Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 57

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The Standard of Reincarnation Episode 57

“Just curious.”

Herca approached Vargon.

Hehehe, he smiled with a kind face.

“Don’t do that, teach me.”

“Please tell me why.”

“Is that confidential?”

“It’s not confidential, but… … .”

Vargon wanted to talk.

If you look at the general manager’s report log, you can find out enough information yourself.

However, Herka didn’t seem to have much intention of finding out for herself.

“If it’s confidential, you can just tell me. “Let’s not be strict.”

“You’re not really interested in cadets, are you?”

“Vincenten is a little different.”


“You defeated Samion. “Is there any other reason?”

“For some reason, I think it would be Lord Herka.”

However, Bargon had no choice but to speak in the end.

It was not confidential, and if the general manager asked, the deputy manager had to answer.

“This is the Adenka Presbyterian Church.”

“Wow, I understood everything Bargon said, but it’s frustrating.”

“… … .”

“So who is one of those old men?”

“Please refrain from speaking.”

“Ah, yes, yes. “Who are you among the great elders?”

“This is Elder Thilovan.”

“ah. “He.”

“Do you know who it is?”

“know. “He is a very unlucky old man.”


Vargon took a quick look around.

It would be a big deal if anyone heard it.

“Vargon, I’m going to take some vacation. “There are a few days left, right?”

“Suddenly? “What is the reason?”

“My body and mind are exhausted. “I need some rest.”

“You look extremely healthy.”

Herka coughed loudly.

“I guess I have a cold.”

“Is a warrior on the verge of reaching the 8th star catching a cold?”

“Don’t contact me while on vacation. got it?”

“Where are you going?”

Vargon warped and blocked the door.

As the deputy manager, he had to know the general manager’s destination.


“Why are you there?”

That was where Vincen was headed.

“I heard the whipped cream cake there is delicious. “They say it’s in season.”

Bargon could not stand it anymore and ended up shouting.

“You son of a bitch! “What season is there for fresh cream cake?”

Herka was no longer here.

Today too, Bargon’s wrinkles increased.

* * *

Vargon, who was very tired because of Herka, called out to Raven with a slightly haggard look.

There must have been permission from the general manager, so the work progressed quickly.

“From now on, Cadet Raven is a 9th level cadet in the Red Fortress, and I will treat Cadet Raven as a cadet. “It will be a lot different than before, so get used to it.”

Raven also accepted the 9th class cadet uniform and badge.

He laughed as if he liked the uniform and badge.

“I will be a great cadet.”

“Oh, and.”

Vargon pressed his temples.

It was because of Herka’s message.

-I came because I wanted to meet Vincen, so let’s arrange a meeting with him! It will be a great stimulus and help to Vincenne, right?

-No? no way. All you have to do is send a letter to Vincennes and ask for his doctor. Why do you think Lord Vargon can’t do it? How about sending a letter first?

Accordingly, the letter had now been sent.

Vargon asked.

“Would you like to meet Cadet Vincent?”

“can we meet?”

Raven’s eyes sparkled.


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“It will be possible after we confirm Vincen’s intention.”

“I’m really looking forward to it!”

The logical Vargon finally couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked.

“What does defeating Vincennes have to do with entering the Red Fortress?”

He said his goal was to beat Vincen.

I know what you mean.

Raven’s original goal was Kagon Samion, and she already knew that her dream was to become stronger than Kagon.

“Now that Vincen has defeated Kagon, I understand that the cadet’s goal has changed. But what does this have to do with entering the Red Fortress?”

“Does it matter?”

Raven scratched her head.

“It seems like it doesn’t matter.”

But what do you think? I think it would be fun.

It felt like I was hallucinating.

Vargon blinked his eyes and looked at Raven.

Bargon had a hunch.

‘He’s not a natural match for me.’

The butler cleared his throat and spoke.

“Our prince originally wanted to train with Prince Kagon, but Samion refused. On the contrary, they allowed us to enter the Red Fortress, which was a happy event for our Confucius in many ways. “I would like to thank you for allowing me to enter.”

A few hours later.

A hawk knocked on the window.

A letter was tied to the hawk’s leg.

It was a letter from Vincennes.

[Bartican’s Raven will be of great help to us.]

Raven waited for Bargon’s words in a calm manner.

“This is a copy of the assignment letter. “Please check carefully before departure.”

“Oh, thank you!”

Before even saying hello to the 9th grade cadets, he immediately left the Red Fortress and started chasing Vincen.

And after a day, Raven was able to meet Vincen.

Julian recognized Raven first.

-Orange hair. That’s Raven. Behind him is Serkun, Raven’s butler. Even though Raven is a cheerful idiot, you have to be careful with Serkun. He’s a former assassin.


-yes. 20 years ago, he was called the King of Death. I look very young now, but that’s because I used something called a reverse technique. He’s actually over 50 years old.


-Oh, and by the way, can you see him holding a spear?

‘It’s as if I’m desperate to fight.’

-that’s right. You could say let’s fight all the time. Let’s compete against each other! Like this.


-Are you calm? They might attack you?

Vincen grinned secretly.

-Brother’s laughter seems like a pervert. What are you planning?

‘I feel comfortable with people who are honest like that. Although he has a strong will to win, once he admits defeat, he becomes a trustworthy companion. If you have Raven’s level of ability, it will be quite helpful in this mission.’

Vincennes had a completely different perspective from Vargon.

‘I think he’s a natural fit for me.’

Wilson instinctively recognized Raven and Serkun.

I wasn’t sure, but I secretly hid behind Vincen, thinking it was unmanned.

The momentum of Raven holding the spear was quite sharp.

It was like a seething active volcano.

“Are you Vincen?”


Vincen’s attitude was quite provocative and arrogant, unlike usual.

Raven nodded lightly.

“My name is Raven Bartican. “I challenge Vincen Adenca to a duel.”




“why? “Why do you not like it?”

Vincen silently looked at the spear blade.

Raven seemed a little embarrassed by Vincen’s attitude, but soon opened her mouth.

“Vincent. “Unsheath your sword.”

“I said I don’t like it.”

Vincen passed by Raven without answering.

Raven’s body flinched.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Nothing happened between the two.

Vincen was already walking far ahead.

Raven looked to the side.

Serkun grinned.

“butler. “Am I ignored?”

“I guess so.”

Raven took a deep breath.

“It’s too bad you’re humiliating me.”

He shouted with all his mana.

“Are you cowardly running away with your opponent in front of you?”

Vincen continued to walk ignoring me for a while.

Raven ran after him.

Only when he arrived at a deserted alley did Vincen turn around and take out the mission letter.

“I’m on a mission now, Raven. Are you going to interfere with my mission? “I didn’t think he was such a poor cadet.”

Vincen continued to stimulate Raven.

Raven spoke with a somewhat sharp tone.

“We have met before, Vincen Adenca.”


“I was clearly cowardly and timid at the time. “It looked like a lifeless body.”

“sorry. “I don’t remember meeting you.”

Raven flinched at those words.

It seemed like his pride was a little hurt when he was told that he had no memories.

“Prayer has changed. I admit that. However, there is no suffocating force that I felt from Kagon. How on earth did you defeat Kagon?”

“… … .”

“It must have been a trick, right?”

“Two people representing Adenca and Samion were there. Are you insulting them?”

“Well, that’s… … .”

“It would have been right to blame you for not being able to accurately understand my level. “He’s not very intelligent and has no discernment.”

Raven’s face turned a little red.

He couldn’t hold back his anger and rushed at him.

“Prove that your swordsmanship skills are as good as your speaking skills!”

Raven kicked off the ground and rushed towards me.

His movements were indeed fast and concise.

But it was strange.

Vincen seemed unable to react.

‘Why why!’

It didn’t matter whether I didn’t react or not.

If things continue like this, it will really pierce Vincen’s heart.

But it was already too late to retrieve the spear.

If the spear is retrieved here and the spear ceremony is performed, there will be a great shock to the magic circuit and mental image.


Until the moment the spear blade touched his heart, Vincen just stared at Raven without moving.

In the end, he was forced to retrieve the mana.


Raven clutched her chest and squeaked.

I felt like I wasn’t feeling well and was nauseous.

I couldn’t help it.

It also took a toll on my mental image.


Serkun quietly stood behind him and patted his back.

The hand was patting Raven’s back, but the eyes were focused on Vincen.

“Prince Raven. Prince Vincennes clearly responded.”

“Kolok, then?”

“Prince Vincent’s eyes were focused on the tips of my fingers. “I was even laughing lightly.”

Serkun grinned.

“Maybe he was confident that I would stop him.”

“You cowardly hid behind the butler.”

“no. I guess he was looking at the situation objectively. Weren’t you on a mission?”

When performing a mission, performance of the mission must be considered more important than anything else.

That is the top value.

It was not very desirable for colleagues to duel with each other.

If there was any chance of trouble, Serkun had to prevent it.

That was the role assigned to him.

‘That’s interesting, Prince Vincent.’

The eyes that can objectively grasp a situation and the heart that can put that grasp into action are clearly two different realms.

It was rare for someone to not raise an eyebrow when the spear blade was approaching in front of them.

“The first meeting was a victory for Prince Vincennes.”

“You haven’t fought me yet.”

“There are times when victory or defeat is decided even without fighting.”

Raven didn’t seem to like it.

After thinking about it for about 30 seconds, I quickly nodded.

“that’s right. “I think I lost.”

He was very quick to admit it.

He said with a cheerful smile.

“I lost, Vincen.”

Raven held out her hand.

“Let me formally introduce you. My name is Raven Bartican. We lost today, but we will win next time. Anyway, I’m on a mission right now, so I’ll actively cooperate with your mission!”

“Vincent. “He is the 7th Prince of Adenka and a 9th grade cadet of the Red Fortress.”

After the tumultuous first meeting, Vincennes walked towards the Turnicon.

Turnikon was a small city in the south, not far from the Red Fortress.

We rented a room, unpacked our bags and took some rest.

“After the mission is over, have a formal competition with me.”

Vincennes didn’t really answer.

“I’m going to find the mutant goblin tomorrow. Reserve her stamina.”

Julian pointed out the key point.

-Brother, you didn’t answer on purpose, right? I can’t be more impatient? Was it intentional that you took a provocative attitude at first? Isn’t it intentional that you made it difficult to speak? Are you trying to provoke him into attacking me?

‘… … .’

-I don’t know if I should call it a mercenary technique, but the effect is no joke. The will to cooperate seems to be burning brightly. Although I don’t understand it.

In fact, Raven’s fighting spirit was burning inside.

I was determined to be of great help to Vincennes.

‘Since I lost, I will definitely show a good performance next time, Vincen! Then you too will recognize me as your rival and fight with me!’

To be honest, Julian had similar tendencies to Bargon.

So it was difficult to deal with a type of person like Raven.

However, I gained great insight from watching Vincen treat Raven.

There wasn’t much need for logic when dealing with that type of person.

-This is how you deal with cheerful fools.

Raven was sure to become a trustworthy companion.

At least until the mission is over.

7:00 pm.

I went down to the restaurant on the first floor.

Vincen and Wilson.

Raven and Serkun sat together.

‘It’s a smell.’

Vincen’s sense of smell caught something.

‘An unforgettable smell.’

Even though 500 years have passed, there was a smell that I could not forget.

My lungs tingled as I inhaled the smell.

‘Why does it smell like that in here?’

There was a peculiar smell coming from Samion’s dungeon.


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