Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 27

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The Standard of Reincarnation Episode 27

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Vincen’s body moved lightly.

The Yeti walk that had been practiced under Railsa showed its true value.

Vargon discovered it.

‘Not a single footprint is left in the snow.’

There are many types of footwork, but considering Vincen’s current age and level, there were few characteristics that made it possible.

‘That… … Yeti walk?’

It was unknown how Vincen developed his characteristics.

The fact that Adenka was training with Railsa was quite famous within Adenka, but the rumor had not spread outside.

‘It seems like I received help from Railsa Chamberlain.’

But that alone could not be the explanation.

Because Vincen is a body that cannot learn characteristics.

‘How did you learn the characteristics?’

Bargon’s wish was simply, ‘I hope I won’t be overly disappointed.’

But that was his misunderstanding.

It is wrong to hope that you will not be disappointed.

‘So what should I expect now?’

I had no idea that Adenka’s immediate descendants could determine the location of the ‘central gathering element’ by calculating the speed of voice transmission.

As a wizard, he was very satisfied with those mathematical calculations.

Now, Vincennes was advancing precisely toward that element.

‘But in the meantime, there is another blue-eyed white tiger.’

The central rallying element is never left alone.

Be sure to place a ‘guardian’ in the attack path.

Vincen moved towards the blue-eyed white tiger, and the blue-eyed white tiger swung its huge front paw towards Vincen who passed by him.


The front feet grazed the air helplessly.

Vincen passed by the blue-eyed white tiger who had taken on the role of guardian.

‘You avoided it, right?’

It wasn’t just running.

Vincen clearly saw the white tiger’s movements and avoided it.

The blue-eyed white tiger seemed angry at missing its prey.


The white tiger roared and chased after Vincen.

The Blue Eyed White Tiger was by no means a slow monster.

‘But we are unable to chase after Prince Vincennes.’

Vincen, who used the Yeti walking characteristic, was faster than the Blue Eyed White Tiger.

Vincenne pulled out his sword.

It was a sword that glowed red.

The name of that sword is Hongryeon.

The sword that marked the beginning of the current family was in Vincen’s hand.

‘I thought it was a rumor.’

Since it was not officially announced by Adenka, I naturally thought it was a rumor.

The majority of the Red Fort think so.

However, what Bargon saw was clearly ‘crimson lotus’.


Vincen grinned as he looked at Baekho, the ‘central gathering element’.


Those fake monsters have no life.

‘You don’t have to make Geomro.’

To cut down life, a special sword blade is needed.

A variety of factors must be artificially combined to perform a special ability test.

But it wasn’t that monster.

A black solid line is visible.

A special skill sword is a sword that cuts through ‘different abilities’.

Magic is a supernatural ability.

If you cut that naturally visible line, the monster will disappear.


Vincen swung his sword.

Once from right to left.

From bottom to top again.

A series of attacks from top to bottom.

Although he did not display any characteristics, his movements were organic and natural.

The body of the blue-eyed white tiger split into three parts.

The white tiger that followed behind Vincen once again swung its front paw toward Vincen.

-Tongue, behind you, brother!


Vincen didn’t look back.


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He already knew.

That the magic connection was broken.

Rather, it was Bargon who was slightly surprised.


The entrance ceremony was not a formal examination.

It was a practice carried out implicitly, and it would be difficult if the entrant was seriously injured.

So, they used imaginary monsters rather than real monsters.

Fortunately, the magic connection was broken.

The artificially created fog and snowstorm disappeared.

Just before the white tiger’s front paw touched Vincen’s back, it disappeared.


Vargon sat down and leaned back in his chair.

‘I… … ‘What did you see?’

Among Adenka’s direct descendants, there was no case in which only the ‘central gathering elements’ were selected and destroyed.

With overwhelming force, they cut down any Cheongan White Tiger they could see.

That’s how we reached the entrance of the fortress.

‘Even the momentum with which he cut down the white tiger was not lacking at all compared to other members of his direct lineage.’

No, it was actually better.

What Vincen showed was complete disappearance.

It did not stop at simply destroying the illusion, but completely severed the magic connection.

‘That’s why I left the last blow alone.’

Because he was sure that the last attack would not reach him.

‘Prince Vincent… … I was sure. I didn’t know.’

Vincen walked without delay and stood in front of the fortress gate.

The fortress was huge and its entrance was grand.

“Open the gates of the fortress.”

* * *

The Red Fortress was a fortress built by Aslan, the Sun Sword Emperor, to commemorate the destruction of the Temple of the Great Evil.

This fortress was a natural fortress that blocked the followers of the Great Devil across the mountain range, and was one of Adenca’s protective shields.

The huge door there began to open little by little.

Wilson, who was far away, also noticed the door opening.

“Woah, we’re not dead, are we?”

“Pay attention. “Let’s go see Confucius quickly.”

Just before that, Wilson froze in place when he saw the blue-eyed white tiger.

In fact, he had been out of his mind since he heard the roar.

“I lived, I lived.”

He trembled.

Seri was already walking far ahead.

Wilson followed suit.

“Go, go with me, sister!”

Wilson was afraid of being left alone.

But then someone wearing a robe appeared.

He was a wizard.


Wilson, who was already very nervous, was startled and freaked out.

The wizard looked at Wilson, clicked his tongue, and took off his robe.

“Are you an attendant serving Prince Vincennes?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Vincen also realized that a wizard had appeared.

‘That person must be Vargon.’

Without paying much attention, I walked forward.

Meanwhile, the wizard Vargon, who appeared in front of Wilson, helped Wilson up and asked.

“Why are you so scared?”

“A fearsome tiger monster has appeared.”

“okay? “Can’t you see it now?”

“Well, that’s… … .”

Wilson did not fully understand the situation.

I didn’t even know that the monster was artificially created.

‘I really didn’t know.’

Vargon suspected that the contents of this inauguration ceremony had spread abroad.

So I assumed that Vincennes might have prepared a plan for that.

First of all, it was difficult to find evidence in the servant’s attitude.

The attendant was still frightened, and he called the publican who was ahead of him to stop him.

“You’re not scared.”

“There must be a reason for Confucius’ actions.”


Vargon looked at Seri again.

There was no trace of her having learned martial arts, but her spirit was clearly strong.

Vargon looked at the two a little more.

“The monster you faced was a blue-eyed white tiger. And he is a monster that is very sensitive to mana.”

Therefore, it was a monster that was more dangerous to warriors who had only vaguely learned mana than to ordinary people who did not have mana.

“Prince Vincennes deliberately moved while draining mana.”

Vargon examined the servants and maids with the keen eye of a wizard.

The servant appeared to have no idea, and there was no sign of shaking in the maid.

“That’s why you were safe.”

asked the attendant.

“Did you, Confucius, come here knowing this in advance?”

“… … .”

Wilson thought for a moment.

Although he was a coward, he was not without faith in Vincennes.

“If you had known, would you have given us a hint?”

“You mean you had no idea?”

“First of all, I didn’t know.”

Vargon nodded.

I shifted my gaze to Seri.

“What do you think?”

“I think so.”

Seri was sure.

“However, you must have known everything after that monster appeared.”

“Did you know everything?”

“yes. So, I’m sure he moved forward with peace of mind, leaving us behind.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because Confucius is a person who cares about his people. however… … .”

Seri’s expression darkened.

“My heart is heavy because I feel like I got in the way of that path.”

At least for now, he thought his presence was a hindrance to Vincennes.

This is because there is one more variable to consider.

I started to think that something like this might happen more often in the future.

“Wizard. “Can I become stronger too?”

It was an overly innocent question to ask a person you were meeting for the first time.

* * *

I entered the Red Fortress.

No one came out to meet Vincen.

-The author is probably Vargon.

Since Vargon, the deputy director, came out in person, there was no need for another guide.

Vincennes Seri and Wilson. And waited for Vargon.

“I’m sorry I’m late in greeting you. “I am Deputy Cagemaster Vargon, Deputy Director of the Red Fortress.”

“Who is in charge?”

“He was away due to work.”


Even without Julian telling him the background, Vincen could figure out why the general manager was away.

It’s not that he’s away, but it’s probably an implicit expression that he doesn’t acknowledge Vincen himself.

“It may be a little inconvenient, but you will live in the dormitory.”

“It’s not uncomfortable.”

A carriage pulled by two horses stopped in front of the group.

We talked about various things in the carriage.

“… … So, in the Red Fortress, there are direct and collateral descendants. And the distinction between those who are Adenka’s blood relatives and those who are not Adenka’s blood relatives will become meaningless. “Everyone will be treated equally as a cadet.”

In other words, today was the last time he would be treated as the 7th Prince of the direct lineage.

“All cadets in the Red Fortress will be divided into [levels], and Mr. Confucius will be called a 9th grade cadet from tomorrow.”

“What should I do to move up my grade?”

“Basically, there is a promotion test, and if you achieve a level of achievement that allows you to ignore the promotion test, you can be promoted. Once you reach level 1, you can take the final exam. If you pass it, you will acquire the qualification of Pasungmuin.”

Cadets who pass the final exam are called ‘pasung warriors’.

It was not a commonly used expression because it was meaningless.

Throughout history, all of Adenka’s direct descendants passed the final exam of the Red Fortress, and instead of being called Pasungmuin, they were simply called ‘Muin’.

“If you acquire the qualifications of a Pasung warrior, you will be awarded the ‘sun emblem’, a symbol of Adenka, and can work as an Adenka ‘warrior’.”

After the brief explanation, there was silence in the carriage.

Bargon wasn’t the very friendly type, and Vincenne wasn’t the type to ask questions.

Before arriving at your accommodation.

Vincenne opened his mouth.

In fact, this was what he was most curious about.

“Can you really get heavenly fruit here?”

Vargon’s body flinched.

cloth and.

Fruit that opens in the sky.

“I heard that it is more effective than any other elixir in this world. There are even rumors that it can bring back the dead.”

There was also a joke that the Red Fortress was actually a fortress that protected the ‘Cheon Fruit Tree’ where the ‘Cheon Fruit Tree’ was held.

Historically, it was recorded that very few of the Pasheng warriors achieved ‘Heavenly Fruit’ here.

Bargon answered.

“You’ll have to find out for yourself. It is said that a thousand-fruit tree decides for itself who will receive the thousand-fruits.”

After a long period of silence.

Vargon also decided to ask something he was really curious about.


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