Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 134

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 134

Anneline said.

“Hmm. Anyway, I don’t like it. “He’s just like that unlucky guy, Aslan, who pretends to be very smart.”

“Do I resemble the first head of the family?”

“uh. “The way he speaks and the atmosphere is exactly like Aslan.”

That kid.

You grew up well.

I said it differently.

“It’s an honor.”

“The glory is shit. “It’s an honor to be talking to me, the black flame dragon of apocalypse and destruction.”

“It seems that the great Black Flame Dragon of End and Destruction knows how to artificially create Heavenly Fruit.”


It was said that there is a way to artificially create Cheongwa.

“But I don’t want to just do that.”

Her eyes narrowed again.

A slight sense of life arose.

It was not easy to fully understand her personality, both as Vincennes and as Julian.

“we. Should I bet my life on it?”

“A bet?”

“In order to bear the fruit of heaven, several conditions are necessary. I was wondering whether you would be able to meet those conditions or not. It is possible if you are truly a ‘truth seeker’ as the prophet and my friends said 500 years ago. But if not, I will kill you for stealing my precious time. how is it?”

“… … .”

“Oh, on the other hand, if you make Heavenly Fruit bear fruit, I will kill you too. know? Is my body worth a lot of money? “If you really are [a seeker of truth], I think I can die for giving him the fruit of heaven.”

She licked her lips with her tongue.

It seemed very enjoyable.

“how is it? “If you feel scared, quit.”

“I’ll do it.”

“Good idea.”

The life that was blooming in Aneline’s body faded.

“You have quite a bit of guts. “If you had said you wouldn’t do it, I would have just killed you.”

A faint light leaked from Aneline’s chest.

Soon, the light covered Aneline’s entire body.

Aneline returned to her dragon form.

Her whole body was dark-colored.

It was so dark that I wondered if the spirit assassins would look like this if they became dragons.

‘This is my first time seeing such a huge dragon in person.’

The cave seemed to have naturally expanded to match the size of the dragon.

The cave itself was very large, and the dragon filled this large space.

She opened her mouth wide.


Then he spat out a piece of fruit the size of a human fist.

It was a faded yellow.

“This is an unfinished piece of cloth. Besatul described this as God’s miracle in the form of fruit.”

“… … okay.”

“To complete this heavenly fruit, a greater amount of concentrated sacred energy is needed. “A miracle that has been refined and preserved in a special way.”

“What is the special way?”

“I don’t know that either. I am not Besatul. “I’m just wondering if something in the shape of a flying vessel exists.”

Vincen nodded silently.


I felt like I knew what the ‘special method’ was.

“Through divine energy, one can complete Heavenly Fruit. But that’s not the end. Actually, creating God’s miracle in the form of fruit is too artificial and abnormal, right? “It cannot exist on its own in nature.”


“He said he needed a tool to touch that abnormal thing. Oh, by the way, I don’t know what that tool is, so don’t ask me.”

“… … .”

“how is it? What do you mean? I understand. When Besatul taught me, I thought what kind of bullshit was this. “Are you probably regretting your bet with me now?”

“Is that the end to completing Heavenly Fruits?”

“no. There’s one more. Miracles that cannot exist in nature come with their own risks. “That is a natural rule.”

“Isn’t that why you said you needed special tools?”

“It takes a special person to handle that tool. But, it seems like the conditions have already been met, so you don’t have to worry.”

Anneline’s large eyes moved sideways.

Seri, who met those eyes, was slightly surprised.

Aneline’s presence weighed on Seri.

Seri’s legs were shaking.

‘So, Confucius, were you having a conversation with this being without hesitation?’

The pressure is too much for the tax collector to handle.

It was the pressure of the dragon itself.

Vincen slowly took a step and stood in front of Seri.

Only then was Seri able to breathe properly.

“You have bad taste.”


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“Live long. “You become like this too.”

Aneline giggled.

“Anyway, did you understand what I meant?”

“yes. “I guess it means a semi-body.”

“Oh yeah. Semi-body. that’s right. I think Besatul said it was definitely a semi-body. “I had the same body type as that girl.”

Vargon taught me before.

-It means that you have a perfect body to learn magic. It is called a repulsor because it repels divine power. Didn’t you know that?

Seri is a magical body and a repulsive body.

The magical body is a constitution that accepts mana on its own.

A repulsive body is a constitution that repels divine power.

“Let me summarize.”

“okay. The great Black Flame Dragon of apocalypse and destruction will listen.”

“… … .”

For some reason, one more modifier, ‘great’, was added, but Vincen didn’t point out anything in particular.

“There is a divine power processed in a special way, and with that power, the Heavenly Fruit can be completed. However, in order to use the heavenly fruit properly, the semi-body must use a special tool to pick up the heavenly fruit. Is that correct?”

“huh. that’s right.”

Aneline’s eyes narrowed.

“As I’m talking, Aslan keeps coming to mind. So unlucky. Should I just kill him?”


Light leaked out.

Aneline returned to human form.

The dragon’s form was said to be tired because it consumed too much mana.

“Well, the conditions are impossible anyway, so let’s kill them later. How much time will I have? don’t worry. “I will kill you as painlessly as possible.”

“Can you be my gateway? “I think one day will be enough.”

“Mobile gateway? “What is that?”

“It is a magical engineering device that helps even those who have not learned magic to warp.”

“Wow, did something like that happen? “What kind of dragon made it?”

“I believe it was made by humans.”


Aneline burst out laughing.

“Wow, it looks like it’s evolved over 500 years.”

Then, as if he suddenly remembered something, he tilted his head.

“If you look at the kids who come here, they all seem to have regressed as time goes by. Wizards seem to have become much smarter. what. Anyway, good. I’ll warp you. “Where do you want to go?”

* * *

Bertha recognized the being in front of her at a glance.

“you are… … .”

“Do you know me?”

The Aneline that Versa saw was ‘the shape of a dragon.’

Because Aneline was sleeping at the time.

“Ah, I understand.”

Aneline chuckled and laughed.

“A long time ago, that little girl was you. “One of Sarvina’s friends.”

“It’s been a while.”

“It seems like you’ve gotten a lot stronger over the years.”

Aneline tapped Vincen on the shoulder.

“Cancel the claim that all warriors have regressed. Some of them grew up well even during that time. “It’s the same with this kid, and the other kid I feel from afar.”

The presence that Anneline felt was that of Khan.

Even though she didn’t see Khan’s face, Anneline was able to think of him.

“It’s the energy of the boy I saw back then.”

She chuckled.

‘It won’t be enough to fight with me in my prime.’

People with this level of energy are rare.

Based on 100 years, if one or two people came out at the same time, there were many.

“Ah, the potential for human development is truly amazing. Well, anyway, Vincen. “What are you trying to do?”

Vincen said:

“I think I need to access the Black Vault, Mother.”

“Are you looking for the Holy Grail?”

“That’s right.”

A vessel that artificially generates and contains divine energy.

A cup arranged by King Seong.

Vincennes already had it.

The person who manages the black grade safe is Railsa Chamberlain.

She brought out the Holy Grail herself.

Aneline knew as soon as she saw the Holy Grail.

“Laenmgo. It’s the work of that old man. “Where did you get it?”

“It’s called the Holy Grail. He was sleeping in the tomb of the holy king Laenmgo.”


Vincen requested warp again.

“I still don’t have enough excitement. “I know someone who can fill this dream.”

Although Doolan would have to suffer a lot, he would still do the favor.

Vincen took out Dulan’s nameplate.

“The owner of this nameplate will fill your spirit.”

Fortunately, Doolan said he is currently praying at the Gaia Temple.

Vincen and Anneline warped to the temple.

I couldn’t jump straight into a prayer space.

“Ac, that old man put up a sacred curtain for no reason.”

Arrived at the temple entrance.

When the second-class priest showed off his name plate, he was able to meet Doolan without difficulty.

“Prince Vincent!”

Behind Doolan, Merlin could be seen.

Merlin gave Vincen a light greeting, and Vincen bowed towards Dulan and Merlin.

Aneline giggled as if it was fun.

“This guy reminds me of Laenmgo.”

I immediately realized that Dulan had inherited the power of the Holy King.

“One resembles Aslan, and the other resembles Raenmgo. Your maid resembles Besatul. Very fun. good. Well, keep trying.”

After moving to Doolan’s room, Vincen explained the situation.

“… … That’s how it happened.”

“All right. “Let’s do our best.”

Dulan, whose sacred power had increased even more, began pouring his sacred power into the Holy Grail.

After some time, Dulan collapsed from exhaustion.

Merlin stood next to the exhausted Doolan and escorted him.

“Master. Sir Doolan, please.”

“Don’t worry. I will do my work, and you will do yours.”

Thanks to Merlin, Vincennes was able to leave the temple with peace of mind.

Once again, we moved to a cave hidden in the Nile Falls.

“Oh, I’m tired. “I’ve worked this hard on you, but if you don’t do it right, I’m going to kill you.”

“I am prepared.”

Aneline sat with her back against the wall.

Then I observed Vincennes.

“Seri. Please.”


Seri’s heart was pounding.

It didn’t seem like the dragon was just playing around.

‘If I make a mistake… … That dragon will really kill Confucius.’

So there shouldn’t have been any mistakes.

She caught her breath.

Vincen handed her a cane.

“Use this to place the fruit into the chalice, then take it out again.”

Anneline silently looked at Vincennes and Seri and then quietly went next to Henna.


“… … .”

“The great Black Flame Dragon of End and Destruction is speaking. Should I answer?”

“Wasn’t it a great apocalypse and destruction?”

“… … ah. right.”

Aneline gently scratched her temple.

“Uh huh, if an adult tells you, they’ll just say it’s like that.”

“Please speak.”

“But why did you follow me? Actually, I’m just a spectator. “Shouldn’t I just stay home when I warped earlier?”

It was safer for henna that way.

Because Versa and Khan were there.

Even Aneline could not kill Henna at Adenca’s home.

“No, that’s right. If that guy doesn’t complete the lesson properly, I will kill him. If that happens, will you just kill him?”

There was no henna available here.

All she had to take was the risk.

“why? “Why are you here?”

Henna wanted to answer.

At the last moment, I thought that I wouldn’t feel lonely if I had at least one person by my side.

Henna thought such words were unfamiliar, so she said otherwise.

“That kid gave the answer.”

This is my sister.

Vincen said this:

Henna thought so too.

“Because that child is my younger brother.”

“Hmm, really?”

She said softly.

“I guess I’m a little jealous.”


“no. never mind.”

Aneline smiled broadly.

“It was a lot of fun, kids. In the world or on horseback. “He’s doing something I didn’t even know about.”

Golden light was leaking out of the cloth.

Everyone here felt it intuitively.

The heavenly fruit has been completed.

at that time.


Light burst out.

The cave expands,

Aneline returned to her original form.

[Mequet Nirangdam Ileeias]

Words that could not be understood in human language began to flow from her mouth.


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