Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 179

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 179

Suddenly, it seemed like Anneline’s words were heard in Seri’s head.

[“If I and Besatul were forgotten, your special body would also be forgotten. yes?”]

Seri fell into unconsciousness.

Now I remembered.

I muttered to myself without realizing it.

“mind… … Power… … sifter.”

I began to see what I had seen back then.

It was as if I was a third party looking at past records.

A fantasy unfolded.

In the fantasy, Seri’s eyes were unfocused.

And Anneline was speaking.

[“The magic body is actually simple. It is a body that automatically receives mana. Where did those characteristics actually come from?”]

[“dragon. A magical journey.”]

[“okay. The humans of Heasley learned the characteristics of dragons. So listen carefully, child of Besatul. This is the magic that activates the magical body.”]

Aneline’s eyes glowed golden.

That light spread out into the world.


The light came bright.

Both the tax collector in the fantasy and the tax collector in reality were trembling.

[“I can be forgotten by humans, but Besatul and Heasley cannot be forgotten. So, never forget what I taught you. Grow up well later and raise Heasley’s honor with that guy. Make people remember Besatul. Do you understand?”]

A world where everything is bright.

The thing that was most clearly visible there was Vincennes sword.

Vincennes sword.

The ‘Khan’ smelted from Aneline’s bones was humming.


That’s right.


What I left to you.

I felt like I could hear those words.

‘I’ll remember.’

Seri widened her eyes.

The knowledge that Anneline had imprinted in her mind began to awaken.

Seri moved quickly.

“Magic body. That was originally one of the dragon’s characteristics. “Please excuse me for a moment, matriarch.”

Seri took ‘Khan’ out of Vincen’s right hand.

Vincennes was handled very lightly, but it was quite heavy for Seri.

‘Now I understand.’

Why did the memories of that time come to mind only now?

Why am I finally able to remember the magic spell?

Why did Aneline tell him to grow up well ‘later’ and raise Heasley’s honor with that guy?

‘Only with Aneline’s legacy will I be able to use magic spells.’

Even if I knew it at the time, it was of no use.

There had to be a sword made from Aneline’s bones.

Originally, 500 years ago, there was a needle made of ground dragon bone called a dragon needle, but there was no such item in the world today.

Aneline knew that her bones would become a sword.

So, knowledge was passed on to tax collectors in this way.

In her eyes, a path to awakening the magical body was visible.

Vincen glanced at Seri.

‘With a different type of sword?’

The tax collector seemed to be looking at a certain path.

I swung ‘Khan’ along the way.

His body movements were awkward, but he was clearly making a sword move.


Khan stabbed Julian near the forearm.

The nape of the neck and the chest.

And to the thighs and ankles.

I lightly poked it in several places.

Sweat was dripping from Seri’s forehead.

“The head of the family once taught me about the magical body. You said that the magical body is a constitution that absorbs mana on its own.”

Now, many cracks have appeared in Julian’s existence.

If you leave it alone, it will break.

“You must absorb magical power yourself and maintain your existence.”

At least so it doesn’t break.

So that it doesn’t get any worse.

The mana absorbed by the magical body will make it possible.

As is, this would be impossible.

“This world was created by the head of the family.”


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This is a different world.

A microcosm created through Vincennes.

And this world was very friendly to Julian.

In the first place, the power called ‘mana’ was the power that gave humans special abilities, and in particular, the mana here caused a miracle for Julian.

Some more time passed.

Soon Ponciano came to his senses, and Vincen’s body began to move little by little.

“Lord Ponciano. Are you okay?”

“How… … “I think I bought it.”

Ponciano stood up.

I looked at the spear that had fallen to the ground.

“You have no shame.”

I remembered how my body was consumed and I attacked Vincen.

“it’s okay.”

“… … .”

“I will repay this favor gradually.”

He spoke again as if he suddenly remembered something.

“I will repay you gradually.”

Previously Prince Vincennes, he was now the head of the Adenca family.

Not only did he have the same social status as the head of the Vatican, but Vincennes was also his benefactor.

I thought this was natural courtesy.

Vincen hugged Julian with one arm without saying a word.

‘It’s dangerous.’

Extinction was barely prevented through magic body treatment.

Even now, it is barely holding on to its existence, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it disappeared immediately.

“Seri. thank you.”


Seri also collapsed on the spot.

It seemed like a lot of work had been done to engrave the magic spell.

Vincen hugged Seri with his other arm.

I only fainted because I used up a lot of energy, but my life didn’t seem to be in danger.

“We will reap territory.”

Vincen took the lead and started walking.

“I’m going to get out of here.”

He took a few steps and the world changed.

* * *

Ponciano endured tremendous pressure.

‘It’s just that the area is cleared. It’s this much pressure.’

The sight of Vincen walking ahead was amazing.

The time I felt that wonder was only a second or two, but the depth of that time was immeasurable.

I was sure of one thing.

‘I won’t be able to surpass Vincen in my university.’


Even in my son’s generation, it seemed impossible to surpass Vincenne.

‘No, not in any era.’

Ever since recorded history.

And in the future that will be recorded.

It was unclear whether an unmanned vehicle capable of surpassing Vincen would be developed.

‘Vincenten has already surpassed Khan.’

Khan alone was one of the most powerful warriors in history.

What was even more frightening was that Vincennes was still growing.

A voice was heard.


He soon changed his words.

“house owner!”

He was Merlin.

Merlin had been holding this position ever since he opened the way for the tax collector.

The same was true for not only Merlin but also Versa and Railsa.

Bertha looked at Vincenne approaching.

She looked at Vincenne and muttered.

“In the end, the future has opened up.”

Time that almost stopped.

The world that almost collapsed has come back.

But her eyes landed on Vincen’s back.

‘What is this feeling?’


I felt like my heart was sinking.

The exact identity of the blonde-haired boy was still unclear.

Even when I dug behind it, nothing came out.


I just don’t like the expression ‘mother’ that that child uses.

Bertha said.

“Rail company. “Make the family’s return widely known.”

Railsa bowed.

Railsa bowed to Vincennes and then walked away.

She was biting her lips tightly.

‘I trusted you, matriarch.’

Railsa was one of the people who saw Vincennes closest.

I had endured it over and over again, hoping that one day he would show himself as a son of Sarvina.

‘Sarvina. Are you watching?’

The area disappears,

The head of the family walked out.

Because of his return, humanity welcomed the future.

‘Your son.’

Tears formed in her eyes.

‘I am the owner of Adenka.’


Bertha asked.

“What happened to that child, matriarch?”

“I just temporarily glued it together so it wouldn’t break.”

Vincen looked towards Merlin.

“Master, please call Lord Doolan.”

“I understand, matriarch.”

Merlin hurriedly moved his body.

He left with the movements of an 8-star knight.

Soon, numerous priests, including Doolan, came running in a huff.

Doolan held the Holy Grail in his hand.

“Lord Vincennes, no, matriarch! “You’re safe!”

“I’m back.”

Vincen carefully put Seri and Julian down.

“Seri is fine. You will recover in time. However, Julian is the problem.”

It didn’t explain much.

In fact, Vincen was not in a normal state right now.

I was already exhausted.

If he had been an ordinary person, he had already overworked his body to the point where his entire body’s muscles would have been torn and he might have died.

I was barely holding on with my mental strength.

I had to restore my body through meditation right away.

I asked briefly.

“Please turn back.”

Immediately, I sat cross-legged and started the magic rotation.

According to the common sense of modern dancers, this was an extremely reckless act.

But Ponciano also sat next to him.

His condition was not much different from Vincennes.

As I left Vincen’s territory, I overdid it again.

“Please, Lady Bertha.”

“… … .”

Ponciano also started a magic rotation.

Because it was an urgent priority to restore even a little bit of stamina and body.

Bertha was at a loss for words.

‘Even if it’s Vincennes, even Lord Ponciano.’

What if you feel bad about yourself?

Now that Samion is gone, the Bartican is Adenca’s biggest competitor.

And the head of the Vatican is Ponciano.

It would have been very easy to feign a mistake and kill or maim Ponciano.


Bertha looked back and forth between Vincennes and Ponciano and laughed lightly.

‘You’re not a competitor anymore.’

Even Ponciano was not Vincennes’ rival.

If Vincennes wanted to, he could have destroyed the Bartican at any time.

Now the world’s power structure will be reorganized around Vincennes.

The hegemony shared by the three great samurai families will be concentrated on Adenka.

By the absolute being called Vincen.

‘There is no need to keep in check those who are not competitors.’

Even when the Khan was alive, the Vatican was a rival.

But now it was different.

Vincennes was of a different class from the family heads who had ruled Adenca for the past 500 years.

‘Cannes. Your mission has been accomplished. Are you watching? You’re probably watching. I put your name on the sword of Vincennes.’

Bertha silently stood next to Vincennes and guarded their side.


Doolan gritted his teeth and released his holy power.

‘It’s difficult with my holy power.’

No matter how much the other priests poured in their holy power, they could not restore Julian’s godhood.

But he also had a way.

‘You must use the Holy Grail.’

This Holy Grail contains special powers.

The sexual history of young children who volunteered.

The pure power that surprised Dulan is distilled into this.

‘Bring out this power… … .’

The holy power that made even the archdemon Daven hesitate shone through.


Cracks began to form in the Holy Grail.

We had long since reached our limit in maintaining the sacred barrier.

But Doolan didn’t stop.

‘The wishes of ordinary people come together to achieve miracles.’

They were not warriors, priests, or wizards.


They were ordinary people and children who wanted someone to live.

‘That’s why miracles exist even today.’

Damn it –

A spiderweb-like crack appeared in the chalice.

‘Do your best, until the last moment.’

I used all my strength to draw out the power contained within the Holy Grail.

With that, he tried to restore Julian’s divinity.

‘We will definitely save it!’

And today too, a miracle came.

Julian opened his eyes.

Coincidentally, Vincen also opened his eyes after finishing the magic rotation.

“older brother!”

There was no joy in his voice.

Rather, it contained a sense of urgency.

“We have to get back to Adenka quickly! “Hurry!”


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