Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: Impersonator, Ta-da! (1)

October 17th, 1796. Noon.

Jin and Enya arrived at an inn in a small city in the southern region of the Vermont Empire and unpacked their belongings.

“It does feel weird that I’m in the Vermont Empire. I remember the first time I met you, milord, and escaped on the Tikan merchant ship.”

“And since we made fake identifications and made disguises… Please don’t be too worried. Also, make sure to address me as ‘brother’ instead of ‘lord’.”

Jin had to use ‘Jin Grey’, the alias he received when he became a provisional flag-bearer, for his identification. For Enya, the Seven-Colored Peac*ck created an identity named ‘Austin Grey’.

It was because, technically, Enya should not exist in the Vermont Empire. And since she was technically a wanted defector, she crossdressed.


Jin failed to hold in his laughter. It was inevitable after seeing Enya put on a loose masculine robe and a mustache.

“Bro! Do I look funny?”

“I can’t honestly say no. Please try to lower the tone of your voice. And now, I will begin to drop my honorary speech since we’re brothers. So you should speak comfortably to me as well.”

“Kuharhar. Like this? Is this enough?”


Contrasting with their two bright and cheery attitudes, Hosen City carried a dull and heavy atmosphere despite it only being midday. Everyone walked with a dark expression, and even the dogs had visible fear in their eyes.

The nearby market was also quiet. The city’s environment was so devastated, no one really sold anything.

‘It could only be like this since the Dark Magic Association is rampant.’

From the inn, they would find a long trail leading to the central southern region by horse.

Currently, the Dark Magic Association resided there. And when night came, they split into groups of three or four and attacked the city. They continued their robbery and harassment.

Which was why armed soldiers were stationed here and there, but their expressions were not so different from the citizens.

They were stationed only because of the emperor’s orders. They looked tired and exhausted.

“Anyway, Bro, the remnants of the Dark Magic Association must be really bad guys. Did you hear what that soldier was saying? They even indiscriminately kidnap children. I can’t believe this is actually the Vermont Empire.”

“This must be weirder since you’ve lived in the capital. There aren’t many other cities with better security than Vermont’s capital city.”

“So now we demolish those filthy villains?”

“Maybe. Let’s wait until they show up.”

However, when night came, the first people who came were a group of noble magicians.

An extravagant and fancy gold carriage passed through Hosen’s transfer gate.

Citizens gathered to gawk at the carriage. Jin and Enya mixed into the crowd.

“It’s the academy magicians!”

“They must be here to chase them off!”

A golden eagle, the symbol of the magic academy, adorned each flag.

They’re leaving them as the royals’ hunting game. I think the defense forces are leaving the Dark Magic Association alone so that the academy magicians can set achievements.

‘I didn’t want it to be like that, but Sir Kashimir was spot on. And they even came on the day we came as well. What the hell?’

Jin clicked his tongue and fixed his hood.


Enya looked surprised as soon as she faced the carriage. She didn’t have a single good memory from the academy.

“Why did they…? It seems they’re here to do good things…”

“Don’t be scared, Austin. They aren’t worth anything.”

Jin spoke in a calm voice.

The girl who didn’t budge when embarking on a journey to fight the Dark Magic Association froze as soon as she saw the academy flags. Jin felt a little bitter.

“Yeah, thanks.”

When he was mastering magic in his past life, Jin didn’t get along well with the academy magicians as well.

Their pretentiousness from privilege and elitism was unbearable.

Although not every magician from the academy was like that, he knew just from the pointless gold painting on the carriage that academy magicians thought like they were at the top of the world.

‘Well, I don’t not understand anything. It’s true that some talented and privileged people got together. I already know how much they bullied Enya for being a normal citizen. And since she’s an honor scholar, their jealousy and hate would go through the roof.’

Jin thought that Enya was at least several hundred times more talented than they were. After all, she was chosen by Olta, who was obsessed with royal bloodlines.

“Seeing their poor gold coating on the carriage, it probably isn’t an official magician. Probably a very proud novice magician, but from what I can see, they can’t defeat the Dark Magic Association.”

“Huh? Even if they are novice magicians, they probably can cast some amazing spells. 4-star on average. The Dark Magic Association is just fifty 3- to 4-star and a sprinkle of 5-stars.”

“That’s why they don’t stand a chance. These remnants are veterans who rolled in from the streets. And novices like them usually only know the theory but never real experience. Compared to the foe, they lack in manpower and experience.”

There were a total of fifteen carriages.

If there were two people in each carriage, then there were only thirty magicians.

“Still, the Academy Council probably knows what they’re doing, so they probably mixed in some professionals in there. Just as Sir Kashimir put it, they will ‘gather them up without leaving a dent’. A modest 7-star at that.

“Hm, if it’s two academy 7-stars, then I guess we won’t need to do anything?”

Jin shrugged and smiled.

“We’ll find out soon enough. Let’s go eat and have a simple glass of beer.”

“Ohhh, sounds good, Bro!”

The academy’s novice magicians’ entrance seemed to reach far and wide.

The depressed area instantly became lively. The closed restaurants and bars opened, and even the darkest alleys had small lights illuminating every corner.

Noble novices were known to spend extravagantly. Since they were also heroes who saved the city, the city had to open back up.

Jin and Enya selected a nice bar with a good balance between food and drinks.

“Bro, can I really order anything?”

“Of course.”

“Aren’t there expensive things on the menu?”

“…Austin. Shouldn’t you be a little more self-conscious that including me, our companions are very rich people? Why ask such questions?”

“But I’m not rich. Now that I’m out here, I don’t feel like splurging money.”

“When we go back, open a personal account either in the Tikan Central Bank, United Steel Dragon Bank, or Vankella Eternal Storage. I’ll make sure to allocate some allowance for you.”

“I will serve you with my life, Big Brother! Also, please promise to give me an autograph.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

On a normal scale, about 5,000 gold coins would consider someone as rich.



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Nevertheless, without this sense of money, Enya got excited. She ordered all kinds of things.

“Oh, a robe and wand? You fellows must also be some magic students. Followers of the novice magicians, I presume?”

Jin shook his head at the disrespectful banter tossed by the restaurant owner. Since they didn’t look like they were from around the area, he made sure to fit in a little.

“We’re just travelers who just coincidentally stopped by. Since we are not affiliated with the academy, there’s no need for special service.”

“Ah, I see. Hoho, but this fella ordered all of our special dishes, so this calls for obligatory special service. You’re richer than you look.”

The owner smiled and returned to the kitchen.

“Brother, that sounded really infuriating, but you went along with it. Before I met you, I thought the Runcandel Clan was filled with angry and toxic people.”

Jin scoffed as Enya whispered into his ear.

“He merely approached us without context, and he’s offering us some extra stuff. If I were any other Runcandel, it would’ve gone differently. His limbs would’ve been removed by now.”

Jin responded into Enya’s ear and smiled.

“So it’s true that it’s filled with angry toxic people! Except you.”

“Ok, but why did you change from ‘bro’ to ‘brother’?”

“Since you said you’d give me allowance, hehe.”

Tsssssssssss, chch!

The sound of oil and fire clashing on the pan echoed throughout the restaurant. The splendid aroma was a default. As the two were about to clink their beers…


Another customer entered the establishment.

And the moment the door opened, Jin had a bad feeling. He sighed.

“Goddammit. I’m not hungry anymore after hearing all that flattery. Without pig-face and snorting ‘hyehyehye’. Rubbing his hands together and smiling. How is that okay?”

“Agreed. Still, the upperclassmen told us that street food here is worth eating. Let’s get our hopes up. Hey, owner!”

“Oh, yes. Yes!”

The owner ran out to the front and bowed to the two customers. Unlike Jin and Enya, they had white robes with gold strings weaved in and out of the silk. With high quality wands in their hands, they were two of the academy novices who came to Hosen.

‘I knew that eating comfortably was not an option.’

It would be the move to leave before he could get mixed into any kind of mess.

The novice magicians contemptuously glared at him and Enya, even while they ordered.

Easy to target magic students with worn clothes, like a cat who couldn’t pass a flopping fish.

Jin placed three gold coins beside his beer glass. Even though he wanted to leave quickly, he had to pay the bill.

“Austin, let’s just leave… Hm?”

However, Enya’s attitude was weird. With clenched fists, her eyes shook. He could feel that she was trembling beneath her robe.

‘Maybe…? Really, now? Those are the novices who bullied her?’

Jin met her eyes.

“Austin, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“Ah, Brother. That’s… Yes. You’re right. Yeah, let’s get out of here. Let’s.”

‘If you want, I can beat them up without breaking a sweat.’

He wanted to say that, but relieving Enya was the first priority.

‘How much did they bully her for her to get this scared…?’


Jin ground his teeth and stood.

“Hey, you over there. Where are you from? I don’t think you’re our followers.”

One of the novice magicians slapped the cheek of someone who wanted to cry.

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