Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 1116

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Episode 258 Predator of All Dimensions (6)

“Whoa, whoo….”

Luna let out her harsh breath and wrapped a new crimson flag around her Crantel. Even though she was exhausted, Crimson Qi radiated the same deep light as before.

Since she ruled out Jin’s aging, the Changseongs were able to breathe a little easier.

Of course, the situation has not fundamentally improved. I just temporarily pushed away something that was only getting worse.

With the destruction of the Flame Realm, one of the most important orders of the world had already disappeared in the 677th dimension. Reincarnation, the souls of the dead now have nowhere to go.

At the back of the battlefield, the spears of the Demon Gods, gods, phoenixes, fleets, and wizards continued to push the alliance members.

There were more people who did not make it and met their end than those who entered La Prarosa’s protective shield.

Only an hour has passed since Keliac appeared on the battlefield.

There were still 17 hours until the seal was lifted, and if things continued like this, Keliac would definitely annihilate the entire alliance within that time. No matter how many miracles occurred, no matter how strongly I resisted, no matter how much I sacrificed my whole body for my beliefs and pride, that seemed to be a fact that would never change.

“Father, what should I do?”

“Did you get old for a while and then become weak? You ask all these questions.”

Siron said as he struck down Keliac’s beam that flew next to Luna.

“It’s because I can’t seem to find an answer. I’m not afraid of fighting, losing, or dying. But if you think that your family, colleagues, and people will all disappear. “I feel like I’m going crazy.”

“Did you think Demon Seonghwa would come to visit?”

“That’s not true.”

“It will be so. So it’s okay even if you feel like you’re going crazy. That means you are getting stronger. Also, aren’t we the only enemies he has left?”


Naturally, her allies were hoping she would appear on the battlefield. Even if what she fundamentally wants is destruction in the end, there is a high possibility that there will be more variables favorable to the alliance.

“I too would like Malugia to come here, Siron Runkandel.”


The spears of Myeongwon were raining down on Siron’s head. Since his vision was still limited, the most difficult thing was to block these multiple attacks.

In an instant, the number of residual wounds increased. Aging began immediately from the affected area, and Siron escaped the area where spears were pouring down, making fun of his body, which was rapidly becoming heavier and duller.

“It’s better to get everything done neatly here.”

It’s not a bluff. He was not a person who needed to show off. Keliak still has a few more moves left. Just as the legacy of Solderet and Malugia’s invasion remain in the alliance.

And he was a person who didn’t need to hide those numbers.

“Aren’t you curious about the completed Demon God Stone, what kind of power it has?”

Keliac, who had been floating in the sky until just now, was now stretching out his hand right in front of Siron. Luna, Van, and Orgal rushed at him at the same time and slapped his hand away.

The same pattern as the last battle in the Empire followed. Three swords were stabbed into his bare body, but his arms were distorted like a mosaic, nullifying all attacks.

“This level of manipulation and distortion is possible even without the Demon God Stone. This alone would be quite frustrating. But soon, the most outstanding demon stone will arrive here at my summons.”

This was why Keliak waited for Malugia.

When he arrived at the completed Demon God Stone, it was as if all variables had been completely blocked.

“I will use that power to absorb Malugia. And you will gain the power of the sun god and be reborn as a being who can completely control even time.”

“You’re particularly obsessed with controlling time, Keliak.”

“Isn’t that inevitable, Siron? That’s the only power I haven’t gotten to yet. So far, hundreds of Oltas have been killed or absorbed. Nevertheless, in order to control time, the full power of the sun god was ultimately needed. Malugia is the final piece.”

A completed demon stone, a complete sun god.

I couldn’t even imagine the power of Keliak Ziffle, who possessed both. It’s so bad that not even Keliak himself can guess.

“There is nothing more enjoyable than changing the unchangeable, making the impossible exist, and being able to go back on the path of no return….”

For the first time, Keliak was showing signs of excitement. He burst into laughter like a madman and accepted the swords of his enemies as they passed through his body. Meaningless attacks that don’t even leave a small scratch.

“17 hours! This is the time you need to enter subspace where Solderet’s legacy resides. “You can’t go there, that’s why I came myself.”

“Are you sure?”

This time it was Jin, not Shiron. Keliak turned his head and stared at Jin.

“Jin Runkandel, you seem to have gained some confidence after enduring aging?”

“You can read everything on this battlefield like your own body. No, maybe we can be aware of everything that happens not only on the battlefield but in the entire Black Sea.”

In fact, Keliak was even aware that small monsters at the entrance to the Black Sea were hiding in burrows. I was able to feel it naturally without having to strain my senses.

“For example, you can perceive everything that is happening on this earth right now. But didn’t you just say it yourself, that you haven’t conquered time yet? But how can you be sure of the future? “Do you really not know that the logic that it is a natural result just because you are stronger than us can go wrong at any time?”

After about ten seconds of silence, Keli Ak nodded his head.

“Yes… that’s true.”


Suddenly, the spears that were attacking Keliak flew out in all directions. From then on, he was pushed back by the magic power of the Myeongwon and Darkwon realms that exploded.

Then, white and black magic began to color the earth. If you step on the wet ground in a bright source, your body will age, and if you step on the wet ground in a dark source, your body will disappear.

Although it looked overwhelming, it was not an effective attack. The Changseongs were able to continue the battle at the same level without having to step on the ground.

However, Keliak did not use his magic power to pressure the Changseongs.

“It’s a story that can never be refuted until I devour Malugia.”

Immediately after Keliak finished speaking, something crashed from the sky.

A huge golden shining being fell to the ground, as if an entire star had fallen.

It was Malugia.

She had hair as long as a river, just like in the empire, and those hairs radiated solar energy as they dug into the ground like roots.

But it is different from that day. Malugia’s solar energy was not able to quickly push away Keliac’s magic that covered the ground.

This was because he was suffering more from the aftermath of the last battle than Keliak. That was the reason why it fell so violently as if it were falling.

“As expected, you were hiding near the flame system… Malugia. Well, there was no other place to hide. “You couldn’t have done something foolish like crawling through the dimensional passage.”

Ever since he destroyed the Flame World a little while ago, Keliac had been planning to strike Malugia somewhere around that time.

That judgment was valid. Malugia’s existence was suspended as she focused on her recovery, leaving her unable to defend against the flame realm and the Keli evil demons that spread around it. As a result, she had no choice but to appear on the battlefield now.

Originally, she was scheduled to enter the battlefield exactly 15 minutes from now, having fully recovered. According to Malugia’s calculations, the Demon Stone would arrive at the battlefield an hour later than that.

45 minutes. In that time, Malugia could have made it so that Keliac could not use it even if the Demon Stone arrived. It was judged that it would be possible if they could use the Bamul coalition to pressure Keliak together.

In other words, because the full 15 minutes were not completed, a fatal problem arose in Malugia’s plan.

“We must protect Malugia!”

Jin instinctively screams.



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Malugia was now clearly weaker than what had been seen in the Empire. So, the moment Malugia is subdued by Keliak, the variable disappears.

As soon as the Demon God Stone arrives, Keliac absorbs the suppressed Malugia and gains the power of the Sun God.

As Jin was shouting, Keliak was already trying to tie up Malugia using her magic that had been spread out on the ground like a net.

The Changseongs reflexively took steps to avoid the magic, but quickly changed direction when they heard Jin’s voice.



The magical power of Myeongwon and Amwon ravaged the entire bodies of the Changseongs.

Getting old and erased. There are limits to the recovery of Valeria and Enya. Once the limit was exceeded, there was no turning back.

[Myungwon, I take care of all the aging! You just get rid of the cancer center!]

It was Orgal.

Thanks to his characteristics as a demon and being chosen by Heluram, he was the person least affected by aging. He had already died once and was given new life by the witch.

But no one can know.

How much time he could endure was something that not even Orgal himself knew. That means that the limit to which Valeria and Enya can turn him around is also unknown.

If he were to get rid of all the magic power of the Mingyuan world by himself, he could have aged for over a thousand years all at once. Maybe even more than 10,000 years.

[Woo -ah …!]

The spearmen followed Orgal’s words. Otherwise, I could be wiped out while saving Malugia, so there was nothing I could do.

The spears continued to push away Keliac’s magic power and approach Malugia.

When all the magic that had enveloped the earth disappeared, the spearmen sighed and checked for Malugia. Fortunately, she had gathered her strength and was looking for an opportunity to counterattack Keli Ak.

And Orgal’s fingers looked bony.

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