Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 146

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 146

“Please come in.”

“Excuse me?”

She took off her uniform and changed into casual clothes, wearing a thin dress.

As she walked lightly, her body movements were uncharacteristically gentle.

In her hand was a tray on which were two steaming teacups.

“It smells good.”

“really? This is a perfume I chose with care. “If it smells good, should I give you one as a gift?”

“No, I mean tea.”

Mariel laughed as if she was embarrassed.

Still, I didn’t care too much and walked over to the window and placed the teacup on the table.

I sat with my back to the window.

“I also want to apologize to my friend. I also want to express my gratitude for saving me. “I came here because I wanted to repay my debt in many ways.”

“This late at night?”

Mariel opened her eyes wide as always.

He said with a flawless and clear expression.

“Is it that late? “If it’s too late, should I come back tomorrow?”

“No, please sit down.”

“that’s right. Because the night is very long. “I want to have a deep relationship with Vincennes.”

Mariel’s eyes drew a half moon.

It was that eye smile that stole the first love of countless cadets.

-It’s really pretty. It’s really pretty.

Moonlight was streaming in through the window.

Although it was backlit, she sparkled.

It seemed that way in Julian’s eyes.

Vincen came closer and sat down facing her.

It was facing towards the window.

“Cadet Mariel.”

“… … huh?”

Mariel felt strange for a moment.

He clearly said ‘Categote Mariel’, but the shape of his mouth did not say ‘Cadet Mariel’.

By using reverse force, the vocal cord muscles and mouth shape were moved differently to produce different sounds.

“Do the elders even get involved in the cadets’ house games these days?”

Mariel was slightly surprised.

I didn’t know when.

Underneath the table, Hongryeon’s sharp blade touched her abdomen.

Vincen smiled while drinking tea.

“Smile, like always.”

It was the same this time too.

The shape of his mouth and the content of his words were different.

I did that on purpose.

“I feel like there are eyes watching me from the outside.”

Mariel smiled brightly without being too embarrassed.

“What are you talking about? “I just came here because I wanted to get to know you.”

“You have to take the opportunity when it presents itself.”

Vincen didn’t say much.

Vincen was convinced that Mariel was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

“Do you think I am a member of the Presbyterian Church?”

“I think Cadet Mariel is quite smart and quick-witted.”

Even though the red lotus was touching her stomach, she did not show any signs of panic.

As if it was partially expected.

“So you probably had to sit with your back to the window.”

She did not have the ability to manipulate the shape of her mouth like Vincen.

So I deliberately sat with my back to the window.

“Are you asking me to become a double spy?”

“That was Cadet Mariel’s choice.”

“Other than sitting by the window, what makes you think I belong to the Presbyterian Church?”



Mariel burst out laughing.

“You’re lying, right?”

“… … .”

“Okay, okay. As you said, I have been given a secret mission by the Presbyterian Church.”

She was very perceptive.

It’s been like that since I was young.

He also had good political skills and was connected to the Presbyterian Church.

After becoming a Paseongmuin, he was assigned to work as a member of the sword corps under the Presbyterian Church.

“What kind of mission was that?”


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“What if I tell you? “Are you going to embrace me?”

“At least holding my line will be better than the Presbyterian’s House.”


“They plan to destroy the Presbyterian Church in the near future.”

Mariel smiled.

“This is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard. But since it is said by a person whose very existence is nonsense, it seems plausible.”

“… … .”

“I’m just really, really, really curious. Can I ask you just one question?”


“Are you gay?”

Vincen frowned.

Although he did not reject gays, he himself was completely heterosexual.

“If you’re not gay, how can you treat me like a stone? Oh, if you’re not gay, are you a eunuch?”

“It’s just not my taste.”

This was a dilemma.

To Vincen, who had Daven’s memories intact, the cadets were still cadets no matter how pretty they were.

If Wilson saw Mariel and thought she was beautiful, Vincen just saw Mariel as cute.

Because she was so young, she could hardly feel the charm of a woman.

However, it was impossible for me to meet a much older woman in my current body.

“I want to hold your line. “Would you give me one night tonight?”

Mariel slightly bent her upper body forward.

She tucked her hair behind her ear.

It seemed like he was tempting Vincen, but he was conscious of the eyes that might be watching from outside.

“This is also a secret mission of the Presbyterian Church. “I have been commanded to seduce you and spend the night with you.”

“What an obscene order.”

“I was going to make you obey me gradually if you were to be tempted.”

She grinned.

“That has already been overlooked. “Otherwise, I would have to report to the Presbyterian Church that you were treated so horribly.”

“… … .”

“So if I’m going to double spy, I have to look like I successfully seduced you.”

Mariel held out a white finger.

He stroked Vincen’s cheek and placed his hand on his lips.

“Can’t you just pretend that you were tempted?”

“How can you pretend to be tempted when you can’t?”

“Then just stay still like a stone. “I don’t have much experience, so let’s use a firm setting.”

Vincen sighed and lifted the car.

The tea still smelled very good.

“That tea is made by brewing Lennox flowers.”

Vincen took a sip of Lennoxo petal tea.

-Brother, is it called Lennoxo petal tea?


-i know?

‘okay. In my time, I was called a weak medicine.’

-But why are you so calm?

‘Is there any reason not to remain calm?’

– In a pharmaceutical sense, it means that it causes sexual desire or affection in the other person.

Mariel looked at Vincen with coy eyes.

“My heart is about to start racing.”

“… … .”

“how is it? Do you feel a little seduced now?”

“… … .”

Mariel was truly surprised.

She has experienced many people.

Among them, it was my first time seeing a type like Vincen.

“Are you really a eunuch?”

Julian also asked.

-Brother, my body wasn’t turned into a eunuch, was it? They say that the body follows the mind, but isn’t your spirit causing your precious health to become senile?

That’s how peaceful Vincenne was.

“Lenokseo petal tea. And Viella perfume. “It’s a very classic method.”

“… … .”

This time Mariel kept her mouth shut.

Vincen laughed.

‘How can it be the same even after 500 years?’

It was a method that existed even 500 years ago.

The scent of Viella perfume and Lenoxer petal tea create a synergistic effect.


It has a greater effect on warriors with mana and exerts a powerful weak effect.

“Oh, you mean classic? This is a fact that is not very well known. “What are you talking about?”


In fact, this method was discovered by the Heasley family.

To be precise, the intention was, ‘There is a method like this, so be careful.’

‘Now that the Heasley family has disappeared and history has been distorted, it seems that this method has also been lost. It seems to be a method that was recently rediscovered.’

It seemed true that history repeats itself.

“Is it really not working at all?”


Mariel nodded and stood up.

I went to the window and closed the curtains.

“Can I turn off the light?”

Vincen agreed and the room became dark.

Mariel climbed onto the bed first.

“I will report that I completely seduced you. I have to spend here tonight. That way, the Presbytery won’t be suspicious.”

Vincen nodded.

Then he gently picked Mariel up and lifted her up.

“Have you finally decided to seduce me?”

“This is my bed.”

Vincen carelessly threw Mariel to the floor.

Mariel was also a third-class cadet, so there was no way she would get hurt like this.

“Hey, Vincen, anyway, are you going to make me sleep on the bare floor?”

“I hate being hot.”

It was a single bed.

It was too tight for two people to sleep together.

Mariel wasn’t angry.

“It’s so ridiculous that I’m not even angry.”

Mariel walked closer to Vincennes.

I put my hand on Vincen, who covered himself with a blanket and turned his back to me.

Her hand moved like a loach and hugged Vincennes.

Her voice was full of nasal sounds.

“I don’t want to sleep on the cold floor. Let’s sleep together. huh?”

“I hate sleeping in a hot bed even more.”

“Hey, I’ll give you a massage too.”

“go away.”

There were a few scuffles.

Vincen actually got a little hotter.

“It’s good to hear when you say something nice.”

Vincen tapped Mariel with his foot as if he was annoyed.

It was a simple movement, but Mariel was unable to avoid that foot.

Mariel, who is quick-witted, felt that there was a big gap between herself and Vincenne just by this simple movement.


She fell under the bed and hit her butt.

“Mr. Ui.”

Mariel stood up.

Vincen said without even looking back.

“why? store?”

“I’m going.”

“Then I guess I should report that the seduction failed?”

“I’m going to report that I was treated badly by you.”

“I can’t figure out if he’s quick or slow.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Do you think the Presbytery has given you a secret mission?”

“Probably not. “There must be eyes watching me.”


Mariel bit her lip slightly.

“I don’t know. “What do you want to say?”

“You are just a card that the elders use and discard.”

Mariel, who smiled brightly no matter what Vincen said, had a subtle look of anger on her face.

“There’s no need to say that, right?”

“I don’t think that’s what someone who came to my room with impure intentions and prepared a poison would say.”

“But in the end, I decided to take your line. “Then you should show me at least some respect.”

“I didn’t kill you out of minimal respect.”

“… … .”

Mariel felt eerie for a moment.

It felt like a different person was lying in front of me than before.

Vincen’s body was the same as before, but now he felt like he had become a giant.

‘This pressure… … .’

She had felt it too.

When I met Gaju Khan.

It was similar to the pressure I felt back then.


A blue brain energy flickered from Vincen’s body.


It was a brain power on a different level from when operating microcurrent.


Something exploded under the bed.

There was a smell of burning meat.

Among the smells was a subtle poisonous scent.

Mariel hastily covered her nose with her sleeve.

‘This… … .’

She studied a lot about poison.

This smell was clearly the poisonous smell of a class 1 arthrodermic scorpion.

Vincen put his hand under the blanket and took out something.

Steam was rising from the scorpion’s body, which was as big as a person’s forearm.

Vincen carelessly separated the body and tail of the poisonous scorpion and threw the body on the floor.

Mariel had a hunch.

‘If I seduce Vincen and go to bed with him, he was going to kill me and Vincen at the same time!’

The fur stood up.

It was clear that this was the work of the Presbyterian Church.

Vincenne opened his mouth.

“I said I didn’t kill you out of minimal respect.”

That wasn’t what I said to Mariel.

Vincen said to someone else.

“I’ll give you 3 seconds, so come in. “This is your first and last chance, Tamer.”


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