Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 197

“You can’t fly!”

Jean shouted reflexively.

But the ship was already bouncing like a cannon and rushing toward the sea.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be under the spell of the Empire!”

A ship has no wings and is not a living thing. Also, Cosmos knew that Order 7 was not really “flight,” so it was not detected in red collation.

Riding a flying boat is not something you can often experience.

It was also the first time to experience the Looncandelian Jindo, the once imperial Kashmir, the special lease Alisa, the successor to the Vigung, and the dragons who have lived for thousands of years.


It was temporarily blown up by the water pressure of the stream, which had been blocked by the wall, but Jin’s party was unable to shut its mouth.

Oh, my God, you’re saying that pirates have prepared this?

Jean and her colleagues were thinking that way. Cosmos has “installed” ships in advance so that they can escape in case of an emergency in the island’s basement.

“Hahahahaha! Makes order for this taste!”

Order No.7, if so, would have been used in this way, from No.1 to No.6.

Colleagues couldn’t even hear Cosmos’s boisterous laughter. The ship was shot like a shell at the enormous pressure of water for the first time in my life, so I was almost out of my mind.

On the other hand, it seemed familiar to pirates. They were all screaming like excited monkeys and enjoying the incredible speed of a ship.

The wind pushed the cheek away. When I opened my eyes in the face of the wind, my eyelids were about to turn upside down, and my hair became scattered in no time.

I looked down and saw the ships.

It was the fleet of the Empire of Belado, which was encircling the island. Those standing on the deck of the fleet were raising their heads in a daze, as if dumbfounded.

Order 7 passed them like a bird. He was flying a long way past them, falling far into the sea.

It’s an unrealistic scene. The fleet’s commanders could not even order Order 7 to shoot a warship or magic.

I’m just mesmerizing for a moment with a face like, “What’s that?”

“Hahaha, it’s falling now, hold tight!”

Already before Cosmos shouted so loudly, Jean and her colleagues were putting their fingers into the crack on the deck.

It was doubtful whether the ship could withstand the shock. If the sea doesn’t embrace it, Order 7 will be shattered.

But all that was suspicious was the fleet of Qin and his colleagues, and the Empire of Belado.


As if a tidal wave had broken out, streams of water soared everywhere.

It was the result of the ship falling into the sea, and at the same time there was a sound of something breaking. It was the sound of the ship crashing and parts breaking.

Fragments splashed. There were so many pieces of wood that I wondered if it was okay to do this, and the deck was completely broken and splashed.

Nevertheless, the pirates looked busy laughing and chatting. This is much better than last time, I heard such a voice.

It’s a complete wreck.

Surprisingly, as the soaring stream subsided, Order 7 moved forward deftly and leisurely. The keel looked fine.


Jean who sighs unconsciously Looking back, the island and the fleet looked as small as a bean.

“Do you know how our pirates are surviving among monsters like you? It’s because of this. In the sea, neither the Empire’s fleet can go after us, not the Empire.”

“I think my stomach’s pretty broken, and I think I heard a throbbing sound on the keel as well. The deck is all broken, and can you really beat the chase with this ship?”

Cosmos patted Jean on the shoulder and laughed.

“Well, the sea loves us. Don’t worry, they’ll be moles in half an hour after the urgent repairs, and they won’t be seen in an hour. Repair team, get to work. Sailors stay alert and stay tall!”

The pirates, who were giggling at a word from Cosmos, went to their respective places in perfect order. Jin and Cosmos were the only ones standing idle.

“Surprised. What the hell did you do?”

“You can’t even try to find out our business secrets.”

“But if anyone goes through this, they’ll have no choice but to ask like me.”

“Khahaha, Looncandel can’t follow. This body is not a pirate king for nothing.”

The rest of his colleagues were still in shock.

Why the hell are you doing pirates with this kind of ability?’

I wanted to ask that, but I held it in. He seemed to have considerable pride in his job as a pirate, and now it was time to say thank you.

“Thanks anyway, thanks, I got out of the island comfortably thanks to you.”

“Hmph, isn’t it a greeting? I wouldn’t have escaped if it wasn’t for me. Keep your word, I swear, but you can’t believe it.”

As long as I and my colleagues get to the land safely, we will have no problem fulfilling our promises. What’s the route?”

“I will go to the vicinity of the Kingdom of Zeng without any reason, and replenish the supplies on the island of the allies near it. It takes just two weeks. You guys get off then and go your own way. How much money are you going to give me?”

“A lot more than you imagine. The money I used to make in the cubby feels like a penny.”

It was not a waste to give more than that.

Running away in Murakhan or Quikantel was also the worst number, and the red connection system spread. Though he was determined to swim and lose some of his colleagues, he was grateful to face Cosmos.

It’s not just it. Jin met Veradin and Dante last year thanks to their participation in the COSMOS arena, and obtained guidance from the Colon site.

In fact, Cosmos was no different from Jin’s best benefactor.

Breathing, Cosimos burst into laughter.

“I burned it because I didn’t have any other options, but… It’s mellow for Looncandel. Isn’t Looncandel’s way of killing us once we’re safe? It’s not a client, it’s just a pirate.”

“You want me to do that?”

“That’s what I’m saying. Unlike us, you think the oath is heavy, so let’s not change the subject now. Haha, I’m looking forward to it. Don’t forget to write off the debt, and pay the honorarium separately.”

“Of course, you did things worth it.”

* * *

The two best benefactors, pirate king Cosmos, were not in a rage.

That is, even when Bela announced that there could be a chase not only for the Empire, but also for the Beacon Special Forces and the Jipple.

“They come after us all the time anyway. And let’s miss each time, just like now.”

“I might send a dragon, but this time. “No matter how fast Order 7 is, you can’t beat the dragon.”

“You think we’re idiots? I’ll hide for a few years with the money you promised to send me. Oh, my God. There are so many islands, how are you going to search them all? So don’t worry and just have your money.”

June 18, 1797.

The first thing Jean did at the moment when all her colleagues gathered again in Tikan was to send gold bars to the Cosmos Pirates.

I also wrote a letter. To the extent that you don’t commit an immoral act, if you eat moderately, I’ll give you a nest in Hufester some day, so think about rehabilitation.


As soon as Gilly saw Jean, his eyes blushed. Jin’s departure to the Mitra Great Barrier and her participation in the operation to take away the compass as soon as she returned were all painful waiting times for her.

But he didn’t make a fuss. Before Jin’s nanny, he recognized her at a glance. The fact that Jin is really strong now.

“You’ve grown up. You got what you wanted.”

Gilly smiled, giving Jean a golden compass.

“What is this all about?”

“I’ve been working with the seven-color crew on how to use it while you’re away. As with any other artifact, it is driven by injection of mana. There’s a lot of other things to tell you, but you’d like to start with this, right?”

“Yes, I can’t wait to check it out and I can’t wait to eat the food that Gilly makes.”

“I’ll be ready as soon as I’m done.”

Jin, holding the compass, calmly began to inject mana.

Tsing, Chi Chi Chi-ching, Kirik……!

The parts went around in the compass, and the next moment the mana reflected from the surface of the compass drew a map in the air.

‘This is…… Continent?’

At first glance, it was no different from a typical travel artifact map. Except the map is a little larger, and the color is a little stronger.

But red dots floating all over the continent.

It was admiring the party.

The red dots were concentrated in the magic federation, Rutero, the land of Beams and Jipples. Few were seen in the Hufester Allies, and occasional distribution in other areas.

“You don’t think that’s all contractors……!”

“I think so, Lord Kashmir. It’s definitely almost on the side of the zipple and the beat.”

It wasn’t very precise about the contractor’s location. The red dots were just a sign indicating the number of contractors, all shining only in the heart of each region.

It did not give any indication of the contractor’s appearance or condition. But the red spot means there is a contractor, so that alone was enough for the jipple-like force.

By using goods and manpower to narrow down the scope, we could find as much as we could.

Especially, if the ground is small and there is only one red spot like the Mamit lawless zone shown by the compass, the search would be very easy.

On the other hand, large continents with many red dots on them seemed hard to find even with compasses.

“I’ve looked at it several times before you came, but the red dots are subtly changing every day. Maybe it’s because the contractor’s on the move.”

I got goose bumps.

“I’m so glad I and Enya left Tikan half a year ago. I don’t know what the Zipple would have done if I stayed here.”

Zipple must have been aware of the fact that there were “three” contractors in Tikan.

The Tikan Free City is an island. Thus, unlike other continents, there was no need to narrow down the red dots if they were distributed. Not one, but a few.

“If it were there, three red dots on the tikan would be shining. As it is now… …Hmm?”

Jean stopped talking as she looked at the Tikan on the map.

Somehow, not a single red dot on the tikan shone. Even though the three contractors, Jin, Yuria and Enya, are all here.

“No… …is this fake? Why isn’t there a red spot on the tikan?”

At Jean’s words, all his colleagues looked at the same place.

“That’s odd. It seemed to have the ability to navigate contractors. Three days ago, there was a red dot on the side of the kingdom of Sucheron, and this morning there was a small article saying that the kingdom of Sucheron had a man who had signed a contract with the god of shellfish…….”

“A god of shells? Was it called Olmango or Olungo? Anyway, you’re going to mark even those kinds of junk with a red dot? He’s so incompetent that I can’t even call him God.”

Murakhan snorted, but all his other colleagues looked stiff.

“… …something’s weird. Why does it say that there is no contractor in Tikan, when Gilly says the goods seem real?”

Quikantel, who was still watching, looked at Jin and Murakan, as if something had come to mind.

“You two, get out for a second.”

“Why all of a sudden?”

“Get out for now.”


“Outside the Tikan.”

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