Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 212

Had he not been to Samil and Laparosa, Jean would not have just responded to their surprise.

“There must have been a settlement. Damn it, the grave of God. It would have been dangerous if it weren’t for your sword.”

said Murakan, quickly striking out the epilepsy.

This was the site of the tomb of Gram, the god of thunder who was killed by the Ming Dynasty in the past. Of course, as it was the tomb of God, the bonds were stretched out, and Murakhan avoided the surprise because Sigmund had broken it down.

Sigmund was a sword made by sealing the power of Gram.

“You don’t know how much we missed you……!”

Kuzan’s eyes twinkled and shouted.

He and Verris did not see Jean’s face when they fought against her in the kingdom of Delki, but saw Murakhan’s spirit and immediately realized that the intruder was Solderlet’s contractor, their enemy who could not have been torn to death.

“Kaak, you sons of bitches!”

Berry’s anger was restraining at the fact that she had met her mother’s enemy.

‘As expected, these guys went under Joshua.’

Now that Taichung Marius was Joshua’s man, Kuzan and Veris, who were Taichung’s men, were expected to be attributed to Joshua.

However, the Bluebirds will meet unexpectedly on the island of 32.

Jin and Murakan, as well as Kuzan and Verris, were also unexpected. So was Joshua, who sent them with Julian to this island.

If Joshua knew the fact that Jean had stolen the compass and its purpose.

He would never have sent hounds to this island.

“I will honor your mother’s spirit by tearing you to pieces today…….”


Jean and Kuzan’s sword struck, and an oracle formed on the blade exploded. There was an explosion of sound like a shell, not a sword, and Jin could feel at once that Kuzan had also become stronger.

physical alteration

Kuzan still remains at the eighth star, but he had surpassed his limits through the physical alteration he had learned from Taichung.

The mana felt in Veris was also extraordinary. Eight stars, but their power is comparable to nine, thanks to fierce mana operations based on life force.

“Yulian! Aim for man first, Sooho-ryong is next!”

A voice close to a roar, Veris seemed to be holding on to reason.

“Not the look I’ve been waiting for, what is it? Why are you guys here?”

Jean made eye contact with Kuzan with the sword.

“That doesn’t matter. You guys are going to die today, here. By all means.”

“As soon as I see it, I vent my unexplained anger, and I should rather gnash my teeth at you. I almost died in Delky. And if you’re a mother, do you mean Tyke Marius?”

“Don’t slur the name out of your dirty mouth.

There was no answer.

Kuzan’s sword, soaked in ferocious poison, constantly disturbed his vision, and Veris was providing magical support, as he did in Delky.

Veris and Kuzan. It is true that they have become stronger through physical modification.

But after Delkie, it was no match for Jean’s growth. At that time, Qin had to risk his life every moment fighting them, but now he was different.

Even though Sigmund’s brain is not released in earnest, the battle can continue.

In addition, getting a panhandle and brushing against Kuzan’s sword was not a threat, and even Murakhan was with him, so the camp could not be beaten by them.

‘These two don’t matter. If I deal with it carefully, I can choose to overpower or kill myself.’

Veris and Kuzan didn’t know all of Jean’s cards. Ming and Yeonggum, Yeokcheon, and Mandokju. No wonder these four powers have been gained since leaving Delky.

Therefore, it was too easy for Jin to make a variable.

Did you say Julian? He’s rather annoying. Feytel’s contractor, plus a concussion…….’

Feytel was also a god known for giving weapons to contractors.

A brain sword, brain spear, and concussion made up of storm forces.

Among them, the brain palace “Harmila” was a weapon that was only given to contractors who perfectly satisfied Feytel, and that was Julian’s bow.

I mean, Pszcup!

There was a spread of epilepsy everywhere. The epilepsy, which spread in Harmila, not in Sigmund, repeated rising and sinking in accordance with Julian’s will before it even caught a cold in the protest.

Julian seemed to have decided against Murakan, not to obey Veris.

Murakan also recognized Julian as a more dangerous opponent than Kuzan’s side.

“Ha, you’re a little past your prime, and you’re all over the place. Kid! Get those things sorted out and come on, I’ll be doing this before then.”

Jean and Veris, Kuzan.

Murakan and Julian.

The structure of the battle was quickly captured.

On the losing side, there was a flurry of mana, and on the Murakan side, the spirit and brain energy were mixed, creating a chaotic scene.

From the rain, wind, and strong winds, the island of 32 of the Bluebird Islands was quickly becoming a horseman.

“But I don’t know why you guys are so angry with me. It’s weird to say it like I killed Tychem Marius.”

“Shut up!”

“Kuzan, I don’t understand how excited you are. You were pretty cool when you ran into her in Delky, wasn’t you?”

It wasn’t quite cool-headed.

Kuzan in Delkie was, until then, a cold and insightful opponent that Jean had ever met, one of the most enemies she had ever met.

He didn’t panic even though he was struck by a flashlight, and he immediately recognized that Jean was a horseman and was cautious.

When Tess hit Berry’s, or when a blow of remorse was blocked by Muleta’s rune, there was never a moment of disheveled.

Even when Veris, whose life is as precious as her, was on the verge of death, she continued to fight without saving her and completely upset Jin’s expectations.

The only time Kuzan was embarrassed in the battle was just a second after Qin revealed his spirit.

It was Kuzan Marius who succeeded in striking back with a single sword and drove Jin to the brink of death. That day, if Delky’s third prince Laika had not arrived, Chin’s fate would have been over there.

Veris, on the other hand, was unable to control her anger all the time, and showed a poor eight-star horsepower.

And in Jean’s view now, Kuzan was no different than Veris back then. There was no sense of intimidation even though it was clearly stronger, but only a weak human being obsessed with anger.

“Oh, are you acting? ‘Cause you want to pin Veris on me for killing Taichung?’

“What are you talking about?…!”

“It wasn’t me who killed Taichung, but five assassins disguised as Runkandel’s executive knights. And on their dagger, there was your poison.”

Ilsun Kuzan’s eyes shook.

How can such a cold-hearted man be so easily shaken? As soon as the story of Taichung’s death came out.’

Strange distinctions were arousing Jean’s mind.

“I thought, of course, Joshua used your poison to dispose of Taichung. This reaction is embarrassing for me, right?”

“Da, shut up…….”

“Kuzan, don’t listen to him! You’re lying to us because you don’t want to die.…!”


Sigmund, which had been colored only for so long, had its first brain shudder.

Plain eclipse of the Ming Dynasty sword.

Jin was watching for a chance to write a thunderbolt as soon as the battle began. with the aim of suppressing Veris at once

The brain power has been spreading throughout the battlefield where they have been fighting for some time ago.

Of course it was all the brain warfare in Julian. Therefore, Kuzan and Veris were not immediately aware that it was Jean’s brain, even at the moment Sigmund shone blue.


Plain lightning rained on Veris, who was far away.

The first lightning cracked the protective membrane, and the second was completely torn. And when the third lightning struck, Berry was burned all over her body, and she was in chaos.

Jean could not allow it when she had time to repair the shield. Three lightning strikes hit the Berry’s almost simultaneously.

She had only prepared a protective shield to prevent the “blackness,” and all the rest of her mana was pouring into the attack, so she couldn’t stand the thunder.

It was an inevitable mistake not to know that Qin was using the Ming sword.


“He’s not dead. I thought I’d have to put him to sleep for now. I could kill as much as I wanted. I managed to hold back what I wanted to kill. I owe you guys one, don’t I? But the reason I kept her alive is because I decided I needed to talk to you.”

Kuzan stared at Jean without answering.

“Kuzan, do you really think I killed Taichung?”

“Who else is it?”

“Joshua Looncandel. The one who was the owner of Taichung Marius. I think he had more reasons to kill Taichung than I did.”

“What are you talking about?”.”

“Unfortunately, Joshua is my big brother. And I got Tychem to take Kiddhartha Hall, and he cursed me and failed. I met you guys in Delkie while I was tracking down the process.”

Kuzan’s eyes grew bigger.

“You don’t tell me, you…… Jean Looncandel?…?”

“As soon as it was confirmed that Taichung was involved in my curse, I went straight to her villa with my eldest sister. And I saw her last with my own eyes. The miserable end of a hunting dog abandoned by its owner.”

There was a brief silence.

In an instant blood was running from Kuzan’s red-blooded eyes.

“If you think I’m the enemy of Taichung, it’s probably because you were fooled by Joshua. Am I wrong?”

“……what about proof? Can you prove it?”

It sounded calm, but there was an indescribable anger in it. Regardless of Kuzan’s martial arts, even Jin was chilling.

“The fact that you haven’t known my name so far is proof. Joshua, he knows I’m not only a horseman, he’s also a contractor for Soldierlet. If he didn’t have anything, he would have told you that.”

“That alone is not enough.”

“You don’t believe me. Then I don’t intend to explain it further. I think your guy just wants to put the blame on me. Because of the guilt that I couldn’t protect Tai Lung.”

Kuzan’s sword was shaking.

“Or are you not confident of fighting Joshua, the real culprit who killed Taichung? If you die fighting with me, are you going to masturbate yourself by doing all you can about Tai Lung?”


The thunder fell from the sky as soon as Jean finished her words.

The thunder, huge enough to be compared to the energy of the thrower, struck Julian directly, not Murakan.

Gene looking at you reflexively.

Julian was convulsing with thunder left behind, and somehow her body was gradually rising to the sky.

“……little. I’ve got some trouble.”


“It seems that the energy of Gram, the god of thunder, stimulated Feytel.”

“What do you mean all of a sudden?”

“I think he’s become the incarnation of Feytel.”

Curr! Currrrr! Scrape!

When Julian opened her eyes again, she seemed to have opened her eyes in the dark night sky at the same time.

The sky was covered with epilepsy.

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