Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 40

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The Standard of Reincarnation Episode 40

There was a famous saying about Adenca and Samion.

-If Adenca has the 2nd princess Deia, Samion has the 6th princess Kagon.

6th Prince Kagon possessed the protection of ‘Sword God Keshak’, the highest level of protection related to swordsmanship, and his talent for swordsmanship was outstanding, so even though he was only 14 years old, he was evaluated as a person who would carry Samion’s future. .

He arrived at the Red Fortress.

Not only many cadets, but also reporters from various newsletters came to see Kagon from afar.

“I heard you’re handsome, but you’re really handsome.”

Some admired his appearance,

“Your gait is quite stable.”

Discerning advanced cadets could sense that Kagon, who was only fourteen years old, had a very organized and organized spirit.

“What will happen to our friendly exchanges with Vincennes?”

“At first glance, the answer has already been decided.”

No one predicted Vincennes’ victory.

It was true that Vincen achieved great results by becoming a 9th grade cadet.

It is also true that he achieved great honor by having his name written on the red monument.

However, not a single person thought that its natural power could surpass Kagon.

“Vincenten is doing surprisingly well, but he can’t compare to Kagon.”

Dae Jin-woon was very bad.

The opponent, of course, is Prince Samion 6.

Kagon bowed slightly towards the cadets who were scurrying towards him from afar.

“I meet many of Adenka’s seniors.”

He also greeted reporters.

“I am also happy to see the reporters working for our newsletters who work hard day and night to bring us news.”

Kagon’s voice contained a weak amount of mana.

It was delivered equally to everyone.

It indirectly demonstrated a fairly detailed mana control ability.

“We will do our best not to offend those who have gathered.”

Kagon entered the Red Fortress with an attitude that was neither arrogant nor servile.

Many reporters from leading newspapers also visited the ‘Friendship Exchange Meeting’ to cover it.

“Where did Maria go?”


She was an influential reporter for the ‘Sound of the Wind’ newsletter, also known as Adenka of the news world.

“well. “I think I went to interview Vincennes.”

In the news world, the term “Adenka” also meant “second in command.”

The number one newsletter was the ‘Central Newsletter’.

Central’s Rondo clicked his tongue.

“You went towards Vincennes? It’s because I have no sense. So, he’s number two for 10,000 years.”

Now is the time to focus on Kagon, not Vincen.

The fact that so many reporters flock here proved that.

“Maria, that’s outdated too.”

Same time.

Maria, a first-class dispatched reporter from The Sound of the Wind, visited Vincennes.

“Hello, this is Maria from the Sound of the Wind newsletter.”

Vincen said to himself.

‘In the past, I used to be bothered by things like interviews.’

I thought it was more important for the warrior to swing the sword at least once more during that time.

But not anymore.

After experiencing an unfair death, Vincen also changed a lot.

-Of course we have to have an in-depth conversation.

Julian had a different way of seeing the world than One-Armed Daven, and he taught his way to Vincen as well.

-In the end, a famous brand is created from the support of people. We need to have their support. For that, the best thing is ‘narrative’. The author will be a great help to us.

Vincen said:

“Nice to meet you, I’m Class 9 Cadet Vincen.”

After exchanging brief greetings, Vincen got to the point first.

I received a little help from Julian.

“Reporter Maria, the most beautiful and impactful scenario in your opinion would be for me, an ugly person, to overcome the noble Kagon. “The fact that you came to see me while everyone was focused on Kagon means that you are drawing a different picture.”

Maria’s body flinched.

‘He understands exactly why I came to see him.’

I felt a little different from ordinary warriors.

Maria thought that warriors were usually stubborn and somewhat dim-witted about the world.

Since warriors had much stronger powers than ordinary people, there was no reason for them to be knowledgeable about the world.

“Do you think that’s possible?”

“You’re thinking it’s impossible, aren’t you?”

“… … .”

“So I guess you’re here to suggest a different scenario.”

“Another scenario? which?”

Maria adjusted her glasses.

‘what? ‘How much did you understand my intentions?’


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A strange curiosity began to arise in Vincennes.

“Aren’t you trying to focus on ‘drama’ or ‘narrative’ through the desperate efforts of a somewhat lacking person?”

“that… … !”

“To that end, I guess they will give me some information that is advantageous to me. For example, Kagon’s habits or weaknesses.”

“Really. “Prince Vincent, whom I saw with my own eyes, is very different from the well-known rumors.”

“I take it as a compliment.”

Julian said.

-What are you going to do next?

Julian originally intended to accept the reporter’s offer.

I was willing to be their clown in the scenario they were directing.

I tried to take advantage by showing my best side.

I decided that Maria from The Sound of the Wind would be someone who could portray Vincenne beautifully.

-If I were your older brother, I would accept Maria’s offer. Newspaper reporters often have surprisingly high-quality information. It will also be a huge help in building your image.

‘Do you want me to do that?’

-No matter what I say, the final decision is that you will do whatever you want anyway.

On the outside, it seemed like he was being sarcastic, but what I sensed from Julian was a deep sense of trust toward Vincen.

Vincen said:

“Let’s draw the ‘most beautiful scenario’ that the reporter had in mind.”

“The most beautiful scenario?”

“It refers to a scenario where the impossible becomes possible.”

“If it’s an impossible scenario… … .”

“I intend to defeat Khagon.”

Even Maria, an experienced veteran, fell silent for a moment.

“Are you serious?”

“I’m serious.”

News following the results is less valuable.

“Create news predicting my victory. Based on reporter Maria’s personal opinions and experiences.”

“… … .”

“Do not worry. I will overcome Samion.”

Influential reporters from numerous newsletters are already publishing columns predicting how this friendly exchange meeting will proceed.

Naturally, everyone expected Kagon to win by a landslide.

“Are you officially interviewing Confucius to say that he will defeat Prince Khagon?”


“Do you mean to predict Confucius’ victory based on that information?”


“The moment I write an article saying that Confucius Vincennes wins, both I and Confucius will become a laughingstock of the world.”

She has worked tirelessly to get to this point.

If I had published an absurd column for no reason, everything I had built up until now could have gone to waste.

Maria was silent for a long time and finally opened her mouth again.

“Why are you offering me this?”

“Because I think Reporter Maria is looking at the same thing as me.”

“Same place?”

“I will surpass Samion.”

Vincen stood up.

“You can’t surpass No. 1 the way you’ve been doing it so far, Reporter Maria.”

Vincen precisely scratched Maria’s itch.

Just as Vincennes of Adenca wants to surpass Samion.

Maria of the Sound of the Wind also wanted to surpass Central.

“I plan to make the same suggestion to several reporters. “I’m also considering reporters Rondo from Central and Ommanon from Hosen.”

At those words, Maria became somewhat anxious.

“Do you really think they will accept Confucius’ proposal?”

“I do not know.”

Vincen stopped walking.

“But whoever accepts the offer will be able to gain the honor of being a journalist. “Because you will be able to receive recognition for your insight that no one else has been able to show.”

If Confucius really defeats Prince Khagon, then yes.

But how likely is that?

Maria wanted to say that, but held back.

“But I hope it’s reporter Maria.”

“… … “Why?”

“Because you were the first to come to me.”

Vincen laughed lightly.

“It is my way of repaying those who know me.”

“… … “There is no guarantee that Confucius’ proposal will be repaid to me.”

“If you don’t risk anything, you won’t gain anything.”

Maria just watched Vincennes walking away for a long time.

* * *

Maria returned home and pulled out her hair.

Objective power is unconditionally inferior.

‘No matter how much I think about it, it doesn’t make sense.’

Vincennes defeats Khagon?

Such a dramatic story would be difficult to tell even in a novel.

‘however… … .’

My heart kept going to Vincen.

It was not the realm of reason.

This was strictly an emotional realm.

‘Why are you so confident?’

Vincen’s attitude was not that of a typical 9th ​​grade cadet.

Looking at him, I felt like he would really win the friendly exchange meeting.

‘I’m going crazy.’

She conducted interviews with several cadets in the 9th level dormitory.

Selvira, who was a representative cadet not long ago, said this.

-I hope Vincen wins. Vincen is very strong. Um, how would you describe Vincen in one word? Um, um, ah, this will do. The lion is starting to stretch.

Afterwards, I talked to several cadets.

They also didn’t say that Vincennes would win, but one thing was certain.

‘You’re receiving full support from the 9th grade cadets, right?’

It was support that bordered on worship, with a little bit of lying.

‘It’s only been about a week, but you’ve already built this much trust?’

That confused her.

Because the time was too short to build such a strong trust relationship.

And from beginning to end, Wilson said this.

-Of course our Confucius wins. Don’t you know how strong Prince Vincent is? under! Reporter, you don’t know much about the world.

There was also tremendous confidence in the servant’s eyes.

I was even more confused because of the attendant.

After thinking for a while, she finally picked up a pen.

[The lion that was crouching began to stretch.]

She started writing nonsense.

It was predictable news that Vincen, the ugly man from Adenka, would defeat Khagon, the noble man from Samion.

‘If I send it to headquarters, it will of course be rejected.’

Should I publish an article about something like this?

it’s crazy?

It was obvious that I would hear harsh words.

So, she distributed the content to small and medium-sized newsletters with the authority of a ‘first-class news reporter’.

[Surprisingly, he was a ‘famous’ warrior, and he was a boy who had the special honor of having been personally carried out by Adenka’s matriarch Khan. In less than a week, he has become the implicit representative cadet of the 9th class cadets, and receives the full support and support of the cadets.]

Small and medium-sized newspapers quickly spread her column across the continent.

[…] … Therefore, I am confident that Prince Vincennes will at least tie the score, perhaps overturning the world’s expectations and creating a miracle. – The sound of the wind, first-class dispatch reporter, Maria Hampton.]

News about Vincennes began to spread beyond the Red Fortress and across the continent.


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