Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 1117

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Episode 258 Predator of all dimensions (7)

Zhua Aak-!

Keliac’s magic power that attacked Malugia was split in half. Between them, the swords of the spear stars and Malugia’s golden rays shot out.

My whole body was swept away. Keliak again faked the fact that he was hit, but unlike before, it was not perfect.

Most of the sword energy and sun energy disappeared upon contact with his body, but his blood splashed out. It has been revealed that there are limits to manipulation.

However, he did not lose his composure. He had expected this much from the first time he summoned Malugia, who was recovering.

“Is this according to your plan again? Malugia, is it you who called me? Sadly, I guess not. “Isn’t it too weak compared to that day?”

[Say whatever you want, because you won’t be able to do that after the apocalypse.]

A golden spear pierced Keliak’s shoulder. Malugia, who was about to continue his attack, momentarily flinched and looked at the sky stretching out behind Keliak.

Between the crushed and destroyed reincarnation world and the nearby areas where he was hiding, the light of rebirth left behind by Jin was shining. It was shining more broadly and more intensely than ever before.

In some ways, Malugia found the light more annoying than Keliak. A light that seems to say that this world cannot be fundamentally erased.

“Where are you selling your mind, Malugia? Light of rebirth? “Is this really something that bothers you?”

[You are also coveting this power. While conquering so many dimensions, you have never encountered anything greater than this.]

“Ah, you can see it that way. But there is nothing this light can change right now. Focus on the fight. Otherwise, it will tear somewhere like this.”

The dark source magical power formed as sharp as a blade cut off Malugia’s waist.

Because I lost focus for a moment due to the light of regeneration, I was unable to prepare. Even if the cut flesh and broken bones were immediately refilled, the solar energy was bound to disappear to that extent. Fortunately, because Malugia was a transcendent being, the incident ended only with injuries.

“It is such a sad thing that you, the embodiment of destruction, associate with humans, especially those with the light of rebirth. “You’re already starting to get so hurt, do you think you can survive the time you have against me?”

In one hour, the completed Demon Stone will arrive on the battlefield. On the other hand, the time required for the alliance was seventeen times that, and even that did not take into account Jin’s activities within the arrangement.

The situation remains hopeless.

But Malugia smiled.

[Celiac. Jyn Runkandel gave you a good warning. You can read the movements of small objects tens of thousands of steps away, but you can never know the future.]

Keliak’s brows narrowed.

[But I’m different… Even though I’m gloomy because I’m not perfect, I can still understand to some extent. The item you are waiting for will not arrive on time.]

As soon as Malugia finished speaking, a new golden portal was formed behind Keliak. Inside, an immortal appeared, holding a sword like a warrior.


Kragos, the self of the sun god who pushed Dante to the brink of death and pushed the empire into the abyss of destruction.

He was neither sealed nor destroyed on the battlefield that day. And right after the battle was over, he entered the dimensional passage under Malugia’s orders. To prevent the Demon God Stone from arriving on time today.

[Your limbs are pretty rough, Keliac. They are used to dealing with beings like me… and it was almost dangerous.]

Sigh-! Kragoth’s sword grazed Keliak’s shoulder.

And just as Keliak was parrying Kragos’ subsequent attacks, he recognized traces of magical energy that he could not sense from him originally.

‘Hyster’s magic, recording magic…!?’

Hyster’s magic remains in Kragos’ body.

What that meant was clear. Rebel survivor, Valeria Hister, helped Kragos.

‘But it’s strange. Did Valeria Hister help Kragos by shaking off Silin’s pursuit? As long as Silin doesn’t completely lose sight of Valeria.’

Kelly Ack thought about it until then and shook his head. It happened anyway, and those who had to pay the price were right in front of us.

“Kragos, you incompetent bastard wouldn’t have been able to travel through the dimensional passage alone. It’s funny that they are the selves of the sun god who cannot even realize their instincts without the help of mortals. That is why you are always blocked by me.”

Tsuzuzussut…! Keliac’s magic power was connected to the Demon God’s portal that was open in all directions of the sky.

I want to check. How damaged was the road to move the completed Demon Stone?

Even Keliak was trembling and screaming as if the work was painful. Clearly defenseless, the Alliance and Sun God selves rushed at him furiously.

However, access was not easy due to the shock waves generated by the magical power and the portal. Five seconds later, just as the spearmen, who had first overcome the shock and entered range, were about to swing their swords, Keliak opened his eyes and regained his senses.

“Okay… you’re quite late, Malugia. I admit it, my head is getting warmer for the first time in a long time. Anger is an emotion I had forgotten about.”

There was murderous intent in Keliak’s eyes. Unlike his calm face until now, his magical power was also rushing wildly and fiercely.

Soon, Keliak grabbed the sword of Kragos, who was trying to widen the distance, with his hand. The blade shattered like glass, and Kragos slammed his fist into Keliak’s face.

[You guy!]

However, his fist could not reach and was cut off in front of Kelly’s eyes, a space explosion. The space explosion reached its peak and a moment later, Kragos’ entire body was cut into dozens of pieces.


The sun splashed like blood and flesh. Kragos tried to regenerate his body, but Keliak was already holding what could be called Kragos’ core with both hands.

“It beats like a living human heart. The sun god’s ego does not fundamentally disappear? “Did you believe in something like that and approach me so foolishly?”


There was a slurry, dull sound as Keliak coiled around his core. Kragos’s eyes on the half of his head turned white as if they had been turned upside down, and his scattered flesh stopped repairing itself and twitched in the air.

“You, a by-product of a failed god and one who cannot be said to be special, dare to touch my body. “It’s unpleasant, very.”

Keliac said as he threw the remaining Kragos core in his hand to the floor.

He didn’t die. However, Kragos was the flagship, having barely recovered his human form. If it weren’t for Malugia’s protection in the next moment, he would not have escaped extinction.

“The only ones who can survive here are Malugia and Jin Runkandel. Everyone else will die before the Demon Stone comes. Solderet’s legacy? “You honestly don’t think you can get it by enduring 17 hours, do you?”

The magical power of Myeongwon and Amwon was spreading radially. As soon as the wide and dense net that even spears could not avoid was spread, blood burst out from Valeria and Enya’s mouths and noses.


There was too much distortion for the two of them to handle.

But I can’t back out. When I took a step back to avoid the magic, there were allies barely wandering the line of fire.

“Can’t we just use them as a shield? Well, in the end, it’s not a bad choice. There would be no point in doing so anyway. But it’s funny, even I don’t choose any means or methods. “How can you be so complacent?”

As the saying goes, Keliak was a person who could do anything to realize his desires. Killing enemies and killing allies.

Even now, his magic power was spreading widely, crashing into everything it touched like waves. Not only did he somehow devour the alliance members who tried to enter La Fra Rosa’s protective shield, but even the spears and gods of the Demon Gods that were attacking them.

[Shut up, what do you know!]

It was Orgal.

To him, Keliak was a nightmare that would repeat itself forever. It was a wall of despair that could never be overcome, a fatal wound that was constantly repeated.

He lost everything while fighting against him. He lost countless comrades, precious memories of them, and all that was left was pain, a pain that has transcended hundreds of dimensions and continues to this day.

[You little devil, you have nothing but desire. There is nothing precious, nothing meaningful, nothing to protect. Are you saying that you will become the only god? Destroy the last remaining place? Even if we fall, the universe will stop you. The world will not leave you like that!]

Orgal swung his sword with his thin arm and blocked Keliak’s path.

We have already passed the limit where life can be restored. He just wanted to take his memories with him even if he died.



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From hundreds of dimensions to the 677th dimension, the memory that there is something left over from that long struggle and resistance.

By far, it was the people. The people who are fighting together here now, the people who not long ago pointed their swords at each other without knowing the truth, that was the last glory that Orgal received.

“It would be a shame to just kill you. That’s why I purposely left you with a little bit of life left, Orgal.”

Keliak used wind pressure to push him away as if he was not worth dealing with. Orgal threw his whole body into trying to defeat the magic power of the Mingyu world on his own, but the reason he did not die of old age was in fact due to Keli Evil’s control.

[Yes, he expected it to some extent. He wouldn’t have used more of Myeongwon’s power to taunt me. So, do you feel pleasure?]

“No way.”

[That is why there is only emptiness waiting for you. But I’m happy, Keliak Ziffle. If I fall in battle, I will become a soldier of the abyss like always, and people will remember me. Even though I can’t remember them.]

“After today, the only thing left to remember you is me.”

[How many times have you said something stupid… The future you set is worthless.]

Orgal said that and smiled.

And at that time, a golden portal was opening behind the air fortress La Prarosa. That wasn’t the portal that Keliak had opened.

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