Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 124

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 124

Vincen spoke carefully.

“Is it okay if I send my friend here?”

“A friend?”

“yes. “I am a 9th grade cadet from the Red Fortress.”

“The last time humans freely traveled to Yongrim was 200 years ago. However, if you are a friend of Prince Vincent, there is no reason to refuse.”

Nymer nodded as if it wouldn’t be difficult.

“But why? “Is there a reason you need to come here?”

“I think that friend would definitely want to meet Lord Nymer.”


“yes. “He is a friend who is very interested in history.”

The friend that Vincen mentioned was Selvira.

A cadet who dreams of becoming a historian.

“The living witness of 200 years of history is here, so he will probably be very happy.”

“great. “It’s not a very difficult request.”

Nymer immediately called the dragon wizards.

I received a scroll that adjusts the wavelength of the mobile gateway and handed it to Vincen.

“Please tell Cadet Selvira. You will be able to get here through the mobile gateway of the Francis Art Memorial.”

“Thank you, Lord Nymer. “I will send a letter to Selvira.”

Nymer grinned.

She seemed to sense something different about Vincennes.

“Prince Vincent. Was it simply a favor for a friend’s dream?”


So many things are distorted.

Information was concealed.

People have lost so much of the old things.

Even a long journey begins with one step.

If it is the Selvira that Vincen has seen, it will play that role well.

“Then is there any other meaning?”

“Because there is no tomorrow for those who forget history.”

Nymer nodded as if satisfied.

“Confucius’ answer is very correct.”

If you are Confucius, you might be able to straighten out all the things that are wrong.

I didn’t say that.

Just as I was about to say goodbye to Nymer, there was a knock on the door.

It was Calback.

Vincen smiled shyly and said.

“I already wanted to come see you, Master.”

“I said I was not a teacher, Confucius.”

“You handed down the Black Sea to me. What else can you call me if I’m not a teacher?”

Julian giggled.

-Look, Sir Carlback, your ears are turning red.

Contrary to his sharp and keen appearance, Kalbaek was very shy.

This was especially true when Vincen called him ‘Master’.


Kalbaek cleared his throat loudly and got to the point.

“You said you were going to complete the Dragon King’s relics, right?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Ah, so, even if you’re not Master… … .”

“I understand, Master.”


Kalbaek gave up halfway and then spoke again.

“I will go with you. We will help you obtain the Dragon King’s relics in their entirety. “Didn’t you say there are shadow-manipulating assassins there?”

“To be exact, they are spirit assassins, Master.”

“… … .”

“Anyway, I’m very suspicious of them. “I have never heard of a pact being made with the Dragon King.”

“If Master is with you, there is nothing to be afraid of. “Master, you are one of the most courageous warriors among the dragons.”

“So please stop using that title!”

He screamed as if he couldn’t bear the unfamiliarity.

Nymer burst into laughter as if that sight was amusing.

“Confucius. Kalbaek is a shy guy, so stop teasing him.”

“mother. “I think my mother is making fun of me too.”

“You mean you noticed that? “You’ve become very perceptive.”

“… … .”

The face of the dragon warrior Kalbaek turned red.

At that time, Vincen said.

“I am very grateful, but I will decline.”

“There is no need to feel burdened, Confucius.”


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“why? “Is it because I’m a lovely student?”

Kalbaek’s breathing became rough.

I felt like if I teased him a little longer, he would pull out his sword, so Vincen decided to do just that.

“It’s a joke. “Anyway, I’ll go alone.”

“Is there any reason for that?”

“As I said, they are the promised clan.”

A clan bound together by a covenant.

And they are a clan that longs for freedom.

“If I go with Lord Calback, I will be failing to honor their promise.”

He was the closest collateral to Samion’s direct lineage.

I know very well how Samion’s immediate descendants treated the Asbion clan.

“It’s to keep my promise.”

I know them well.

Since we have sworn an oath to the shadow, there is no problem with our safety even if Master is not present.

I swallowed those words inside.

“I cannot fully understand Prince Vincent’s words, but I will respect his will. “I know very well that Confucius is not a man who speaks nonsense.”

After finishing the conversation, Vincen went to the front of the Millennium Tree.

The Yonga people burst into Yongahu.

They also bid farewell to Vincennes while holding a yellow flag symbolizing the civil revolution.


The sounds of horns were heard here and there.

Nymer said goodbye.

“We, the people of Yonga, will hope that Prince Vincennes’ future will be bright. Also, I have no doubt that Prince Vincennes’ covenant will one day be fulfilled.”

“I also will not forget the promise I made in front of the Millennium Tree.”

Vincen waved his hand at the Yongans who were waving yellow flags at him.

“I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.”

Vincennes got into the carriage.

Before we knew it, we had arrived at the mobile gate leading to the Francis Art Memorial Museum.

The tax collector did not have to do anything separately.

The dragon wizards matched the wavelength well, and Vincen and Seri were able to return to the mobile gate of the Francis Art Memorial without much difficulty.

* * *

Vincen was surprised.


Francis Art Memorial Museum, Basement 1.

There was henna there.

Henna glanced at Vincen with an expressionless face.

“It looks like there are no injuries.”

“… … .”

Vincen seemed to know why Henna was here.

‘I guess I forgot about you for a moment.’

Henna is inflexible.

The mission that Hena received 7 months ago was ‘Find the Dragon King’s favor and protect Vincenne.’

‘You had to make sure of my safety.’

So, this means that Henna stayed here for 7 months.

“sorry. “I was indifferent.”

“I just did my job. Are you going to insult my mission?”

A subtle expression of anger appeared on Henna’s face.

Just as there had been a lot of changes in Vincennes, it seemed like there had been big changes in Henna as well.

Henna, who was called ‘Doll’, was now angry.

So much so that Vincen could feel it.

‘Your sister has changed?’

I looked around.

Items necessary for daily life, including sleeping bags and general-purpose magic stones, were visible.

It seemed like most of the lodging and meals were taken care of here.

Henna spent seven months days and nights here.

“I should have sent at least a letter. “I regret it very much.”

“… … .”

There was a bit of silence between the two.

Before I knew it, the anger on Henna’s face had disappeared.

Henna opened her mouth.

“It was a beneficial time for me too.”

As Vincen guessed, Henna waited for him here for seven months.

At first, I thought it was simply an extension of the mission.

However, as time passed and I spent a lot of time alone, my mind changed little by little.

Before she knew it, she was worried about Vincen who didn’t come back.

“I was anxious.”

That uncomfortable feeling ironically made her feel alive.

She was no longer a ‘doll’.

“I am relieved now.”

But strangely enough, I also feel angry.

I didn’t say that.

‘I don’t even know myself.’

I thought it was fortunate that Vincen came back safely.

At the same time, I was angry at Vincennes for not sending a single letter.

She felt a variety of emotions and began to feel Henna, who was not a doll, but a person.

“In what areas are you relieved?”

“Because our mission did not fail.”

It was a lie.

Actually, I was relieved that Vincen came back safely.

However, Henna hid her true feelings.

“I just.”

I was about to say, ‘Because it is your and my mission,’ but then I changed my words.

“Because it was our mission, we just had to be a little more patient and cautious.”

The manner of speaking was adult-like, and the speaker had enough dignity, but in Vincen’s eyes, it looked a little different.

Henna, seen through Vincen’s eyes, looked like a child who did not want her true feelings revealed.

“Thank you, sister.”

Vincen also felt complex emotions while looking at henna.

I was grateful, but also heartbroken.

On the other hand, I was also happy that he was starting to feel emotions.

Still, the biggest feeling was regret.

“The past seven months. “I will never forget your time.”

* * *

Vincen briefly explained what had happened so far.

Henna listened to everything in silence.

“But you don’t ask?”


“How I am learning the power of Samion.”

“Is there any reason I should know?”

“Still, don’t you have any doubts?”

“You have special eyes. “It wouldn’t be that suspicious to understand and imitate Samion’s mana flow.”

Vincennes kept his mouth shut.

Henna’s words are not a perfect explanation.

Nevertheless, there are bound to be some doubts.

However, Henna seemed to have decided not to suspect Vincen.

at that time,

Wilson came running in a huff.


Panting, I stood in front of Vincen.

In his hand was a basket, probably a meal of henna.

“omg! omg! Wait. “I’ll take a breather.”

Wilson panted for a while and then continued.

He seemed very sad.

“No, Confucius. What should I do if there is no news for 7 months? Why don’t you send me that easy letter? “Have you forgotten Wilson, the confidant of confidants, the confidant of confidants?”

Before Vincen could answer, Wilson spoke.

“I’m very sad!”

After expressing his disappointment for a while, Wilson finally came to his senses.

Vincen listened quietly, but in fact, it was not a problem worthy of a servant arguing with his master.

“I will not apologize! “This is Confucius’ mistake.”

Then, I took a quick look.

Although I made this declaration with excitement, I soon became scared.

“Well, it was still a bit rude, right? ha ha ha! It’s not because I feel too comfortable with Confucius, but because I miss Confucius so much, that’s… … .”

Wilson lay down on the spot.

Courage was very short-lived.


Vincen grinned.

“Get up. “I know how you feel.”

Wilson knelt down and rolled his eyes to check Vincen’s eyes.

Vincen didn’t seem that upset.

After being forgiven, Wilson stood up confidently.

Then he spoke to Henna.

“Oh, third princess. “No correspondence was delivered.”

With that, Vincennes could be sure.

Henna was truly worried about Vincen’s own safety.

That is why he ordered Vincen’s servant, Wilson, to check the correspondence every day.

‘I did it because I was wondering if a letter might come from me.’

For some reason, I felt sorry again.

On the other hand, Wilson was a little dissatisfied.

‘Why do you always check it?’

Thanks to this, I had to go in and out of the letter delivery office every day.

The employees at the delivery station were quite annoying to Wilson.

Wilson had to check the mailbox every day to please them.

I couldn’t understand it, but since it was an order given by the 3rd Princess of Adenka, I faithfully followed it.

Henna answered with an expressionless face.

“There is no need to check correspondence from now on. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Now that Vincennes has returned, there is no need for further correspondence.

Henna took out a bag of gold coins from her arms.

Wilson became extremely polite and well-behaved.

He even went so far as to bend his waist to 90 degrees.

“Please use us again next time! “It was the honor, joy, and happiness of my life to be able to carry out the orders of the Third Princess!”

After some time has passed.

Vincen said:

“sister. “I think it’s time to go and complete our mission.”

Vincen also expressed it as ‘we’.

There was a small smile on Henna’s lips as she stood in front of the mobile gateway, but no one could see it.

Vincen and Hena stood on top of the mobile gate.

Now I decided to find the real ‘Grace of the Dragon King’.


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