Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 118

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 118

Vincen explained it directly to Henna.

-Francis is said to have shown genius drawing skills from the age of seven. It is said that from around that time, he advocated extreme realism and drew self-portraits and those of his acquaintances… … Ah, there it is. It is said that the painting depicting his mother won a famous award at the time. What kind of award was that… … rail… … What was it?

It was said that Francis received the Railtra Award for drawing a portrait of his mother at the age of 11.

The woman in front of me looked exactly like the portrait.

“It’s as if Confucius knows my face.”

“An artist painted his mother. “You have the same face as in that picture.”

“You must be referring to the portrait painted by Francis.”

Francis was an artist active 200 years ago.

The image of the ‘mother’ drawn by the artist and the image of the ‘Mother of the Yongans’ were identical.

“Are you by any chance a descendant of the woman in the portrait?”

They were too similar to be considered simply descendants.

Yongain’s mother was smiling kindly.

Julian recalled the portrait with his innate memory.

-Even the shape and angle of the small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth are the same. At that rate, even the shape of the fuselage would be the same.

Vincen asked, just in case.

“Or are they the same person?”

“Let’s just say it’s someone who looks exactly like him.”

Yongain’s mother did not tell us exactly what was going on.

“My name is Nymer Eilom, Mother of the Dragona. Prince Vincent.”

Francis Aylom.

Nymer Eilom.

The last names were the same.

After she completely got off the carriage, she placed her right hand on her chest and lowered her head.

She also saluted Vincen in the manner of the Red Fort.

“With full honor and humble respect.”

Vincen responded in the same way.

“Would you like to get in the carriage? “I will guide you to our city.”

Vincennes got into the carriage.

The inside of the carriage was more spacious and comfortable than expected.

Nymer said.

“Prince Vincent. The Yonga people were actually preparing for war.”

“War… … “You mean?”

“This is a war to save our compatriots who have been kidnapped by Dersona.”

Nymer said that he could no longer sit idly by and watch his compatriots die in vain.

So here.

It was said that the Yonga warriors were being gathered at ‘Yongrim (龍林)’, the sacred place of the Yonga people.

While preparing for an all-out war with Hellaim, Vincen and Versa stepped forward to control the situation.

“Prince Vincent prevented war. for now.”

Before you know it,

Vincen arrived in front of a huge castle wall made of wood.

‘It’s huge.’

It was a fortress so huge that it was hard to believe it was built in the woods.

Vincen asked.

“Aren’t wooden castle walls vulnerable to fire attacks?”

“I think the girl next to Prince Vincent knows the answer to that.”

Vincen’s eyes turned to Seri.

Seri hesitated for a moment to see if he could speak, and Vincen nodded.

“It’s okay, Seri. say it.”

“This forest is full of spirit power. I feel an incredible energy that I have never felt before. That castle wall must have been helped by spirits. “If you look closely, you can see a faint water flowing through the castle wall.”

Despite this, the tree was not rotting.

It was a miracle created by spirits.

“The girl is right. There are many excellent spiritists among the Yongans. “Is this your answer?”

“Thank you for your kind response.”

Vincen looked outside through the carriage window.

The spirit of the warriors guarding the fortress was also considerable.

‘I, too, and Helaim, seem to have looked down on the potential of the Dragona people. ‘I never thought it would have this kind of power.’

What if they really left Yongrim and went to war with Helaim?

Vincen continued.

“If the dragon people were not a peace-loving race, all the cities of Helaim would have already been reduced to ashes.”

“… … .”

Nymer neither confirmed nor denied.

A large number of Yonga people came out on the wall and greeted Vincen, holding the yellow flag that symbolized the civil revolution of Hellaim.

As they passed through the gate of the fortress, strong dragon warriors on both sides welcomed Vincen and Nymer with drawn swords.

They raised their voices towards Vincennes, who saved their people and destroyed the Greeks.

“Humble salute to full honor!”

The carriage continued to run along the main street.

The city of the Yonga people was very large.


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“That thousand-year tree is my home.”

Vincent saw a tree of such overwhelming size that he had never seen it before.

Huge leaves were spread out like a blanket covering the sky.

“Cheonnyeonsu gave up part of his body. “I am using the empty parts as my home.”

The tree looked like a large artificially built castle.

The carriage entered the tree.

Vincen received a grand welcome and enjoyed dinner, and was soon ushered into a room.

In front of him was a high staircase and his mother’s seat, also called the ‘throne’, but Naimer stood at the bottom of the stairs and greeted Vincennes.

That was Naimer’s attitude toward Vincennes.

“I don’t know if you enjoyed dinner.”

“My servant said that all Yonga people are excellent artists and cooks. He felt that he was not wrong.”

It was true.

All the food was very delicious.

Meanwhile, Yongain servants brought three chairs.




The three people sat facing each other.

The first person to speak was Nymer.

“Do you remember how I told you that Confucius prevented war?”

“yes. You said, ‘For now.’”

“The Yonga people are basically a peace-loving clan.”

But too many of our compatriots were killed.

“There are many hardliners who say that a war that has been prepared for a long time cannot end here. “Many people agree with that opinion.”

“Hasn’t Helaim already been destroyed?”

“We believe that Helaim is not the end. There’s definitely someone else behind it. “Maybe even Confucius is aware of it.”

“… … “I think you’re talking about the Six Magic Towers.”

Nymer nodded.

“As Confucius saw, we are already ready to start war. “What if the opponent has one 6-horse tower?”

Nymer judged the situation relatively accurately.

The war with the 6 Magic Towers can be fought.

Maybe we can win.

Vincen said:

“But it looks like the other magic towers won’t stay still. In addition, the Six Demon Towers have deep exchanges with many martial families. If the Yonga people attack the 6 Magic Towers, other forces will attack the Yonga people. The 6 Magic Towers would have already completely erased all traces related to Helaim. “It’s a pity, but the Yongans have no justification.”

“I know.”

Some time passed.

Vincen said:

“I guess the reason you called me here wasn’t simply to praise my achievements.”

“that’s right. Perhaps the war between us and the Six Magic Towers could expand into a war between the dragons and humanity. Out of moral obligation and responsibility, I intend to inform Confucius of this fact in advance. Some wars bring great benefits to someone. I hope this war will benefit Prince Vincennes.”

“What are you going to do if I betray you and leak information to the Six Magic Towers?”

“It doesn’t matter because it’s not a war to win anyway. We all know it too. “If war breaks out, we will be destroyed.”

They lost hundreds of eggs due to the manipulations of Helaim and the Magic Tower.

I just watched as countless of my compatriots were kidnapped and killed.

At that point, the Yonga people had already lost their pride and worth.

“We are already dead. However, I just want to leave a mark. If we remain silent like this, our generation will be remembered as a generation that cowardly hoped for peace. “We want to be remembered as a generation that did not stand by and watch the deaths of our children and compatriots in future generations.”

“… … .”

Vincen was lost in thought for a long time.

“Then what do you think, Lord Nymer? “Does Yonga people’s mother also actively support the war?”

“I am… … .”

“It seems to me that everything Lord Nymer says is actually asking me to stop the war.”

Nymer’s body flinched.

“I am not shameless enough to ask such a thing from a benefactor who has already helped us.”

“Tell me to help you.”

“… … yes?”

“Yongain’s mother asked Vincen Adenca for help, and he did not turn away the help. Vincen did what he was expected to do as a military officer of Adenka. Furthermore, he colluded with Helaim to destroy the six magic towers that violated humanity and morality. “I want it to be written like this in the future.”

“… … .”

“For my honor.”

“… … Confucius is sincere.”

Nymer thought for a while.

Actually she didn’t want war.

“It is true that Confucius is our benefactor, and we pay homage to him, but it will be difficult to change the hearts of warriors who have already decided to go to war.”

“It seems like the Yongans have a special eye.”

Vincen held out a red lotus.

The dragons guarding the mobile gate saw Hongryeon and opened their hearts to Vincen.

“I felt like I could feel the protection of Porsedin engraved on my scarlet lotus.”

“that’s right. “We feel that energy instinctively.”

“If he were to follow the progress of the Dragon King, wouldn’t he be able to calm the public sentiment of the Dragona people? “I think you might listen to what I say.”

Nymer shook his head.

“To say that Abeltan’s progress has been made, the traces are too weak.”

“Give me time.”


“It won’t take long. Within a month. “I will show you by bringing out the power of the Dragon King.”

I already saw the road.

The magic flow was engraved in the square, and now all that was left was repeated mastery.

It’s as if he has developed a strengthened body and micro-electricity characteristics.

Since I’ve already experienced it twice, it should be easier this time.

Julian didn’t really object either.

“After proving the power of the Dragon King, I will solemnly swear before the Dragon people. “I will never forgive those who led the persecution of the Yonga people and their inhumane research.”

“… … Prince Vincent.”

“I will use the power of Dragon King Abeltan to prove my qualifications, and I will use Adenka’s honor as a promise to punish me.”

Nymer was silent for a long time.

Her eyes were red and bloodshot.

“Why is Confucius going to this extent?”

War is a tragedy for some, but a comedy for others.

Some people become war orphans, and some people become war heroes.

Some people fall into poverty, while others become wealthy.

For some it was a crisis, but for others it was an opportunity.

There was no reason for Vincen to step forward like this.

“Because that’s how I learned it.”

The reason a warrior learns martial arts is not to destroy someone.

It is to protect yourself and those around you from things that want to destroy someone.

That is the basis of martial arts.

“And because it is honorable.”

After talking with Nymer.

Vincen entered the room assigned to him.

As if he had been waiting, Julian let out a deep sigh.



-Can you please stop targeting my position? What I’m saying is that you should just be a cool old man.

The reason why Vincen wanted to prevent the war between the Yongans was not just because he was ‘taught that way’ or ‘because he was a warrior.’

-What if you use a clever plan?

Vincen had another reason.

A very practical reason.


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