Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 556

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Episode 556

Pay attention!

Drakenia boom! Quagwagwang!

Currently, the dragons were continuing a fierce war against the disasters.


When the order of Evan Draken, the Lord Gold Dragon of the five dragons that rule Drakenia, was given, he cried out!

Hundreds of thousands of dragons fearlessly punished the Locust giant vampire leeches, fire moths, petrifying spiders, and slimes that invaded Drakenia with their breath.


A five-colored breath containing the power of fire, ice, storm, lightning, and light that sweeps through the five disasters.

The disasters disappeared in an instant.

At that time,

it was Kugu Palace.

Suddenly, the surroundings became dark and huge beings fell from the sky.

It was the turtle that destroyed the seventh plague planet.

And not just one, but ten.

Moreover, the energy radiating from each one was extraordinary.

We must gain the upper hand with a preemptive strike!


Evan made a quick decision and gave a command to the dragons


The dragons fired five-colored breaths again at the planet-destroying turtle.

Quagwagwang! Boom!

A huge explosion blew up dust and I couldn’t see anything, but

there was no way I was going to die like this.

“Don’t stop and keep shooting!”

Evan ordered the attack to continue.

Quagwagwang! Boom!

When I fired my breath to the point where the dragons became exhausted, I screamed


Ten red dots visible beyond the dust. Next, a red ray of light was shot out without a sound.


things touched by the red rays completely disappeared as if they had never existed in this world in the first place.

The first battle between the dragon and Calamity ended with Calamity winning, with half of the dragons in the battle being destroyed.


Morning on the 99th floor of the Black Tower.


Sejun opened his eyes.


[0.1 magic power was accumulated over 3 hours.

[Magic power increases by 0.1.]

[God’s blood has passed through the heart of Dark, the god of darkness.]

[Divinity increases by 0.0001.]



[Magic power has accumulated 0.1 over 3 hours.

[Magic power increases by 0.1.]



[Power: Due to the effect of the sunfish core, all stat potentials have increased by 30.]

As always, I checked the messages that appeared when I woke up.

Godhood increases by 0.0001 every 30 seconds, magic power increases by 0.1 every 3 hours, and all stat potential increases by 30 per day.

“Hehehe. good.”

You’re growing well today too.

Eileen, wait a moment(?)!

Although he was very weak compared to the kids around him, Sejun was growing every day and slowly taking steps toward his final goal.


see you next time, Amour. Because then you won’t be taken lightly.

He vowed to take revenge on his fan, Amour, just as he beat a dog.

When Sejun was inspired by his own growth like that

[Hehe. Good morning, Sejun!]

Fireworks, who was sitting on Sejun’s palm and enjoying the aura of sunlight emanating from Sejun, found Sejun awake and happily greeted him in the morning.

“huh. “Good morning fireworks too.”

Sejun said hello to Fireworks and said,




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Theo and Kamangi gathered up their families and went outside. Iona urgently received a call yesterday and returned to the Magic Tower.

“First, we have to create property stocks.”

Sejun went to the brewery and made a quick liquor by adding cherry, lemon, and cherry to the pre-made Samyang liquor.

After a while.


All you had to do was put the ingredients, sugar, and liquor into the jar and seal it, so the work was completed in one hour.

On my way out of the brewery after finishing the work.


[Dad, good night!]

Kueng woke up from a good nap and came to see Sejun.

“huh. I slept well. “Did you sleep well too?”

Kuhehehe. Kueng!

[Hehehe. Kueng slept well!]

Kueng answered Sejun’s question by clinging to Sejun’s side.


Kueng keeps smiling and rubbing his head against Sejun’s body.

guy. You seem to be in a good mood.

Sejun smiled as if Kuengi’s laughter was contagious and patted Kuengyi’s head


Kueng dozed off and fell asleep under Sejun’s caress.

After a while.

I have to go before breakfast.

“Summon the door.”

After Sejun summoned the door leading to the 10th tower,

“Patrick, can I go?”

I asked Patrick if the first floor of the tower was safe.

[Earth God Patrick says Stella Heathron is on the 4th floor of the tower, so you can come.]

“4th floor?”

During Sejun’s absence, the creative energy accumulated in the 10th tower exceeded 8 million liters, and the 4th floor of the tower was automatically opened.

“yes. Then I’ll go. “Guys, combine.”


At Sejun’s words, the group touched Sejun’s body.

Although they are asleep, the group does not pay attention to what Sejun says.

Hehehe. coalescence!


Even though the flame doesn’t have any power, it brought a leaf to Sejun’s body.

[The 11 divided powers are combined into one, and the power: Thirteen Hands of Power to Support the Sky is activated for 13 seconds.]

[Power increases by 1300%.]


Sejun, who activated his power like that, opened the door and went inside.



Patrick, the god of the earth, and Hamer, the god of agriculture, greeted Sejun politely.

“uh?! “Yes…”

When Sejun is taken aback by the two gods’ unusually different attitudes

-What are you doing?! Pay attention! Pretend you don’t know me and do your usual thing!

Flame hurriedly spoke in an angry voice so that only the two gods could hear.


“Hahaha. Sejun is so happy to see you…”

“Uh. “I came to give you an elixir of strength.”

Patrick and Hamer desperately continued their conversation in a non-awkward manner in response to the abstract instructions of Candidate Cho Jang-su.

After a while.

After finishing the conversation, the gods quickly left and

said, “Show me what to upgrade.”

[Prints the information that can be upgraded at the 10th tower.]

-Current energy of creation: 11,036,000 L



“Then let’s first increase the suction power.”

Sejun began upgrading the 10th tower.

As the 4th floor of the tower was opened and the upgrade limit increased, I was able to use my creative energy for the first time in a long time.

All options were raised to the upgrade limit, and Sejun returned to the 99th floor of the tower.



Ace woke up from his sleep in his mother’s arms and yawned profusely.


I have to play with my brother-in-law all day today.

Thump, thump.

Ace, who had grown about 10 cm taller than yesterday, waddled his huge body and walked to Sejun’s house, looking forward to playing with Sejun.


knock, knock, knock.

Ace knocks on the bedroom window of Sejun’s house three times. It got so big that I couldn’t go into the house.

“I knocked three times, so I can open it now, right?”

Ace muttered to himself as he carefully opened the window and looked inside,


The bed was empty.

Swish. Swish.

Ace quickly looks around.


I don’t have a brother-in-law!!!

Sejun was nowhere to be seen.

“Ugh~! My brother-in-law left me again! Mom, please seal me quickly! “I want to become small again!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ace, thinking that Sejun had left again, sobbed and ran to Elizabeth.

“Ace said that wasn’t allowed!”

Despite Ace’s crying, Elizabeth spoke in a firm voice.

Ace is a young dragon less than a month old.

Since his body and strength are growing day by day, using the seal could cause side effects such as deformation of his original appearance.

So, the parent dragons used magic that allowed the baby dragon to change its form only after it was 100 years old, when it could clearly recognize its own body and its strength stabilized.

“But…ssssssssssssssssssssssssleep…my brother-in-law…won’t take me…sssssssss.”

Ace tried to make his point in his mother’s firm voice, but his words kept getting cut off because he couldn’t stop crying.

At that time,

“Return! “Now I have to go eat!”

“Fuhuhuhu. Good! “Great Hybrid Chairman Park, I want you to grill a giant piranha!”

[Hehe. I am warm sunshine!]


[Kkuengi wants to eat food dipped in honey!]


[Hehe. Butler! I’m a dried sweet potato!]

“Oki. receipt.”

Ace caught the eye of Sejun, who returned from the 10th tower, taking orders from his companions and heading to the kitchen.

“Huh…huh?! It’s my brother-in-law! Brother-in-law~!”

As soon as he found Sejun, Ace stopped crying and ran towards Sejun, shouting,

“Brother-in-law, stop!”

Sejun, who was not invincible, hurriedly stopped Ace running toward him.


“Brother-in-law, what do you want to eat?”

Ace asked what he wanted to eat.

“Ribs! “Brother-in-law, I want to eat ribs!”

Ace answers Sejun’s question without a moment of hesitation.

“okay. hang on.”


At Sejun’s words, Ace quietly waited in front of the kitchen for Sejun to cook.

After a while.

“Eileen, try some of this. ruler. “The food has been served.”

Sejun sent the dishes to Eileen first, then placed the menu each person wanted to eat on the table and said,

“These ribs are for my brother-in-law, and I’ll bring this fish porridge to my mother-in-law.”

“yes! “Brother-in-law!”

I went out and delivered the food to Ace.

In the meantime, Elizabeth had regained a lot of her strength and now it was at a stage where it became difficult for Sejun to be near her, so they couldn’t eat together.

When breakfast was over,


[Dad, I’m drinking coffee!]

Kueng made the coffee.

“huh. thank you.”


“Wow. “My son’s coffee is the best!”


When Sejun was drinking coffee while giving Kueng a thumbs up,

“Brother-in-law, is that delicious?!”

Ace asked Sejun with sparkling eyes.

“Hehehe. “Do you want to try it?”



[Uncle Ace is here!]

“Puhihihi. “Thank you, Kuengi.”

After Sejun gave permission, Kueng gave Ace coffee as well.

Although the genealogy was very complicated and twisted, Kuengi and Ace were adapting well, treating each other as uncles and older brothers.

Phew. Phew.

Ace gently blew air on the steaming coffee to cool it down, then



You use it! Why is my brother-in-law eating this?!

As soon as I put the coffee to my mouth, I frowned and spit it out.

Kueng. Kueng.

[Uncle Kkueng knows that feeling. Eat this.]

Kueng held out a honey jelly to Ace, who was in pain from the bitter taste.

Hehehe. Brother-in-law, that is the taste of adulthood.

Sejun smiled proudly as he saw Ace smiling brightly after eating the honey jelly. No matter how you looked at it, it didn’t look like an adult.

When coffee time ended, Sejun busily started taking care of various things.

“Where are you going again, brother-in-law?”

As Sejun appeared to be leaving, Ace asked with anxious eyes.


“Puh hing….”

Ace becomes depressed at Sejun’s answer.

“I’m going on a picnic. “My brother-in-law also goes and tells his mother-in-law that he is going on a picnic.”

“uh?! “Brother-in-law, am I going too?!”


“Fuhihihi. all right! “I’ll tell my mom quickly!”

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ace hurriedly ran to Elizabeth.

Hehehe. My brother-in-law is excited.

Sejun looked at Ace and packed the rest of the things he needed for the picnic.

Today, I was planning to go on a picnic to the western forest for Ace, who couldn’t go anywhere else with me.

After a while.


“Fuhuhuhu. “It’s a picnic!”

[Hehe. I’m excited!]



“Brother-in-law, this is my first time going to a picnic! Puhihihi. I’m so excited!”

Sejun and his group leave for a picnic in the western forest.


Sejun’s pockets were shaking slightly the whole time they were moving, but

not only Sejun himself but also the rest of the group were so excited about going on a picnic that they didn’t notice the vibrations coming from Sejun’s pockets.


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