Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 560

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Episode 560.

Hehehe. Butler! Take the newbie!

Outskirts of destruction.

“profit! Why are disasters decreasing again?!”

As the number of plagues advancing on rapidly decreased, Jormungand became irritated.

This time I expected a complete victory and I should have.

But the results were leaning toward failure.

“It can’t go on like this. “Leviathan, you have to go.”

“yes?! “Me?”

Leviathan, who had just finished recovering by shedding his skin, asked in surprise.

“You, the youngest, should go. Then should I go?!”

In response to Leviathan’s question, Hydra raised his voice and spoke. Otherwise, you have to go yourself.

Now that the Kraken that did the dirty work has disappeared, someone had to take its place.

And taking his place is Leviathan, the lowest ranked apostle of destruction.

ah. The snake was twisted.

“sure. “Of course I have to go!”

Leviathan frowned while receiving the two’s stinging glares, then quickly managed his expression and spoke.


“Then I’ll go and come back.”


The space leading to has been opened.

If you come early, I’ll make you work again, so you should take your time and clean up.

Leviathan slowly destroys and plans to rest as long as possible.

But there was a more twisted snake waiting there.


[The 12th Apostle of Destruction, the Serpent Leviathan, who brings about a tidal wave, has descended on .]

[A quest occurs.]

[Quest: The 12 Apostles of Destruction, the Serpent Leviathan who brings about a tidal wave. Drive them out of .]

Reward: Destruction of and 14,124 other worlds

Failure to postpone: Destruction of and 14,124 other worlds

“Why are you kicking them out? “I have to catch it.”

Hehehe. The 12 sides of the Apostle of Destruction are complete bullshit.

Sejun laughed while looking at the message.

This was a veteran hunter who had caught eight Apostles of Doom.

In fact, there were nine, but Sejun still didn’t know that Black Mang was Fenrir.

“Guys, take it.”

Sejun prepared for battle by handing out bean sets to the group.

A good hunter would do his best to catch even the most insignificant(?) game.

When Sejun handed out 5 bean sets to each of his companions, he said, “Tsunami. “Swallow the enemy!”


Leviathan’s attack began as he came out of the hole and completely descended to the ground.

Unlike the Kraken, Leviathan’s body was thin, so it could easily pass through even a small space.


At Leviathan’s call, a huge tsunami suddenly rose from the floor with a roar.

It was a tsunami, but if you look closely, it was an advance of millions of monsters whose bodies were made of water.

“The enemy! Shoot!”


The dragons came to their senses at Evan’s command and fired their breath at the tidal wave.

Wherever the tsunami went, there were planet-destroying turtles that had flipped over, and if their bodies were flipped over by the tsunami, the situation would get worse.

However, their breath did not cause as much damage as a needle piercing a mesh fabric.

At that time,

“The dragons are in danger. Hehehe. “Is it inevitable that the great hybrid black dragon Park Se-jun will step forward?”

Sejun pretends to speak loudly so the dragons can hear.

I put my left hand in my pocket and used the skill while holding the Sagi Orb.

“Harvest of Death.”


Sejun looked at the tsunami and drew a line with his right hand parallel to the horizon from left to right


A huge scythe of death appeared in front of the tsunami and cut it down.


A tsunami that kills instantly. To be exact, the instant death of the monsters that formed the tsunami.


The monsters that had lost their breath lost their form and turned into water, soaking the floor. Unfortunately, I had no experience.

Hehehe. Did you see it?

When Sejun was proud when he saw the dragons after cutting down the tsunami, he said,

“Nyan! This isn’t me hitting, it’s the super giant Chairman Park hitting! “It’s a huge uppercut from Chairman Park!”



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Theo descends the super-huge President Park on his front foot, uppercuts Leviathan’s head, and


[The quiet state is lifted! It’s Kueng Thunder!]



Kueng unleashed the power he had gathered through at once and struck Leviathan with a thunderbolt, electrocuting him.

Perhaps because it is a water snake, the effect was good.

(Baet Stone! Boat Stone! Boat Stone!)

Bat Bat also helped the two and prevented Leviathan from breaking the seal.

While the hyungs were buying time

, hehehehehehe!

[Hehe. The Kamangi family is here~!]


Kamangi ran towards Leviathan with his men.


Leviathan, you’re still my friend?! Pamper me?! I should have let him sleep for 1 hour a day!


On Kamangi’s back, there was a bead of ink and eight clones spouted out ink, giving Gamangi momentum.

As he played and talked with his companions here, he realized how much he had been mistreated by the Vampa.

With the momentum created by the anger ink booster, Black Mang quickly got closer to Leviathan.


I headbutted Leviathan and


The battle ended in vain as Leviathan fell unconscious.


Oh my gosh.





Kuhehehe. Kueng.

[Hehehe. Thank you for your hard work, little brothers.]


Kuengi took care of the Kamangi family safely and placed Leviathan’s body in a subspace warehouse.



Thanks to this, the destruction predators and destruction pioneers, who had more to eat, were excited and said,

“Fuhuhu. “You guys?!”

I remembered all the faces of my subordinates!

Theo smiled as he looked at Jormungand and Hydra beyond the small gap in the closing hole.



Jormungand, feeling an unpleasant gaze, turned his head to look at Theo, but the hole had already closed completely.

“What’s going on, Jormungand?”

When Hydra suddenly turned his head and asked Jormungand,

“It’s not a big deal.”

Jormungand answered carelessly and focused on the destruction of the other world.



Theo, who lost consciousness for a moment under Jormungand’s gaze, came to his senses.


there was definitely attraction!

He looked at his front paw, feeling the pull of the object Jormungand was holding a moment ago.

“Fuhuhuhu. If you take something that attracts you from that guy, you can impeach the system! Then, the great Hybrid Chairman Park will become even greater!”

When Theo, the fanatic who finally discovered the location of the important puzzle for impeaching the system, laughs darkly,

“I’m sorry!” I don’t know the great hybrid black dragon Park Sejun! “This is Dragon Lord Evan Draken!”

Sejun was being greeted by Dragon Lord Evan Draken.

After seeing Sejun’s men easily subdue the Apostle of Destruction following the disaster, Evan had no choice but to believe that Sejun was the black dragon grandfather.

Is this really a black dragon?

To be honest, I was still skeptical, but I couldn’t dare say no. There was no other way than to believe.

It was a slightly bowed down greeting, but

he said, “Okay. nice to meet you.”

Sejun happily accepted the greeting.

When Sejun receives Evan’s greeting,

[a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Help the Black Dragon, Brown Dragon, Purple Dragon, and Green Dragon who have lost their attribute powers as the balance of the world is broken.]


A new quest appeared in front of Ganghwa Sejun.

“Attribute power?”

You can feed it crops with properties.

A very easy quest for Sejun. Plus, the reward is strengthening the dragon bones.


“I won’t do it.”

Sejun refused the quest.

The reason is…

“As compensation, let our Toryong stay here too.”

Because of the black earth dragon Toryongi.

Our Toryong eats only dirt. They look different, but they are the same dragon, so they can be friends, right?

Sejun wanted to make a friend for Toryong, who usually lives alone.

Fortunately, the system accepted Sejun’s suggestion,

and the reward: Reinforced Black Earth Dragon Baktoryong Residence Permit The

reward was changed.

When the quest reward changed,

“Okay. Black dragon, brown dragon, purple dragon, green dragon, come and line up in front of me!”

Sejun lined up about 30,000 dragons and started cooking.

You can just eat it, but it was done to increase the effectiveness of the ingredients and increase mental power through cooking.

The menu is cherry tart, stewed kidney beans, butter, grilled mugwort rice cake.

While Sejun was cooking,

“Fuhuhu. Dragons who want to be reborn as true dragons should come and get this seal first!”

Theo, who has good sense, diligently stamped the feet of the lined up dragons

[and took a dragon slave with him.]

[With the effect of , all stats increase by 1.]




Is this dangerous?!

Sejun was nervous as he looked at the message.

Normally, the stat increase per employee is 0.01, but because it is a dragon, the stat increases by 1.

It was a good thing, but it was also a bad thing for Sejun.

If your stats reach your potential, your fighting spirit will become stronger and you will experience terrible muscle pain.

Please don’t get sick too much!

Sejun prayed for less pain and said,

“Kkueng, give me a massage!”

I called Kueng and received a massage before my muscle pain started.

After a while.

“Fuhuhuhu. I got all of Chairman Park’s stamps! “We now have a lot of dragon employees!”

Theo stamped 30,000 dragons and returned to Sejun’s lap with majestic steps.

“huh. great job.”

Sejun praised Theo in a relaxed voice while cooking.

Even though his muscles were strengthened through muscle strengthening techniques and his fighting spirit became stronger, the muscle pain did not get as severe as Sejun expected.

In addition, after receiving Kueng’s massage, I felt no discomfort in my movements.

And in the middle, the level of muscle strengthening technology increased, and the potential of all of Sejun’s stats increased by 5000, and

the stats that had stopped growing rose again, and Sejun’s strength, stamina, agility, and magic stats all exceeded 20,000.

good. complete!

“The black dragon is cherry tart, the brown dragon is stewed kidney beans…”

Sejun had each person take the finished dish that suited their personality.


“This mugwort rice cake is really delicious!”

“The cherry tart is really delicious too!”

[Green dragon Polly praises your food.]

[Your soul is greatly filled by receiving praise from a high-ranking being.]

[Spirit increases by 5.]

[Black dragon Nao praises your food. ]



Speculation was not the only problem. Mental strength was rising rapidly.

Although they are inferior to dragons, dragons are creatures that rule the world at level 10.

The effect was no joke.

It’s a big deal!

Sejun, who has already experienced that his life can be in danger if his mental strength increases too much, pretends to do so when he tries to stop the dragons from eating him


“Fuhuhuhu. “Don’t worry about the rotten face of the great hybrid Chairman Park!”

I want you to absorb the mental power of the great hybrid Chairman Park!

Hold. Hold. Hold.

Theo massaged Sejun’s face and absorbed Sejun’s excess mental power.

What does having a lot of mental power have to do with a rotten face?

To Theo, the meaning of decay seemed incredibly broad.

“uh?! “I think I can shoot breath!”


When the Black Dragon, Brown Dragon, Purple Dragon, and Green Dragon, who had lost their attribute powers, regained their strength and were able to shoot their breath one by one,

[I defeated Leviathan, the 12 Apostles of Destruction who descended on , the serpent that brings about a tidal wave. .]

[Quest completed.]

[As a reward for completing the quest, peace will come to and 14,124 other worlds.]

A quest completion message appeared in front of Sejun.

And then

it clicked.

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! Accept the newbie!]

The Black Family opened the subspace warehouse and brought out a green snake tied in Kkomi’s web.


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