded the sword reflexively. Before the first epilepsy reached, Sigmund’s sword dug into the ground first.

It was different from when he played against Vanessa. The en masse sinking of the brain organs crushed the epigram of Hamila, so it plunged headlong to the ground instead of trample the gin.

At the same time, circles formed everywhere on the ground eroded by the brain.

‘At this rate, Lord Vanessa wouldn’t have been able to get rid of course.’

It’s a circle that calls for lightning.

A catastrophic thunderstorm was pouring from all the sky, so that the great thunderstorms of Julian had been overshadowed.

an ear-splitting noise

And the intense light that almost blinds you, and the heavy vibration that shakes your knees.

For a moment such things have taken complete control of Isle 32. Every time a thunderstorm hit the ground, there was an earthquake, some of which fell directly on the top of Julian’s head.

The scream was hidden from the heavy sound, and the disheveled figure was hidden from the light. Julian was trembling, trapped in the thunder.

An opportunity that might drive a wedge.

He chose one breath, and decided to take the next blow.

Will my body hold out?’

It was said that the martial arts increased significantly thanks to Sigmund, but it was questionable whether the punishment could be fully carried out.

Soon, Jin decided that it would be okay to play the game, as the 10 minutes he promised with Murakan were approaching.

Sigmund threw up his brain again.

However, it seemed a little too much, contrary to what had been fierce all along. Just as Julian had limitations in using the power of Feytel, there were limits to the power of Gram used by Jin.

Three Swords of the Fight, chosen to end the enemy.

As soon as the autopsy was full of brain energy, it began to rush toward Julian. Julian had no way of confirming the appearance of Qin, hidden in the thunder, nor did he even hear the sound of him running.

However, I felt through insight that a crisis had arrived.

Harmila was pointed between the thunder. Surprisingly, it was exactly the direction the gin was running in, and a thunderstorm in the sky was crushing down and flowing into Harmila.

Demonstrations were pushed back by a massive brain war that could no longer be called an arrow.

At the moment of the breach of guilt in the rain that had just fallen in front of him, Julian thought of this in her mind.

You’re flattered that I’ve been a little bitches.

When Julian staged a demonstration, two brainstorms struck.

The epilepsy that left Harmila easily shattered the awning of guilt.

While the thunder, which was forming an awl, was crushing, the epilepsy was being fired at Jin’s head at the same speed as light.

Killed the worm!

I’m sorry I didn’t give you enough pain, but that’s a substitute for killing his guardian. at a moment when one’s mouth is getting thin with intoxication

Once again, Julian had to scream with fear that was too much to handle.

[Growl! Te, Tess!]


Flame, somehow a faint spark was shining where Jean’s head was supposed to be. The only blue phoenix, the fire of Tess, was smashing over Julian.

‘What a scaredy-cat.’

The idea of summoning Tess came shortly after he first heard the name of the “Throwing Ban” and saw him shivering with fear.

The idea was that God, who was afraid of half, would never not fear Tess. In the naked flame world, I heard that Tess had the dignity to destroy the gods of this world with his light breath.

Of course, even if he didn’t know Tess well, there was no big problem. While the brain was blinded, the signature was dropped and the side was targeted immediately after the crime was committed.

It’s just overwhelming the picture, and the difference in power has been a problem I’ve been feeling for a long time. There was no reason to insist on a head-to-head match even after knowing that.

[You cunning…]!]

It was nothing less than praise to Jean.

Even though he is not fully capable of doing so.Ziman, God is God. Of course I had to deal with it cunningly.

Jean probably decided to be cunning, even if she had “more power” than him.


In the midst of the explosion, Julian heard the cold sound of the blade and the sword rubbing.

It was the sound of Bradamante getting out of the sword.

The black spirit covered the radamante splendor. Soft, and fast. A step forward, Jean threw Bradamante on the side of Julian.


The sense of the sword pierced through the body was clear.

The very sense of bone and flesh. After all, the human body was the only one that supported the phytel.


Julian, who vomits blood and reflexes his body out.

His anxious eyes were shaking. Then Tess’s Chunghwa burned Julian’s body, and he was forced to collapse to the floor under heavy pressure.

oddly enough

At that moment, Jean felt a chill. He had just beaten his opponent, but for some reason, anxiety was pouring in as if the bank had burst.

A blink of an eye showed the source of anxiety.

The concubine Hamilla turned into a snake and wound around Julian. No more blood was flowing from the fatal cut, and Julian was smiling.

[I’ll admit, you’re quite a bug. But… …I’m God. It means you won’t die, even if your whole body is shredded. The mortal couldn’t have known that.….]

A gloomy voice gave me chills, goose bumps.

If neither stab nor cut die, Jean had no chance of winning.

[Why, were you disappointed?] Keep trying…….]

“Oh! You little punk, you’re a filthy talker.”

Murakan, who had finished the liberation of Yeonggi, approached Qin and Julian and said,

Then naturally, he pulled the gin back and spat.


“Looks like you’ve never been inspired. From now on, I’ll give you a fun experience.”

[Solderet has been told that he cares about his dragons, but he’s going too far. I understand that you want me to kill you first.]

“I heard your brother had his own dignity before he died. Hah, hahaha.”

[Why are you laughing?]]

“What would it be like if you could use more than 50 percent of your strength when you were in the fire body? Won’t you laugh?”

That’s what I feel right now.

As Murakan continued, all the shadows of the island began to flock to him, except for one who had camped.

At the same time, the thunder of Julian, who was covering the whole island, was in darkness like a candle.

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