Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 209

From then on, I went around with the mana to put out the fire.

However, it was virtually impossible to calm the fire that had already lasted for two days. It was clear that magic was the limit to digest, and so was cutting down the fire area with a sword to prevent more fire from moving.

It was impossible to put out the fire unless it rained. No, I wondered if it would be possible to control a fire of this size even if it rained.

To make matters worse, there was a gale somewhere as soon as the fire began to subdue. As if they were waiting for the two to quit fighting and put out the fire.

The sun rises, the moon rises, the moon sets, and the sun rises again.

I wandered frantically through the forest for such a day to control the flames. Jin struggled for more than three days, and his physical strength was slowly reaching its limit.

Ma-mul, with her ears drooping as if she had given up early, only made a feeble cry, and Chin did her best until the end with a strange sense of guilt.

I don’t know what this is about.….’

It occurred to me.

Wasn’t it just a peaceful day in this harsh land? On the other hand, he invaded the land of the devil, harassed the devil, and was now overpowering the fire he had committed.

What on earth can we get by doing this?

Only the feeling became uncomfortable, and only the feeling of sorry for the “mammul” was filled. It was difficult for Jin to grasp the intentions of Siron and Vanessa to understand why they took these tests.

‘I don’t think he doesn’t know it’s a dead body. I think if I fought endlessly, I would end up losing, or I would have no choice but to run away. Is there something I missed?’

At least he didn’t miss anything in that he was “incredible.” Unless the curse was lifted, the devil could not be killed by any means.


In the midst of the agony, the fire almost swallowed up the thorn tree forest.

Tadak, Tadak, Tadak…….

More than 90% of the forest has been reduced to ashes.

The gin and the devil sat in front of a few barely guarded thorns, listening to the vain sound of the small fire spreading nearby.

The open ground was empty. In the midst of the intermittent wind blowing ash, the blackened round rocks stood indifferently.


The mana, which sank down, uttered a low cry.


I had nothing to say but that. It’s as if he just came in out of nowhere and destroyed the nest, so even if his opponent is a devil, he must feel sorry.

I felt as if my whole body was going to break with the exhaustion.

A battle that lasted more than 40 hours, and a fire control that lasted more than 24 hours. Even the blessed body of Looncandel was not a time to be reckoned with.


The mana who turned his head with a jerk revealed its sharp fangs.

But it was not an immediate rush. As if he is exhausted, he sighs with his head down.

Jean approached the mare.

Then he patted the side of the beast. There was no way to comfort him, and I couldn’t think of anything else to say sorry because it would be empty.

“I came here because I was tested by my father. I couldn’t resist it from my point of view, and that’s why I got to fight you.”

Then the demon put up its claws.

Then instead of attacking Jean, he began to draw something on the floor. The large claws of the mule, the mower, moved with great delicacy, and the painting was five men.

‘Crazy, you’re good at drawing.

A man in light clothes holding a sword and four knights in black armor.

They were the black knights of the Ciron and the Prehistoric Age. It was easy to recognize the poem without armor as it was painted the largest in the middle.

“……who is my father?”


“In the middle.”


The devil shook his body with a nod. He seemed very afraid just to think about his theory.

“Did your father hurt you?”

[,, 먁.]

The devil nodded.

“That’s understandable. Even though your father cut you, you survived, right?”


“… …a terrible curse. It’s worse than what I’ve been through.”

I couldn’t even imagine. What does it feel like to be killed after being subjected to the sword of the theory that you have reached the point of “dissolving” things completely?

Fire is never a happy phenomenon. Especially if you’re left alone in this terrible prickly forest.

“I don’t know what your master had in mind put such a curse on you. Witch Heluram, is it true that she abandoned you?”


The part seemed unappealing. At this point, Jin wondered if this was indeed a demon. It feels more like a pet with an ego.

“Yes, let’s move on. Why didn’t you think of leaving here? Didn’t your father allow it?”


The devil answered yes, but in fact there were more complicated circumstances.

When he first settled in this prickly forest, the devil did not know that he was cursed.

He was also unaware that he had been abandoned by Hengluram.

So, waiting for his master who had not returned, he realized that Heluram would never return, and that he had been cursed with immortality.

Since then, it has been a series of meaningless days. I never thought of leaving the forest because I felt abandoned by my owner, and I just hid myself drunk with the familiarity of the forest.

In the midst of nearly a thousand years, Zion and the Black Knights of the former era found the devil.

As soon as they found out that the mana was immortal, they began to investigate, and as a result they found that the mana was Heluram’s favorite.

By that time, Man-mul wanted to get out of this land for the first time.

When I recall the enormous power of the human being, Zion, it was because more fear than death weighed heavily on my whole body.

But it was impossible to run away from Ciron. A little way out of the Black Sea was because he appeared without fail.

Every time Ciron said the same thing.

Someday my daughter will come to you to be your new master. Wait till then.

The demon could not disobey the order. He was more afraid of talking than the owner Heluram, who abandoned him, shouted in anger.

All of this cannot be expressed by crying or by drawing pictures on the floor. So the devil answered, “Mamiah, yes.”

“Well… ..it was my father’s order that I couldn’t leave the forest. Then, maybe you can come out with me.”


“He said there’d be a reward if I knocked you down. I think, that means the authority to take you out.”

The devil blinked his eyes for a while.

You’re not a daughter, you’re a son, that’s what it meant, but Jean didn’t understand.

“It’s not a lie.”


“There’s no place to go anyway because the forest’s burned down. It’s my fault, so I’ll get you a new house if you go outside. It’s so toxic here that I can’t bring in people to restore the forest.”


There it is!

“Where? Oh, the oysters from before?”

While overpowering the flames, Qin had found a cave at the heart of the thorn tree forest. It was the house of the devil.

Standing up suddenly, the devil began to step on his feet.

“How are you going to get along there alone? Don’t you feel hungry? That’s why I ate thorn trees. Is there any hunting nearby?”

I was genuinely worried. Because of the influence of Zion, no other mana came near this forest.

The demon moved toward the cave without answering. For a long time Jean had to walk after the devil.

And upon arriving at the cave, Jean could find a strange object. There was a bottle of liquor in the deepest part of the oyster. The liquor stood upright as if someone had just brought it.

The bottle was something I had never seen before until yesterday.

“Drinking bottle?”

Jean and Mana looked at each other alternately at the bottle.

“Why do you look like you don’t know?”


As soon as he approached and lifted the bottle of liquor, Jean was forced to open her eyes wide, facing the writing on the back.

(Siaron Looncandel, the King of the Singers)

“Huh… ..he must have put it back. Now, look. It’s got my father’s name on it. Oh, can’t you read?”

a musical accompaniment

I’ve heard about the mysterious drink several times.

A liquor cast for a special day, a special moment, for a special person by the descendants of a fairy.

If you drink it, the story of the owner of the liquor spreads in your head like a song, and the song was called “Gawangju” because it has a wonderful tune to listen to.

‘You must have meant something to tell me.’


I opened the lid without having to worry. Then he took the lid as a glass and filled it with wine.

The song began when I drank three glasses. The beautiful voices of the descendants of the drunk fairy were ringing in Jin’s ears.

The beast for Luna Looncandel, the first daughter of Siron Looncandel…….

As soon as the song began, I could see the old image of Zion. It was similar to when Boras of O2 received the molar, but it was not as clear as it was.

The song was so perfect that I felt the scene was naturally imagined.

The first thing I saw was a young poet who visited the descendants of fairies to make drinks. Siron was explaining something to the descendants of the elves, without losing their smiles all the time.

It seemed right after they found the monster, and the black knights standing next to them exchanged stories, saying Luna would like it.

Unlike these days, Zion seemed to be somewhat benevolent.

It was more interesting to Jin than the lyrics, as if he was just an ordinary father who loved his child.

You must have left this guy behind for Luna’s sister, and made a royals…….’

Originally, it was Luna, not Jin, who was supposed to drink this wine.

While listening to the singing of the royal family, Jin was able to save how much Zion cared about Luna. It’s natural that the song was telling Luna the affection and expectation that Si-ron had.

But in the midst of a good tone, the song suddenly stopped.

The scene that came to mind was also a recent one, not a youthful one. He was speaking like this with a solemn look on his face.

Follow Jean.

It was a story to the devil.

Confident that the “Map” would be handed over to Jin, Xiron went back to the descendants of the elves with the kawangju he had made for Luna.

And I asked them to add a new line of lyrics to the music.

Follow Qin, whose added words were now recited by the descendants of fairies, not by the poem.

A moment in thought, Jean filled the glass.

“Drink it, too.”

When I carefully touched my tongue, the same song was spreading in the mind of the devil.

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