Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 544

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Episode 544

Hehehe. This damn popularity.

Outskirts of destruction.

“What are you doing?”

Go to Jormungand looked at the Kraken, who was standing still, curiously.

He had no idea that he was caught between spaces and couldn’t do this or that.

at that time

Suddenly the Kraken’s body went limp and


Soon I was sucked into the space and the space closed.



What is this energy?! Fenrir?!

Just before the space closed, Jormungand felt a familiar energy.

To be exact, it is the spiritual pressure emitted by the soul.

When I felt the spiritual pressure of Fenrir, the noble wolf hunting the first god, the Apostle of Destruction, felt from beyond space.

is discarded.

Jormungand boldly gave up .

The fear of Fenrir imprinted in Jormungandr’s soul made it so.

To that extent, Fenrir felt safe to Jormungand when they were on the same side, but he was fearful when they met as enemies.


[You have defeated the destruction that invaded .]

[Quest completed.]

[Peace will come to as a reward for completing the quest.]

“Because there are no enemies, of course there will be peace.”

Are there any other rewards?

When Sejun grumbles while checking the quest completion message

Hee hee hee hee!

[Hehe. Butler! Give him a name!]

Blackman, who had successfully exorcised himself, came running with a small octopus with a head the size of a thumbnail in his mouth.


An octopus that, including its legs, is about as long as your thumb and makes strange sounds.

Of course, it was the Kraken, the sea-devouring monster of the 6th Apostle of Doom.

“name? Let’s see…”

Sejun took a closer look at the Kraken. Because you need to know the other person’s characteristics before naming them.

The infamous Sejun Nammyeongseo opens!

Excited. Excited.

The hearts of the Kamangi family began to beat vigorously in anticipation.

Of course, the heart that beats the most violently

Mukeun! Mukeun!

It was Mumu who had been waiting for this moment for the longest time.

Octopus, 8 legs, cephalopod, mollusk, sucker…

When Sejun was understanding Kraken’s characteristics while receiving everyone’s expectations.


The Kraken suddenly squirted ink at Sejun’s face as he looked at him closely.


Sejun was suddenly baptized with ink.

“Ugh! I can’t see!”

He tried hard to wipe the ink off his face, but it didn’t come off very well.

“Nyan?! Chairman Park, what did you do to your face?! “This doesn’t hide your rotten face!”

Theo, who found Sejun belatedly while giving Iona the heart ball he had made, gave him some sincere advice.

“It’s not rotten! And it’s not covered! “Sprinkle some water first!”

“I understand!”


While Sejun washes his face with water sprayed by Theo

Whip?! Whip?!

[hey! What are you doing to the butler?! Do you want to get scolded more?!]

Black Mang attacked the Kraken in its mouth and barked fiercely.

Pooh! Pooh….

(Sorry, Great Black Man! I was so nervous that I didn’t even realize it…)

The Kraken had a disease that caused it to spit out ink when it was nervous. Like irritable bowel syndrome.

Sejun was wiping his face like that.


He opened his mouth and said a name that suddenly came to mind.

Ink, makes a popping sound, has 8 legs. Eat and drink.



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Mubalchil cheers loudly at the name given by Sejun.

It could not be said to be more miserable than its own name, but it was still a name that could not make one laugh at oneself.

welcome! Eat and drink!

Mubalchil has a friend to cry with.

When the Kraken was given a new name, Mukppupal.

[Talent: Namer effect activates.]

The name Mukppupal has a special effect.]

[All stats increase by 888.]

[ has been granted.]

The naming effect was activated, and the name ‘Mukppupal’ was given stats and powers.

Envy you.

Sejun looked at the message and envied Mukppupal. Just because he got a name, his stats went up, and he was given powers.


“Mukppupal, I think you’re lucky.”

If it weren’t for me, where would you have gotten such a good name(?), stats, and powers?

I was very proud as I looked at the mukppupal.


As a mukppupal, I was unlucky.

If the name had come out a little later, Sejun would have felt embarrassed for spitting ink at him and would have tried to give him a bad name.

When Sejun’s naming was finished,

Chewie! Chewie!

[Wait! I’ll pass by!]

In the distance, a cutlassfish passed through the hamsters and approached Sejun and his group.


Kyu-i! Kyu-i! Kyu-i!

[How dare you approach the great Ham God?! How cruel! Catch that guy!]



A fat hamster with golden fur dressed in fancy clothes ordered the temple knights who were controlling the hamsters in the front row to subdue the cutlassfish.

It was Burele, the archbishop of the Hamgod Protestant Church, who ordered the cutlassfish to be burned at the stake before the Black Tower was built.

For reference, Hamgod Shinyo is a religion that worships the hamster god, and was believed in by all the hamsters living in .

Chewie! Chewie!

[Please let go! I’m going to Sejun!]

Kyu-i! Kyu-i! Kyu-i!

[noisy! You heretic! I will deal with it after I say hello to Ham God!]

Burelle threatened the cutlassfish and approached Iona.


Kyu-i! Kyu-i!

[It is an honor to meet the great Hamgodsin! Archbishop Burelle of the Ham God Church sends greetings to the Ham God God!]

I bowed down to Iona, who was hanging on Theo’s tail and hugging Theo’s heart-shaped fur ball.

“Kek?! Ham God God?!”

Let Iona tilt her head


[ah. Since we do not know the name of the great Ham God God… may I ask the name of the great Ham God God?]

Burelle asked cautiously.

“Steady. I’m Iona.”

Iona knew that she would later become the guardian deity of , so she obediently answered her name.


[oh! Greetings again! Iona, the great Ham God! This is Archbishop Burelle of the Hamgod Church!]

After hearing Iona’s name, Burele bowed down again and bowed.

Because of the thick skin, he fell down and got up twice, but his fur was wet and sweat was dripping down and soaking the ground.

“Stubbornly. Nice to meet you, Burelle.”

Kyuui! Kyuui…

[I also have the honor of meeting Iona, the God of Ham God, and I am so moved that I cannot control my feelings! This honor came to me because I prayed hard for decades…]

When Iona called his name, Burelle responded by squeezing out as much as he could of what he had done for Hamgodsin.


It’s so cool.

The answer was so long and boring.

As Iona is the lord of the Magic Tower and the head of the Wizards Association, it wasn’t that difficult to meet someone like this.





Sejun, Theo, and Kuengi, who were listening to her with wonder and curiosity next to her, yawned lazily and expressed their boredom with their whole bodies.


What?! Theo is bored! I need to get this over with!

When Iona, perceiving Theo’s boredom, attempts to send her burelle away.

Kkwi?! Kkwi! Kkwi…

[How dare you yawn while the great Hamgod God Iona and I, the archbishop, are talking?! Even if you are Iona’s servant, you are so rude! Great Iona, burn those guys and raise the prestige of the great Hamgod God…]

Burelle could not understand the atmosphere and pointed his point at Sejun, Theo, and Kuengi and muttered.


“Kyu-Kyu-Kyu-The power of fire. Burn the enemy. Ignition.”

How dare you point a finger at Sejun, Theo, and Kueng?!

Enraged, Iona burned Burelle with fire.


Burelle rolled on the floor to put out the fire on his body, but due to quick action and Burelle’s fur being wet, a large fire did not start.

However, the golden fur that Burelle was proud of was tanned, and Burelet became a black hamster.

“Kyu-Kyu-Kyu-Kyuun-I’m standing there with my hands up.”



Burele is unable to respond to Iona’s murderous words and is meekly punished.

at that time



Sejun discovers a cutlass fish caught by temple knights.


Let Sejun call cutlassfish


The temple knights were embarrassed.

Just now, their archbishop was being punished for pointing a finger at that person.



Cutlassfish took advantage of the opportunity and ran to Sejun.

Lick lick

This time I’m going to lick it!

I rushed into Sejun’s shoes, but



It failed as it was caught by Sejun.

“Hmm… Cutlassfish, won the Archbishop.”

Sejun looked at the cutlassfish and opened his mouth. I had a feeling that if the hairtail took care of the temple, it would be very clean.


[Am I the archbishop?!]

Cutlassfish is taken aback by Sejun’s words.

“Yes. From now on, you will assist the guardian deity who takes Iona’s place. Master Pbo will be the head of the temple knights.”

Sejun also gave Pozzi a seat.


“You are a layman.”


Burelle, who pointed a finger at Sejun, was demoted from archbishop to layman.

In this way, peace came to the residents of as the rumor spread that the invasion of the Kraken was stopped by Iona, the God of Ham.

3 days later.

Sejun still stays at and feeds the hamsters every morning, lunch, and dinner to raise their stats and mental strength, and in his spare time he teaches Pozzi a sword.

He learned to drink.


Sejun cheered and swung his sword.


[Geomro is off by 0.1 degrees!]

Pozzi lightly touched Sejun’s sword.

“Huh? Huh?!”


Sejun lost his balance and was thrown to the ground along the sword path he had created.


[Oh my. You should have been careful. Someone also has a lover.]

Pozzi looked at Sejun like that and said as if he felt sorry. With a smile painted on his face.

“profit! Master Po, you did that on purpose, right?!”

Sejun quickly got up and questioned Pozzi.

Ever since Pozzi found out that Sejun was not solo, he had been giving Sejun trouble like this every time they sparred.

I felt bad

[Advanced Swordsmanship Lv. 9 proficiency is filled and the level increases.]

[Strength increases by 13.]

[Stamina increases by 8.]

[Agility increases by 5.j

This was more helpful in training than getting angry.


Should I at least try hamster matchmaking?

When Sejun was worried while looking at Pozzi with a pouty expression on his face.

Chewie! Chewie!

Cutlassfish, who was serving Sejun next to him, swung a small stick and imitated Sejun’s swordsmanship from earlier.

Chewie Chewie!

[Here, if Sejun moves like this, I move like Pozzi…Oh! If I do this, I can lick Sejun’s shoes!]

Pozzi’s movements too.

I ordered the archbishop, and here the cutlassfish is just thinking about licking Sejun’s shoes.



[Imitating that right away?!]

Pozzi was astonished to see the cutlassfish wielding a sword.

The cutlassfish was not only following Pochi’s sword, but also understanding the sword’s intention and swinging it.

It turns out that cutlassfish is a swordsman genius.


[Archbishop Cutlassfish, do you have a lover?]

Chewie? Chewie.

[Lover? I don’t have any.]


[Learn swordsmanship from me starting today!]



Welcome to the solo unit! soldier!

Cutlassfish enlisted in the solo unit without realizing it.



[oh! This is magical swordsmanship!]

Beginner swordsmanship level in 1 hour after learning from Pozzi. Cutlassfish, who started from 1, learned magical swordsmanship.

5 days later.

[Magic power can now be transferred to the sword.]

[As the level increases, advanced swordsmanship (Master) becomes Magic Swordsmanship Lv. It changes to 1.]

[The potential of all stats increases by 3000.]

[All stats increase by 100.]

Sejun also barely mastered magical swordsmanship, but

[The cost of staying has fallen.]

[Return to the 99th floor of the Black Tower.]


I didn’t learn everything!

Running out of money, Sejun and his group had to return to the Black Tower.


-Sejun! Why are you here now?!


“Park Seo-bang!”


He received a warm welcome from Kaiser, Anton, Elizabeth, and Ace.


Hehehe. This damn popularity.

Sejun was happy because he thought it was because of his popularity, but

[The tower manager says that you have been practicing cooking hard while you were away.]

[The tower manager tells you to quickly go to the kitchen and try his cooking.]

Sejun’s face hardened as he understood the situation from Eileen’s words.

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