Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 17

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The Standard of Reincarnation Episode 17

A ‘red demon’ came closer.

The approaching speed was not that fast.

It seemed like he was probably aware of Railsa’s presence.

That was a good thing for Vincennes.

‘The more I move slowly, the more leisure I have.’

It seemed to be an individual with a cautious personality.

It was a pretty good target for ‘supernatural swordsmanship’.

‘You’re close.’

The red demon came very close.

The face of the red demon was made of red gas.

Looking up close, I could clearly read the facial expressions.

-It’s dirty when my nostrils flutter.

I was smelling this place.

Julian had no experience like Vincen.

However, there was a more specific theory than Vincennes.

-He’s a guy who uses his nose a lot. He’s a pretty cautious type, and will probably try to do it before exploring.

Vincen was a little impressed in his heart.

‘ah. ‘That’s why it is like that.’

-yes? What?

‘I thought it was prudent, but I didn’t know why I felt that way.’

Julian explained the reason logically.

Vincen instinctively read ‘prudence’ from that figure using his nose a lot.

Julian was confused in his own way.

-Should we call it a genius to just feel things without knowing why, or a fool to feel things but not know why? … .

Vincen instinctively sensed that the red demon had a cautious personality, and Julian read it theoretically.

‘Guys like that usually use solo dances.’

The state just before direct combat occurs.

Julian thought to himself.

‘that’s right. Solo dance. According to statistics, yes.’

Although Vincennes did not have data based on statistics, he had numerous experiences.

The combination of that experience and Julian’s knowledge created a synergy effect.

Vincen raised Mana.

‘It seems to produce poison near the navel.’

-that’s right. That is known to be the case.

Julian theoretically confirmed what Vincennes instinctively felt.

Vincen lightly stabbed the red demon’s belly button with a crimson lotus.

A level 7 ghost species known to be able to attack only when forming an image of 3 stars or higher.

Vincen’s sword struck the spirit body of the ghost species.

Railsa did not miss that moment.

‘Did you use mana?’

It cannot be hit with a simple attack.

Mana was clearly used, but Vincen had no imagination.

‘It’s Mana without mental images. ‘Weak.’

Railsa knew.

The current attack was not intended to damage the monster.

As a cautious monster, the red demon widened its distance a little.

Julian cheered.

-There is no solo dance, right?

The poisonous dance causes quite a bit of damage to a warrior with low mental status.

A 1-star warrior can die if he drinks poisonous radish, and a 2-star warrior’s body becomes stiff.

A 3-star martial artist has mild breathing difficulties and his body becomes heavier than usual.

-How did you do it?

‘I twisted the flow.’

A poisonous dance was created and took over the path leading out, making the path twisted.

By pushing your own mana into the opponent’s magic circuit, you disrupt the opponent’s magic operation.

‘But it doesn’t buy you much time.’

Eventually, the ‘flow’ returns to its original state.

All Vincen wanted was this brief moment.

‘The supernatural sword attack is easy to use when the opponent is embarrassed.’

The red lotus was thrown out one after another.

I was stabbed once in the face.

The red demon let out a loud cry.

The red demon swung his scythe.


There was an explosion, and Vincen lightly ducked to avoid the scythe.

Instead of increasing the distance, they actually got closer.

Railsa observed Vincen in a calm manner.


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‘The guy’s weapon is big and heavy. Rather, it is advantageous to stick close.’

It was so easy and obvious.

‘But wasn’t today the first actual battle?’

Theory and practice are different.

Even if they know the theory well, there are not many people who can use it so well in practice.

That too in the first battle.

‘No matter how much they know the theory, how many 14-year-old warriors can get that close to a red demon?’

Railsa was not particularly surprised by Vincen’s inaction.

But the attitude was surprising.

‘The movements are light.’

I am relaxing my body.

It means I wasn’t nervous.

While dealing with that dangerous mana.

‘You have the attitude of someone who has already defeated the ‘Red Demon’ several times.’

This was a completely separate issue from mere force.

It was a situation that was difficult to understand for Rail’s common sense.

‘We continue to create gaps and encourage breathing.’

It seemed like it was creating that strange sword road.

And soon.

Vincen’s strange sword skills shone.

The red demon’s body was split in half.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… … !”

Vincen took a deep breath and calmed his breathing.

I soon turned around and looked towards Railsa.

“Did you see it?”

“… … .”

Railsa was momentarily conflicted.

Should I tell you?

Should I not tell you?

‘The ‘Red Demon’ has two lives.’

Just because you kill it once doesn’t mean it’s over.

The spirit body that was split in half will become one again and attack Vincennes.

After all, a child is a child?

Are you intoxicated by brief success?

I thought so for a moment, but Railsa erased the thought from my mind.


There was one feeling that bothered me from earlier.

‘Levan Adenka.’

Railsa knew Revan was here a long time ago.

He was running towards here.

Railsa did not understand what was going on, but watched the situation in silence.

‘I hope you don’t do anything unnecessary.’

If he was blinded by a sense of defeat and did something wrong, Railsa would cut down Revan without delay.

However, what happened soon was very different from Rail’s expectations.

Revan lashed out his sword with a shout.


The direction his sword was pointing was not Vincennes, but the ‘Red Demon’.

The red demon’s entire body was turning bright red.

This was the true appearance of the ‘Red Demon’.

The mad spirit transformation took place.

The ‘red demon’ that progresses from the Gwangnyeonghwa process becomes an evil spirit that focuses only on destroying the opponent.

The demon quickly swung its scythe towards Revan.


Revan was a 2-star warrior and was a collateral.

He did not have the power to directly subdue the ‘red demon’.

However, he had ‘iron man’ characteristics.

He had strong stamina and a solid body, and was able to buy time by blocking the red demon.

Vincen closed his eyes on the spot.

Railsa was left speechless at that scene.

‘Are you out of your mind?’

He was doing something a modern drone would never do.

I am meditating while subduing monsters.

That’s an unmanned person who doesn’t even have a mental image.

If even the slightest shock were to be delivered in that state, Vincen could die.

‘What kind of ignorant and unreasonable thing is this?’

Railsa did not want Vincen, ‘his son’, to die here.

After finishing the magic rotation, Vincen opened his eyes.

Revan was covered in blood.

“Good job, Revan.”

As soon as Vincen opened his eyes, he unleashed a supernatural sword attack.

The red demon that had been transformed into a light spirit was a very good opponent for a dual-skill sword attack.

Two supernatural sword strikes.

The red demon was subdued with that superpower sword attack.

The red demon turned into a gas and disappeared, and in its place was a dark red mana stone.

* * *

Railsa looked at Vincen with somewhat cold eyes.

“Was that Prince Vincen’s method?”

“The intention of this mission was to prove Adenka’s status.”

“That’s right.”

Rail didn’t think this method was wrong.

Because Vincen used all the means he could to subdue the red demon.

However, I did not think that this method ‘properly’ proved Adenka’s status.

“I hope you don’t misunderstand.”

“Did I misunderstand something?”

“What I just showed was just one of the things I was trying to prove.”

Until recently, Revan had been Vincen’s enemy.

Revan, who was like that, now rushed at the ‘Red Demon’ without hesitation for Vincen.

It was an act that showed the capacity to embrace those who were once enemies.

Rail knew it, but it wasn’t enough.

“What does it mean to meditate along the way?”

Trust in Revan?

That alone doesn’t explain it.

“I told the chamberlain to look straight ahead.”

This is a place controlled by Railsa’s sword power.

It is controlled so that only one monster can enter.

Now that one demon has disappeared, another red demon that smells like a human is approaching.

Vincen raised Mana.

Once we showed our tolerance, once we had to prove our power of force.

‘Two supernatural sword strikes.’

It wasn’t easy with my current body.

However, as a warrior, you sometimes had to know how to take risks.

There are times when you shouldn’t stop.

That time was now.

“I started a lot late, and that means I have to be different from other people in my lineage.”

So, I deliberately meditated and regained my stamina a little.

To hunt another red demon.

“Anyone can take advantage of someone who has sworn loyalty to me to subjugate one.”

It had to exceed that expectation.

Because that is how you prove your worth.

“Since we satisfied everyone’s expectations, we should show them what’s next.”

Another special ability sword test continued.

The red demon’s body was split in half.

-Now. Bite now.


Vincen bit down on the ‘miracle stone’ and swallowed it.

It was a miraculous stone that I would eventually swallow anyway.

I decided that this was the best time to use the miraculous stone.

Although it was temporary, I felt vitality throughout my body.

The power of the miracle stone spread throughout every corner of the magic circuit.

‘And once again.’

He once again unleashed a supernatural sword attack on the demon that had gone into brilliance.

It felt like the magic circuit was on fire.

Not only that, my heart swelled as if it would explode.

Mana was running wild, causing scratches on the magic circuits of the entire body.

‘omg… … omg… … !’

Vincen concentrated his mind and controlled the mana running wild in his body.

‘It was dangerous.’

If there was no meditation in the middle.

Also, if the mana had not been completely depleted by the previous three supernatural sword attacks, the mana would probably have run out.

‘It’s still dangerous.’

A fierce war was going on inside my body.

It seemed as if a single bit of carelessness would destroy Vincen’s own body.

But on the outside it was calm.

Vincen stood in front of Railsa, leaving behind the burning sensation that engulfed his entire body.

“Did this exceed the Chamberlain’s expectations?”

Julian was on the verge of going crazy.

Julian could sense to some extent the extent of the pain that Vincennes was feeling.

-I am in such pain… … Are you okay, brother?

On the outside, Vincennes was calm.

It seemed like he wasn’t feeling any pain.

‘so so. In some ways, the trait is quite excellent martial arts.’

The ‘reinforced body’ characteristic truly demonstrated the power of a product of a new era.

The force was fast and efficient.

Vincen’s collapsing body was quickly restored, and the power contained in the miraculous stone allowed him to withstand four supernatural sword attacks.

Even Vincenne himself was surprised.

The person who was even more surprised was Railsa.

“You showed me a lot.”

Vincenne showed much more than his other immediate relatives.

If I had just used that mysterious sword, I could have easily defeated at least one of them.

But I had to take such a long way back.

This simple task proved and showed much.

Revan, who didn’t mind getting himself covered in blood, was one of the proofs.


Vincenne had his eyes closed.

A situation unfolded where even Railsa, which had a lot of experience, had no choice but to hold its tongue.

‘You passed out.’

However, he did not let go of the sword he held in his left hand.

I fainted but didn’t fall.

A trickle of fresh blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth.

‘Even if you get to that point, you won’t fall.’

I just stood there and lost consciousness.

That sight resonated greatly with Railsa.

In any case, Vincen’s mission was a success.

However, something unexpected happened even for Rail.


The ground was shaking.

The bodies of the ‘red demons’ that were wandering around turned into gas and disappeared, and their mana stones fell here and there and were absorbed into the ground.

I could feel the strong flow of mana throughout the ground I was standing on.

‘Magic circle?’

A huge magic circle was spread out.

Something new, different from anything before, began to unfold.


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