Standard of Reincarnation Chapter 113

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The Rule of Reincarnation Episode 113

The light transmitted from the ceiling was transmitted through the first floor to the basement.

The light reacted with the closed mobile gateway, creating a special pattern.

-Porsedin’s protection?

A pattern engraved on the square.

A pattern created every year by a beam of light through a skylight.

And now, a pattern is rising above the mobile gateway.

All of this was Porcedine’s blessing.

Henna, who followed Vincen, silently looked at the rising protection.

“sister. It must be Porsedin’s blessing.”

“It looks that way to me too.”

Vincen held the red lotus and approached Gaho.

“What are you trying to do?”

“I’ve had similar feelings before.”

Vincen closed his eyes for a moment.

I recalled the past.

“When I had a similar feeling, I was able to gain new power.”

“New power?”

“This is it.”

Vincennes derived the microcurrent characteristics.

A weak brain energy was carried in Hongryeon.

“You mean the power of the brain giant?”

“yes. Originally, this power was not mine.”

This is a characteristic expressed from the protection of the Thunder Giant, and was originally the power of Malon Adenka.

Henna said no more.

I didn’t disturb Vincen’s concentration and just watched in silence.

Vincen opened his eyes and looked at Gaho.

‘How long will this last?’

-It’s different every day. I understand that it usually lasts about 15 minutes.

Vincennes caught his breath.

There were still a few minutes to spare.

‘Absorbing Malone’s blessing was a matter of coincidence.’

And I learned from that coincidence.

That it can bring blessings.

I could still feel the same feeling I felt during Marlon Adenka.

‘There is no way Francis Aylom would have prepared protection for me.’

-I think so.

Francis Aylom was an artist.

The pattern made of light today must have been a type of art.

-This pattern, which appears once a year, must have been Francis’ greatest masterpiece. So, I guess he mentioned the Dragon King’s Grace and all that in his memoirs.

Over the past 200 years,

Something like this would have happened underground too.

Helaim, who managed this place, must have been aware of this phenomenon, but did not announce it to the public.

-Helaim must have judged that this pattern was related to the Dragon King’s grace. If you look at what has been kept secret all this time.

For 200 years, Helaim must have studied the ‘Grace of the Dragon King’ in their own way, but they did not achieve any significant results.

-After all, a worthy person can do anything.

Julian also kept his mouth shut.

I stayed silent so as not to break Vincen’s concentration.

Vincen recalled memories of the past.

To intentionally create something that happened by chance.

‘Making Geomro.’

Vincen swung his sword several times.

Henna caught that sight in her eyes.

‘The swordsmanship is concise and thorough.’

It felt different from other general martial artists.

Vincen’s sword was quite clean.

It’s as if he’s been handling the ‘characterless sword’ for a very long time.

‘It must have taken countless hours of effort.’

In an unseen place.

It must have been ingrained in me consistently since the days when I was ridiculed as the ugly Vincennes.

‘I guess I was faithful to the basics because I had no mental image.’

For modern martial artists, the inability to learn imagery was a curse.

A curse worse than dreaming of becoming an artist.

However, Vincen seemed to have overcome that curse with simple and tedious effort.

Henna silently continued to look at Vincennes.

She gave up on herself and closed off everything, but Vincennes didn’t seem to.

The sight of Vincen caused a small stir in Henna’s heart.

‘How many times have you swung the same sword?’


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And then,

Vincen’s eyes sparkled.

‘Something is missing.’

What is lacking?

To make the blessings of Porcedine, the god of tidal waves, mine.

What is lacking?

He thought desperately.

‘Was Geomro wrong?’

It wasn’t.

Geomro was accurate.

-older brother. I think I understand.


-Think about when your brother first cut Marlon. At that time, he could not absorb the protection of the brain power giant.

After hearing those words, I thought about the past once again.

-Is it okay if an unmanned person accidentally grabs my wrist?

Malon lost his wrist at that time, and later recovered with the help of Vargon and a priest.

At that time, I definitely wasn’t able to absorb the divine protection.

The next step was to absorb the divine protection.

It was then that Malone made a pact with an evil spirit and planned to exterminate the cadets.

When Vincen confronted Malon, who had completed the evil spirit contract, he cut off Malon’s sword.

-Vincen, you bastard! What kind of trick have you pulled?


The encroachment that started from his right wrist consumed Malone.

-At that time, there was a condition called an ‘evil contract’.

Vincen didn’t just cut Malone.

He cut down Malon, who had made a contract with evil spirits.

-It seems that in order to absorb divine protection, a condition called an ‘evil spirit contract’ must be included. For example, the blood of an evil spirit contracter is needed, or the divine protection is first transplanted into the evil spirit contractor’s body and then taken out.

The exact method was not known.

However, there was only one method that could be tried now.

Vincen cut his palm with a red lotus.

Blood was dripping down.

Vincen dropped the blood on the closed mobile gateway.

What was interesting was that the blood was on top of the pattern made of light.


Vincen sensed that the time had come.

In an instant, he cut down the ‘Bloody Protection’.

“sister. “Please protect the law.”

I immediately sat down and started meditating.

* * *

One turn.


The magical rotation continued.

‘I can see it when I meditate.’

It was the same as when I gained the protection of the Brain Power Giant.

Even back then, I could see it when I meditated.

Even at that time, the protection of the Thunder Giant was engraved on the red lotus.

-This makes it clear.

There was only one clue that could be inferred in the past.

[-Isn’t it because your brother cut down Malon with a special sword attack?]

One thing was added to it.

-I think you can absorb the protection if you cut down an evil spirit contract or an evil spirit contract with divine protection using a supernatural sword attack. How did you think about getting your brother’s blood on you in such a short period of time?

‘I do not know either.’

I just did it instinctively.

As always, Vincen moved based on intuition, and Julian interpreted it logically.

-I remember what happened in the vagrant camp. Right before the warehouse, you passed through a black magic circle that forced you to make an evil contract.

‘It did.’

Vincen created a mana resonance and exploded the magic circle.

-I couldn’t even make a dent in my brother’s incredibly strong mental power, but it seems like the energy of the ‘evil contract’ took hold in my brother’s body.

So the blood reacted with the protection, and it seemed that Vincenne was able to successfully obtain Porsedin’s protection.

-But no matter what, I didn’t know that this kind of result could be achieved just by the remaining energy of the evil spirit contract. Is it correct to say that your brother’s blood amplified the remnants of the evil spirit contract that remained in your body, causing this miracle? What do you think, brother?

But there was no answer from Vincennes.

-older brother?

Vincennes still didn’t answer.

Only then did Julian have an intuition.

-older brother. You just couldn’t hear me.

‘What voice?’

-I asked my brother what he thought about why the remnants of the evil spirit contract were amplified in his body and why he was able to cause such a miracle.

However, Julian’s voice did not reach Vincennes.

‘Speak up.’

-My words are not being conveyed to you.

‘Is that so?’

-I’m not really surprised.

‘I heard there are cases where my voice doesn’t reach you. When I tried to reveal my identity… … .’

-stop! Don’t say it!

‘Okay, don’t yell. ‘The goal is ringing.’

As if Vincen’s words did not reach Julian.

The opposite seemed to also exist.

However, Vincennes was able to understand this situation to some extent.

‘Thoughts related to Archdemon Daven are not conveyed to Julian. Then, what Julian wanted to say to me must have been something similar.’

For some reason.

It was difficult to share information related to ‘Great Devil Daven’.

‘Is this also your arrangement, Aslan?’

Still couldn’t figure it out.

Vincen, who had finished meditating enough, opened his eyes.

“Have you opened your eyes?”

Henna was standing next to Vincenne looking undisturbed.

“I’m sorry for taking up so much time.”

“no. “It was a time where I could think a lot.”

Henna also thought a lot while looking at Vincen.

‘I had a lot to learn from you.’

At that moment, Vincen felt warmth in Henna’s eyes.

After living in Vincennes’ body, he became very sensitive to these sensations.

‘Obviously, the way they looked at me was warm.’

Henna asked.

“Why are you looking at me so blankly?”

“it’s nothing.”

There was silence for a moment.

The first person to speak was Vincennes.

“Aren’t you curious what I got?”

“You got what’s yours, so why should I be curious?”

“I’m usually curious.”

Henna was silent for a moment and then asked.

“What did you get?”

“Are you curious?”

“… … .”

In fact, Henna did not properly understand her own feelings.

“I’m not sure, but I’m thinking it would be good if you told me.”

“It seems I have gained the protection of Porcedine, the god of tidal waves.”


“You don’t seem to have much of a reaction. “Did you expect it?”

“To some extent.”

Henna wasn’t that surprised.

Since he had obtained the blessings of the ‘Thunder Giant’ that Marlon Adenka possessed, it was not logically strange to obtain other blessings.

Henna added a word.

“I didn’t know I could actually do that.”

“Did I do well?”

“… … .”

Henna wasn’t very used to talking with Vincen.

Obtaining Porsedin’s blessing was definitely a good thing.

Why are you asking something so obvious?

“Did you do well?”

“Why are you asking what is so obvious? “Is my praise important?”

“It’s not important, but it feels good.”

I can’t believe I feel good.

Henna did not understand Vincen’s feelings properly.

He continued speaking with an expressionless expression.

“I know you have a special talent. “Refine your newfound strength and make your desires come true.”

If you are Vincennes,

A thought crossed my mind that perhaps my desire to surpass Samion would truly come true.

“Please keep the power I gained a secret.”

“Then you shouldn’t have told me either.”

“I know the best way to make friends is to share secrets.”

“It’s a great way to capture someone’s weak point and stab them from behind.”

“You don’t plan on sticking a knife in my back, do you?”

“How do you know that?”

“If my desire is fulfilled, then your sister’s desire will also be fulfilled.”

Only when Vincenne reaches a high place can Henna relieve her burden and live the life she wants.

“Isn’t it?”

“I don’t have the talent to defeat you with words.”

Henna closed her mouth.

“Thanks to you, I feel like I gained a lot of talent here.”

“You did well.”

“You gave me a compliment.”

“I was just telling the truth.”

Vincen grinned.

For some reason, henna was fun to tease.

“But it seems our mission is not over.”

“… … .”

“Look over there.”

Closed mobile gateway.

A soft light was leaking from the thing that had created the divine protection earlier.

The magic circuit of the mobile gateway was operating.

“The mobile gateway is being activated. The mana flow seems to be twisted and rearranged. What does this mean?”

“It looks like the destination of the mobile gateway has changed.”

The mobile gateway, which had been closed so far, revealed its own power and changed its travel destination.

“Perhaps the real ‘Grace of the Dragon King’ lies dormant there.”


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