Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 150

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The Standard of Reincarnation Episode 150

News of Jeron and Vincen’s sparring spread rapidly among the Adencan warriors.

The news was that this sparring was a formal sparring with each other sincerely.

Most warriors predicted Jeron’s superiority.

“This time, you will taste the bitter taste of defeat.”

“It’s something that must be overcome at least once.”

It was not common for people to grow as rapidly as Vincennes, but in any case, those who were called divine continued to appear.

Even though they clearly showed excellent growth and were on the road to success, it was common for them to fall sharply after a certain defeat.

If skills grow too quickly, mental maturity is often not supported.

“Whether or not he can overcome this defeat will be a very important crossroads for Prince Vincennes.”

“This will be a watershed moment.”

While most of the warriors predicted Vincen’s defeat, they also talked a lot about how active Vincen could be.

“But if you look at the record published in The Sound of the Wind this time, Prince Vincen’s inaction was beyond imagination.”

“I was surprised too.”

It was by no means a level that a cadet or a young warrior who had just become a military officer could show.

“I guess it’s because Prince Vincent’s status is so high.”

“And it is said that it also has a special power to cut down supernatural powers.”

It was true that Vincennes showed surprising inaction.

However, it was an artificial monster believed to be a chimera.

The battle with a ‘warrior’ who had learned martial arts was different.

“It is true that Confucius’s status is beyond imagination, but it is clear that he does not have it.”

“What do you not have?”


It was something that could not be fulfilled no matter how outstanding Vincennes was.

Vincennes was still too young and did not have as much experience as Jerron.

“Actually, Jeron’s swordsmanship talent isn’t all that great, is it?”

In the eyes of the military, Jeron was not what was commonly called a ‘genius’.

Of course, the fact that he was Adenka’s regular warrior meant that he had a certain level of talent, but it felt a bit disappointing to be called a Gigi.

Because Adenka was full of people with talents beyond their technical skills.

“Nevertheless, the fact that he has become capable enough to be mentioned as the next autopsy chief of the White Swordsman means that he has put in a lot of hard work. “As far as I know, he’s probably the warrior with the most sparring and combat experience in the White Sword Team, right?”

Jeron stopped by the White Swordsman’s lodgings to take care of his beloved sword.

It was a sword given as a gift by Vincennes.

The tax collector came to see Jeron.

“Sir Jeron. “Is there any reason for Lord Jeron to spar with our prince?”

Seri was absolutely on Vincen’s side, but he was also close to Jeron.

She wanted to know why Jeron had requested a sparring match.

“Even if you win, it’s still worth it.”

“Win? who? I?”

“… … yes.”

“Who said this?”

“Everyone says that.”

Jeron giggled and laughed.

“That’s what people who haven’t experienced Prince Vincent directly say. “Once you experience it yourself, your words will change.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Am I going to lose?”


“There is a probability of more than 90% that I will lose.”

“How do you know that?”

“I just know. “I can actually feel Prince Vincent’s growth.”

Seri was silent for a moment.

“It’s a shame if you lose.”

“Maybe a little bit like that?”

Nevertheless, Jeron wanted to spar with Vincennes.

“I don’t know what you think of me, but I think I have a very small contribution to the growth of Prince Vincen.”

It would be nice if I could be recognized by Vincen, but it didn’t matter if I wasn’t recognized.

This was just his self-satisfaction.

“From the time he first wielded a wooden sword, I sparred with him and taught him how to use a sword. “You know that, right?”

“yes. I know. “I was really grateful back then.”

When everyone ignored and looked down on Vincennes, Jeron was different.

Jeron directly crossed swords with Vincenne.

“I may be a little arrogant, but I just think of myself as one of Confucius’ teachers. Just in case, don’t tell Confucius. “It’s just me who thinks that way and takes pride in it.”

“… … .”

“What is the wish of all teachers?”

“I don’t know.”

“You want your student to surpass you. At least that’s how I am.”

So Jeron challenged Vincen to a sparring match.

“Is it me or Confucius that you are worried about?”

“that… … .”


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“It’s okay, I know even if you don’t say it.”

Jeron laughed.

In Geron’s view, the tax collector is a person who lives for Vincennes.

Vincen is the reason why Seri lives.

There was no need to ask such a person why.

Seri said.

“Of course, Prince Vincen comes first. But I’m also worried about Lord Jerron.”

“Hey, I feel pretty good. Hehehe. so? “What specifically are you worried about?”

“I hope Sir Jeron’s honor isn’t ruined.”

Defeat is a loss of honor.

Jeron smiled broadly.

“No matter what people think, the honor I believe in will never be destroyed.”

Jeron headed to the sparring hall with Seri.

* * *

Jeron hurriedly walked away.

“I’m sorry for making you come first.”

Vincen came first and was waiting.

In addition to Vincennes, many warriors, including those from the White Sword Corps, came to watch.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that, except for members of the Presbyterian Church, most of the off-duty military personnel had come.

“are you okay.”

“It reminds me of the old days. Here, Prince Vincen… … .”

“He swung the wooden sword in a comical manner.”

Jeron, facing Vincen, had an intuition.

It was an unmanned premonition that could only be felt right in front of you.

‘I will be defeated today.’

But it was okay.

He was going to do his best against Vincen today, and it was extremely honorable for him to fight as hard as he could and then lose.

An unmanned person stood between Vincen and Jeron.

“This is Carso, the deputy chief of the White Sword Team in charge of mediation.”


He was the Chief of the White Swords and the successor to Merlin.

He was known as a 7-star warrior and was a master of Adenka’s quick sword.

“Let the sword fight begin.”

At the same time,

Vincen and Jeron widened their distance at the same time.

The warriors discovered a waving shape on Jeron’s sword.

“Black energy?”

From the beginning of the sword fight, he took out his sword.

Sword skills can exert great power, but consume a lot of stamina.

“Do you plan to compete early on?”

“It must be to be considerate of Prince Vincent. “Because a long-term war would be disadvantageous to Prince Vincen.”

“Prince Vincennes has little experience.”

Vincennes and Jeron’s swords clashed.


Sword and sword clashed, and the pressure of the sword spread out to the surrounding area.

In terms of strength, Geron seemed to have a bit of an edge.

Most people watching from afar judged it that way.

However, Carlos, who was watching the sword fight between the two from up close, had slightly different thoughts.

‘Prince Vincennes is not using sword techniques.’

I parried Jeron’s sword strike with minimal force.

It wasn’t that I was pushed because I didn’t have enough strength, but I lost some of my strength.

And that too very naturally.

‘This must be my first sword fight with an experienced warrior like Jeron.’

Nonetheless, Vincennes remained calm.

First, a preliminary battle was being waged to learn the distance between the sword and the sword.

On the other hand, it was Jeron who was in a hurry.

‘He looks like a veteran who has fought countless sword fights.’

Vincen’s movements were clearly relaxed.

I read Jeron’s Sword Path quite leisurely while performing the Yeti walk that was taught to me by Chamberlain Railsa.

Sword and sword clashed several times.

Jeron seemed to be faster.

Comparatively, Vincen seemed slow.

However, none of the quick attacks reached Vincen’s body.

‘It means that he is reading Jeron’s movements perfectly.’

Several battles followed and the distance between Geron and Vincen grew.

A drop of sweat flowed from Jeron’s forehead.

“Confucius. When do you plan to show Transcendence Sword Strike?”

Through the sound of the wind, Vincen’s ‘Transcendent Sword Strike’ is already becoming known to the world.

He wanted to see.

What kind of sword is the ‘Transcendent Sword Strike’ that a teacher named Aneline left behind?

Vincen aimed the red lotus at Jeron.

“The Transcendent Sword Strike is a heavy sword.”

Transcendental swordsmanship is an advanced swordsmanship based on dual skill swordsmanship.

The essence is that you must create a sword path for your special ability.

However, Jeron could not see any loopholes.

The Sangjang warrior who learned martial arts was indeed different from the leopard.

“But I was going to use it from now on.”

“I guess that means you read a loophole in me.”

Vincen neither confirmed nor denied.

It was Vincen’s way of respecting Geron.

“But it won’t be easy.”

Jeron slightly bent his waist.

Mana was raised.

The six images began spinning furiously.

“Jeron, that bastard. “I guess you’re going to do your best?”

“Didn’t we have quite an advantage in attack and defense just now? suddenly?”

6 images.

When a warrior who has reached that level truly raises mana, a mana resonance phenomenon occurs.

Blue mana, which had become tangible, buzzed around his body.

“You are using all six images, right?”

So far, Geron has only used five images.

But now all six images have been used.

Most of the warriors opened their eyes wide.

“Is that posture the 8th straight sword type? Right?”

“Are you really going to use a decisive battle like that?”

He was also a warrior of Adenka and trained in Adenka’s true swordsmanship.

The Adenka warriors gathered here seemed to know what Geron was trying to show.

Adenka’s true sword consists of a total of 9 sword styles.

The final swordsmanship was ‘Shinjanggeommu’, and it is the only wide-ranging sword among the swordsmanship.

In other words, among the sword formulas that were not wide-range swords, the final sword formula was ‘Type 8’.

“I will decide the winner once and for all, Confucius.”

“Good idea.”

Vincen nodded.

Perhaps Geron sensed defeat through the battles.

That’s why it seemed like he wanted to bring out everything he had and give it a one-shot victory.

Vincen realized.

‘You stood here to be defeated in the first place.’

If so, he should have been treated with appropriate respect.

The blue mana swirling around Xeron rotated furiously.

His sword was also imbued with blue mana.

Vincen also raised his mana.

‘I will receive it with the same sword. Jeron.’

His mana could not be felt properly by those who had learned ‘Image Theory’.

If Geron’s momentum was like a storm, Vincen’s momentum was calm.

Jeron closed his eyes for a moment.

The flow of the magic circuit was completed.

The mana in the sword wanted to run wild right now.

Adenka straight sword type 8.

Vincen and Jeron decided to clash with the same swordsmanship.

Adenka straight sword type 8.

Flying sword flower.

Jeron’s body was shot.

As fast as a magic bullet, his sword aimed for Vincen’s neck.

At that time, a brain energy took over Vincen’s body.

Adenka straight sword type 8.

Brain power connection.

Thunder power, emergency sword flower (飛上劍花).

Towards Xeron’s sword shot like a magic bullet,

Vincenne was also shot.

Rays of light collided with each other.


A huge explosion was heard.

There was enormous sword pressure in the training hall where the two battle battles clashed.

A cloud of dust rose, and a crackling thunder rang through it.


“What happened?”

I couldn’t see anything because of the dust.

It took a while for the dust to clear.

“Hey, look over there.”


A long crack appeared within the training hall.


The crack split into several branches and created numerous cracks.

Carso, the chief of the White Sword Corps, was speechless.

‘The depth is too deep.’

And all these sword images engraved on the training grounds were imbued with brain power.

That means that all this destructive power was released from Vincen’s sword.

“I lost.”


Jeron’s body collapsed.

Adenca’s warriors were silent in response to the unbelievable results.

Even Carso, who was supposed to declare Vincennes victory, could not open his mouth.

But then.

Vincenne opened his mouth first.

“There is something I must tell you and move on.”


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