Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 191

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A white light exploded in the hands of the Qin.


“You crazy!”

Chukon and the guards of the sword uttered the sound of mourning. Before the flare-up, a total of four people tried to attack the camp without missing that moment.

All were fighters of more than seven stars. Three of the four, however, were blocked by Siris, who had just turned before they could reach Jin.

Siris never thought of it because he was so embarrassed and camped out. She clung leisurely to the back of three men and cut her throat with a dagger.

The other one Jean avoided the sword and twisted his neck to death. Thud! Chukon, sword and their followers were shouting evil, with the sense of breaking the neck bone ringing in their grasp.

If it had been a proper attack magic, Chukon Tolderer wouldn’t have suffered any damage.

He had a reactive defense magic around his body, after Jean and Siris sat at the next table.

It is a shield that cannot be easily pierced even by the eight-star wizard or the martial arts’ season, so even if it is raided, it was intended to defend and tear it to death.

However, the story was different if it was an ancient magic of light, not a direct strike, but merely a bright light. There is no other way but to cover your eyes in advance, not to defend magic.

“Damn it! Carl Zipple! You’re a real……!”

“Chukon! What a trick!”

As Jean had expected, Chukon and Carl immediately doubted each other. The wizards of Kinselo and Gipple were singing the magic of attacking recklessly, holding their burning eyes.


The compass was taken, and the shield was activated when the bradamante was stabbed into the neck of Chukon.

Of course, it can’t be this easy.’

When I turned to the other side and tried to strike the neck of the sword, the guards hiding at the other table were smashing over the camp.

“For the Kinselo!”

It’s not what I originally planned.

Jean screamed so loudly that she struck the swords from the guards. At the same time, pop!

Siris blew up the smoke. The gambling house is in chaos as smoke from the flashlight flooded all over the place.

The compass was thrown at Siris before the smoke had run out. Jin struck out the neck of the guards who saw the sight without hesitation, and realized that his sword had reached its peak.

All of them are at least seven powerful men. However, such talented people were injured or lost their weapons whenever Jin moved. Many people lost their lives with a single sword.

Of course, the guards were embarrassed, but it was not anyone’s job to clean up such fighters like leaves.

Still, there were too many. On the second floor of the gambling house, regular customers were only 20 percent, and the rest were all servants of Zipple and Kinselo.



Ordinary guests were screeching away.

‘Go down.’

When Jean winked, Siris nodded. Now she had to go down, hand over the compass to Enya, and take the role of unnoticed escort until Enya safely leaves the gambling house.

Is Jean really gonna be okay by herself?

Siris had no such question. Jean, whom I saw for the first time since the Colon site, had become a completely different person from then.

‘How the hell did you train, monster? I don’t know when I can win this.’

Siris also shrieked and mingled among ordinary guests who were about to go down to the first floor.

There were people who saw her kill the first three guards. The key, however, was that there was no time to care because of the smog and screams, the eave of wizards, and the sound of the armed forces of the camp and guards.

All this happened in a matter of seconds.

“After the chaos, it’s now 10 seconds long before they know exactly what I am, and the guards on the second floor are roughly 30.”’

There was to be as many enemies as possible in it.

After the chaos, it wasn’t just the thirty guards who weren’t exposed to the flashlight that Jean had to deal with.

Chukon Tolder and Carl Zipple will also have some vision within a minute, and the Baengnangs and Zipple’s servants on the first floor will also come up for the camp.

“Materials! Put your packing first!”

As soon as Chukon shouted, Jin triggered Multa’s run. Then he took out a new sword after he had killed Bramante.

The pale blade glimmered softly in the mist.

Blue flames splashed violently as the beacon, the sword, began to harbor the brain. The eyes of those who were looking for Jean naturally gathered along the brain.

What the hell is that?

Everyone had this thought as they saw the shining brain while tearing up the mist. It doesn’t seem to be a high-level blitzkrieg magic, but the brain-washed in a sword was unusual.

Even with the sword, the suspect’s face is covered with a black mahtugu.

I like the fact that the Ming sword doesn’t have to be hidden like the spirit.’

That’s right!

A sharp thunderstorm poured from the ceiling out of nowhere as the sigmund dropped down.

There is no one who recognizes the military exploits of the legend, which was lost half a million years ago, in the Plain Plain of the Ming Dynasty.

Being unfamiliar means that it is difficult to deal with.

Strange and strong, it means impossible to cope. In that sense, Jin, who started wielding his signature, could be the god on the second floor of the gambling house for a moment.

If he drops a thunderbolt to die, he must die.

Quarre! Kajizik!

A shriveled epilepsy, tearing apart the humans in it. Unlike that of nature or sorcerer, Ming-gum’s thunderbolt had a flying characteristic with lightning.

Every time the blue light flashed, someone lost his neck, someone lost his body.

Those who looked for Jean had to struggle to escape her sight.

It would have looked really like a god, not an expression.

In the presence of an artifact that turned God’s contractor into a prey, a figure who suddenly showed an unidentified, unidentifiable impossibility.

“Sir Carl! You must take refuge!”

“What the hell are you talking about, refuge? When it snows, I’ll tear the bugs in Kinselo myself and kill them!”

“It’s lightning, it’s lightning!”

“What are you talking about, again!”

“Sir Chukon! I don’t think it’s the Zipple’s job! The intruder’s lightning…. Ugh!”

Carl and Chukon could not tell why the guards crouched. It was because they could not see the epilepsy yet.



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Screams of death continued. The guards were unable to reach the camp and could hardly protect their masters.

“I’ve never seen you do things right, you uncivilized human bastards…….”

It was then that the Baengnang people on the first floor came up.

As soon as they came up and saw the feast of brain warfare, they had no choice but to shut up.

He just faced the majesty of the Ming sword.

But like the young Enemy of the Yucayuca market, the blood-stained fear was making the Baenglangs feel numb.

“Hey, this is, uh, the energy of that moron……!?’

The two Baengnangs, who felt strange to Qin, were the first to realize.

The man who’s hitting the brain field over there, that’s the guy who smelled like a polpol.

It’s a monster that I thought was a jerk.

Unlike the young Red-Ho people, though, they are warriors. in charge of the charge of assault in the Baekrang general army


The Baengnangs hit the floor with a giant hammer.

“Get a hold of yourself! You idiots, there’s only one! Melto protects Chukon, and me and Duroka overpower him!”

“Listen to the jipple! The alliance has been destroyed, but now is not the time to argue it. Hit the intruders as well as yours!”

The confusion began to subside quickly as they raised their voices.

Jean could discern one fact from the passage.

“There is no warrior here who surpasses the level of the Baekrang Assault Commander.’

There might be more outside, but at least the inside was certain. Then, downstairs would be enough for your colleagues to clean up.

I wonder if the bottom is doing well. If only Miss Enya safely escapes to the safe zone, the rest of her life will be able to survive under most variables.’

The first floor was also in chaos. The whole building was shaking in the aftermath, perhaps because there was quite a violent fight going on.


Jean scattered the epigram to the approaching Baengnangs.

Although fear was imprinted on the blood due to the history of being violated by a predator named the Ming Dynasty, fear is an emotion that one can have because one is well aware of the power of the other.

Unlike human drones, the Baengnangs were not hit with a single sword by the Ming sword. He is approaching Jean by bouncing a brain field with a hammer.

“Give me your name, man!”

“Why should I?”

“Your power is new to me, but your instincts are telling you. To fight an honorable duel, I want to dedicate your body to the foundation of Javier!”

Then Jean gave a giggles.

“Didn’t the instinct tell you to run away?”


“Because I don’t have much time, I’m a little busy playing around.”

Even though Qin belittled him, the Baengnangs could not be as excited as they were against other humans. They are attacking the camp against fear, but they are not completely overcome.

The pride and pride of warriors were only making them fight. For the Baengnangs, Qin came not as a human, but as a giant shadow of a predator that had never been seen before.

It didn’t look like an expression, it actually looked like that. Because of the energy of the fanatic heart, we cannot see the whole picture of Jin.

Heart beating, heart beating!

Under the black-light pack, one more layer in the photocardium began to spin quickly.

The captain of the Baengnang Assault can also be dealt with as many times as he can with the lightning, but it was good in many ways to finish before the Chukon and the sword recovered.

In order to do so, we needed to push ourselves a little bit.

“Know as the glory, wolves. It’s not the technology I was going to use this early.”

It’s a piece of cake!

Sigmund swallowed a spread of epilepsy everywhere. As the blue energy that was surrounding the entire second floor gathered in pale swords, the hall became dim.

One more layer. The fear felt by the White Rangs deepened. It’s not yet that the brain power has fallen, but once again, instinct has begun to tie their steps.

“Throwing machine. Is it my second time using it after completing it?”’

Pluto’s Sword 3rd Sword.

a guilty offense

When Jean gave her signature, a giant awning made of brain power flew into the Sword toward the White Rangs.

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