Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 561

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Episode 561

If you mess up with the great black man, the butler will give you a name!

The land of testing.

“Creator Candidate. Are you ready for the second test?”

When the Statue of Test asks,


I hope it gets sealed again!

Fireworks answered with a voice full of anticipation.

“good night. Then we will begin the second test. Grow 1,000 world trees.”

[…uh?! No seal this time? I think I’ll do better if I’m sealed.]

When Fireworks asked,


The stone statue of the test answered in a stern voice.


When Flame was disappointed after hearing the answer,

“Instead, I will seal my abilities during the third test.”

The stone statue of the test gave Fireworks hope.

[Hehe. is it so?! all right! I will quickly grow 1,000 world trees and come back!]

Fireworks hurriedly moved their roots and set out to find trees to grow as world trees.

And the giant magic stream was still growing by absorbing the flame’s magic.


“Is this the Leviathan who took advantage of our Mukppupal without letting him sleep?”

When Sejun looked at the green snake tied up in a spider’s web and couldn’t move, he asked,

“Puu! Poo!”

[that’s right! Please scold me!]

Mukppupal nodded vigorously and looked at Sejun expectantly.

You want me to scold you?


Sejun receives Mukppupal’s request.

“You guy?! “You made known your sins?!”

He shouted loudly at Leviathan.



The lump in my chest disappeared and my eyes became moist.



(What are you looking at?! Don’t you cover your eyes?!)

Leviathan, who was actually scolded, glared at Sejun and confronted him.

Originally, it had become a tradition in the Kamangi family to hand over the position of the youngest to a new member and tell them about Sejun, but

Mukppupal, who wanted Leviathan to be scolded even more, did not tell him anything about Sejun.


whine?! whine!

[hey! Are you glaring at our butler?! I haven’t been scolded yet for this!]



(Great Black Man, you were wrong!)

Leviathan screamed as he was trampled by the angry Black Man.

After a while.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! [Give him a name!]

After finishing his true education, Kamangi asked Sejun for the name of Leviathan, and Sejun Naming Center opened.

“good. “Shall we listen to some special details first?”

Bebe. Bebe…

(Yes, I am a water snake, I can summon tsunamis, and I recently shed my skin…)

Leviathan tells Sejun all of his special details.


Water snake tsunami skin Green snake makes the sound ‘bebe’…

Shall we add numbers this time?

It wasn’t intentional, but since it comes after Mubalchil and Mukppupal, the order is correct if ‘gu’ is added after it.


Sejun, who heard Leviathan’s special details, began to name his name

, and his heart pounded.

The Black Family looked at Sejun with sparkling eyes.

Mukeun! Mukeun!

Puken! Puken!

In particular, expectations were the highest for Mubalchil and Mukppupal.

Mubalchil was because he wanted to escape from the worst name, and Mukppupal was because he did not want to lose to Leviathan.


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Sejun is thinking about his name while receiving everyone’s expectations.


since it is a green snake, it is green.

It’s a snake that causes tsunamis, so it’s a sea snake.

It’s a green snake that makes a bebe sound, so it’s called benokgu.

It doesn’t feel like this…

Sejun’s worries became longer as he couldn’t find a name he liked.

A fitting name for a guy who betrayed his friend.

Sejun wanted to give Leviathan, who had tormented Mukppupal for a long time, a name that would make him cry out of guilt just by hearing it, as a way to encourage him to reflect in the future.

Was I too obsessed with the ‘old’ character?

When Sejun couldn’t think of a good name, he put down the ‘gu’ character and tried to start from scratch.




One Chinese character comes to Sejun’s mind.

Thanks to this, a clever name came to mind.

Bebe is a water-attributed snake that makes a sound…


Oh soso.

Sejun got goosebumps as he said the name.

It was a perfect name that brought tears to my eyes every time I heard it.

Hehehe. After all, I am a genius.

When Sejun is delighted with the name he has chosen

, [Talent: Naming Artist effect is activated.]

[The name Besugu has a special effect.]

[All stats increase by 999.]

[ was given.]

The naming effect was activated, and the name ‘Besugu’ was given stats and powers.


kihihihi. whine?! whine! whine!

[Hehe. Did you see it!? This is my butler’s naming skills! If you mess up with the great Black Man, the butler will give you a name!]

“As expected, it’s Sejun!”



“That’s amazing!”





The Kamangi family was in a completely festive mood after hearing the name Sejun gave them.

Because it’s been a long time since a name came out that made everyone laugh.


[My name is Besugu…?]

Except for the person who received the name.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Congratulations, Balchil and Pupal.]



While Kkamangi congratulates Mubalchil and Mukppupal for escaping from the worst name,

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. I wonder what it will taste like!]


Kueng was drooling as he looked at the planet-destroying turtles that were turned upside down with their bellies open.



The planet-destroying turtles tremble in fear as they feel Kueng’s gaze. I didn’t even dare to think of attacking with a red ray.

It wasn’t because Kuengi was drooling at them, but because they felt the energy of the demonic beast of the apocalypse from Kuengi.

They were originally named as the Turtles of Destruction of the Apocalypse, who helped the Demon Beast of the Apocalypse to end the world when the Apocalypse came.

In other words, he is Kkueng’s subordinate.

That’s why he trembles when he catches Kueng’s gaze.

Because they know their fault for disobeying the order to wait until the end and falling for the power of destruction.


As the turtles of the apocalypse tremble in fear and wait for their master’s disposition, they


I will survive no matter what!

One turtle struggled, shrinking itself to size and barely turning over.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

The mini turtle turned over and eagerly crawled to Kuengi, buk

-buk! Buk-buk!

(Demon Beast of the Apocalypse! Please see my loyalty and save me!)

He showed his loyalty by rubbing his face on Kueng’s leg,

and Bukbuk?!

(Are you the only one living?!)


The other apocalyptic destruction turtles also hurriedly shrank in size and rubbed their faces against Kuengi’s body.

Kueng?! Kueng?!

[What?! Why are they getting smaller?!]

Kueng was momentarily taken aback by how small the turtles were, and then

said, Kueng!

[They eat a lot!]

I started giving food to the 10 mini turtles.

If it’s too small, you can’t eat it!

Of course, I planned to raise it and eat it.

Without even knowing that

, Bukbuk?! Bukbuk!

[Did you see the Demon Beast of the Apocalypse forgive us?! It’s all thanks to me!]

The turtle that showed loyalty first showed off to his colleagues.


Black Tower Administrator Area.

“good. Everyone to location!”

Eileen gave instructions while looking at the crystal ball





Mushroom ants, poisonous bees, pink fur demon kings, and black minotaurs took their places.

Today is the day of the blue moon.

Eileen had called everyone to harvest crops filled with the energy of the blue moon.

After a while.

As the blue moon appeared and time passed, green crops began to appear throughout the farm.

“good. Harvest!”

Following Eileen’s instructions, the farm family began harvesting and said,

“Hehehe. I harvested it well. “We have to give it to Sejun.”

Eileen checked the harvested crops and later imagined Sejun being happy to see the crops she gave him.



In Eileen’s eyes, she saw Ace frosting Sejun’s crops.


“My little brother is hungry? “Tell me when you’re hungry.”

Eileen made a huge misunderstanding.

My Sejun eats all the food I make, so I told him to ‘never’ give it to anyone, but…

“I can’t starve my younger brother when he’s hungry. “Sejun will understand this too.”

Of course, Sejun understood and was very grateful.

Of course, I wasn’t the one who had to eat Eileen’s food.

Just like that, the seal on Eileen’s food that Sejun had sealed for his in-laws’ family was released, and Eileen’s food appeared in front of Ace.

“Puh hing… sister, I was wrong! I won’t steal my brother-in-law’s crops from now on!”

First, Ace asks for forgiveness.


[Top’s manager tells Sejun that there is a lot to give him, so don’t worry and eat it quickly.]

Eileen’s misunderstanding was deep and

she said, “Ugh~! “Sister, you were wrong!”

It was night on the 99th floor of the Black Tower, where only Ace’s cries grew louder.


It must be a blue moon by now.

Sejun lay down and thought as he looked at the night sky of .

It’s been three days since I came to Drakenia.

Sejun thought he would be able to finish the quest quickly, but the speed at which the dragons recovered their attribute powers was slower than Sejun expected.

It had been too long since I lost my strength.

Of course, this is only a matter of time, and if you eat Sejun’s cooking, you can recover the power of the attribute.

The real problem is


There are many dragons that have no idea how to fire their breath.

Currently, about half of the dragons have recovered their strength and the quest progress rate should have been close to 50%, but the

current quest progress rate was extremely low

[Quest progress rate: 1.3%] .

The quest progress rate increases only if you can shoot your breath.

So, other dragons are teaching me how to use breath, but

I heard from Evan that if you don’t learn how to use breath when you’re young, it will be difficult to shoot breath when you grow up.

This is something even Sejun can’t help with.

How do I do the breath?

When Sejun stayed up late worrying,

“Chairman Park, grow up quickly!”

Theo, who was tired of waiting for Sejun to sleep, urged Sejun.



As soon as Sejun answered, he fell asleep and

went crazy.

Theo also fell asleep right away.

The next morning.


Sejun got up quickly and prepared breakfast for his companions and dragons.

Originally, he only cooked dishes for dragons that recovered their elemental powers, but soon other dragons started drooling over Sejun’s dishes and said,

“Come and eat together.”

Sejun distributed food so that everyone could eat.


[the quest is updated.]

The quest content changed and information about strengthening the power of other dragons was added.

The balance of the world was broken and other dragons were gradually being lost.

If more time had passed, all dragons would have eventually lost their power.

“Fuhuhuhu. “If you want to eat food that makes you stronger, come and get a seal!”

Thanks to this, Theo picked up the seal again and stamped the insteps of other dragons, and Sejun reduced his stats and strengthened his fighting spirit.

This time I had quite strong muscle pain, but

no thanks!

Thanks to Kuengi’s massage, I got over the critical point, and thanks to this, my muscle strengthening technique went up another level, and all stat potentials increased by 7000.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. What an incompetent butler! The great Black Man will help you!]

Black Man took care of the increase in mental strength due to the dragons’ praise, raising the limit of Sejun’s mental strength.

After such an intense breakfast,


“Thank you Kueng.


“Wow. “My son is the best!”


When Sejun praises Kueng while drinking the coffee Kueng gave him,

the effect of [ brings the job experience points and 1% harvesting skill proficiency acquired by White Tower Tower Farmer Ajax Mambe. .]



Messages appeared all over the place as if the top farmers had started work.



Ajax can teach you breath well, right?

Sejun found the right person to teach the dragons breath.

In my current state, I wouldn’t faint even if I summoned Ajax.

Sejun tries to use the great white dragon as a breath teacher for dragons.

“Summon Ajax.”

When Sejun summons Ajax,

a message appears

[Summon Ajax Mambe, the farmer of the White Tower.]


[It is a summons to the world outside the tower.]

[Calculate the cost of staying considering the great white dragon’s stats and status.] Since

this was not a tower, there was a cost of staying.


[The cost of staying for 1 hour is 1 million Top Coins.]

[ has been confirmed.]

[500,000 Top Coins will be added to the cost of staying for 1 hour.]

[ has been confirmed.]

[300,000 Top Coins will be added to the cost of one hour of stay.]

[ has been confirmed.]

[50,000 Top Coins will be added to the cost of one hour of stay.]

[ has been confirmed.]



A message with no end in sight.

“ah. “It was an Ajax dragon.”

Sejun was finally realizing that Ajax was a dragon.


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