Solo Farming In The Tower Chapter 539

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Episode 539

Brother-in-law, I can’t let you get ahead of me!

Black Tower administrator area.


There is Earth, but it is connected to another world?!

Embarrassed, Eileen hurriedly checked the situation with her crystal ball.


“Ah. “The Earth has been temporarily incorporated into the 0th floor of the Black Tower, so we can manage the new world.”

I knew what the situation was.

“uh? “Is there more explanation here?”

While Eileen was reading the explanation that she had not seen before

[Arrived at the first floor of the Black Tower.]

Hamk’s hamsters entered the Black Tower by vanishing.

That’s also a large-scale burnishing that’s different from when it’s a regular tower.


[Where am I?]


[It’s the first floor of the Black Tower?]

Approximately 10,000 hamsters were looking around without understanding what was happening.


it’s dada.

A brown hamster quickly escaped from the hamster group.

It was a cutlassfish that was imprisoned.

Destruction has invaded Hamk.

As soon as the cutlassfish in Resia saw the words ‘Black Tower’, I immediately figured out what the situation was.


Theo clearly said that he and Sejun live on the 99th floor of the Black Tower!

I decided to quickly climb the tower and meet Theo.

To prove his words in the Toonham Empire. And to save Hamk.

In Cutlassfish’s opinion, the strongest and fastest way to save Hamk was to meet Sejun and ask for help.

When the cutlassfish disappears to the second floor of the tower through the waypoint,

“Huh?!” “It’s a hamster!”

Hunters on Earth discovered hamsters looking around.

It was so cute to see hamsters with different colored fur gathered together.

“oh! cute!”

“Can I touch it?”

The hunters approached the hamsters without hesitation due to their cute appearance.



A hamster with golden fur steps forward and


I stamped my foot.

Don’t come near!

A clear warning sent through the land.

Contrary to their cute appearance, the hamsters had a ferocious power that made them feel like they were ready to tear their enemies to death at any moment.


hamsters are stronger than us?!

Hunters on Earth were shocked by the hamster’s incredible strength.

At that time,

“What can I do for a newbie?!”

“How dare you cause a commotion in Chairman Park’s market!”

Kuengyipa black bears, who were in charge of guarding the market, and skeleton wizards who appraised items appeared.



Contrary to their appearance, the aggressive hamsters immediately wanted to fight and said,

“Okay. Because I attacked it. Now you guys have to work at Sejun Company!”

“Hmm…I think 5 years would be appropriate.”

Staff recruitment(?) soon began.



The 10,000 hamsters gathered their strength and fought together, but


The black bears were originally from the 80th floor of the tower and

said, “Magic power. Bind the enemy. Bind.”

“Land. Capture the enemy. Stone Hand.”

“Fire. Lock up your enemies. Flame Cage.”

Skeleton wizards are the elite soldiers of Regius, the lord of bones who once ruled the 96th floor of the tower.

“I disrupted business today, so I will forgive you for this by working as an employee of Sejun Company for the next five years! “Quickly put your stamp on the contract!”


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“But don’t worry too much. “They provide me with food for all three meals and give me a salary.”

In the end, the hamsters, who were miserably defeated, stamped the contract with their cute front paws and


[My dad is Duke Hood of the Toonham Empire…]


[I’m a prince…]

Everyone Became an equal, 5-year non-regular employee at Sejun Company.


99th floor of the Black Tower.

“Oh, is my cooking that bad?”

Elizabeth, shocked by her son’s words, asked,

“It’s not delicious!” Mom’s cooking isn’t cooking! From now on, I will only eat the food my brother-in-law cooks!”

The baby black dragon roared and struck Elizabeth with a fatal blow.

“My cooking is not cooking…”

Elizabeth was greatly hurt by her second child’s words.

I’m sorry, mother-in-law.

Sejun’s heart weakened when he saw Elizabeth like that, but he did not stop his brother-in-law.

You have to be patient. If you don’t seal your mother-in-law’s cooking here, it’s over! A bigger disaster is coming!

I couldn’t eat Elizabeth’s cooking again, so I held on.

Well done! Brother-in-law! Strike the final blow!

Sejun cheered, patting the baby black dragon on the back without being seen by Elizabeth. Chuck



Elizabeth put her food into her mouth.



Demon Lord…no. My mother-in-law committed suicide by eating her own cooking.

“I can’t believe my cooking tasted like this…”

Elizabeth belatedly realized the taste of her own cooking.

Even down to the fact that she didn’t check the seasoning when cooking for fear that she was Eileen’s mother, she was the same.

Thanks to this, Elizabeth’s dish was perfectly sealed and


“Give me food, brother-in-law!”

My brother-in-law’s eyes lit up when he saw me and asked for food.

“good. Today’s menu is Yonggari Chicken!”

Sejun decided to make Yonggari chicken in the shape of the warrior brother-in-law who sealed his mother-in-law’s cooking.

“Brother-in-law is the best!”

A baby black dragon cheering without even knowing what Yonggari Chicken is.




Teo Kueng smiled and clung to Sejun’s body as he secretly cooked, watching Sejun cook.

“Brother-in-law, I want to watch too!”

The baby black dragon stretched out its arms and appealed to Sejun to carry him.


Sejun carried the baby black dragon on his back and let him watch the cooking.

After a while.

When everyone, including Elizabeth, was eating happily,

“Ah. “I remembered.”

Sejun, who was eating hard while competing with the baby black dragon, suddenly opened his mouth.

“Fuhuhuhu. What came to mind, Chairman Park, the great hybrid? “It’s definitely something great!”

Theo looked at Sejun with eyes full of expectation and

said, “Yes. Of course it’s great. “Because it’s my brother-in-law’s name.”

Sejun said confidently.


At the word of his name, the baby black dragon and black family looked at Sejun with eyes full of anticipation.


The sealing dragon. Bongryong.

It was a meaningful name that honored Elizabeth’s culinary accomplishments, but

“Ugh!” Why is my name Bongryong?!”

The baby black dragon that became Bongnyongi burst into tears.

“Sir Park, let me reconsider…”

Elizabeth also quietly expressed that she did not like the name Sejun chose.



“Hahaha. “Bongryong.”



‘It’s so funny!’



The Black Mangi family laughs at the name ‘Bongryongi’.



Mubalchil couldn’t laugh this time either.

At that time,

[The Great Creation Achievement of naming the Great Dragon and the Holy God was accomplished.]

[By completing the Great Creation Achievement, the unique talent: Naming Song blooms.]

[As a reward for the Great Creation Achievement, the cost of staying on the 0th floor of the Black Tower is reduced to 1. % decrease.]

message that appears.


[Unique talent: Naming artist]

When you give a name to a nameless being, the name has special power. (The better the name, the stronger and more special power it has.)

This talent is the only talent that only one being can have. no see.

“It has special powers?”

Hehehe. Finally, my naming skills were recognized.

While Sejun was reading the talent description with a happy expression,


The energy of Bongryong, who was crying because he hated his name, suddenly started to get stronger.

Sejun’s talent name was activated.

Thanks to this, all my stats increased by 10,000 and I was like,

“Huh?!” “Mom, I have powers!”

“What power is this?”

“It’s a power called ‘sealing.’”

The power to seal what you want: a seal has also been created.

“oh! It’s a good power. Congratulations.”


Bongryong smiled brightly after receiving Elizabeth’s congratulations.


here’s a man who can’t smile. Sejun Park.

He was overtaken by his brother-in-law…

Bongryong’s stats suddenly rose vertically, and Sejun became weaker than a baby dragon who was less than a day old.

I can’t let my brother-in-law get ahead of me!

Sejun tries to rename his brother-in-law.

By rotating the letter ‘e’…

I shouted out any word that came to mind.


As expected, the quality of the name improves when malicious intent is added.

[Change the name of Prytani the Dragon to Ace Prytina.]

[With the current ability, it is impossible to completely rename the great dragon.]

[Combining the two names.]

[There is no special name yet to be added . There is no ability to give abilities.]

[The second name does not contain any special power.]

[The name of Prytani, the dragon, is changed to Prytina, the ace of the dragon.]

“It is a failure… .”

When Sejun gets frustrated, he says,

“Wow! mom! My brother-in-law changed my name! “I am now Prytani, the Dragon Ace!”

“Good. “Then I guess I can call you Ace?”


Ace was very happy. It was a complete failure for Sejun, but a complete success for Ace.

Because I got everything I wanted, including stats, powers, and a name.

Brother-in-law! Is it good to have it all?!

When Sejun looks at Ace with eyes of envy and jealousy

[The tower’s manager says that the Black Tower is connected to a place called Hamk.]

[The tower’s manager says it has nothing to do with you, but you should know.]

Eileen says I walked.


If it’s Hamkeuk, I heard it somewhere…

When Sejun remembers his memories, he says,

“Fuhuhu. Chairman Park Hamk is where the cutlass fish are! Good! “Let’s take Hamk too!”

Theo said in an excited voice.

“But you won’t be able to go out?”

When Sejun said,

[The tower manager says that if you want to leave, you can do so as a middle manager.]

It was a new feature that came with becoming the Black Tower.

“But doesn’t it cost a lot to stay?”

[The tower manager says that Hamk is a level 7 world, so the cost of staying is not high.]

“A level 7 world?”

There were levels in the world according to strength.

The higher the level, the stronger beings live in that world. Additionally, the limit of the world’s ability to withstand is also increasing.

For reference, Earth’s level is level 1, making it the weakest world.

So the cost of staying was high. It was a system that supported great power with the power of money.

“okay? “Then shall we go and meet cutlassfish?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “Good!”

“But where did you say the cutlassfish lives?”

“Fuhuhuhu. “You don’t know that!”

“okay? “Then let’s go down the tower and get some information.”

“Fuhuhuhu. “I understand!”

Sejun decided to go down the tower like that.


“Brother-in-law! “Take me with you!”

Ace said as he grabbed Sejun’s pants.

“no. Ace is still young and dangerous.”

“Your brother-in-law is weaker than me?”

This bastard…no. This brother-in-law throws out facts at any time.

Sejun is speechless at Ace’s words.


Ace quietly called the group without knowing,

“Go in…”

He had them enter the subspace warehouse.


blah blah blah.

He opened the land document on the 4th floor of the Black Tower and quickly disappeared.

After a while.

“crying! mom! “My brother-in-law abandoned me!”

Ace, who belatedly found out that Sejun had left him alone, was hugged by his mother and sobbed.

“Ace was still young, so my brother-in-law thought of him and left him behind. So let’s grow up quickly. “Suddenly.”

“huh! Pop! Hi. Hi. crying! “I can’t stop crying.”

“are you okay. “Would you like to imagine eating the dish prepared by our Ace brother-in-law?”

“huh! Puhihihi.”

Ace smiles at the thought of eating Sejun’s food.


I soon fell asleep in my mother’s arms.


4th floor of the Black Tower.

“Get out of the way! This body must meet Sejun and Theo!”

Clatter, rattle.

A cutlassfish crossing the farm and heading straight to the waypoint, avoiding the dragon soldiers guarding the grape farm.

“It’s an intruder! “Protect Sejun’s farm!”

Black skeletons blocked the cutlassfish.

This is because the cutlassfish rushing towards the farm gave off a very threatening aura.

At that time

[we arrived at the 4th floor of the Black Tower.]




Suddenly, Sejun’s leg appeared in front of the cutlassfish and the two collided.


Sejun clutches his leg due to the dizzying pain he feels in his shin.

If it weren’t for the dragon bones, the impact would have broken them.

it hurts!


While Sejun was rubbing his leg,

“Oh! Sejun, you came to see this cutlassfish?!”

I was thrilled with that cutlass fish!

This time, we will show our loyalty properly!

Lick, lick, lick.

The cutlassfish was so moved that it hung on to Sejun’s shoes and eagerly licked them.


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