Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 565

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Episode 565

Dude, you ate it earlier.

The mental world of Raknos, the fiery gray stone lion.

Thump, thump.

“Rachnos, it’s been a while.”

When the blue-black wolf appeared,

“Fenrir you bastard!”

Rachnos became angry and raised his power.


Kugu Palace.

Huge gray stone walls forming around Raknos.

“Crumbling. Now call me Great Kamangi. But are you hiding again this time?”

Blackman snorted as he looked at the huge stone wall.

“joy! Are you laughing because you couldn’t break through my stone wall of wailing before?! “What kind of confidence is this?!”

In the past, this stone wall could not be broken down and Rachnos was simply swallowed up, but this time it was not alone.

Thump, thump.

Following Kcamangi, nine huge apostles of destruction appeared and said,

“Kids, let’s deal with them quickly!”


Boom! Quagwagwang!

Kamangi and his men began to destroy the stone wall created by Raknos.

Not only was the stone wall strong, but as soon as it was destroyed, a new stone wall was built to fill the gap.

This was the reason Raknos earned the title ‘undefeated’.

Rachnos, who protects himself with the Wailing Stone Wall, has never lost to his enemies.



“Crumbling. Got it.”

“100 million!”

It seemed like I couldn’t use that modifier anymore.

Quad deuk.

Raknos, a gray stone lion whose neck was bitten by a black lion, broke and disappeared.


55th floor of the Black Tower.


When the huge stone wall that suddenly appeared as Blackman began to exorcise Rachnos collapsed,


In Sejun’s eyes, he saw the body of the gray stone lion inside the stone wall collapsing.

Kkamang was successful.

Sejun hurried to find the Black Family that he couldn’t take care of because of the stone wall.


Oh my gosh.





It was easy to find thanks to the sound of snoring.

“Good job guys.”

When Sejun took care of the hard-working Kamangi family, he said,

“Fuhuhu. “Chairman Park, take care of this too!”

Theo picked up the three beads that had fallen next to the Kamangi family.

Two gray beads and one black bead.

[Power Stone of Rachnos, the Invincible Gray Stone Lion: Gray Erosion]

[Power Stone of Raknos, the Invincible Gray Stone Lion: Stone Wall of Wailing]

[Apostle of Destruction 1st Seat, Core Piece of Fenrir, the Noble Wolf Who Hunts God (13%) ]

“huh. thank you.”

Sejun receives three orbs and

absorbs the contained in [Power Stone of Rachnos, the Invincible Gray Stone Lion: Gray Erosion.]

[Power Stone of Rachnos, the Invincible Gray Stone Lion: On the Wailing Stone Wall. Absorb the contained within.]

I put the core in my pocket and absorbed the power from the two power stones.


[The power of the target to absorb the power is greatly lacking.]

[The power is matched to the power of the target absorbing the power.]

[The power of the power is greatly reduced.]

Sejun the sunfish went on an extreme diet to be able to absorb it. powers that do.


[You have been granted the Power: The Half-Destroyed Wailing Stone Wall>.]

“Where should I look for options?”

I checked the options for the two powers given to Sejun.


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Casts a petrification curse that turns the enemy’s body into stone.

There is a high chance that enemies will resist petrification.

Summons a Wailing Stone Wall that is more than 50% broken.

“hmm. what?

Is this too harsh? Is it because I don’t curse the system much these days?

When Sejun’s mood begins to worsen as he checks the options for the power, which may have been too severe, as only the bones remain,

[ discovers two powers that will strengthen .]

message that appears.

[ strengthens with and .] [ was given.]

“Has it gotten better?”

Sejun confirmed his enhanced powers.

Summons a broken Wailing Stone Wall below 30%.

Has a very low chance to nullify enemy attacks.


It has improved from over 50% to under 30%, but why do I feel bad?

While Sejun was checking his powers


[Uncle, are you okay?!]

The black rabbit, worried about Sejun, hurriedly ran over.

“huh. Of course I’m fine. Hehehe. “I’m not the same person I used to be.”

Sejun was proud and started to gain momentum

. Goooooh.

Sejun’s momentum taking control of his surroundings.


[Uncle, you’ve gotten stronger?!]

The black rabbit was surprised when he felt Sejun’s power.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s stronger than the black rabbit. Just ‘Is it a bit expensive?’ It felt like this.

The black rabbit, who grew up eating Sejun’s crops, became king, and drank all kinds of rare elixirs, had extraordinary strength.

Sejun was recognized for his strength by the black rabbit.

“But where are Wolgang and Wolha Black Torch?”

I asked the black rabbit where the next brag target was

and bap bap.

[Probably in agricultural school. I will guide you.]

I went to the farming school with the black rabbit.

That’s the way to go.

What should I name it?



Sejun was troubled as he watched the black rabbit playing with Kueng.

At first, he was going to be named Wol after Wolgang and Wolha, but then his last name would be different from that of his son, Black Tochi.

Since you can’t do that… just add ‘Heuk’ at the beginning and put ‘Wol’, your parents’ last name, in the middle…


Already a perfect name.


the last one…

Sejun, who doesn’t want to add one more word.

Sejun thought for a moment and decided on the last letter.

May the black rabbit receive many blessings.

“How about Black Moonbok in your name, Black Rabbit?”

Fortunately, the first two letters were overwhelming, so the name was completed without much angularity.



When Black Moon Bok is happy after receiving Sejun’s name

[Talent: Naming Artist effect is activated.]

[The name Black Moon Bok (黑月福) has a special effect.]

[All stats increase by 33. ]

[ is granted.]

The name Black Moon Bok has a special effect.

was a blessing that temporarily blocked the moonlight, creating a lunar eclipse, and using the moonlight as one’s own power.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Congratulations on your new name!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Wolbok’s brother’s name is cool!]

Theo and Kuengi congratulated Black Wolbok.


[Butler! We must do our best!]

Of course, the Kamangi family, who had expected a miserable name, was greatly disappointed.

While naming them and congratulating them on their new names, Sejun and the others arrived at the farming school.



[Just plant it like this and water it.]


[Did you understand?]



“Hey guys.”

Sejun visited Wolgang and Wolha, who were teaching baby rabbits, and said hello.




[oh! Is this really Sejun?!]

Wolgang and Wolha were overwhelmed and embarrassed by the energy that Sejun secretly gave off.

He was surprised by Sejun’s outstanding performance, the sunfish.

However, increasing strength was not always a good thing.




The baby rabbits fainted from Sejun’s strong energy.



[Sejun, please calm down quickly!]

“Vice President Te, I need some energy…”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

Sejun, who does not know how to reduce his energy, got rid of it with Theo’s help.

After a while.




One by one, the baby rabbits who had fainted regained their strength.







The baby rabbits smelled a sweet smell they had smelled somewhere before and started looking around excitedly.


“If you want to eat carrot candy, come here and line up.”

I was shocked when I found Sejun making carrot candy next to me.

The baby rabbits rushed over and lined up in an orderly row in front of Sejun.

Sejun made and distributed snacks to the baby rabbits who fainted because of him as an apology.

Back?! Back!

[When did uncle come?! Please give me the carrot candy quickly!]

Black Torch, who ran in front of Sejun in first place, asked in an excited voice.

“I just arrived. ruler. receive.”

Sejun answered and gave the carrot candy to each of Black Torch’s front paws, and then the other baby rabbits also received two carrot candies each and

ate them. Wow.

I gathered together with other friends and ate delicious carrot candy.

When Sejun handed out carrot candy to the baby rabbits in line,


[Hello, Sejun!]

“Dung, you ate earlier.”


Fat, who was greeting Sejun as if he hadn’t eaten, got caught in line twice by Sejun, but he growled.

Hearing the sound coming from Ddung’s stomach,

he said, “Ddung, eat without the kids watching.” Understand?”



Sejun quietly gave 5 carrot candies to Ddung’s paws.

After a while.

Sejun distributed snacks to all the baby rabbits.

“Raise the land.”

A monument was erected using Miler’s hoe.

[Luna Achievement Fee No. 2]

Moon River, Moon River, and Black Moon Bok all have abilities related to the moon, so if you pray to Luna, the god of moonlight, it will definitely be a win-win for both the kids and Luna.

“Okay then, kids, I’ll go.”

When Sejun tried to leave,

what happened?

[Uncle, can’t I stay overnight?]


[See you later, Sejun!]


[Sejun, don’t go!]

The baby rabbits were very disappointed as they held on to Sejun.

Hehehe. This damn popularity.

Sejun smiles happily at the baby rabbits’ reactions.


now I can’t eat carrot candy…

It’s not because of Sejun, it’s that I’m sad because I can’t eat carrot candy. I don’t

even know that

. If it weren’t for the power, he would have gone to sleep…

Sejun was very disappointed.

If I sleep here and go tomorrow, will disappear, so it will be revealed that the strength I showed today is temporary.

Sejun, who boasted of his strength to the rabbits on the 55th floor of the tower, returned to the 99th floor of the tower.


Temple of the Creator God.

“what? “Why aren’t these guys attacking when they can see the level 10 world?”

The Creator God, who deliberately revealed the level 10 world that he had hidden to use as bait, was saddened to see the apostles of destruction ignoring the level 10 world.

“This can’t be happening….”

Don’t you bite?

An incomprehensible creator god.

The Apostles of Destruction were all warlike and would bite once they were seen.

But now they were strangely reluctant.

There is no way to do this… The night on the 99th floor of the Black Tower

when the Creator God was wondering if there was another way


(Batbat. Good night everyone!)

Batbat started his activities.

Tsk. Tsk.

Batbat enjoys eating the fruit prepared by Sejun

(Batbat! Open!)

and swoops.

I created a portal and moved to another dimension.

(Batbat. Not here either!)

(Batbat. Not even here!)

Batbat repeatedly opens and closes to see if it is looking for something.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Batbat, please find the place I told you about!”

At Theo’s request, he was searching for the outskirts of destruction where Jormungand and Hydra are located.

The Creator God throws bait and waits for Jormungand and Hydra to bite, and Theo tries to go directly to the outskirts of destruction where Jormungand and Hydra are.

I don’t know who will succeed, but it was not good news for both Jormungand and Hydra.

While Batbat was diligently searching for the outer shell of destruction, hehehe.

In the bedroom, Kamangi woke up quietly.


Blackman takes a piece of his core out of Sejun’s pocket and takes it out with his mouth

. Butler! I’ll strengthen your sunfish core!

He put a piece of his core into Sejun’s mouth and puked!


I pressed it hard with my front paws and made it swallow.



Kamangi lay down on Sejun’s chest and fell asleep again.

The night deepens like that.


The sunfish core began to strengthen as it quietly absorbed pieces of Fenrir’s core.

With super sunfish core.


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