Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 192

a one-man victory

Transcendental exploits, projection, permitted by only one person. It was only the owner of the Ming dynasty’s new sword Sigmund that could learn the sword.

And Sigmund is now the sword of Jean, not the half of the jump.

Don’t forget, Brother Chin. You are a brother of the Ming dynasty, a descendant, and the only victor. So don’t be afraid of anyone you meet.

Is it because he saw the desperate faces of the Baengnang people facing “despair,” or because he seems to see the face of the class, who was spreading his self-confidence in the awl of sin.

The fight was in full swing, but suddenly I remembered the story half told me by Laparosa.

A brilliant brain glowed the dim interior.

“Blood, avoid!”

exclaimed the White Rangs called Durokara. It was not a deep and harsh voice, but a bird of fear.

The moment he saw the spirit of atonement, he felt it.

It’s not something you can beat out of your own little hammer.


The huge awl made up of brains looked like a whale. An incredibly powerful force that came out of a long sword.

I shouted to avoid it.

The Baengnangs were unavoidable. Not only was there no room to avoid, but also because of the intense fear that could not be overcome with honor and pride weighed down his shoulders.

If it were just the energy of ordinary Ming warriors, they would have stretched out a hammer while shuddering with fear.

But it was the energy of fighting. Half a million years ago, the dignity of fighting, which distant ancestors did not dare even think to look at.

In the sword of a small human less than two meters, the pupils of his eyes were imbued.

‘Today I didn’t find you as a thief.’


An awl of atonement pierced Duroka’s body.

Not a drop of blood, not a speck of flesh. As soon as the poles penetrated Duroka’s body, the awl of Dan sin devoured, burned and oxidized the rest of him. Made out of ashes.

at the rate of lightning strike

‘I came here as a conqueror.’

Shouting to avoid was bound to be an empty cry. Without a blink of an eye, Duroka became ashes, and the Baengnangs standing next to him could not be angry at the sight of the death of their own people.

Just something’s wrong.

This is not real…….

As soon as such thoughts hit the brain, there was nothing else I could do but close my eyes to the bright light of the brain that struck me.


Once more of Dan sin flashed, he too became ashes. The awl of Dan sin, however, seemed insatiable, flashed its light at the next prey.

Who could have imagined that as many as two assault commanders would die so vainly?

While everyone doubts my eyes, and distrusts this situation.

Sigmund pointed towards Chukon.

The Baengnangs, who were attached to guard Chukon, have been shaking their heads reflexively since earlier. Unconsciously, he was begging for his life.

But Jin’s eyes are unshakable. He is as determined as a king who stands on the execution stand.


There are three clans with tight straps and closed eyes closed.

They didn’t die as soon as the two of them were previously ashes. The protective shield of the absolute ruler of Anz briefly prevented the proceedings of punishment.

Did Chukon’s eyes recover already? No, it’s just a gut feeling.’

Pazizik! Pszik!

The protector of the Daemado Temple, called the Polar Regime, was indeed a magic spell worth its name. As soon as the snow came back, it was evident that it was spreading out in a hurry, even for a moment it was blocking the evidence was.

Although he is said to have completed the three-gold dagger’s punishment, Jin’s Orr was still in the late seven-star period. Even if he had only entered the eight-star military camp, Chukon’s protective shield would not have lasted three seconds.

‘Of course this isn’t all, Chukon Tolder.’


The protective film has cracked. When the awning’s brain went through the crack, the Baengnangs rounded up. Like little animals hiding in burrows to avoid predators.

The thrower is not a merciful sword. The awl soon tore the shield completely apart, and the Baengnangs hidden in it only left a death cry.


All the Baengnangs lost their lives even before the scream pierced their ears.

Only then did Jin stop sinning and gather the remaining brains to Sigmund’s sword.

When the ferocious crying epilepsy was recovered, the oscillations of the optical heart, which had become unstable due to the use of the dialysis machine, died down.

‘at least nine stars to use.’

It is no different from meaningless constraints. It is a power that sweeps away five Baekrangs who are in charge of the attack with an aurora that is not suitable for a fighter.

Again the intestinal tract grew dim.

The enemies of Qin did not want this darkness to be lifted again. When the darkness is lifted, it means that the lightning of that monster begins.

Did Siris safely hand over the compass to Enya?’

I’d like to go down and check right away.

Following Chukon, Carl Zipple was looking at the situation with his eyes restored.

‘Oh, my God. . . . . What the hell is going on here?’

I didn’t feel it when my subordinates were in a hurry, saying that lightning and lightning were falling. However, it is charred everywhere, the burning smell is vibrating, and the Baengnangs, who used to raise their voices, cannot even find their shape themselves.

Karl’s men, who watched the whole scene, were shaking their legs. With an eye that says we have to run away.

What makes them even scarier.

It was the fact that I couldn’t get a clue what that monster was. No chukon, no sword, no one came to mind.

If Man-bing had been used, he would have assumed Talaris, if he had used Sim-gum, Lu-Nara would have thought of the black knight of Luncandel if he had just unfolded a savage sword.

But what Jean used was a brainchild. As far as they know, there has never been a single warrior in the world who uses a brain field.

‘Unknown swordsmanship, and gone ancient light magic. Besides, the light magic that he unfolded is Chen Mi’s flashlight that remains in the family’s secret history….similar to that.’

Is he a horseman?

Carl and Chukon reached a conclusion at the same time.

Gipple do, Kinselo do.

Recently, an unidentified prosecutor had secured rumors that he showed his skills in Delky. It was a rumor that had spread since Jean faced Veris and Kuzan.

In particular, Zipple is mindful of the possibility that the person who impersonated Veradin in Akin through very few remnants of Tessing may be the Magistrate.

‘Then he wouldn’t be……?’

While dizzying speculations came and went in Carl and Chukon’s head, Jean took a step closer to them. It’s all about a single step, but the reflection of Carl and Chukon’s men flinching themselves.

“What thoughts do you have, Chukon Tolder, Carl Zipple.”

“……where did he come from?”

replied Chukon.

Neither he nor the knife was so suffocating that drove him crazy. It’s hard to know where the information about the compass came from.

They had nothing to grasp. How many of Jean’s colleagues are downstairs, their skills to what extent, and why on earth are they after the compass?

I thought it wouldn’t be a problem if we were careful with Looncandel and Beemance, but I didn’t expect someone like this to happen.

‘Not the Looncandel. There’s a good chance it’s a beat.’

‘Is it the complete version of the mind that the Beams are experimenting with?’

a shrug gin

“It wouldn’t mean anything to find out who I am. All your guys are dead today.”

Speaking coldly, Jean was not expecting to kill both Chukon and Carl. It was just a story to drag on time. Stabilize the photocardium for a moment and allow the colleagues on the first floor to clear things up.

It was also a story to confirm Chukon and Carl’s attitude.

“I haven’t felt this unpleasant in a long time. My opponent knows me, but I don’t know my opponent……I don’t think I’ll ever have to go through that in my life at Gipple. Let me formally introduce you, Duke. I’m Carl Zipple, the four-horse of the Jipple.”

“I know.”

The Four Towers, the third son of Kellyak Zipple.

I didn’t know much about him. A person who has never been seen in a newsletter or encountered in a previous life. However, I was told that the four towers of the Jipple take charge of all the unpleasant tasks of the Jipple.

Taking on all the hard work may seem to mean that it is not good to deal with, but the opposite was true. The four-horse tower is the second largest staffed organization after the one-horse tower, which is famous for its story tower.

In other words, it was one of the strongest breaths in the jipple.

“The Duke is bluffing now. Admit it, great power, but I don’t think it’s enough to deal with me and Lord Chukon at the same time.”

“Will it ever be? You were tearing up the bugs in Kinselo, and now you’re Lord Chukon again.”

“That’s enough misconceptions, and that’s the principle to make an outstanding enemy on our side when we can forgive. In that sense, let me make you a suggestion. I promise to be a man of the Jipple, to give you more than anything you want.”

“Carl Zipple! Nenoohooh!”

Chukon opened his eyes.

“I’m going to lose my ears, Lord Chukon. Didn’t the compass fall to the author? And he seems to know about our relationship and all the secrets. There’s nothing good about fighting.”

“The sound of dogs…”

“Calm down. Once the author refuses, then join forces to kill. If you feel bad, please offer to recruit Lord Kinselo Chukon. Honestly, I can’t handle him alone. Will Lord Chukon be able to do it?”

Five members of the assault squadron-class Baengnang died, and countless seven or more knights and wizards died. It was not impossible for Chukon and Carl, but the story was different this fast.

“Why don’t you be the man of the Zipple? It’s not a bad story for you either, given that you were aiming for the compass.”

Jean gave a giggle.

And I was sure inside.

‘I don’t think there’s a hundred-night airship or a project nearby.’

a nose job

That terrible ship you’ve ever experienced in the Colon site.

Jean said useless things to make sure Carl brought the project.

“If there was a project, I wouldn’t have offered to recruit like this, but I would have just exercised my skills.” Even if the island disappears from the map, it’s all there is to be evacuated by a project.’

It was a matter that I had in mind since I first entered the island. It has been confirmed that there is no “white night” in the gambling house, but the project can be hidden in the clouds as it is an aerial ship.

However, the lack of a project was a natural story in a way. “Cosek” was not something that could have been put on hold for such a position, a ship that only moved when the Jipple declared war.

The same was true of Kinselo. If too much power was hidden near the island, it could be a war because of the misunderstanding of the Zipple.

“There’s no cozac.”

The eyes of the sword grew bigger as he spoke in low spirits.

There was no more definite response than that.

“What…? “

“Then I don’t have to have any more conversations from my point of view, wizards. Let’s do what we’re doing.”

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