Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 564

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Episode 564

Hehehe. Now that I think about it, I couldn’t show my uncle’s dignified side to my nephew.

Battle Store Headquarters.

“ha ha ha. I’m feeling really good these days. Sejun bravely faced off against Kraken and Leviathan not long ago! It doesn’t mean I stood up. And he even went so far as to fight Leviathan himself! Now it’s clear that Sejun is going down the path of a warrior!”

“Bev, I’m feeling really good these days too. “Our Kuengi has recently become proficient in using the power of the storm, and he is clearly showing interest in the path of a warrior!”

Bev, the god of bravery, and Thunder, the god of storms, who were unable to speak to Sejun and Kuengi after being blocked three times in a row after receiving orders from Battler, had an exciting conversation.

Square. Square.

Suk. Suk.

In front of Battler, the god of battle, and Hunt, the god of hunting, who were making shields and bows to deliver to Theo.

Today is the due date to send the goods to Theo.

The two were accelerating their work to meet the deadline.

“Can’t you see I’m working here? Go talk somewhere else. “You’re crazy.”

With the deadline just around the corner, the sensitive battler held back his anger as best as he could, clenched his teeth and quietly growled,

“Hahaha. Sejun…”

“Our Kkueng…”

They continued talking excitedly, ignoring Battler. Sejun and Kkueng had a lot to talk about these days, thanks to their frequent fights with the Apostle of Destruction.



In the end, when Battler explodes with anger and tries to increase his strength

, [Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, urges him to quickly send God Ki.]

[Theo Park, the target of the Black Tower, is angry, asking how God can break the promised time.]

[The Black Tower, the target, is angry. If the target, Teo Park, does not send in his flag within 10 minutes, he will be impeached.]

Theo’s urging message appeared

and ah! This is not the time!

Battler’s anger subsided in an instant, and he sat back down and hurriedly made a shield.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“Good job guys.”

Sejun, who has finished upgrading to the limit of the 10th tower, has returned.

“It’s lunch time. “Brother-in-law, what do you want to eat?”



Sejun, who heard Ace’s words, said while making tteokbokki,

“Fuhuhu. “Great Hybrid Chairman Park Today, Vice Chairman Te made a lot of money by selling new products!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Dad, Kuengi, dug up some very good herbs!]

Theo and Kuengi have returned.


“Fuhuhuhu.” Chairman Park, take this!”


holds a heavy money bag!

[Dad, eat this!]

Kueng handed a dark blue arrowroot root to Sejun.

“huh. “Thank you guys.”

Sejun patted the two’s heads and received the money bag and arrowroot.

I put the money in my pocket and looked closely at the arrowroot that Kueng had given me.

[Dark Green Potential Kudzu Root]

Because the name was different from the one that Kueng usually digs.


Sejun checked the options.

[Dark Green Potential Kudzu Root]

This is the root of kudzu that grows by absorbing life force from a living host.

It was raised by a skilled herbalist, and after absorbing the host’s life force to almost the maximum, it absorbed the life force again and its weakness increased significantly.

It is rich in good nutrients, making you feel fuller and keeping you full for a long time.

When consumed, all stat potential increases by 100.

It tastes like a hotcake dipped in honey.

Grower: Intermediate Herbalist Kuengi

Shelf life: 300 days

Grade: S


Sejun was very impressed by the fact that it was raised by a skilled herbalist. It means acknowledging Kkueng’s skills.

It also increases potential by 100.

Sejun continues reading the options.


‘It tastes like hotcakes dipped in honey?’

Does this work?

Sejun looked puzzled as he put the arrowroot root in his mouth and chewed it.



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Soft melting arrowroot root.

Even the texture was recreated?!

Even the texture was similar to a hotcake dipped in honey.


[You have consumed the arrowroot root with deep green potential.]

[All stat potential increases by 100.]

While Sejun was eating the arrowroot root,


How do you feel?

Kueng continued to look expectantly at Sejun.

Sejun belatedly felt Kueng’s strong gaze.

“and! It really felt like eating a hotcake dipped in honey. Son, how can you achieve this taste and effect?! “Thanks to you, Dad, I’ve become really strong!”

Let’s quickly grab Kueng’s waist with both hands and lift him up and praise him

. Kuhehehe Kueng!

[Hehehe. I wanted to make my dad stronger, so Kueng studied

a lot of medicinal herbs!] So now, Dad is getting stronger by eating the herbs Kueng canned!

Kueng became motivated after receiving Sejun’s praise.


“Fuhuhuhu.” “I, Vice President Te, will also find something good to make Chairman Park stronger!”

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. me too! The butler is too weak!]

“Puhihihi. “I will also strengthen my brother-in-law!”

The motivation of the other party members also burned.

When everyone in the group is determined to make Sejun stronger,

hehe. Now that I think about it, I couldn’t show my uncle’s dignified side to my nephew.

In fact, Sejun, everyone’s worry, had other thoughts.

“Guys, let’s eat quickly and then go to Red Ribbon Kingdom.”

Sejun hurriedly prepared the meal.

The maintenance period for is until tomorrow.

If I wanted to brag, today was the right time.

I have to go and give the black rabbit a name.

The move to the 55th floor of the tower was suddenly decided.

“What about me, brother-in-law?”

“sorry. “Not a brother-in-law.”

“Puh hing….”

Young Ace could not go with him yet.


55th floor of the Black Tower.

“Black Rabbit! “This time it was Daxon Village that suffered.”

“what?! Even Docson Village has already been attacked?!”

The black rabbit was taken aback by his subordinate’s report.

Five days ago, an investigation team was dispatched after receiving reports of an unusual event in which everything, including buildings and residents, of a small village on the outskirts of the kingdom had turned to stone.

Meanwhile, contact with the investigation team was lost, and an unidentified petrification phenomenon was encroaching on Red Ribbon at an incredible speed.

And before we knew it, the danger had reached Daxon Village, which was only 100km away from Rabbit City, the capital of the Red Ribbon Kingdom.

“This time I will go myself.”

If this incident cannot be prevented, the Red Ribbon Kingdom, which was re-founded with great difficulty, will be in danger, so the Black Rabbit decided to step forward as the king of the Red Ribbon Kingdom.

“But my king….”

“Quickly prepare! “Let’s leave right now!”

The subordinate tried to stop him, but the black rabbit urged the subordinate, and soon the black rabbit left the capital with his subordinates.


[Arrived at the 55th floor of the Black Tower.]



Sejun appears at a waypoint right in front of White Castle, the capital of the Red Ribbon Kingdom.


[See you, Sejun!]

When Sejun appeared, the black rabbit soldiers guarding the waypoint bowed to him.

“huh. Is the black rabbit inside?”


[You are not currently in the castle!]

“Are you not in the castle? “Where did you go?”


In response to Sejun’s question, the soldier ponders whether he can recklessly reveal the strange events in the kingdom.


it’s dada.


[Sejun, please help me!]

Jjyumjyang ran out with a contemplative expression on his face.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Since the atmosphere in the room was unusual, Sejun hurriedly asked.


[I lost contact with my baby’s father!]

“With a black rabbit?! “Where did you go?!”


[That’s what’s going on in the kingdom these days…]

Ppyum explaining the strange events that occurred in the Red Ribbon Kingdom.

“okay! Believe me! Let’s go Kueng!”


At Sejun’s words, Kkueng grew to about 3 meters in size, put the group on his back, and


It began a supersonic flight to the place where the black rabbit disappeared.

“Queng, faster!”

Sejun, who is now unaffected by Kuengi’s supersonic flight, urges Kuengi, and

Kueng! Kueng!

[I understand! Hold on tight, Dad!]


Kueng, who was unable to increase his speed for fear of hurting Sejun, quickly increased his speed and flew at hypersonic speed.

Sejun held Kkueng’s fur with one hand to keep it from falling off


“Kkamang, just hold on a little longer.”

With the other hand, he protected the Black Family in his sling bag with his hand.

It’s been 1 minute since we moved like that.

Sejun and the group arrived at a place where everything had turned gray.


[It’s little brother over there!]

Kueng pointed to the black rabbit and his subordinates who had turned to stone.



A gray energy was also seen encroaching on the ground that had not been turned to stone.

A gray energy that turns into stone when touched.

What is that?

Sejun observes his energy closely.


A strange look appeared in Sejun’s eyes.

The rate of petrification of the gray energy slowed down significantly in front of water.

no. The gray energy was removing the water by colliding with the water and disappearing.

It was clear that water alone could not be turned into stone.

This is it!

Sejun figured out how to remove the gray energy.

“Memo bomb.”

I used a pitchfork (?) from Fire Wind Water to spray water on the black rabbit and

it was a disaster.

When the water touched it, the stone surrounding the black rabbit’s body began to break apart.

After a while.


“Black rabbit! Get in quickly!”

When Sejun shouts to the confused black rabbit, who is looking around, “



Jump up.

The black rabbit jumped on Kueng’s back and shouted,

“Make a dark cloud!”

Sejun started to create dark clouds using his thunder skill.


Pitch-black clouds filled the sky with a radius of 60 km.

This was the result of using all of Sejun’s 120,000 horsepower.

A power that is incomparable to before.



[Connects to nine streams of magic power for 10 minutes.]

[An unlimited supply of magic power.]

Even the ability of was used.



Sejun felt the joy of expanding his consciousness connected to the nine magical streams and said,

“It’s going to rain.”

Using infinite magical power, a huge amount of rain fell on the gray earth.

Shoot ahhh.

As heavy rain fell, the petrification on the gray earth slowly loosened and began to regain its color.

Although the horsepower that could be supplied was infinite, the output could not exceed Sejun’s 120,000, so it was a disappointing result compared to being connected to the nine streams.



Other black rabbit soldiers who followed the black rabbit also broke free from petrification and found freedom.

[After 10 minutes, the connection with the nine magical streams is disconnected.]

10 minutes passed quickly and the rain stopped.


Since the black rabbit knew how to remove petrification, he led his men and saved the residents who had been turned to stone by spraying water on them.

There was plenty of water because there were many places where water had accumulated due to the rain that Sejun had sprinkled.

As time passed, residents who had been freed from petrification joined in and the work speeded up.

While the rabbits run around and drive away the gray energy

, [You are connected to nine streams of magic power for 10 minutes.]

[You have an unlimited supply of magic power.]

“It’s going to rain.”

Sejun moved forward first and sprinkled rain.

So when Sejun is making a path in the gray land and the rabbits are widening the path and slowly but surely driving away the gray energy that is encroaching on the Red Ribbon Kingdom

– who is interfering with me?!


The culprit of this incident emerged from the gray ground in front of Sejun and his companions, roaring full of life.

[Invincible Gray Stone Lion Rachnos]

“Is that you?! Turning rabbits into stones?! “Memo bomb!”

When Sejun attacks Raknos,


[Who is that guy?!]

Blacky recognized Raknos.

Raknos was also one of the five immortals that Blackman could not digest.


whine?! whine?!

[what?! It’s my core?!]

He also noticed that there was a piece of his core in Raknos’ body.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. It’s time to strengthen the sunfish core! Let’s go, guys!]


Blackfish excitedly flew towards Raknos.

But the distance to Raknos was considerable,

and Shuung.

A black bird falling to the ground.





Of course, there was a part of me that believed in Kamangi.


[Let’s go!]

The Black Family flew towards Raknos and


Docking was successful.


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