Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 563

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Episode 563

Good. It felt natural.

Morning on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.


Sejun opened his eyes.

“Hehehe. As expected, home is the best.”

Sejun wiggled his toes with his eyes open.

[With the effect of , all stat potential has increased by 30.]

[With the effect of , all stat potential has increased by 10. It increases.]

[All stats increase by 1 due to the effect of .]

I checked the messages.


The whole bone effect of a strong young dragon?

Come to think of it, I didn’t check my powers yesterday because I was playing with Ace after reporting my return.

Sejun checked the options for .

Level +15

All stats +300

All stat potential +5000

All stat potential increases by 10 every day.

Every day, all stats increase by 1.

Learning efficiency is greatly increased.

Dragon bones greatly increase resistance to external energy.

Bone density increases, bones become less brittle, and body weight increases.


It’s improved a lot.

Sejun grinned after checking the options.

His power was strengthened, and he was level 5, all stats increased by 200, all stat potentials increased by 4000, and

the option to increase all stats by 1 every 10 days changed to daily, and the option to increase all stat potentials by 10 every day. This was added.

‘Other options that are not displayed numerically have also improved little by little.’

After confirming the power, Sejun leisurely wiggled his toes for about 10 minutes and then stood up.




Theo and Kamang, who were still in dreamland, took their family and came out,

and then.

It makes the crops grow faster by making them hear the sound of footsteps

. [A shaman with a strong lower body is grateful for the sound of the farmer’s footsteps and lends his strength.]

[The Master of the crops is activated, and the magic stat potential increases from 20,357 to 20,367. [It increases to .]

Potential has been raised.

While I was walking through the farm,

I thought, “Queng!”

[Dad, good night!]

Kkueng joined him and clung to his side, shouting,

“Brother-in-law! Good morning!”

Ace also joined in and hopped on Sejun’s back.

Ace, who is 5 meters tall, dragged himself because his feet touched the floor even when Sejun carried him, but he said,


My brother-in-law’s back is soft(?) and warm.

Still, Ace was happy riding on Sejun’s back.

After a while.

Sejun went to the kitchen with his companions and made breakfast.

“Brother-in-law, take this and eat it with your mother-in-law.”

[Our brother-in-law♡]


Sejun handed Ace an omurice with ketchup written on it and said,

“Yes! Fuhihihi. “My brother-in-law, I also have a heart!”

Ace made a heart with both arms and sent it to Sejun, then received the food and went to his mother.


“Come on. let’s eat.”

Sejun also had breakfast with Theo Kuengi Kamangi family.

Riots would break out if writing was written only on Ace’s dishes, so Teo Kueng had writing written on all of the Kamangi Family’s dishes as well. On Theo’s giant grilled fish

, it was written in


[Park Teo, the right arm of the great hybrid Park Se-jun, the fatal dragon claw hybrid golden cat grand prize winner], and

on the omurice of the Kuengi and Kamangi family,

[Good son Kuengi♡]

[Not great Shubokchi Kamangi♡]


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I wrote it with ketchup.

Kihihi. Whing?

[Hyung Kueng, what does this say?]

I have the most ketchup! After all, I am the butler’s favorite!

Before eating, Kamangi, who does not know Korean, asked Kuengi with an excited expression what was written on his omurice, and


[That’s great…]

“Kyuengi eat. “Kamang, it means eat that and grow quickly.”

Sejun, who had committed a crime, hurriedly stepped forward and hesitated.


I have to eat too.

[Park Se-jun]

Se-jun wrote his name on his omelet rice with ketchup.

At that time,

[The tower manager tells you to eat the food that was hidden from your family for you.]

Eirin sent Sejun the food she had made and said,

“Yes… Eileen eats this too.”

With a resigned expression, Sejun wrote an additional note on his omurice and sent it to Eileen.

[Park Se-jun♡Aileen Frittani]

“Hehehehe. Sejun, I have a heart too!”

Eileen blew a finger heart at Sejun, who was visible in the crystal ball.

While eating,


[Sugu, fetch water.]



Mukppupal had Besugu fetch water and relieved himself of the shame he had endured. I felt like I had to learn a lot from Theo.

After the meal was over,

I slurped.




The group took a seat around Sejun, who was drinking coffee made by Kueng.


boom, boom, boom.


After finishing his meal with Elizabeth, Ace also came to Sejun, had him lean on his stomach, and rested his head on Sejun’s shoulder.

A peaceful resting time for Sejun and his companions.

-But what are they?

-I heard Kueng left it loose earlier?

-Are you telling me to eat it as a snack?

-Probably not.

Chambang, Chambang.

North North.

The Seraphim dragons watched the apocalyptic turtles that Kueng had released into the fountain swimming happily.

30 minutes later.

“Guys, let’s get to work now.”

When Sejun woke up, he said,

“Fuhuhu. “Great Hybrid Chairman Park, I’m going to make a lot of money!”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kuengi said he will also gather a lot of herbs!]

Theo and Kuengi went to work on the 73rd floor of the Purple Tower and the western forest.

“Brother-in-law, I am going to the 10th tower. Do you want to go with me?”

“yes! “Brother-in-law!”

Sejun took Ace and moved to the 10th tower.

Currently, Sejun’s strength exceeds 40,000, and he was able to exceed 100,000 strength with just the bean set.

Thump, thump.

I was worried because the door was small, but fortunately, as Ace approached, the door grew in size and Ace was able to use the door.

Hee hee. Hee hee! Hee hee…

[Hee hee. My subordinates, the great Black Captain has returned! [A great adventure again this time…] As soon as

he entered the 10th tower, he started bragging about his adventure to the remaining destruction predators and destruction pioneers and said,

“Brother-in-law, use your strength with me. eat this.”


After eating the Ace and 2nd Transcendent Black Beans and Powerful Yellow Beans, Sejun placed the bodies of the Kraken and Leviathan on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the 10th Tower.

Currently, Delia’s body was placed on the second floor of Melpix on the first floor of the 10th tower, but

since Alice’s body vitality was running out, Delia’s body, which was obtained after Alice, was moved to the subspace warehouse.

It was to gain experience.

When the work of moving the bodies of the Apostles of Destruction was completed,

“Guys, shall we plant some seeds?”


Sejun went back down to the first floor of the tower and decided to plant the Doom Devourer seeds with the Doom Pioneers.


“Ah. right. Kids, look at this. “I got new farming equipment.”

good. It felt natural.

Sejun takes out his newly acquired pitchfork and starts bragging.

“This also works. “Collect the three attributes of Fire Feng Shui and become a Fire Feng Shui!”

Sejun picks up a pitchfork and uses the skill built into his godgi.


At the tip of the trident, fire, air, energy, and energy came together, and an energy wave of red, silver, and blue mixed into one created a huge hole in the ground.

“Isn’t it amazing? And a memoir bomb!”

When Sejun used the skill again, this time water came out from the rightmost blade.

“Hehe. “Like this, you can dig and water at the same time.”

Sejun laughed as he demonstrated digging the ground with a pitchfork.

Originally, it was a magical device that fired a water bomb with tremendous killing power, but because Sejun injected a little bit of magical energy into it, its power became disastrous.

“Fire bomb! You can light a fire with this. Punggi bomb! “With this, you don’t even need to fan yourself when it’s hot.”

Sejun boasts grandiosely even though he treats Shingi as a trivial farming tool.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. The butler is joking! [Guys, quickly applaud the butler!]

Seeing Sejun like that, Kamangi had his subordinates clap, and

the Destruction Devourers and Destruction Pioneers clapped with leaves and then started working with Sejun.


Oh Do Dog. Oh Do Dog.

“Fuhihihi. it’s good.”

Ace sat on the edge of the tower, ate the banana chips Sejun gave him, and watched Sejun plant seeds.

The upgrade was currently at its limit, so there was nothing to do.

[The Pioneer Seed of Destruction (+1) was planted in the ground containing the refined energy of destruction and magic power.]

[Job experience increases slightly.]

[The mastery of sowing magic seeds (Master) increases slightly.]

.. …



While Sejun was diligently planting the Devourer of Destruction seeds,

[The energy of creation created in the 10th Tower has reached 12 million L.]

[The 5th floor of the 10th Tower is opened.]

[The 5th floor of the 10th Tower is activated. ]

[The height of all floors of the 10th tower will be doubled.]

A message appears in front of Sejun.

“oh! Patrick, please move Stella to the third floor of the tower.”

Sejun, who checked the message, hurries to tell Patrick

. [Patrick, the god of the earth, says that Stella Hisron, the great silver dragon, is currently helping Hamer, the god of farming, to make an elixir of strength, so there is no need to worry in the future.]

Patrick replied . .

“yes?! “We’re making an elixir of strengthening together?!”

Stella’s original role was to help those who passed the ordeal of the 10th Tower.

However, because Sejun was too weak, he ended up becoming a pitiful bastard in the 10th tower,

so why not let him go? I’m bored!

Stella, who was struggling with boredom, looked for something to do and ended up helping Hamer in making the elixir of strengthening.

ah. So, the elixir of strengthening has been made quickly these days.

I wondered what was happening because the speed at which the elixir of strengthening was made was increasing, and it was thanks to Stella.

[Arrived at the 4th floor of the 10th tower.]

While talking with Patrick, Sejun arrived at the 4th floor of the tower.

Approach the white crystal and


When you place your hand on the crystal,

[You have cleared the 10th Tower 4th floor.]

[You have obtained 10 billion Top Coin experience points and 200 billion as a reward for clearing the 4th floor of the Tower.]

[As a reward for clearing the 4th floor of the Tower, all stats increase by 300. ]

[The upgrade limit increases by 100%.]

[The waypoint for the 4th floor of the tower has been saved.]

[Move to the 5th floor of the tower.]

A waypoint appears with a reward message, and Sejun has moved to the 5th floor of the tower.

[Arrived at the 5th floor of the 10th tower.]

“Wow. “It’s bigger here.”

4 times the area of the 4th floor. An incredibly large piece of land, 256 times the area of the first floor.

“I have to plant something first.”

While Sejun is planting crops on empty land,

Kugu Palace.

A huge change was taking place outside the 10th Tower.

This is because the floor height was doubled, the height of the tower was doubled, and the 10th tower became closer to the energy of destruction.

As the 10th Tower gets closer to the center of destruction, it begins to absorb more of the strong energy of destruction.

[An unbearable amount of the energy of destruction is being forced in from the outside of the 10th Tower.]


The same thing happened again as before, absorbing a huge amount of the energy of destruction.

“okay? Great. “Turn on the lighthouse.”

I finally tried it.

Sejun confirmed the message and activated the Lighthouse of Creation, burning destruction.


[Consumes 300,000 L of the energy of creation to turn on a lighthouse that burns destruction for 1 hour.]

The lighthouse installed at the top of the 10th tower lit up and white light exploded


The energy of destruction that touched the light of the lighthouse burned and was purified.

And the original purpose of the lighthouse was to inform those far away of its location.

“What? “What is this eerie light?”

“Jormungand, it’s the light coming from that tower!”

Jormungand and Hydra discovered the lighthouse light.


“we’ll just wait and see.”

If you go, you might get hit.

They were not fooled by the lighthouse light.

no. I was scared and didn’t move.

When Leviathan, the true vampire, did not return, he felt a sense of crisis.

“Oh! The lights are off.”

“It wasn’t a big deal after all.”

They did not move until the lighthouse eventually went out, and the 10th Tower succeeded in closing the distance from destruction.


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