Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 120

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The Standard of Reincarnation Episode 120

Modern drones maintain horsepower circuits efficiently and safely.

I don’t really care if it’s closed unless it’s an absolutely necessary magic circuit.

But the old warriors were not like that.

‘The meditation time of old warriors was overwhelmingly longer than that of modern warriors. This is because we always tried to keep even the magic circuits that were not used in an open state.’

From the perspective of modern warriors, it was an inefficient method.

The ancient warriors did not hesitate to use reckless methods that went beyond inefficiency.

-Are you really trying to break through an already blocked magic circuit?

This method was abandoned because it was too dangerous.

Even if you don’t have to clear a blocked circuit, there are many efficient ways to do it in modern times.

‘The most natural way is for all magical circuits to naturally open through consistent and focused meditation, but there are bound to be cases where this is not possible.’

No matter how long you focus on meditation.

Still, it was difficult to open all the magic circuits.

‘So we devised a way to forcibly open the closed magic circuit. Of all the old methods that you disparage as being so barbaric, this was the most barbaric.’

The method of breaking through an already blocked magical circuit was an extremely ignorant method even 500 years ago.

‘So the elders of the family helped me with this work.’

500 years ago.

To a large extent, warriors took on all risks themselves.

However, the elders of the family stepped in to help with opening the magic circuit.

‘The more he crossed the line of fire and the more deaths he overcame, the more he showed outstanding ability to open circuits.’

I don’t know why.

Why did an adult who overcame many deaths stand out in ‘circuit opening’?

As it turned out, that was the case.

‘That was the role of the family’s elders, and it was also the reason why the new shamanic family could not surpass the traditional shamanic family. So, in order to rise to the rank of a famous family, a lot of time and tradition had to be accumulated.’

Vincen recalled past experiences.

He was born as a one-armed daven and endured the pain of having his bones cut to surpass the genius Kagon.

He trained much more rigorously than others and crossed the boundaries of the four lines.

I was confident that I could perform the role of ‘adult’ better than anyone else.

‘So see how I open the circuit.’

Up to that point, it was Vincen’s method.

‘Don’t leave the rest up to you.’

Next is Julian’s method.

It was a request to establish a safer and more efficient theory.

After saying those words, Vincen raised Mana.

Mana spewed out toward the blocked magic circuit.

bang! bang!

It felt like an explosion occurred inside my body.


It caused ‘noegi’, a destructive force in everything.

I tried my best to break through the blocked magic circuit.

Steam rose from Vincennes’ body, and blood leaked from the corner of his mouth.

bang! bang!

Explosions continued to occur within the body.

Vincen’s body shook from the impact, and his tilted center of gravity was shaken by the pressure of the waterfall.

Vincen, who fell into a trance, naturally regained his balance in the process.

‘Magic Rotation.’

The magical power continued to circulate.

The circulated force was sent back to the nape of the neck to apply pressure to the blocked circuit.

I used a lot of force to break it through.

It was a method that modern people could not even imagine.

‘Reverse use.’

And the explosive power exploding out of the circuit was covered with reverse power.

Meanwhile, water energy was constantly flowing in through ‘Baekhoehyeol’.

After a while.

A foul odor crept up around Vincen’s neck.

The waste that was filling the magic circuit began to come out.

The pain gradually subsided.

Vincen smiled faintly.

‘This was the way to open the circuit.’

It was much easier than I thought.

There were no common side effects such as internal rupture or blindness.

‘This is probably because I experienced death once.’

The closer you are to death, the better you become at unlocking magical power.


I felt the waterfall falling.

Now, it felt like I was completely one with the waterfall.

‘The water flows through my head and flows down.’

A new energy filled my whole body.


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I had to fuse this well with the mana I already had.

A virtual image spontaneously appeared in the area of ​​Vincennes’ heart.

It was a wave-shaped image.

Julian also felt it.

‘It is not about creating a mental image to receive mana.’

It was the opposite.

‘It is a method in which images are created spontaneously in the process of refining mana in one’s own way.’


It was a method that was much closer to the essence of martial arts.

Vincen continued to focus only on magic rotation.

Waste products resulting from the opening of the circuit continued to flow out.

I felt like my mind was much clearer.

When I opened my eyes a while later, it was already late at night.

* * *

Seri couldn’t take her eyes off Vincen.

Even when waste products come out of Vincennes’ body.

Even when Vincennes continued to focus on magic rotation.

In the end, even when I lost consciousness and was washed up downstream again.

Seri just looked at Vincen with bated breath.

“Confucius, are you okay?”


Vincen stood up.

Wrapped in a warm sleeping bag.

It seemed like Seri did this.

“What a relief. “I was so worried.”

Seri hugged Vincen.

Vincen laughed lightly.

“Seri. “Have you grown in the meantime?”


Seri tilted her head.

But Seri herself felt strange.


Suddenly, there was a change in her body.

“Two rings were created.”


Without her being aware of it, she became a magician of the second world.

“How can this happen?”

“well. “I think it was helpful because it was a place full of energy.”

Vincen knew the reason.

This is because Seri is a ‘magic body’.

A constitution that automatically builds magical power just by breathing.

“You probably learned meditation from Lord Vargon, right?”



“yes. I learned it.”

“Then I will protect you, so you can meditate here for a bit. This place is called a meditation site. “It will be of great help to you.”

Just by breathing, the two rings were completed.

If you breathe with proper meditation, you will be able to complete the two rings of a stronger and more mature state.

“Oh, no, it’s okay. “My role is to serve Confucius.”

“It’s an order.”

“But the fact that Confucius protects me… … .”


At those words, the tax collector sat cross-legged.

As Vincen said, I started meditating and started working on creating two stronger rings.

Vincen looked at this with satisfaction.

‘It seems like there aren’t many meditation sites outside of Yongrim.’

-The term ‘meditation site’ has disappeared now.

‘Spiritualists have become much rarer than before.’

The reason was not difficult to find.

‘Development of magic engineering. I think that’s why.’

As a result, the land and natural energy flowing with energy were greatly damaged.

Since rapid growth is possible through imagery theory anyway, the importance of ‘meditation’ has faded a lot.

-I think so. As magic engineering has developed, humanity has enjoyed tremendous convenience, but it seems that many things have also been lost.

However, there was one thing that should not be overlooked.

‘The Heasley family, which left behind countless achievements, has no longer left its name, and history has been completely distorted. Martial arts lost its essence, and in a land where spirit disappeared, there were no elementalists either.’

in between,

Magic and magic engineering have developed remarkably.

In other words, those who learned magic soared, and those who learned other things fell.

‘In contrast, curses and black magic have developed remarkably.’

The chain method using spirits that Kazin used was like that.

A magic circle that forces people to make a contract with evil spirits.

A grace created by Helaim.

And even the evil spirit army.

‘Everyone understood when I explained that the reason black magic developed so much was simply because of the remnants left behind by the Great Devil Daven.’

That was almost an absolute reason.

If all the arrows were pointed at ‘Great Devil Daven’, it became the justification for everything.

It is as if history was ‘distorted’ for this purpose.

‘Are these distortions a natural phenomenon that occurred as magic engineering developed? Or are these things that someone artificially fabricated?’

Julian couldn’t answer right away either.

‘I guess I need to find more answers.’

Distortion of history related to the Great Devil Daven.

At first, I thought it was just a petty and dirty act that Samion did to protect the honor of his immediate family.

But somehow, I felt like that might not be the end.

* * *

Vincen got on the carriage and returned to the ‘Thousand Year Tree’ with Seri.

Nymer read Vincen’s change in an instant.

“The Dragon King’s energy has become stronger.”

She came closer to Vincen in disbelief.

He placed his hand on Vincennes cheek and closed his eyes.

Vincen stood still and waited.

“How can this be?”

At first, I was skeptical.

Until I headed to Abeltan Falls, I didn’t have very high expectations.

But what Vincen sensed now was clearly the scent of Abeltan.

“I never thought the smell of Abeltan would be so strong.”

“Can you smell him?”

“yes. “He is also my son.”

Tears flowed from Nymer’s eyes.

What was clearly in her eyes was longing.

Scales sprouted on her arms.

It was dragon skin.

“Can other dragonians feel as much as Lord Nymer? “The traces of the Dragon King seeping out of me.”

“Probably not.”

Vincen nodded.

“In that case, the order would be to first prove that the Dragon King has made progress.”

So I asked Naimer.

“Please select the bravest among Yongain’s warriors.”

“What are you thinking?”

“I request an appointment with him.”

Promise sparring is sparring in which the two agree with each other and demonstrate accordingly.

Rather than trying to hide each other’s prowess, sparring is held to show each other what they have to offer.

“I will personally show you what the Dragon King learned during his lifetime.”

“Is that possible? I don’t mean to disparage Prince Vincent’s skills, but I know that Abeltan’s power is a very difficult power to handle. “I am worried whether I will be able to fully demonstrate that power in front of the dragon people with the power I have only recently acquired.”

What Nymer said made sense.

For Nymer, Vincennes’ presence was almost the last chance to prevent war.

If the key fails to show its true power in front of the dragon people, even the last chance will be lost.

“Then I will appear before Lord Nymer first. “Mother of the Yongans, please confirm the progress I have made.”

Somehow, Nymer seemed to know Abeltan well.

Nymer would be able to confirm the power of the Dragon King.

Vincen and Nymer went out of the Thousand Year Tree.

Vincen picked Hongryeon.

“I know that the Dragon King has one special characteristic.”

“that’s right.”

Nymer’s gaze did not leave the scarlet lotus.

Vincen raised Mana.

Accordingly, a mental image was created.

Wavy image.

The mana that spewed out from him surrounded Vincen’s body and began to bloom.

“This is the power of the Dragon King that I have learned.”

Nymer opened his eyes wide.

I couldn’t speak for a while.

“What do you think of Yongain’s mother?”

A light water was flowing from within the blade of Hongryeon’s sword.

Like a castle wall with flowing water.

It had a similar appearance to the walls of Yongrim (龍林).

“It must be Abeltan’s power.”

At the same time, the scales starting from his arms began to spread.

Dragon skin covered her entire body.


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