Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 56

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The Standard of Reincarnation Episode 56

Vincen said:

“Goblins naturally live in groups. However, if you look at the mission statement, there is something unusual.”

Merlin listened to Vincennes explanation in silence.

In fact, rather than the fact that he was a ‘mutant goblin’, he focused more on the fact that ‘Elder Tilovan had nominated Vincen’ and given him the mission.

However, Vincen focused on ‘mutant goblin’.

‘I forgot the basics.’

In fact, what was more important was not ‘who gave the mission,’ but ‘the content of the mission.’

Vincen did not forget the basics, which were so obvious that even he had forgotten them.

“What peculiarity did you discover?”

“This is a goblin that broke away from the group.”

“Why is that special?”

“Usually such goblins are outcasts. It is an entity that can be easily subdued by just two adult men equipped with weapons. However, the mission was assigned to me as a member of the Presbyterian Church.”

“… … .”

It was so trivial that Merlin had missed it.

“That should be interpreted to mean that there is something special hidden in this goblin.”

“What did you determine was hidden?”

“This goblin is not a failure.”

They are supposed to form a group, but they are not forming a group.

It’s not like I was left behind.

Then there was only one answer.

“This guy is likely to have predatory characteristics. It is not that they were left behind, but that they became stronger by eating their own people and were left alone. By the time I arrive, he may have had level 7 or higher strength.”

Those with the power of predators eat their own species and become even more powerful.

It was a very rare case, but it did exist.

‘I know this case better than anyone else.’

Vincen remembered the appearance of the mutated goblin recorded in the mission assignment.

There were seven spots on his chest.

500 years ago,

Daven was also almost killed by a mutant goblin.

‘A mutant goblin with seven spots on its chest.’

Such goblins existed even then.

If it were the same as back then, even today’s mutant goblins would still have the ‘Predatory Art’.

“Did Elder Tilovan know such a thing?”

If it was a beast species with strength of level 7 or higher, it was not a mission worthy of being given to a level 9 cadet.

It was also a mission that his teacher, Merlin, could easily take issue with.

“Master. This is my war.”

This was not simply an unmanned war.

This was also a war of succession.

“Because I am also Adenka.”

Therefore, it was a mission that was not suitable for 9th grade cadet Vincen, but it was a suitable mission for ‘Vincen Adenka’.

“I will definitely come back victorious.”

We decided to clearly inform the Presbyterian Church as well.

That there is a seventh Adenka in Adenka.

* * *

Vincen, who returned to the dormitory, closed his eyes and asked Julian.

‘You don’t know anything about the seven-pointed mutant goblin?’

-Because stool comes in so many different forms.

Some have natural characteristics, and in rare cases, there are those who practice witchcraft.

Sometimes, there are people whose bodies have been strengthened and who are very powerful.

The general consensus was that such guys were goblins in name only, but in reality they should be viewed as other monsters.

-Are the 7 dots so special?

‘It was like that in my time.’

500 years ago.

Vincen personally defeated a mutant goblin with 7 points.

‘It was Samion’s top secret mission. I was 22 years old at the time and I almost died.’

-I was 22 years old and almost died? To a goblin? Did you let your guard down a lot?

‘no. I didn’t let down my guard.’

Even then, I fought as hard as I could.

However, the mutant goblin was too strong, no matter how mutant it was.

‘Because he wasn’t a naturally created goblin.’


‘It was an artificially created chimera.’

-oh my god. Are you saying it’s black magic?

‘okay. ‘If only it were the same as 500 years ago.’

-If it was a mutant creature or chimera related to black magic, there would be a record.

The continent has always been wary of black magic.

All families were like that.

Therefore, all information related to black magic is stored in a special way at ‘Arthdalga’, which has privileges for recording and storage.


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Arthdalga has records for at least 1,000 years, and has played a role in informing and disseminating guides and records on black magic throughout the continent.

-I also read a lot of research and logs on black magic. If Samion’s mission was to subdue mutant goblins, there would definitely be a record of that.

‘So it’s strange. Mutant goblins caused quite a stir in the world at the time.’

Mutant goblins are also goblins, and the continent was in an uproar because of the warlock Devlon who created the goblins.

Despite such a large incident, the mission that One-Armed Daven risked his life was forgotten from the records.

‘No matter how 500 years have passed… … .’

It was surprising that no one really remembered mutant goblins.

The history related to Daven was distorted, and Aslan’s family, ‘Failker’, also disappeared from the records.

Mutant goblins were also not recorded.

It was full of strange things.

‘You’ll know when you bump into it.’

next day.

Vincen reported to Bargon.

“Why are you leaving alone?”

“Because I judged that it might be life-threatening.”

“… … .”

Bargon was silent for a moment and then spoke.

“Do you need support?”

“doesn’t exist.”

Vargon did not find any signs of shaking in Vincennes.

Vincenne was definitely a child with a special side.

“Good luck.”

“Representative cadet Vincen. “I will receive the mission and advance to the southern region of Turnicon.”

“The expedition is permitted. “Don’t lose your dignity as a Red Fort cadet.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

When Vincen opened the door to Vargon’s office, a large man was sobbing.

“Confucius. “If you do this, I feel so sad.”

It was Wilson.

His big eyes were full of resentment toward Vincen.

“Why are you leaving me behind when you go on an expedition?”

“What do you mean?”

“I heard you’re going on a solo mission! I heard you’re going alone! “Are you going alone?”

Wilson’s voice rose slightly.

Wilson was confident that Vincennes would achieve great things.

I thought we should be there together.

As Vincennes’ name gets higher, the name of his great servant Wilson will also get higher.

“You are not a missionary, are you? So, let’s go together.”

“… … yes?”

“Even if I do the mission alone, I need someone to help me.”

The mutated goblin would be defeated alone.

However, we needed someone to assist us throughout the expedition.

“… … yes?”

“It looks like you’ve packed all your luggage. let’s go.”

A large backpack was already strapped to Wilson’s back.

“Well, that is…” … !”


Wilson shook his head and shook off his fear.

Yes, I am Wilson, the great servant!

With that in mind, I spoke as energetically as possible.

“also! I thought you would take me!”

He straightened his shoulders.

My self-esteem soared sky high.

I was proud as I looked at the servants I met in the hallway.

The fear of having to go on a dangerous mission together was buried by pride.

‘Did you see it? I am the servant who goes with Confucius on his solo missions. That’s how much I am.’

As my steps slowed down due to being proud, Vincen walked away.

“Oh, Confucius! let’s go together!”

Vincen and Wilson left the Red Fort.

Meanwhile, someone else visited the Red Fortress.

“butler! “You can meet Vincen here, right?”

* * *

Not long after Vincennes left, a man and a boy came to see Vargon.

Vargon frowned slightly.

“Do you want permission to enter?”

I checked it again.

Bargon looked at the boy and said in bewilderment.

“Does this mean you will take the regular courses at the Red Fortress?”


“You know you start as a 9th level cadet.”


“Is heavenly fruit your goal?”

“With cloth? “What is that?”

The boy didn’t seem to care about the rumors with Cheon.

“I have no interest in teaching, so why does the only heir of the Bartican family support the Red Fortress cadets?”

The Bartican family was called a famous spear fighting family.

One of the samurai families that ranks alongside Samion and Adenka.

This 14-year-old boy in front of us now was the only son of the Vatican and the successor to lead the next Vatican.

“Aren’t there excellent educational institutions within the Vatican?”

In fact, the reputation of the ‘Red Fortress’ as an educational institution was not very high.

The Red Fortress was a bit ambiguous to be considered a complete educational institution.

In terms of reputation as an educational institution, the Vatican’s ‘Changseong Muhakdang’ had a much higher standing.

“And I understand that you are completing the third-year course at Changseong Muhakdang with honors. But I don’t know why you would throw it all away and come to the Red Fortress. “Has your family given permission?”

“Did your father say that too?”

“… … .”

“Why do you want to enter?”

“I want to learn with Vincen and beat him.”

“Is that the real reason?”

That is external packaging.

There must be another intention.

Bargon had such suspicions.

But instead, Raven asked back.

His eyes were pure.

“Could there be another reason?”

If you think about it, it is an entry that has no particular benefit for Raven.

Other intentions were unknown.

Bargon asked.

“Are there any official documents?”

For a moment, Raven looked a little embarrassed.

Like Herka, he seemed to be the type of person who was fed up with things like ‘officials’ and ‘documents’.

The butler came out.

“Here it is.”

Vargon received an application for entry from the deacon.

It was perfect on paper.

Even the seal of the Vatican was clearly stamped on it.

“It is not a matter for me to decide. “I will pass this on to the general manager, Lord Herka. I will show you around, so please rest in the reception hall for a while.”

“yes. thank you!”

As time passed, Herca returned.

“Eh? “Bartican’s only son is entering the Red Fortress?”


“What should I do? Shall I be permitted to enter?”

Herka smiled brightly and answered without any hesitation.

“good. OK.”

“… … yes?”

“It’s unusual, but it’s nothing that can’t be done, right? lets think. “If the only successor to the Vatican comes to the Red Fortress, our status will also increase, right?”

Herka giggled and laughed.

I tapped Vargon on the shoulder.

“You don’t have any complicated thoughts, like there might be some political problem, or there is some hidden agenda in the Vartican, right, our complicated and meticulous Lord Vargon?”

“… … .”

That’s a legitimate worry.

It is not another family, it is the Bartican family.

They say it is a family that is more friendly to Samion than to Adenka.

“Let’s live comfortably in this complex world.”

“Lord Herka.”


Do what you call thinking.

I wanted to say that.

“If there is a problem, I will take responsibility. “That’s why there’s a general manager.”

Herka waved her hand and winked lightly at Vargon, then walked outside.

“Please handle the remaining administrative procedures instead, competent Lord Vargon!”

“… … .”

“Oh right!”

Herka turned around.

“Who sent you the mission given to Vincent?”

Vargon knew.

That Herca is not very interested in individual cadets.

There was definitely something out there.

I asked back defensively.

“Why are you asking that?”


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