Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 76

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 76

Vincen felt that he did not have much time and spoke quickly.

“I want them to live.”

Here, there is a first-class priest Neliuk and a second-class priest Merlin.

In addition, there are fourth-grade assistant priests who did not risk their necks.

If these three work together and move quickly, they can put the heads of the five people back together.

“They’re still alive.”

“What is the reason?”

“I want to take my honor into my own hands. “I don’t want to be a child who borrowed from his mother.”

Bertha smiled.

‘I guess that’s not the only reason.’

She also knows that she doesn’t have much time.

They are all high-ranking priests.

Thanks to the divine power within its body, it is still alive even after its head is cut off, but if left as it is, it will die within a few seconds.

“I allow it.”

Vincen spoke quickly.

“Sir Neliuk, Lord Dulan, Lord Ayman. please.”

Doolan moved the fastest.

Soon, Neliuk and Aiman ​​also unleashed their divine power and caused a miracle.

Dulan, who was splicing the decapitated priest’s head, was surprised.

‘How can the cut surface be so clean?’

Versa’s sword was not even visible.

So I knew it was quick and clean, but I didn’t know it would be this bad.

‘You were thinking about putting it back on!’

It seemed like it was done this way on purpose.

So that I can survive even if my head is cut off.

‘It would never be consideration for the priests.’

She said she was Adenka’s mother.

Her consideration would be for Adenca and Vincennes.

‘What kind of picture is drawn in their minds?’

I couldn’t tell now.

For now, we focused on recovering the priests.

All five priests have been revived, and the audience is still silent.

Dulan and Ayman were half exhausted, sweating profusely.

Neliuk, a first-class priest, was in relatively good condition.

Even during this time, Neliuk conserved his strength.

‘That’s it.’

This is what happened anyway.

It would have been better to give grace to the Adenka Presbyterian Church.

Neliuk lifted Elder Delbek’s fallen arm.

“We will treat you too, Elder Delbeck.”

“… … .”

Delbeck was momentarily conflicted, but did not reject it.

At that time, Vincen opened his mouth.

“Elder Delbeck is a great warrior and will not throw away his honor.”

Delbek and Nelliuk’s bodies flinched at the same time.

Vincen looked towards Delbeck.

“Isn’t that so, Elder?”

“… … .”

Elder Delbeck’s body trembled.

‘Yes you bastard!’

I was very angry, but I couldn’t show it outwardly.

“Of course it is. “My left arm is proof of your truth.”

“I will keep the elder’s steadfastness deeply in mind and learn from it.”

“… … .”

Bertha smiled at that sight.

‘That’s great.’

Priests were not warriors, so the standard of warriors was not applied.

However, Delbek is definitely an elder of Adenka.

It was natural to apply the standards of an unmanned person to an unmanned person.

Merlin half-laughed at the sight of Bertha and Vincennes.

‘Vincen, if it weren’t for your words, Elder Delbeck would never have recovered his arm.’

When Bertha decapitated the priest, she did so carefully and quickly so as not to cut or injure any nerves.

Thanks to this, everyone was able to recover.

However, it was not as bad as cutting off Elder Delbeck’s arm.

‘It’s been damaged to the point where recovery is impossible.’

Muscles and nerves were torn into pieces.

Not only that, but the magic circuit connecting the shoulder and arm was permanently damaged.


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‘Somehow, Madame Bertha seems to expect more from Vincenne.’

It occurred to me that the picture they were drawing would not end here.

Vincen said:

“Here is the proof of my truth.”

Vincen lifted Elder Delbeck’s left arm and gave it to Bertha.

No one, including Elder Delbeck and Priest Neliuk, expressed any opposition.

Bertha acknowledged Vincen’s innocence.

Bertha said as she handed Delbaek’s left arm to Neliuk.

“So, Lord Nelliuk, please close the case.”

Neliuk was startled and took a few steps back.

He spoke in a trembling voice, sweating coldly.

“Well, let’s do that. Prince Vincennes will be found not guilty, and the temple will not request any further compensation from Adenka.”

He continued speaking while looking carefully at others.

“Let’s just get this over with.”

But Vincen intervened.

“I still haven’t received what I deserve. Please check the recorded video again.”

Vincen infused mana into the general-purpose magic stone and retrieved the video record once again.

-I did everything I had to do. I kept my promise to my friend. Thank you for coming to me. If there are any descendants of mine, they will be very grateful to you.

Six priests, led by Neliuk.

And even Dulan stood in a line.

When priests meet benefactors, they bow flat on the floor and kiss the floor.

That was the priests’ salute.

They all began to kneel.

“I sincerely thank you for conveying the message of the Holy King. We, Gaia, have been greatly indebted to Prince Vincent. “Thank you again for your service.”

He humbled himself by kissing the floor.

“We look forward to your family’s endless development and trust, and Gaia will walk in step with Adenka as it has done so far. The Temple of Gaia will not forget your grace. “Thank you very much, Prince Vincent.”

All of those scenes were saved in the video recorder that records the Presbyterian Church.

Versa rang the bell.

An attendant who had been waiting outside hurriedly ran over.

“Please make a record of everything that happened today and give it to the newsletter reporters who are waiting.”

Delbeck shouted loudly.

“That’s not possible!”

Elder Delbeck’s prestige was greatly damaged today.

No matter what anyone says, today’s main characters were Bertha and Vincennes.

A place where those two stand out.

This was not what Elder Delbaek personally wanted, nor was it what the Presbytery wanted.

Delbeck gritted his teeth.

‘Something like a poisonous snake!’

Versa’s intentions were obvious.

The intention is to use this incident as an excuse to show off Versa’s abilities to the outside world.

‘Adenca has been the Presbyterian’s for generations!’

It has been like that since ancient times.

However, when Versa appeared, the story changed slightly.

Bertha was too capable, and there was no need for a capable second-in-command from the Presbytery’s point of view.

“What happened within the Presbyterian Church cannot be broadcast without permission from the Presbyterian Church. “No matter how much you are a wife, you cannot violate the family law.”

But Vincen raised his hand.

“We can transmit it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“As far as I know, even if it happened in the Presbytery, it can be taken out if it is extremely beneficial to the public interest and reputation of Adenka.”

Anyone can see that this case was extremely beneficial to the public interest and reputation of Adenka.

Vincen made eye contact with Delbeck.

In terms of spirit, he was not inferior to Delbaek.

“You probably don’t know how beneficial this case is to the public interest of Adenka, right?”

* * *

Neliuk was dying.

The news reporters who had been brought in to celebrate the temple’s victory were once again stabbing daggers into their hearts.

What happened within the Presbyterian Church caused quite a stir throughout the continent.

“I heard the priests saluted Adenka even though five of their heads were cut off?”

“Oh no way. “Did you really want to do that?”

“Really. “There is also a video.”

Because the video was so cruel, the original version was not released to the outside world.

“It’s not exactly visible because it’s been magically processed, but it’s clear.”

“omg. You said thank you like that even after your head was cut off? Did you get down on her knees and kiss the floor?”

It was something that could not be understood through common sense.

Even after being treated so harshly, he knelt down on the ground and saluted.

“I guess that’s how great Adenka’s power and the Seven Confucius’ achievements were.”

The Gaia mission’s strategy to gain the upper hand in relations with Adenka by relying on public support completely failed.

“But is Lady Bertha that great?”

“I guess so. “No matter how slowly you watch the video, you can’t see him swinging the sword.”

Versa had long since retired from active duty, and the public did not know much about Versa.

Versa did little external activity and focused on managing Adenka’s internal affairs.

“Then how strong is the matriarch, the number one leader of Adenka?”

“You don’t know that.”

Due to this incident, Adenka gained an advantageous position in political relations with Gaia.

Additionally, Vincennes’ reputation began to become known internationally, and Bertha’s influence greatly expanded.

In addition, as Gaju Khan’s abilities were reexamined, Adenka’s status itself increased.

“You caught several rabbits with one action. It was a great plan and judgment. “I saw you again.”

“It’s thanks to my mother’s help.”

Bertha chuckled.

I liked everything about Vincennes.

“After a while, the head of the family will return. I will deliver your news directly. “I think you’ll really like it.”

Khan left alone to subdue the great monsters and the monster army that appeared in the eastern part of the continent.

Vincen said to himself.

‘Julian! ‘Stay still.’

The connection with Julian has deepened.

In Vincennes’ mind, he saw a vision of a flower field spreading out.

Recognized by Versa.

And the fact that Versa personally delivered her news to the matriarch made Julian a flower garden.

-Hehe, hehehehe, hehehehe, hehehehe!

I was dizzy.

Julian showed no signs of calming down.

Vincen bowed his waist.

“thank you. “I will show a better side.”

Bertha walked to the desk and took out a piece of paper from a drawer.

“This is a letter of recommendation for the promotion test.”

“What you gave me before… … .”

“Trash that.”

It was clear that it would contain more advanced content than the previous recommendation letter.

“If you tell Herka, she will take appropriate action.”

I received a new letter of recommendation.

That night,

Vincen found Dulan.

“I would like to give a gift to Priest Dulan.”

“A gift?”

He held out the Holy Grail.

“This, this!”

“yes. It is a relic of King Seong. “It seems like an item fit for a priest who inherited the power of the Holy King.”

“Well, I’m not qualified. It belongs to Prince Vincennes.”

“As you know, I have a body that needs divine energy.”

The Holy Grail was a gift for Dulan, but it was also an arrangement for Vincennes himself.

“The day will come when you will need shoes again. So please accept my gift.”

“… … “If that is the reason, I would be grateful.”

King Seong’s relics would grant legitimacy to Dulan, who inherited King Seong’s power.

Also, from Vincen’s perspective, it meant creating a minimum safety device.

It was a gift that benefited both of them.

“Let’s fill it up with holy water for Prince Vincent.”

“I’m fortunate to have a friend like Priest Dulan.”

I was very happy to be called a friend.

“Take it.”

“thank you. “I will use it with great care.”

Doolan’s body swayed as he received the Holy Grail.

Something that neither Vincen nor Doolan expected began to happen.


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