Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 210

Murakan and Quikantel knew the name of the demon.

“I thought it would take a long time, but I didn’t know I’d bring something like this. It’s Heluram’s Red Cage, isn’t it? I don’t know how long it’s been. It’s bigger than I’ve seen before, so it looks abandoned.”

“……there’s a reason why I couldn’t guess when I heard that Quikantel and I were the demons of Helluram. He’s not a demon, he’s a spirit. Heluram’s cat, Shri. It was a famous spirit about two thousand years ago.”

Red-crowned Shuri.

Shuri, which Jean had known as a demon, was a gift from Orgal, king of the Masu, to Hel Luram.

“It’s a gift from some sort of ride concept. Helluram couldn’t ride a horse. There was a limit to flying around with a cane.”

As he said, Shri seemed to have no great resistance to putting someone on his back. When he emptied the royal family immediately and returned to his colleagues, Jin traveled by Shuri.

There was little meaning in getting on Shri’s back. Now that he has become his own beast (now he knew it was a spirit), he wanted to ride it.

Also, when a person sees a big animal, he or she wants to hug or ride it, and that’s true of Jin.


“But why the red grave?”

Jean tilted her head and looked at Shree. All black fur, white spots, and amber eyes. No matter where I looked, the name “Jeokokok” didn’t match.

“Oh, you haven’t seen the enemy’s prison yet? Didn’t you decide to recognize you as the new owner?”

“I didn’t see it. I just knew his name.”

“Then you’re not his master yet.”


Then, Shuri slowly took a look and opened her mouth and spat something out.

A red gem half the size of an egg, a red jade. It just came out of my mouth, but there was not a drop of saliva on it, and it was shiny.


“You have to inject your mana into that jewel to become the owner of the Red Cage. You can’t do it to anyone, but you can only inject the person he allows.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

[Miya…… Ang.]

When Jean glared at him, Shree avoided his gaze. Then with his front paws, he pointed to the enemy’s prison that fell to the ground stealthily.

Jean, who smiled and laughed, grabbed the enemy’s prison.

Injecting the mana, the red jade shone and at the same time Shuri’s eyes were red. The mana was connected, making it seem that Jeokok and Shri were resonating for a while.

And something amazing happened.


Shuri’s huge body turned red and was sucked into a deep-rooted evil. As if it had not been there from the beginning, there was not a hair left where Shree was.

“Now lick the enemy’s prison once. Like a cat.”

“……should you?”

Looking to the side, Quikantel was also nodding his head. Come on. What are you doing without licking? Jean was forced to bring her tongue to the enemy prison.

“That’s the end of the contract. Now, if you own an enemy prison, you can summon Shree anytime. Tess, you don’t need a lot of mana like you summon that gentleman.”

“I like it very much.”

The method of summoning Shri was simple. Injecting a trace of mana, it was in the form of Shri jumping out of the red prison.


When the enemy prison was colored and Shri was summoned, Jean was ready to be heard.

“But, how could you……it feels a little smaller.”

It was still big. However, Murakan and Seo in their original form were not likely to be far behind.

About the size of a carriage, he looked at Murakan while touching Shuri’s body, which had become significantly smaller. It means to explain what happened.

“The Jeokokokmyo depends on the contractor. Red-crowned graves and houses without owners, but contracted ones usually get smaller. That way, you’ll have less trouble living with your master, so it’s a kind of survival method.”

“Oh, congratulations, my lord! I don’t know, but you got a hell of a guy, don’t you think? After Butterfly Looncandel, it’s also a cat.….”

“Who is the butterfly looncandel? Hey, Mimul. Won’t you take care of your subordinates properly?”

“Sorry, Mr. Murakhan. Confucius, I’d like to try it…… Well, I guess not!”


As Kashmir approached, Shri put her claws up.

“How do you know so well, Murakan?”

“I’ve signed a contract with Jeokokmyo before. It was about two thousand years ago, and I crossed the rainbow bridge with all the water. Well, it wasn’t a common creature then either. They’d have to be happy and connected to meet.”

Murakan’s favorite transformation, the black cat, was modeled after the red grave he was with at that time.

At present, Jeokokmyo has been virtually extinct since the decline of the Ma people.

There was even little relevant feed left in human society, but Shuri, the tomb of the witch Heluram, had some pretty detailed descriptions of the information collected by each giant force.

It was also possible for Siron to identify Shuri because he stole the ancient documents of Jipple with the Black Knights of the National University.

“It looks like he was originally left for Luna’s sister.”

“That’s understandable. Doesn’t that mean you’ve left it for someone who’s going to be a housekeeper? It means your father is slowly acknowledging you as his successor.”

“There was a singing column related to Shuri. When I drank it, I heard a story from my father to the descendants of fairies……I could see how much you cared about Luna. I never thought he’d had that aspect.”

It really was. I can’t believe it’s a theory to make a karaokes for my children….I felt it in person through the music, and I still couldn’t believe it.

“But in the end, Shree ended up signing with you, didn’t he? Not your sister.”

“Even my father’s beloved sister drew attention from the moment she gave up her throne. At least twenty years ago, even the kawangju that I made for my sister became my share. I can go out of my sight anytime, too.”

“Oh, you’re worrying uselessly. Now how many of your brothers can compete with you?”

“Well, we’ll have to go back and see about that.”

Then when Jin explained the curse on Shri, Murakhan and Quikantel’s face darkened.

“Ha, for a witch’s sake, you put a very dog-like curse on it. It’s literally a curse of immortality. Human contracted to the Lord of the Moon, and the witch Heluram. That’s how it’s a two-way curse.”

“Used as a catalyst for curses is at least a million human beings. In my opinion, one of Heluram’s catastrophic events was a means to curse Shuri.”

“Huh! Isn’t she crazy? Even if you love your cat, you use a million people as a catalyst to make it immortal? I’ve never imagined such a bad girl.”

Then Quikantel shook his head with a heavy expression.

“The curse of immortality is by no means an act on a beloved being. Think about it, how terrible it is to live forever with a body that will never die no matter what you do.”

“There’s no way a witch like Heluram wouldn’t know that. If it was her, it’s highly likely she’d just cast a immortal curse for fun.”

“And if the curse is still valid, that means Heluram is alive. If Heluram really cared about Shri, would he have put the curse of immortality on the Black Sea? With the termination of the contract.”

“Wow… …as the two dragons say, it’s so creepy that the witch is still alive. Look at my forearm, it’s all up.”


Suddenly, Shree dropped his eyes and uttered a sad cry. The sound made Murakhan and Quikantel cough loudly.

“That… …a kid would be a million times better than a witch. So don’t be too sad, oh, that. If you cry like that, I’ll. What does it become? I’m sorry, so stop and…….”

“Good job, very. Quikantel, you’re too mean this time. These are hurtful stories.”

[Kiying, King…].]

“Hoo-hoo, shit. Your mouth was an equation. Kid, call Tess. The nobleman has been good at appeasing the spirits since old times.”


As soon as Tess was summoned, he saw Shri and flapped his wings merrily.

“See the owner of the pyrolysis system!”

Quikantel bowed politely, but Tess looked alternately at Murakhan and Shriman.

“Oh, yeah. Long time no see. Where did you get this pretty guy? That’s what the little guy…… Yes, yes, of course. I didn’t ring. It’s really not me! It’s him, Quikantel!”

Then, for a while, I pecked at the top of the Murakan. Quikantel was on his knees without a word, and thanks to him, he was able to avoid Tess’ assault.


Anyway, Murakan’s story that Tess was good at soothing the spirit was true. I’m sure you’ve never seen it before, but Shri made a pleasant sound, snuggling in Tess’ wings.

Also, it seemed that communication was possible. Just as Murakan and Quikantel understood Tess’s will, so did Shri.

After so long as Tess consoled Shri, he went back to the flame. He also seemed to have not forgotten to ask Shuri to be nice to him, yearning for Murakan before he left.

“Tes said he would release the curse if he later brought Shri directly into the firework.”

said Quikantel, wiping off a cold sweat. Tess was still the scariest creature in the world to her.

“He’s good at throwing air tickets, too. By the time the kid could go there himself, it would be possible for him to visit and make his own.”


Fortunately, Shuri had the personality of quickly getting rid of the melancholy. That’s why he was able to overcome solitude alone in the forests of the Black Sea for more than a thousand years, but Jin felt even more sorry for him.

“Anyway, let’s go back. Let’s introduce our new family.”

* * *

The party was able to get out of the Black Sea several times faster thanks to the transport of Shuri. Thanks to this, the shortage of food was no problem.

Of course, from the time of his release, he sent Shree into the red prison and moved in a normal manner.

“Lord, it’s presumptuous of me to venture to understand your will, but…… I don’t think she hated Lady Luna’s gentle nature.”

Gilly said so as soon as he heard about Shree.

“Why do you think so?”

“I heard this kid was cursed with immortality. Then how could you have let Miss Luna, who was given the guidance as scheduled, succumbed to Shree, too? Didn’t you think Lady Luna could take good care of Shri?”

Judging from the benevolent smile of Zion, which came to mind when I drank the karaokes, it seemed to me that it wasn’t

“Well, it’s true that Luna was treated in many ways even after she gave up her post. That’s be true.”

Jean and Gillie talked about him for a while. It was a very interesting subject, though I cannot draw a conclusion because I cannot understand the innermost thoughts of the theory.

“Oh, and master. I have something to report.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“There has been an unusual trend in the compass recently. A contractor has been going back and forth between the Hufester Union and an uninhabited island in the North Sea. Turns out the uninhabited island belonged to the family of the Looncandel guardian.”

“It’s an island owned by the family of the Looncandel Guardian?”

“The guardian was Joshua’s man. In fact, it’s highly likely that the island belongs to Joshua.”

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