Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 540

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Episode 540

Fuhehehe. Since you’re my subordinate, it’s only natural to offer food!

[Recognized as the rightful owner of the vineyard on the 4th floor of the Black Tower.]



Since he originally managed the vineyard, Sejun was immediately recognized as the owner of the land documents.

I checked the message like that and said,

“Hey! “Don’t lick it!”


Sejun hurriedly removed the cutlassfish that was licking his shoes.


Chewie! Chewie!

[Let me lick it! [I want to lick the shoes of the great hybrid Sejun!]

A cutlassfish fluttering in Sejun’s hand.

Then it

hit me.

“I missed Chairman Park!”

Chairman Park’s face has rotted again!

Theo came out of the subspace warehouse and rushed into Sejun’s face.

A little while ago, he bumped into a cutlassfish and his face was slightly distorted, and he didn’t seem to like that.

Hold. Hold.

When Theo starts the massage,

Chewie! Chewie!

[Theo! I missed you! That’s the cutlassfish!]

The cutlassfish called Theo.

“Fuhuhuhu. Andanyan! “It’s amazing that Chairman Park, the great hybrid, is already looking for cutlassfish!”

Chewie! Chewie!

[that’s right! Sejun found me right away!]

That’s enough!

Cutlassfish was very happy after meeting both Sejun and Theo.

Because I met Theo and the omniscient(?) Sejun who could prove what he said.

Everything seemed to have been resolved.


[Nice to meet you!]

Kikhihi. Bwain! Whing?

[Hehe. Nice to meet you! Do you want to play with me?]

Then, when Kkueng and Kamangi’s family came out of the subspace warehouse, they said,

“Hello, Sejun.”

“Sejun’s first hoe, Philip, greets you.”

Cheval 18 and Philippe approached Sejun and greeted him.

“huh. “How have you been?”

Sejun asked how the two were doing and said,

“Move the ground.”

An achievement monument was set up.

[Leah Achievement Monument No. 2]

I came to the 4th floor of the tower for this. To create a monument to Leah’s achievements and place believers.

“Cheval 18, please manage Leah’s achievement fee from now on.”

“yes! “Please leave it to me!”

“okay. “Then I’ll go.”

Sejun had another place to go, so he immediately said hello and said,

“Guys, go in.”

The group was sent back into the subspace warehouse.


blah blah blah.

It disappeared using the land document on the second floor of the Black Tower.

As Sejun came down, he was also trying to secure the second floor farm.


[Arrived at the 2nd floor of the Black Tower.]

[I moved from the 99th floor of the tower, the highest floor, to the 2nd floor of the tower.]

[I came down the 97th floor.]

[Alternative name: Retrogressor and Alien name: Those who reached the top of the Seven Towers Due to the effect of the ruler, all stats increase by 679.]

[Also: Due to the effect of the person who reached the top of the Seven Towers, you become invincible for 3 seconds.]

A message that appears when you arrive at the second floor of the tower.

Alien name: The person who reached the top of the Seven Towers was obtained by Sejun registering the waypoint on the 99th floor of the Purple Tower and the Brown Tower while searching for materials to contain the nine-attribute immersion liquor.

Thanks to this, the effect of the retrograde was increased from 5 to 7 times, and the invincibility increased from 1 to 3 seconds.

“Isn’t there something here?”

Since the second floor of the tower no longer poses a major threat to Sejun, Sejun looked around with a relaxed expression.


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But there isn’t much?

The surrounding area was a barren wasteland with nothing in it.

The second and third floors of the tower fell into disrepair when Michael built an experience farm, and since no one has managed them, they are now abandoned floors that even hunters pass by to take pictures.

Then it

hit me.

“I missed Chairman Park!”


[Sejun, this time I will show you my loyalty!]

Theo and the cutlassfish followed behind him launched themselves at Sejun.


hold. Hold.

Lick. Lick.

Theo massaging Sejun’s face and the cutlassfish licking Sejun’s shoes.

“hey! “You saw it earlier!”

Sejun hurriedly separated the two and said,

“It’s not a problem!” “It’s already been a minute since I haven’t seen you!”

Chewie! Chewie!

[that’s right! So, please let me lick my shoes obediently!]

Theo and Cutlassfish proudly shouted, putting their front paws on their hips.

The two get along very well.

At that time

, [a quest occurs.]

[Quest: Rebuild the farm.]

Farm reconstruction rate (0%)

Reward: Recognized as the rightful owner of the farm on the 2nd floor of the Black Tower. A quest to rebuild the farm appeared.


Can I just plant crops?

Sejun took out strong bladed green onion seeds and planted them in the ground. This is because it seemed like Hamk would need a lot of green onions to block Locaster in the future.

[Sturdy Blade Green Onion seeds were planted in the magic-filled ground.]



When we planted about 10,000 green onion seeds, we thought,

“If this is enough, what is the rebuilding rate?”

Almost done, right?

Sejun checked the reconstruction rate.

Farm reconstruction rate (0.001%)

“I planted 10,000 green onions, but it’s 0.001%?!”

To achieve a 100% reconstruction rate, we need to plant green onions on the entire floor?!

Sejun’s thoughts were right.

Michael turned the entire floor into an experience farm, turning the entire floor into a single farm.

“Whew. “I can’t do this alone.”

You can do it, but it takes too much time.

Sejun decided to register the waypoint on the second floor of the tower and bring in spare personnel from the fourth floor of the tower.

It’s a hassle to get from the waypoint to the farm, but

[I arrived at the 4th floor of the tower]



“Go to Vice President Te and give this to him.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!…I’m back!”

It wasn’t too much of a hassle because Theo just had to go to Nyanbo in an instant.

Sejun delivered instructions and a bag of green onion seeds to the 4th floor of the tower.

“Then let’s go to the first floor of the tower.”

Sejun finally moved to the first floor of the tower, which was his original goal.


Seed Store Headquarters.

“milk. yap! milk. job! milk. yep!”

Pontz, the god of Ongdal Spring, who works hard to make milk while adding strange chuimsae.

The amount was enormous.

The milk produced was sent to all the milk fountains that Fonz could recognize.

Sejun appointed Pontz as Lesia’s substitute guardian deity to keep his milk fountain from drying up, but

he told him to keep his milk fountain from drying out!

Fonts misunderstood and was managing all the milk glands.

Thanks to this, some worlds suffering from food shortages were able to relieve their hunger to some extent thanks to the milk fountain.

“good. The milk fountain is now at this level. Need water for your crops? This is my specialty! Produced by Ongdalsam!”

Once Fonts had produced a certain amount of milk, he began to carry out Resia’s quest.

After completing the quest, milk was made again using the divine power obtained as a reward.


“Guys, take this. “Drink milk too.”

“huh. thank you. “I’ll drink it well.”

“Pontz, I will drink well! “I think I grew taller after drinking that milk!”

The remaining divine power was distributed along with milk to other non-combat gods.

Even today, when life at the seed store headquarters is becoming a little more prosperous thanks to Fonts’ activities,

“Muttabak! Muttabak! Muttabak!”

A chant suddenly rings out.

This meant that I had done something without asking.




Fonts and other non-combat gods followed the chants and gathered in the central square of the seed store headquarters.


There, Leah, the god of abundance, was chanting passionately.

Because of the message that appeared a moment ago.

[Black Tower Tower Farmer Sejun Park has built the second temple for you.]

[Holy power increases by 300.]

[Black Tower Tower Farmer Park Sejun has built St. Ludwig Schruen Argon Walter XVIII as the archbishop of the second temple for you. Placed as a level believer.]

[Holy power increases by 10,000.]

[Archbishop level believer Saint Ludwig Schruen Argon Walter XVIII begins missionary work to the Black Skeletons.]

[Black Skeleton No. 1283 was impressed by the doctrine of abundance. .]

[Black Skeleton No. 1283 has become the lowest-level believer.]

[Holy power increases by 10.]

[Black Skeleton No. 571 has been impressed by the doctrine of abundance.]



Cheval XVIII, who had a temple, was able to proselytize others and turn them into believers.

The church that believes in Leah, the god of abundance, is reestablished.

“Non-combat gods! “They built a second temple and placed an archbishop in it!!!”

“Oh wow! The archbishop?!

“This is not the time! Let’s all shout! “Matter!”





In Leah’s testimony, when the non-combat gods shouted ‘Muttabak’ in one voice,

“It’s noisy!!!”

A murderous cry was heard from beyond the wall, overwhelming the cries of non-combat gods. He was Battler, the god of battle, who was angry at Theo.

The non-combat gods are not what they used to be, but

they are still there.

It wasn’t enough to challenge the executives at the combat store headquarters.



Non-combat gods shouting slogans in voices that are barely audible.

This sorrow will be repaid someday!

They asked Sejun to take revenge on them.

“good. It’s quiet. So how far did we go?”

Battler asked, looking at Hunt, the god of hunting, whose eyes were as black as a panda.

“I said I could never fail because I was going to use chur this time.”

“Chur? “What is that?”

“This is it. “No cat can resist this.”

Hunt showed off a sticky food with a very fishy smell with a confident expression.

“Ugh! It smells fishy! Don’t clean it up quickly!”


As Battler frowned and clenched his fist, Hunt hurriedly put the chur back in.

“So, that Chuur also applies to Theo?”

“sure. This works 100%. “This time, I will be by your side and help you.”

Hunt, with his pride as the god of hunting and his life at stake, joined the operation to capture Theo.


[Arrived at the first floor of the Black Tower.]




“I missed Chairman Park!”

Chewie! Chewie!

As soon as they arrived at the first floor, the subspace warehouse opened and Theo and cutlassfish rushed towards Sejun’s face and shoes.


I couldn’t avoid the face, but



I dodged the cutlassfish rushing towards my shoes.


What is this fishy smell?

When Sejun turned his head towards the smell

, hehehehehe.

Lick, lick.

Kkueng was eagerly eating the chur,

and hehehehehehehe!

[Hehe. Delicious!]

Salty, salty.

Next to Kuengi, Kamangi, who had just taken a bite, was licking the chur from around his mouth.

“Where did you get that chur?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Battler gave it to me!”

“Why do you keep giving me food?”

“Fuhuhuhu. Since you’re my subordinate, it’s only natural to offer food!”

“Is that so?”

Sejun asked why Battler had given Theo grilled tuna, which cats love, as a gift, and

was told that Battler had been stamped inside Theo’s mental world.

“Fuhuhuhu. “That’s right!”

“But the smell is so bad. “Let’s play chicka chica, kids.”

You can wash the outside with the cleanliness skill, but the skill does not cover the inside of the mouth, so you have to clean it yourself.


[I got it!]

At Sejun’s words, Kueng took out his toothbrush from his snack bag and

whined! Beep!

[no! Toothpaste doesn’t taste good!]

Black Mang ran away.


“It’s roasted sweet potato flavored toothpaste?”

Whip?! Kihihi. Whip!

[really?! Hehehe. Then, I’ll do it!]

Black comes running right after Sejun’s words.

“ruler. this. do.”


Roasted sweet potato flavor!

Roasted sweet potato flavor!

Kamangi was very excited and happily showed his teeth.



Sejun put the toothbrush in and scrubbed


Sweetness felt in the mouth. It had the perfect roasted sweet potato taste.

How genius is the butler to perfectly recreate the taste of real roasted sweet potatoes?

When Kkamangi is once again surprised by the butler’s genius


Suddenly the taste became strange. no. The original toothpaste taste returned.

Sejun pretended to brush with a little dried sweet potato on his toothbrush, but then switched to real toothpaste.


[I don’t want to do it!]

Kamangi realized belatedly that he had been tricked and escaped from Sejun’s hand. no. Sejun let go.

“Hehe. It’s already over. “Rinse your mouth with water.”

Because I’ve already finished brushing my teeth.

I was a gullible black man again today.

The great black man is being fooled?!

When the kkamangi is disassembled,

it’s like, “Kkyuyi?!”

[what?! [Get out of my way!]

A golden hamster carrying luggage became irritated with Black Mangi. Even though there is no problem in passing by.

It’s like slapping someone who wants to cry.

Whip! Whip!

[This body is the great Kkamangi! Don’t be so cocky!]


Kamangi headbutted the hamster.


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