Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 545

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Episode 545

Oh yeah!

The 99th floor of the Black Tower.

“eww. “I’m bloated.”

Sejun came out of the kitchen with his complexion suddenly deteriorating after eating all of Eileen’s food. Of course I wasn’t full.

“Nyan?! “Chairman Park’s face is chubby and seriously rotten!”

“What is that chubby and seriously rotten thing…?”

“It’s an emergency! There’s no time! “I’ll treat you right away!”

Sejun receives a facial massage from Theo’s paw.

Kueng! Kueng!

[Dad, it’s hot chocolate milk! Eat this to cheer up!]

I recovered my condition by drinking the chocolate milk that Kkueng made.

Kihihihi. Whip! Whip!

[Hehe. Butler! cheer up! I’ll play with you!]

Blackman also tried to satisfy his own self-interest by pretending to improve Sejun’s condition, but

“Blackman plays with his subordinates.”


[I want to hang out with my wife…]

It didn’t work for Sejun.

Sejun recovered his condition while receiving care from Theo and Kkueng.

“Let’s sleep now. “Sleep well too, Kuengi.”


[Dad, good night too!]

After sending Kkueng to Pink Fur, I went into the bedroom with my companions and slept.

After a while.

(Batbat. Good night, everyone.)

Batbat wakes up, starts working, and goes outside








In the bedroom where everyone was asleep, only Mukppupal was awake.

no. Mukppupal has never slept since joining the Kkamang family.


[I can’t sleep…]

Mukppupal was suffering from insomnia.

He felt like he used to sleep like this too, but he hardly ever slept while traveling with Vampa.

To be exact, Vampa made it difficult for me to sleep. To pamper yourself.

Leviathan brought the Kraken to Vampa, saying it was the same sea species, but said,

“Kraken, I’m busy, so can you do this for me?”


“Kraken, I have a lot of work to do…please go there for me.”


In fact, it was to use Kraken.

Jormungand Hydra Leviathan. As he listened to the three’s requests, Kraken was already taking care of most of Vampa’s work on his own.

In order to do more work, Kraken gradually reduced his sleeping time, and at some point he became unable to sleep.


[I’m bored…]

Mukppupal, who couldn’t sleep, looked around Sejun’s bedroom to relieve his boredom.

At that time,

“Um…why aren’t you sleeping?”

Sejun opened his sleepy eyes and asked Mukppupal.


[I can’t sleep.]

“Really? wait for a sec.”


When Mukppupal says that he can’t sleep, Sejun opens the subspace storage room and says,


“Bring me some sleep plums.”

I had the destruction pioneer bring plums.


“Crop miniaturization.” ruler. eat this. “If you eat it, you will sleep well.”

I handed the plum, which had been reduced in size using skill, to Mukppupal.


[I will eat it well.]


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Even though I reduced the size of the plum with skill, it was still bigger than the plum


When Mukpuppal wrapped his legs around the plum, his body stretched and completely covered one plum with his body, and

boo! Boo!

[it is delicious! So much!]

Mukppupal began to eat the plums with pleasure.

Now that I think about it, Jormungand originally said he would let me rest after this incident was over…


Mukppupal, who was eating plums and thinking about his vacation, fell asleep.

In his dream, Mukppupal spent a peaceful vacation swimming in the sea.

Whip?! Whip!

[hey! wake up! Now we have to play!]

Until Kcamang wakes up in the morning.


eat, play and sleep.

Eat, play, sleep.

A real vacation, not a dream, has begun.


Seed Store Headquarters.

“It’s time to compete again!”

“It feels good this time! “He is with me no matter what!”

“What?! “Muntabak is with me!”

“it’s me!”

“It’s me!”

Non-combat gods who created transcendental seeds to sell at seed stores began to gather in the square.

Because the seed store opens in a few hours.

At that time,

“Heh. What are you talking about?! “Mudttabak is with me!”

Pan, the god of gold dust, appeared, shouting confidently. Holding a transcendental seed in his hand.

“Tsk. “I want to refute it, but I can’t.”

“I know.”

Non-combat gods who disintegrate at Pan’s shout.


“Puh-ha-ha.” congratulations. board.”

“Isn’t this kid too arrogant?”

“Please take a look. “At times like this, you need to feel better.”

Soon they came together to congratulate each other.

This is because Pan became Hamk’s substitute guardian deity.

a few days ago.

[Black Giant Tower Farmer Park Se-jun proposes the position of Hamk’s substitute guardian deity in exchange for a 99 to 1 distribution and expansion of the gold panning site he created last time.]


Asking me?

Sejun sent a message to Pan suggesting that he become a substitute guardian deity.

The reason Sejun chose Pan as the guardian deity of Hamk was to expand the 1-pyeong gold panning site in the pond.

Weeing?! Weeing!

[uh?! There are a lot of shiny things here!]

The Seventh Poison Bee Queen, who lives on the 99th floor of the Black Tower, began mining gold and was able to properly operate the gold panning site.


[Dalkom will be happy if you give this shiny thing to Sejun!]



As the Seventh with the talent of a traitor, I knew very well that in order to target Dal-mi, I had to target Se-jun.

Unlike anyone who trains the God of Hunting Hunt at the battle store headquarters.

Thanks to this, Dalcom was praised by giving Sejun 10 kg of gold every day.

Of course, even if it wasn’t Geum, Sejun would have praised Dalkom, but he asked,

“Where is Dalkom, the queen of rentals, uncomfortable?”

Instead, Sejun’s extreme capitalist service was added.

When almost all the non-combat gods gathered in the square carrying their seeds,

Kugu Palace.


A sphere-shaped seed altar appeared in the center of the seed store headquarters, and non-combat gods began placing their seeds into the altar.

By the time all the non-combat gods in the square had placed their seeds into the altar,

they were saying, “Whew. “You barely got it right.”

“Luckily I wasn’t late.”

Chaos, the god of chaos, and Order, the god of order, appeared in the square and placed seeds of chaos and seeds of order on the altar.



The altar quickly rotated and prepared for the lottery.




Looking at the altar, the non-combat gods earnestly chanted slogans. Praying that Sejun will pick up his transcendent level seed.


99th floor of the Black Tower.




When Sejun and Teo Teo woke up and stretched out in front of the front door,


Ace ran towards Sejun.

The expression on his face was very welcoming,

but wadadadada!

The footsteps were threatening.



Ace throws himself away and hugs Sejun.


My brother-in-law has become stronger.

Thanks to this, Sejun felt with his own body how much stronger Ace had become.

Sejun also became much stronger in Hamk, but this did not work for the wild Ace, who grew stronger by eating Sejun’s raw crops to escape Eileen’s food.

“Brother-in-law! Let’s eat!”

Ace was alert to his surroundings and urged Sejun to eat quickly.

Because you never know when your sister will ask you to eat her food.

Because of Sejun, he no longer has to eat Eileen’s food, but the young dragon Ace has not let his guard down yet.


Even if that wasn’t the case, Sejun was planning on going to have breakfast, so he carried Ace on his back and headed to the kitchen.


I met Kkueng along the way and we went together.


When Sejun hummed while cooking in the kitchen, he said,

“Hohoho.” “Did we wake up early?”

Elizabeth came into the kitchen smiling brightly.

After a while.

“Eat your mother-in-law. “Guys, eat.”

Sejun put the finished food on the table and

said, “Eileen, try this.”

We also sent food to Eileen. Huge amount of food.

[The tower manager asks why he ate so much and says in a happy voice that he can only eat a little, but since it is what you gave him, he will try his best to eat it.]

‘Hehehe. I say that, but I know it will disappear within today.’

good. With this, Eileen won’t be cooking today.

Sejun preemptively filled Eileen’s stomach and prevented Eileen from cooking.

Hee hee hee. Today, Sejun will eat a lot of food and just sleep.

Fortunately, Sejun succeeded in sealing Eileen’s cooking and

said, “Hehehe. “I should try it too.”

We started off with a happy breakfast.

After a while.

“oh! How much did I eat?! After all, our Pak Seobu cuisine is the best.”

“Fuhihihi. that’s right! “My brother-in-law’s cooking is the best!”

[The great black dragon Elizabeth Prytani praises your food.]

[Your soul is greatly filled by receiving praise from a high-ranking being.] [

Spirit increases by 30.]

[The great but young black dragon, Bongryong (封) Dragon) Ace Pritani praises your food.]

[Mental strength increases by 5.]

Sejun’s mental strength increased as he received rave reviews from Elizabeth and Ace, who had eaten quality food for the first time in a long time.

After breakfast,


“Thank you Kueng.”


“Wow. “Of course, the coffee my son makes is the best!”

Sejun raised his thumb fussily while drinking the coffee Kueng gave him

. Kuhehehehe.

Kueng smiled brightly.

After a while.

“Fuhuhuhu. “Chairman Park, I’m going to make a lot of money!”


[Kuengi also digs up a lot of herbs!]

Theo and Kuengi went to work on the 4th floor of the Golden Tower and the herb field, and Sejun also started his morning routine.

“Magic swordsmanship!”


Sejun applies what he learned from Pozzi and harvests green onions by applying magic to a sickle.


[The green onions of antidote were harvested.]

[The green onions of antidote are imbued with some magical energy.] [

The expiration date is increased by 3 hours.]

[Job experience is slightly increased.]

[Harvest Lv. Mastery of 9 increases slightly.]

[Magic Swordsmanship Lv. The skill level of 1 increases slightly.]

[100 experience points have been obtained.]

Although it is not large, the shelf life of crops has increased.

Thanks to this, Sejun works with the efficiency of killing four birds with one stone, harvesting crops, increasing the expiration date, and even raising proficiency in two skills.

Hehehe. This is the swordsmanship of a top farmer. It’s a fencing technique!

Creep. Creep. Creep.

While Sejun was proud and working hard to harvest the crops,

[The seed shop opens.]

Sejun’s 15th seed shop opened.

[Park Se-jun’s grade is Transcendent.]

[7 types of seeds containing Transcendent grade to be sold today are shown randomly.]

[At the current grade, you can purchase as many seeds as you want within 500 Top Coins.]


[Bok Choy Seeds 100 Dog – 70 Top Coins]

[100 Gondre Seeds – 50 Top Coins]



[10 Yuzu Seeds – 5 Top Coins]

This time, there were no transcendental seeds in the seed list.

Sejun has been unlucky for the first time in a long time.

It was a disappointing result for the non-combat gods, but Sejun was not disappointed at all.

“oh! Gondre?!”

If you make gondre rice and mix it with the seasoning sauce, you can eat it. Ugh.

“Hehehe. “I have to make yuzu syrup and yuzu jam.”

Because there were a lot of delicious things.

After purchasing all 7 seeds, Sejun said,


Guys, let’s grow up quickly.

I hummed and planted the seeds.


Dimensional sea.

[Are we here?]


As the fireworks hit the huge wall with its huge roots,

Kugu Goong.

The wall collapsed and a stone statue in the shape of a holy goddess appeared.

[Hehe. You’ve come to the right place!]

The fireworks that found the stone statue were happy and rooted on the statue.


“Creator Candidate. Are you ready to take the test?”

The statue’s mouth moved and asked Flame.

This was a place taught by the Creator God and a place to take the test to become a true Creator.


Fireworks answered in a voice full of spirit,

“Good. Then we will begin the first test. “Bring me the Magic Stream Seeds within 10 days.”

The test has begun.

[Are anti-magic stream seeds okay?]

Flame, who knows that Sejun does not have magic stream seeds but instead has anti-magic stream seeds, asks the stone statue,

“Yes. “It is better than the Magic Stream Seed, so there will be additional rewards.”


Too easy test.

When Fireworks had Kueng take the seed from Sejun and was about to finish the test in a hurry,

“I will seal your power while you take the first test.”

The stone statue sealed the flame’s power.

uh?! Sealing the power?!

[Oh yeah!]

Great! I can stay with Sejun!

Flame canceled his plan to pass the test right away and decided to spend the full 10 days playing with Sejun and pass the test on the first time.


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