Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 567

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Episode 567 Just come in!

The center of a huge forest.

[Cheer up!]


A rose tree blooming golden roses with the support of fireworks.

After a while.


Golden flowers bloomed at the top of the rose tree.



The rose tree began to grow quickly.

[great! Thank you for your hard work!]

A firework praising the rose tree for working hard to become the world tree.

Hehehe. Now that we have grown 300 world trees, there are 700 more to go!

I became motivated as I calculated the remaining numbers.

At that time, huge mosquitoes flew in after smelling the scent of the flowers of the World Tree.

[Tree Killer]

They were very scary pests to trees, clinging to trees and sucking sap until the trees withered and died.

[Don’t prevent me from meeting Sejun!]


Of course, as long as it caught Fireworks, it was just a bug.

[uh?! I think it would be good for Sejun to eat this!]

No. It might be beneficial.

Flame was happy as he picked up the inner bundle from the tree killer’s body.


99th floor of the Black Tower.


[You are a field Lv. 9 is activated.]

[The 9th Apostle of Destruction planted the Devourer of Destruction seed in the body of the deceptive spider Alice.]



As soon as Sejun ate breakfast, he was diligently planting the Devourer of Doom seeds in the subspace warehouse.

I can level up today.

This was because Alice’s vitality was almost at its lowest point.

In this way, Sejun planted all the Devourer of Destruction seeds that he had, and when he harvested the crops,

he harvested the famous Daebongsi.

[You are a field Lv. 9 activates and deals additional damage.]

[You are a field Lv. 9 is activated and the stats of the 9th Apostle of Doom, Alice the Deceptive Spider, are harvested.]

[Strength 30, stamina 30, agility 55, and magic power 35 increase.]


Alice’s body disappeared along with the message.


[Defeated Alice, the Deceptive Spider, the 9th Apostle of Doom who lost her soul.]

[Acquired 4.5 trillion experience points.]

[Leveled up.]

[Acquired 1 bonus stat.]

[Strength increases by 30. ]

[Strength potential increases by 1%.]

Experience gain message appears.

In this way, Sejun’s level reached 140, and

[he achieved the great achievement of gaining a huge amount of experience in one go.]

[As a reward for the great achievement, he is forced to complete job quests with the remaining experience points and continues to level up.]

[3 trillion experience points. The job quest was forced to be completed with 700 billion.]

[Level 141 will be unlocked as a quest completion reward.]

[As a quest completion reward, all stats will increase by 200.]

This time, I just pushed the job quest aside with the enormous experience points and

[leveled up. I did.]



After leveling up two more times, I reached level 143.


I feel somewhat proud.

Sejun looked at the expanded sub-space warehouse with a happy smile as Alice’s body disappeared, and then


[You are a field Lv. 9 is activated.]


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[Pumpkin sweet potato seeds of power were planted in the body of Delia, the 8th Apostle of Destruction and demon of corruption.]



Seeds began to be planted in Delia’s body again.

When Sejun was working hard on his farm,

he was fluttering.

Anton’s black dragon statue flew by.


-brother-in-law, please come out. over.

Ace tries to contact Sejun.

“My brother-in-law came out. over.

Sejun also looked around for Ace and answered quietly as if making a secret contact.

There was also a request from Kaiser and Anton, and Ace was in a very upset mood these days, so I was doing my best to make him feel better.

Ace, who went up to the Land of Dragons, thought that he could go see Sejun at any time later.


“Ace, welcome back.”

“ha ha ha. “He’s not even a year old yet, but he already looks like he’s 3 years old.”

“Nice to meet you Ace.”

The moment when Ace arrives at the Land of Dragons and receives a grand welcome from other black dragons.


Ace gained tremendous power by absorbing the energy of the surrounding black dragons, and

“Ace has become stronger now, so he can’t go to the 99th floor of the tower.”

To protect Sejun, Eileen banned Ace from entering the 99th floor of the tower.

Normally, it would be impossible for a young dragon to grow so dramatically even if it absorbed the dragon energy around it, but

Ace, who ate Sejun’s crops, was able to do so because his potential was greatly increased.

“Ugh~! Why can’t I go?! I’m going to see my brother-in-law! “I hate you, sister!”

This caused Ace to burst into sobs.

Kaiser Anton Elisabeth devised a way to appease Ace, and

it was three days since Ace left for the Land of Dragons.

-Brother-in-law, I want to know what’s on the lunch menu today. over.

“Today is my brother-in-law’s favorite Yonggari chicken. over.”

-Fuhihihi. Brother-in-law is the best. over.

“Hehe. I know. And my brother-in-law is also the best. over.”

Sejun and Ace were playing like this every day.

After a while.

“ruler. Take your brother-in-law and eat it with your parents. over.”

“Fuhihihi. yes. over.”

The black dragon statue swallowed the Yonggari chicken that Sejun gave it and said,

“Fuhihihi.” looks delicious!”

Ace grinned while looking at the Yonggari chicken and sauce that Sejun gave him, then

boom! Boom! Boom! Boom.

I quickly ran to my parents. Because Sejun told me to eat with my parents.

Sejun delivers Yonggari chicken to Ace and


He kept frying Yonggari chicken and

said, “Eirin, eat this.” “I also made red pepper paste sauce this time, so try dipping it in here.”

[Top’s manager says he will eat well.]

When he delivered the food to Ace, he said,

“Fuhuhu. “The great hybrid Chairman Park, I’m back!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Daddy Kuengi is back too!]

Theo and Kuengi came back from work.


Kueng? Kueng?!

[Today’s lunch is Yonggari Chicken? But you also made red pepper sauce?!]

Like Kueng, who loves to eat, he figured out the lunch menu just by smell.

“huh. I tried making a new one. how is it?”

Sejun dipped Yonggari chicken in red pepper sauce and put it in Kueng’s mouth.

Kueng! Kueng!

[It’s delicious! I think I can eat more because the red pepper paste sauce doesn’t make it greasy!]

Kkueng praised it, pointing up his big toe.


it’s dada.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Butler! I’m hungry!]

Black comes into the kitchen after having fun outside.

“Come quickly and sit down.”

Sejun spoke to Kamangi and placed a plate of grilled fish and Yonggari chicken in front of Theo Kuengi, and

also gave Yonggari chicken and dried roasted sweet potatoes in front of the Kamangi family members who were sitting in front of Sejun.

When everyone enjoys their meal,





Today too, Besugu was running a water shuttle.

These days, a shuttle is added to occasionally bring dried sweet potatoes from Kamangi’s warehouse, and Besugu is living an increasingly difficult life as the youngest.

Let’s be patient!

There was hope for Besugu, too.

There are two apostles of destruction who will come after him.

Ranking here is determined by the order of arrival, so

as long as Jormungand and Hydra arrive…

the youngest member will soon be able to escape.


‘I could order a shuttle for Jormungand and Hydra!’

Since I was the youngest among the vampires, I was overflowing with happiness when I thought that I could take care of two people.


[Water polo! Is the water still far away?!]

Of course, I’m still just the youngest.


[yes! I’ll be there soon!]

Just come in!

I got through today thinking of the youngest members who will soon arrive.

Just like that, lunch time ended and

I said, “Ugh.”




After eating lunch, Sejun lies down on his bed and yawns, and Theo Kueng, who is also yawning next to him, turns black.

Shall we get some sleep?


As Sejun falls asleep,




The companions soon fell asleep as well.

While Sejun and the others were sleeping,


[I forgot to feed the North Koreans…]

Kueng woke up and went to the fountain where the Doomsday Destruction Turtle had been released.



[Eat a lot and grow a lot!]


When you take food out of the snack bag and feed it to the turtles and then return to Sejun,

[Kkueng. Please come to the pond for a moment.]

Flame sister?

Flame’s voice could be heard faintly.

Kueng dives into the pond in the cave where Flame can hear his voice and


After swimming and reaching the bottom of the pond,


On the floor, there were about 100 different colored inner bundles that Flame had obtained from killing tree killers.

[Queng, give that to Sejun.]


[I understand!]

Kkueng picked up the inner bundle after listening to Fireworks.


[Sparky, but where do you say this came from?]


Flame thought for a moment.

[Let’s say Podori gave it to you.]


[I understand!]

After hearing Flame’s answer, Kkueng took his inner bundle and returned to Sejun

. Kuhehehehe.


is held in the arms of Sejun, who is still sleeping .

I fell asleep again.

After a while.

“oh! Podori gave you this?”

I woke up, received advice from Kuengi, and checked the options.

[Tree Killer’s inner altar]

This inner altar is made by the tree killer, an insect that lives in , by sucking tree sap.

When consumed, stamina potential increases by 50 and stamina by 20.

When consumed, there is a low chance of [Talent: Exploitation] blooming.

Because the staple food is tree sap, it tastes like grass.

Restriction on use: All stats 100 or higher

Grade: A

Perhaps because it was made by sucking the sap of various types of trees, the options for the inner altars varied widely in the types and values of the stats they raised.

Hehehe. Where is this though?

When Sejun smiled and went to Podori to express his gratitude,


She seemed completely unaware.

“huh. Kkueng said Podori gave you this?”

Sejun showed Podori his inner altar and said,

“What is it?”

When Podori was confused as she had not heard anything, Kueng gave her a signal by using her telekinesis to gather branches and leaves to form the shape of a flame.

ah! You ordered the fireworks!

[sure. I personally saved it for Sejun.]

Podori, who realized that it was Flame’s mission, hastily lied.


“Really? “I heard this lives in a world called Delorea. How did Podri get it?”

[…I brought that from another dimension because I am a dimensional tree.]

Lies lead to bigger lies.

“Dimension count?”

[yes. I became a dimensional tree this time.]

“Is dimensional water better than a world tree?”

[yes. Because dimensional trees can take root in other worlds as well.]

“Oh. that’s interesting. “Then where did you take root other than DeLorea?”

Sejun wondered if there were any worlds in which Podori had taken root that he knew of, and

[that was DeLorea…]

Podori mentioned five worlds that Sejun could not confirm. Because you have to take root in a world with at least 5 dimensions.

It was Podori who paid attention to every detail so as not to be found out that he was lying.

“oh. There was a tree taller than the World Tree. Anyway, Podori, I’ll enjoy this.”

[yes. Enjoy your meal.]

As Sejun leaves,

whew. It didn’t catch.

Podori is relieved.


I was shocked.



The branches of the grape tree suddenly became creepy and trembled violently.

[Hehe. If I want to deliver good things to Sejun in the future, it would be convenient for Podori to be a Dimensional Tree!]

Podori was completely unaware that the path to success leading to Dimensional Tree had opened without her knowledge.


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