Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 566

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Episode 566 You should listen carefully to what adults say.

Early morning on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.


Sejun, who slept well and refreshed, woke up earlier than usual.

[ absorbs the core fragments (13%) of Fenrir, the noble wolf who hunts the first apostle of destruction, God.] [

1% absorbed.]

[2% absorbed.]



[100% absorbed.]

[ is strengthened to .]


[All stat potentials have increased by 60 due to the effects of and .] All stats have increased by 60 due to the

and effects. This increases by 6.]

Messages were seen in front of Sejun informing him of what had happened during the early morning hours.

“Super sunfish core?!”

Sejun gets upset when he sees the message.

The guy who would do something like this…

The image of the culprit immediately appeared in my mind.

“Is it you?”


Sejun looked at Kamangi, who was sleeping peacefully, lying on his chest.

You black bastard!


slaps his hand in anger.

I scratched the black cat’s stomach.



Kkamangi is smiling brightly, not able to understand the atmosphere as if Sejun’s touch was good.

Even if this kid wasn’t cute… is cute?!

Buck. Buck.

Sejun confirmed the strengthened power by giving a refreshing scratch on Black Mangi’s stomach.

The core that Black and his seven subordinates had designed for a long time for Black Tower Farmer Park Se-jun has been strengthened.

Butler! Become stronger!

All stat potential +5000

All stat potential increases by 50 every day.

All stats increase by 5 every day.

Butler! do not die!

Life +700%

Butler! Never die!

All stats can be converted to stamina stats for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

All stat potentials increase by 2000 every day, and all stat potentials also increase by an additional 20.

In addition, there is a new option to increase all stats by 5 every day.

Additionally, vitality increased by 200% and the time to convert all stats to physical strength increased by 30 seconds.

“It’s gotten a lot better.”

Still pissed.

This was clearly Kamangi’s revenge for calling him Shubokchi.

In that sense, Sejun’s biggest fault for calling Kkamangi “shubokchi” was the biggest mistake, but I didn’t think it was a self-improvement.

“But I’m a writer…”

Can’t you change the name of the power?

good. I’ll change it to a better name.

“Hyper Ultra Sejun Dual Super Core.”

When Sejun created the name of the power that is all good

[Talent: The name of the power cannot be changed yet with the namer’s ability.]

A message appeared saying that it was not possible with Sejun’s ability.


hehehe. ‘Not yet’ means that it will happen later…

Sejun saw hope in the message.

As I was naming the power by myself,

[the tower manager asked if he was already up.]

Eileen spoke to me.

“huh. Because I opened my eyes early. But why?”

[The tower administrator says that has begun to be temporarily transferred to the 0th floor of the Black Tower a little while ago.]

“Huh?! Hamk to floor 0?!”

So what about Earth?

When Sejun asks in a worried voice,


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[The tower manager looked up the Black Tower manual and said not to worry, saying that up to 5 worlds can be transferred to the 0th floor.]

“Is it okay for there to be multiple worlds on the 0th floor?”

[The tower manager says that the 0th floor is just a concept to divide the boundary of the tower, and that there is no big problem even if and are on the same floor.] Eileen, who knows what

Sejun is worried about, explains in detail and looks after Sejun. reassured.

“okay? Phew. “Then I’m glad.”

[The tower manager says that the reduction in the cost of staying on floor 0 also applies to , making it even better.]

“Oh! “I see.”

Sejun was happy at Eileen’s words.

While chatting with Eileen, Sejun said,



Theo and Kamangi gathered up their families and went outside.


low, low, low.

[The citron tree is grateful for the sound of the farmer’s footsteps and gives strength.]



By making the crops hear the sound of footsteps, they increased their growth speed and received potential in return.

After a while.



Just like yesterday, Kueng and Ace came to visit Sejun, and Sejun picked them up and headed to the kitchen.

When Sejun tried to start cooking,

he cried out loud!

[Hehehe. Dad Kueng has a dish he wants to eat today! Kueng uses coupons!]

Kueng proudly said as he took out the Sejun cooking order coupon (1 day) coupon he took out from the treasure hunt.

“okay. “What do we want to eat, Kueng?”

When Sejun asked with a happy smile at Kueng’s serious expression,

Kueng! Kueng!

[Today, I want to eat the dish my dad wants to eat! Usually, Dad can’t eat what he wants, so today Kueng can eat whatever he wants with the coupon!]

Kueng said, looking at Sejun with a proud face.


it’s clear.

Sejun was sure.

It was clear that he had saved the country dozens of times.

The world’s most beautiful woman, Eileen, is her girlfriend and her dutiful son, Kuengi.

Otherwise, there was no explanation.

“Are you writing a coupon for our Kueng dad?!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. That’s right!]

Sejun, touched, hugged Kueng and rubbed his face against Kueng’s face.

But does Kkueng know?

It’s best to just not cook. What’s even better is eating food cooked by someone else.

Of course, Eileen’s cooking is excluded.

“Then let’s eat rice cake today!”

Sejun chose rice cakes for Kueng, who wrote a coupon for him.


[Kueng wanted to eat rice cakes dipped in honey today, but Dad and Kueng had the same idea!]

Kueng raised both front paws and shouted for national independence at Sejun’s words.

Kueng, you like anything you can eat dipped in honey.

When Sejun laughs at Kueng like that, he says,

“Brother-in-law! “Guess what I want to eat!”

Ace, who wanted to connect with Sejun, shouted with his eyes wide open. Kueng seemed to be jealous.


Sejun made eye contact with Ace and pretended to think for a moment, then said,

“Yonggari chicken!”

I shouted confidently.

“that’s right! Puhihihi.”

Ace smiles brightly at Sejun’s answer.

This was too easy for Sejun, who knew everyone’s favorite food.

“Grilled Fish!”

“Dried sweet potatoes!”

Sejun gathered momentum and talked about the food that Theo and Kamangi wanted to eat and said,

“Fuhuhuhu. As expected, Chairman Park, the great hybrid, gets along well with me!”

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. As expected, the butler knows what I like!]

Theo and Kamangi also liked it.

Hehehe. Simple guys.

Sejun grinned to himself at the reactions of his companions, pulled out rice cakes, fried yonggari chicken, grilled fish, and took out dried sweet potatoes from the subspace warehouse.

Kueng even wrote a coupon for him to eat what he wanted, but in the end, it was Sejun who prepared all the dishes the group wanted to eat.

After eating breakfast like that,

I slurped.

When Sejun drinks the coffee made by Kkueng,


Suddenly, an energy wave exploded in the distance, sending a shock wave to Sejun.


what? Is that where your mother-in-law is?

When looking at the place where the air wave occurred,

it flutters.

-Sejun, are you okay?!

-Son-in-law are you okay?!

Kaiser and Anton’s dragon statue flew towards Sejun. I was worried that Sejun might have been hurt because of what happened a little while ago.

“Of course it’s okay. “I’m strong now.”

When Sejun smiles confidently and answers,


A wave of energy explodes once again. This time it was stronger than before.

“But are your mother-in-law and Ace okay?”

When Sejun asks the two

, -Yes. My daughter-in-law’s strength is fluctuating as her body recovers. And Ace is a dragon, so this is okay.

Ace has , which can offset more than 90% of the same dragon’s energy, and

has that lasts until the age of 100, so he can offset the 10% energy that was not offset by the dragon’s bloodline. It was possible to reduce it to 1 in 10,000.

It is also said that there are several additional powers that protect young dragons, such as absorbing the energy of surrounding dragons.

Without these safety devices, the dragon would have died from the energy of its dragon parents as soon as it was born.

In addition, Ace receives Sejun’s name, eats Sejun’s crops, and is much stronger than dragons of his age.

He was an ace who had both a dragon spoon and a Sejun spoon.

-Wouldn’t it be better for your son-in-law to go somewhere else for a while?

-okay. Sejun, please go to another floor. It will take a while for Elizabeth’s spirits to calm down.

Kaiser and Anton said, worried about Sejun.

“no way. “I’m fine.”

When Sejun confidently says,

[’s maintenance time has ended.]

[All 20,000 stats and 70,000 magical power that had increased due to the effect of disappear. .]

disappeared from Sejun.

A message appears in front of Sejun.


Suddenly, 150,000 of his total stats disappeared, and Sejun felt a great sense of helplessness.



Elizabeth’s energy wave hit Sejun again.


It hurt a little this time.

“…I’ll go down and come back.”

You should listen carefully to what adults say.

Sejun decided to leave the 99th floor of the tower for a while until Elizabeth’s energy calmed down.

I need to go shopping.

I went down to the 75th floor of the tower with my companions.

5 hours later.

[The tower manager says that your mother is now okay and that you can come up.]


Sejun, who had been shopping after listening to Eileen, returned to the 99th floor of the tower.

And dinner time.

“My brother-in-law’s mother will be returning to the Dragon Land sometime next week.”

As Elizabeth, exhausted and recovering her strength, fell asleep, Ace, who had eaten with Sejun, reported the news of Elizabeth’s return.

“Puh hing… So now Ace has to sleep alone at night.”

Ace said as pitifully as possible and looked at Sejun. The look in his eyes was full of the blatant intention of wanting to sleep with Sejun.

Ace believes that he will naturally remain here.


“Probably not?”

That couldn’t have been possible. If Elizabeth goes, of course Ace goes too.


“Maybe Ace will go with mom too.”

“Puh hing…”

Ace began to cry at Sejun’s honest words.

Ace was able to bear it when he thought about being separated from his mother, but when he thought about being separated from Sejun, tears welled up in his eyes.

“why are you crying? You can come whenever you want. “And if you tell me what you want to eat, I’ll send it to you.”

Sejun patted the giant Ace’s back and soothed him,


Ace, who was in a good mood, raised his mouth and smiled again.

“Huh?! If you cry and laugh like that, hair will grow on your asshole?!”

When Sejun made fun of Ace, he said,




Theo Kueng looks at Sejun strangely, as if wondering what’s strange about that.

All three originally had hair there.


Sejun, who had been joking for no reason but suddenly became a strange person, looked the other way out of embarrassment.


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