Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 213

A sky-capped thunderclap was gathering to Julian.

The pouring raindrops also had a faint brainstorm, and the strong winds across the island’s atmosphere gave off ceaseless blue flames.

“……that’s all his brain power? What happened?”

The gin looking up at the sky shook his head unconsciously.

Until just now, Julian had been a “careful opponent” for Jin, but now she seemed to have become something too much to handle.

“I beat him up a little, and he suddenly got a kick out of course. Your sword must have made you unstable. You’ve been through a lot, haven’t you? It’s similar to that, and you can think that God himself descended part of the contractor’s body.”

“Whoa, you’re all twisted up. It’s no joke. Running away is hard, right?”

“You want me to fly through that epilepsy? Why don’t you just tell him to die?”

“Sorry, you can ask.”

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Sigmund was again resonating with Gram’s grave. And Jin could now feel that, unlike the beginning, Julian’s power was also affecting the sign.

‘The sword seems to be furious…….’

It wasn’t just a feeling.

A strange sensation, felt only by the master of Sigmund, was flowing into Jean’s mind on a sword.

He would not have understood the progress of things in words that they were showing their emotions. But whenever Sigmund’s sword trembled, Jean could feel the feeling more and more clearly.

(My brother, Fateel, who wants to kill.)

It took less than three seconds to hear such a voice.

Gram, the god of thunder. It was the voice of his remaining thoughts in the sign.

(In my grave)…you were thinking of climbing the river?

Jean could hear Gram’s voice, but Gram could not hear his voice. Sigmund is a sword made by sealing his strength, not by his own.

Therefore, the voice was nothing but empty words to oneself. The voice didn’t ask Jean for anything, just constantly venting out his anger at Feytel.

But even if it’s still thought, Gram was once the dominant figure of many other gods.

The anger of the lingering thoughts toward Feytel was snowballing. The anger gradually grew into a brainstorm, into the pattern that rose to the sword of Sigmund.

Let’s go, let’s go!

Sigmund was burning blue.

Obviously, it was way above Jin’s brain.

Gram’s lingering thoughts add to the anger, and the energy of Sigmund is exploding temporarily.


Murakan pointed at the sign with a startling surprise. He also seemed to have noticed that something had changed in his signature.

“Are you a heavy drinker, too?” Or is that a thrower?”

“No, explanation later. Hit the shield!”

The brain power in the sky was about to fall down. The brain energy that had been absorbed by Julian was now transformed into one giant thunderstorm.

“Hey, Kuzan Marius. You don’t seem to know what’s going to happen. What shall we do? Should we finish what we were doing, or should we just take care of each other’s family?”

Jean pointed to Berry’s with a sign. She was twitching intermittently, completely unconscious.

At that rate, you’ll die the moment lightning starts to pour out.

Suddenly, Kuzan clenched his teeth. He was still unable to shake off the confusion.

If Jin is the real culprit who killed Tai Yun, then even if Veris dies, he must settle with Jin. But what if Jean’s words are true? If Joshua was the real culprit and he and Veris had been fooled…….

As soon as Kuzan was thinking about it.


A ray of lightning struck the ground. Not on the side of Jean, Murakan, Kuzan and Veris.

Before the light of the first lightning disappeared, the next lightning followed. Lightning, which falls randomly, is seen not only on the island of 32 but also far away from the beach and the sea.

One of them hit the berry.

As soon as the lightning began, Kuzan was heading reflexively to Veris, but Julian’s lightning was not the speed at which he could cut or strike.


The thunder and lightning struck, but there was a sharp noise that seemed to break the glass.

Jin struck out a lightning strike that struck the Berry.


“You’d better talk about the details later and not think about forgetting this debt.”

Jin then struck the ground right next to Veris with a thunderbolt. Then Veris’ body bounced up in the reactionary, and Kuzan, who ran madly, received her.

“And if you don’t want to be killed by a dog, keep your head straight from now on. I don’t think I can afford to take care of you anymore.”

I decided to forget Kuzan and Veris for a moment until the battle was over.

I didn’t want to protect them even by going overboard. I was trying to talk to him because I didn’t like Joshua’s dogfight, not because they were really pitiful or pitiful.

‘If they can’t escape the lightning, their fate will be there. I wish I could survive and release some information about Joshua.’

Or he wanted to kill with his own hands. Even though Joshua caused a misunderstanding, I never thought I’d forget that I almost got beaten by them in Delkie.

The turning gin ran to Murakhan. Kuzan is struggling to throw himself around to avoid lightning while hugging Berry.


“Oh, live, live……and now there’s a lot of incarnation. Fortunately, it’s not a proper descent, so it’s not very unanswered.”

“Tell me how to do anything. I’ll try my best to guess.”

While the ground was bursting and brain power was flooding, the only safe place was inside Murakan’s spirit shield.

“Energy opening. The first thing I showed you in the stormy basement, remember?”

“Of course.”

The very thing that sucked all the shadows of things.

“I will unfold its transformation and force his incarnation. You buy time. It means protect me.”

“How much?”

“10 minutes. And I need some of your spirit.”

“Will that be enough?”

“Maybe. But it won’t be easy. Lightning so far, it doesn’t even belong to an attack. It’s nothing more than a torrent of power that happened as an incarnation.”

As Murakan said, Julian was not attacking the party. It’s just a manifestation of the power of nature, the brain itself.


A sudden thunderstorm cracked the sky.

The portal is open.

There was a huge, shining bow coming out of it. The bow, tangled in a thunderstorm, was the true look of the ‘brainbow Harmila’.

Soon, the Hamila became smaller and smaller and into the hands of Julian.

“That’s the real thing, Harmila.”

It’s as if God is preparing for the punishment of Heaven.

An unusually long and sharp epilepsy escaped from the thunderstorm and was wound in a bow demonstration by Hamila.

The descent is over.

[You can feel your brother’s power]

Julian’s gaze weighed heavily on the sign.

Even if not intact, it was the rise of God. Jean was feeling a stifling sensation just from his gaze.

‘However, it’s not much compared to my father or my jumping brothers.’

It was half the battle that took the life of Gram, the god of thunder.


Sigmund was raising his voice again. Soon Jean got out of Murakhan’s shield and fixed her posture.

At the same time, Julian pulled the bow.

Chewieit, nettle!

The moment the brain warfare left the demonstration, Jean could feel instinctively. If Gram’s remaining thoughts hadn’t awakened Sigmund, he wouldn’t have thought of stopping it.

A sharp, blue trajectory cut through the center of the epilepsy.

Squirt! Prick! I only blocked a single epilepsy, but I felt my whole body torn by an unfamiliar brain that was completely different from Sigmund’s.

‘It’s not bad.’

With this kind of shock at once, you can endure as much as you want in 10 minutes.

‘The problem is, his power can’t be more than this.’

However, Jin was also reducing the power of the awakening Sigmund. If handled well, it seemed that Murakhan could do damage to Julian before ending the liberation of Youngki.

At the back, Murakan’s liberation of spirit was unfolding. Before I knew it, hundreds of large and small vortexes of spirit surrounded the shield of Murakan, and the spirit of Qin was sucked into it.

[Laughs, funny boy. You’ve been so arrogant, and you’re so powerful that you’re being held in the hands of a worm.]

Jean breathed a brain into the sign. Even if there is a little bit of ore in it. The brain was amplifying as if the oil had caught fire.

The power that, if you lose your concentration even for a moment, you’re likely to escape the sword and bounce recklessly. Sigmund, so to speak, was in a state of being able to run wild at any time.

That was also the difference between Jean and Julian.

Julian could not control his power beyond his limits, so he became a runaway and an incarnation body. Jean was wielding Sigmund entirely of her own volition.

[What do you say, bug?] Do you like your brother’s power?]

“You can’t even climb down without that bug, but you have a snout. Couldn’t God be a little more dignified?”

You can win.

Somehow, the instinct was saying so. Jean looked straight at Julian, no longer nervous.

[Chuckles, you must think you’re an old Ming. I don’t know how you got that sword, but…….]

Jean grinned and took off her wet coat. He then released his dark-colored arm and revealed his glowing heart.

It was to buy time to show such confidence.

The ten minutes that Murakan said. Although he had a gut feeling that he could defeat Feytel’s clumsy incarnate body, it was a safe way to prepare for Murakan’s liberation from Japanese colonial rule.

[What? That’s…] Of the Ming Dynasty?]

It was hard to read the expression covered by the brain.

As soon as Chin saw the photovoltaic heart, she could feel fear in Feytel’s eyes. So far, Feytel has only misunderstood that Jin’s brain is the power that Sigmund has.

“This sword was given directly to the man who killed your brother. “Have you ever heard of my brother’s name, half-assault?”

Half of a shot.

As soon as the name came out, Feytel backed out in the air. As humans and beasts, who are completely terrified, often do.

[Crowd, ie Ugh!]

And something unexpected happened.

As Julian was an incarnation, she was inheriting everything she felt. Stuck in Feytel’s inner self, he’s accepting the emotions and sensations that fall below his consciousness.

And the “horror” of the class that Feitel just felt, was not something that Julian’s will could afford.

Therefore, the spirit of Julian almost collapsed due to the fear and caused a crack in the unity of Feytel.

Jean didn’t fully understand the process, but it was clear that the enemy was in disarray, and no other calculations were needed to seize the chance of attack.

A massive brainstorm in the sign began to erupt.

Soon the energy became one giant sword, swallowing the air and pouring into Feytel.

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